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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 95

Chapter 95

Ye Che Arrived

Clear sky early in the morning, the sun shines earth; the sun light is so gentle and warm. Being cleared by the heavy rain, at this moment the weather is such clean and full with vitality.

Initially this kind of weather, this kind of sun light must be made people feel content and comfortable, but inside the Wan Nian temple, it filled with gloomy and unbearable heavy atmosphere, at this moment no one have mood to enjoy this beauty.

Outside—– after heard one of the horse carriage sound, people who inside the courtyard hurried came out, they knew the people that they have been waiting nervously already come. Two handsome faces showed up in front of everyone.

“What was happened? What was going on exactly? Saying that she is missing, what did this mean? What was happen with her? What was happen yesterday? How could she missing? What was happened to her? Mother, what was going on? How could Ruo Xuan also missing? How could be like this? You guys faster tell me.” After Ye Che looked at them, hurried he jumping down from the horse carriage, anxiously walking to their direction asking them.

“Third Young Master, my Little Miss….my Little Miss…she is missing. Hu! I…cannot find…her.” Actually Lu Qun has stopped crying but when she saw that face of Ye Che, she cannot hold and crying louder.

“Actually what is going on, what you are crying for, hurry tell me what the matter. What happen with her and Ruo Xuan?”Both of Ye Che’s hand grabbed on Lu Qun’s shoulder, his voice little bit stern, his voice higher little bit.

“Ah!” Lu Qun feel pained being grabbed, no one ever seen Third Young Master acted like this before, Third Young Master face looked so scary, so scary that even able to make Lu Qun trembling.

“Che, have free your hand!” The person who followed at Ye Che’s back is Gu Na Yan who spoke after seeing Lu Qun trembling, he stretched out his hand to pull open Ye Che’s hand. “Che, you should clam down first, let we hear Lu Qun, hear the explanation of Aunty and big sister in law, after that we can think the way, okay? It such useless if you hurried like this, calm down.”

Gu Na Yan—early in the morning he has wake up from his bed, and then he coming with his in front person who looked as if eaten explosion, they were coming here together by horse carriage. Early in the morning he received Ye Che’s message, saying that Long Wan Er and Ruo Xuan missing, of course he also needed to show his concern and help. As name of friendship and because they are best friend even the knife piercing will not avoided, moreover Long Wan Er and Ruo Xuan are his sisters, happen this kind of thing, how can he do nothing?

Seeing how panic Ye Che, Wan Er is completely have placed important in Ye Che’s heart, he really falling in love with Wan Er, he loves her so deeply, cannot free himself. Che finally found someone that he loves. The olden time Ye Che is someone cool and collective, perfectly composed person. When hearing Long Wan Er missing suddenly this matter able makes him to be panic, the usual cold completely gone with Long Wan Er who is still missing. No matter what, Gu Na Yan, he must help to find Wan Er back.

“Mother, big sister in law, can you tell me what is exactly happen? The missing that you told me what it meant?” Ye Che calm down his mood, turned to look at Madam Ye who beside him asked.

Madam Ye looking at her own son expression, worried, her heart unsettled, after seeing Mu Rong Ji Zi eyes sight, Mu Rong Ji Zi slowly telling them about the matter happened yesterday.



6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 95

  1. thank you—-!
    oh no, really, hopefully nothing bad happens to ruo xuan! hmph! ye che doesn’t deserve mo er! he didn’t even tell her that he loves her, even though she’s already told him! grr! i still haven’t forgiven him for that—-! anyway, really hope ruo xuan’s all right! i’m more worried about her than mo er!

  2. Thank you for the translation.
    Argh…why Mo Er is so clueless, hope Ruo Xuan is allright.
    Please continue with this translation. Looking forward for the new chapter.
    Greeting from Seattle.

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