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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 73


Chapter 71


At Berson Group.

After Yao Yao sent the necktie, she went to Yu Ao Tian’s office room directly, just…

“Bao Bei, today you have bought not less stuff?”

It seems that Yu Ao Tian has found out.

“Actually, my purpose coming here… just wanted to return your card.” After said, she put the card in Yu Ao Tian’s desk.

He gazed at her, he smiled: “It’s okay Bao Bei, you don’t need to worry. This card is belongs to you now, it means you can buy whatever you want. I don’t have any objection.”

She objected!

“Thank you, but, I really don’t need.” After said, she made big stride to leave the CEO’s room.

Not long after she left, suddenly Yu Ao Tian’s mobile phone ringing, he took out his phone and read all the notification stated all his money was refund. “So that was an emptied bill.” It seems he has underestimated little thing self-control, but…

“What made little thing suddenly spending as if get possessed?”

Yao Yao left Berson Group, walking slowly and aimless.

It was her first day of jobless, she felt empty inside herself, later how she spend her days? She hopes school will start soon.

Without she realized she has walked in the night club that she had worked before: “This is?”

Since that day she almost being “that” by the mafias she never go to work anymore, if now she continue to work, perhaps she might meet them again, “Still better… this place is not suitable for me.”

She keeps walking without know where she aiming. Today she not spent any cent of Yu Ao Tian’s money, but how tomorrow? The following day? Sooner or later she might—aiya, and also that contract.

“I must be searching for job.”

Two days later…

“Welcome, what you want to order?” the person who wear waiter uniform is Yao Yao.

She has been working in this fast food restaurant for two days, the salary not much but at least it enough for her.

“Give me one set of super dine!”

“Please wait for moment.” Wrapped the package very well, she smiled and bow: “Thank you, have save trip. The next one, what do you, uh…. What do you want to order?” the next customer who stand in front of her are two men in black suit, this is mafia’s uniform while their face quite scary.

“Give me one —-ordinary set.”

“Okay, okay, please wait for moment.” Hurried she packed one set of food, when she wanted to hand it over to that man…

“Miss, if you do not wish to attract people attention, better follow us silently.” One of the men took the package while the other hand holding gun and pointed to her stomach.

“What do you want to do?” her forehead sweating, Yao Yao eyes looked at the surrounded customers and she tried her best to act normal.

“Please follow me.”

Who are these men? It not seems like messing people. Yao Yao rolled her eyes, looked outside the fast food restaurant.

“Luo Yao Yao, where are you going, not serving the customer?” at the time she leaving the store suddenly the store manager yelled at her.

The opportunity comes! Her face expressionless but she exchanged the looked with the manager: “Manager, I, I have things to do.”

“Now is working time, what things do you want to do, beside why are you blinking eyes toward me?”

“……………”Heaven ah~

This manager really stupid, doesn’t he can feel something not right happens?

At this time, one of the men who looked at Yao Yao swept his glanced to the store manager, randomly swaying his gun.

That store manager—-“ Luo, Luo Yao Yao, if, if you have thing need to settle, here, here has me to taking care.”

Inside big mansion, Yu Ao Tian is drinking red wine and suddenly his phone ringing. After he hung up the phone, his eyes flashed and his lips curled up: “I know, well done.”

He changed his suit with the new one that keeps inside his apartment, he goes down to the Long’s brother place.

“Ao Tian, it has been late night, why are you coming?” asked Long Ye who opened the door.

“Where is your brother?”

“Wait the moment.” Not long after that, Long Ye wake up his younger brother Long Qi who slept soundly.

The half-sleeping Long Qi: “Ao Tian, what?”

“Now you go to meet the Chi Long Bang/Red Dragon gang (another mafia group).”

“Hah?” the half sleep Long Qi immediately wakes up, feeling so excited: “Are, are we starting the war? Ao Tian, finally you…. Finally you want to start the war? You say how many people should we bring? 500, is it enough or not? Or just 300? Hahahahaha.’

Seeing how excited Long Qi, Yu Ao Tian really helpless, frown: “Luo Yao Yao kidnapped, you hurry take five or six people to help her out!”

“Hah? I, I understood. I immediately go.”

“Wait.” Yu Ao Tian gave an order to Long Qi before he left. And then he nodded his head, changed his dress and left.

But not long after Long Qi left, Yu Ao Tian face expression changed. Long Ye who stood silently dumbstruck seeing the changes of Yu Ao Tian expression, suddenly laughed: “Ao Tian, what do you need me to do?”

“Of course. You have thing to do too.” Turned his back, slowly he said, “ Inform Xue Tong, Han Li Shang, plan… and then we can make move!”


“Cong Lao Da (Big Boss), the girl that you asked is here.” One of the Xiao Di (mafia’s subordinate) made a report. Yao Yao is walking slowly inside one of living room.

“Are you sure this little girl?” Cong Big Boss looking at Yao Yao, asking his Xiao Di to confirm.

“Yes. I had asked the Tian Shang Ren Jian’s manager and those who followed Young Master, this is the girl.”

“But…. This little girl is looked alike 14 or 15 years old, does really the types Yu Ao Tian like?” Cong Big Boss murmured, he just wanted to make thing clear: “You call my son come here to confirm the person.”



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