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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 12.2


Chapter 12

Part 2 (Two)

All was because Saint Seiya1], as we know that there are 12 zodiacs, Kang Yu is belong to Aries zodiac, but later in N years later, I have known that the most black belly zodiac is Aries, of course I knew it recently after, also he is someone make me feel to be sinister.

On Thursday afternoon during the first subject, suddenly my heart ache (greatly in pain), my lips starting to change purple, immediately KangYu brought me to school health care, teacher said that I might lack of oxygen so asked me to go home to have rest.

Kang Yu run to the teacher room, asking our homeroom teacher to let him sent me home, since the homeroom teacher busy, he approved.

Kang Yu perhaps thought that I might faint if walking home so he suggested to take public transportation, when we were arrived at bus station, there were lot of people inside, also there was two unopened windows, furthermore the weather was terrible hot, so that inside the bus was so hot, so suffocating, after we arrived at another station, the people was not decreasing, when the bus door closed, to the unknown who was farting inside the bus and made the situation worse, at this moment, the person who fart would not admit, while people inside the bus only glared one to another, they were speculating who was farting, that bad smell fart must be someone who ate leek, the smell terrible scary, while I felt suffocated and my heart ache and I also felt want to vomiting.

The conductor asked: “Who hasn’t bought the ticket?”

I saw Kang Yu, I wanted to tell him that we were stopped at next station, I afraid to vomit inside the bus, but I spotted there was devious expression on him, suddenly I heard him shouting: “The one who fart not buying the ticket!”

At that time, the citizen were so simple, if someone illegally rode the public transportation would definitely called as scum, after he said, one fat man hurried raise his hand and showed his ticket, louder said: “I have bought the ticket!”

After he said, everyone inside glared at him, as if daggers fly to him.

Later on that man realized he was tricked, scratching his head, his face red and moved to back, after arrived at the next stop, unknown whether it was his destination or just he felt embarrassed, he hurried get off.

At that moment I really wanted to vomit, but got choked back, my forehead sweating like crazy.

Kang Yu, sometime he really alike little devil.

There was once time during the weekend, Uncle Shen wanted to wholesale many frozen dumpling, during that time, it was something new, no one dares to buy because they were afraid it was not fresh, but Uncle Shen thought to cook by himself and tried it first before he decided to sell or not.

Hence, Kang Yu has stock many in Uncle Shen’s store and later cooked it as tester.

While me, I was doing nothing, I stood beside to help, looking at Kang Yu who was passionately greeting the customers, dragging people to the store, while his mouth kept on shouting “give a try, just give a try! Guarantee this taste delicious, it is okay not buy.”

That customer perhaps thought it was magnificent hospitality, ate one and then he realized that Kang Yu looked at him, I didn’t understand what he saw, but the customer felt little bit embarrassed, after he ate, Kang Yu seriously asked: “Is it cooked? If it is cooked I will take it out.”

That customer and me perhaps had three black lines in our eyes sight.

Suddenly I felt worried about my future.

I…definitely… not a match with him!

My heart shaken…

The last ten days of April, my health was starting to deteriorate and the sign was so obvious, I started to have arrhythmia2] , I didn’t know whether because I studied very late every nights, didn’t have proper sleep so that caused it, I stubborn to endure the pain, because within two weeks there would be simulation test, I wanted to endure it, endured until the simulation test ended, if I passed, I could go to Zhi Sheng, without additional examination so that I would have more time to rest.

During Monday, I didn’t bring my meal, because on Sunday Kang Yu, called me that he would prepare my meal, whatever I could not eat much, while Yan Yan has great appetite, she able to eat three bowls at one time meal.



1] 圣Sheng斗 Dou士 Shi 星 Xing矢 shi : Saint Seiya, knight of zodiac is the manga series written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada (detailed check on Wikipedia)

2] 心 Xin 律 Lv : arrhythmia is the sickness of irregular heart beating, either the heart beat faster or too slowly.


4 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 12.2

  1. Oh crap for some reason, after the space, I thought that YOU were saying that you had arrhythmia and I was all panicked about you!!! I’m glad it wasn’t that!!!! Get lots of sleep and thanks for all your hard work!!

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