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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 74

Chapter 74

Smart Little Girl

Not long after that, a man with one hand came toward Yao Yao.

More she looked more she felt familiar with that man, didn’t he….

Damn! It seems really him! Deadmeat! Did he come to take revenge?

“Dad, this is the girl. It was her.” Young Master Cong said.

Yao Yao trembling because fear: “That, that time I had smashed your head with bottle because…because… because you… you…”

“Haha, little girl, don’t be nervous.” Cong Big Boss stopped Yao Yao, slowly he walked in front of her: “I invite you come here, it’s not to make things difficult for you. I just want you to speak honestly, are you Yu Ao Tian’s woman or not.”

Heh? How can this relate to Yu Ao Tian? She glanced at Cong Young Master, his hand… did Yu Ao Tian cut it? “Yu? Ao Tian, who?”

“You little bitch, don’t act fool, if not because of you, Yu Ao Tian would not cut off my hand.”

Oh! So his hand was really cut off by Yu Ao Tian? If there’s the matter, she must even not admit that she knows Yu Ao Tian: “I really don’t know the person named Yu Ao Tian, you guys not make thing difficult for me.”

“Little girl, have you ever heard his name?” compare to his rough son, Cong Big Boss has better manner.

“I don’t know!” Yao Yao shook her head certainly.

“Ha!” unknown to her, Cong Big Boss waved his hand: “Lock her up!”

“Wait! Why are you locking me up? I have told you that I don’t know the person who named Yu Ao Tian, why are you locking me?”

“Little girl, you don’t need to lie, Yu Ao Tian is very famous, although you never seen the person at least you might hear his name?”

So that this old grandpa is an old vixen, no wonder he asked whether I ever heard Yu Ao Tian’s name or not. Yao Yao pouted: “I just back from… the south, absolutely I don’t know the person you people said, beside that, if really as you said, if I really have relation with him how could I working in night club, trying to earn money to the point be such bitter?”

“Heh? It’s sensible.” Cong Big Boss rolled his eyes: “Release her.”

“Big Boss, what should we do now?” one of the Xiao Di who stood beside him asked.

“Don’t bother this little girl, I will make phone call to Yu Ao Tian.”


One of the Xiao Di dialed the number directly to Yu Ao Tian’s phone. Not long after that, “Hello?”

“Ao Tian, it’s me Cong Qing Rui.”

“Are you Cong Big Boss, what’s matter?”

“HaHa, it not really a matter, but… your girlfriend came to my place as guest.”

Damn! Yao Yao nervously, gulping her saliva.

“My girlfriend? Who do you mean?”

“Luo Yao Yao.”

“Luo Yao Yao? I don’t know.” Yu Ao Tian spoke coldly.

Yao Yao felt so much relieved when she heard it, it seems that she and Yu Ao Tian had same way of thinking. But…

“Don’t know? How can? But Luo Yao Yao said that she is your girlfriend. If both of you don’t have any relation, I will…immediately kill her!”

Bastard! This old vixen how could he lie, she clearly said that she didn’t know Yu Ao Tian, just hope that Yu Ao Tian smart enough to avoid his trap.

“Huh, that Luo Yao Yao really have gut she even dared to fake as my girlfriend, well, Cong Big Boss, I bother you to finish her, that person.” After said, Yu Ao Tian hung the phone call.


Seeing Yu Ao Tian hung the phone, Long Ye felt something amiss: “Ao Tian, you are denied but Xiao Meng Li has admitted, due to that old man character, he won’t let her go.”

Yu Ao Tian eyes flashed, he smiled: “Rest assure, according to that little thing IQ, she would never admit it.”

Based on his intuition and the time together with her, Yu Ao Tian had known her reaction earlier, the way she thinking and analyzing on something, although sometime she can be so muddle headed, looked stupid but when she facing with big problem, this little thing really smart enough to handle, she won’t lose.

Chi Long Bang…

“I have told you, I really don’t know the person called Yu Ao Tian. Can you let me go?” Yao Yao innocently looked at Cong Big Boss, to “Proof” herself innocent.

Cong Qing Rui took deep breath, glanced at Yao Yao, confidently said: “It seems that, this little girl has no relation with Yu Ao Tian, so that…”

“Dad, no matter whether she has relation or no with Yu Ao Tian, the fact she smashed bottle to my head, so that…” after he said, Cong Young Master smiled. It seems that he has special attention toward Yao Yao since the beginning.

“Do whatever you like. She is useless.”

“HaHa, little bitch, no matter how, you are still falling into my hand.” Cong Young Master walked toward Yao Yao.

But at this moment…

“Big Boss, there is one of Yu Ao Tian’s man looking of you.”

“Heh? Yu Ao Tian’s man? Let him in!”

“Dad, how is about me?” Cong Young Master stopped his step, unhappy looking at his own father.

“You wait aside. Don’t do anything, just see what Yu Ao Tian’s man want.”

“Oh.” Cong Young Master stood aside.

Yao Yao can take little break, does not know who Yu Ao Tian asked to come.

“Cong Big Boss.”

The person is Long Qi and other five men.

“You?” Said Cong Big Boss.

“Dad, it was him! It was him who cut my hand off! His name is Long Qi!”

“Long Qi?” Cong Qing Rui ever heard this name before, paused: “Ha, I have ever heard the rumor there is one of Yu Ao Tian’s men who name Long Qi, but never thought the real person such young? Very talented person!


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