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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 12. 3


Chapter 12

Part 3 (Three)

During the lunch time, Kang Yu brought the lunch box, “Miao Miao, taste it.”

When I opened the lunch box, I smelled very delicious fragrant, inside the lunch box the food was exactly similar with sold in the store, very thin a like paper sheet. Dried meat ad dried pork intestines, the fragrant suddenly made me hungry, “What is this?” I curiously asked, “Fu Shun3] special local product, it specially made by my mom, give a try.” He answered me while taught me how to eat it, “Pan Cakes and dried meat are my mom specialty, I guarantee you it taste best.”

Kang Yu rolled the shredded scallion pancakes, there also light dish, coated with sauce and later he gave me, immediately I took big bite, it taste very good, chewing, “Very delicious!” “See, it really taste good right, let eat more, eat all of it!”

I hurried nodding, I ate and chewed, I didn’t see Kang Yu eat it.

Waiting until I finished all the food, I looked Kang Yu tidied up the lunch box, took a long breath.

I paused for moment and asked, “Are you on purpose asking your mom to make it?” I asked.

After he tidied up the lunch box, he gently patted my head, “I afraid you get thinner, blow by the wind, when the time comes, I really don’t have way to chase after my maiden!”

I felt so touching, I almost cried, sob spasmodically, “You reassured, I will have proper meal, I will make myself grow fatter.”

Kang Yu smiled nodding his head, he gently patting my small head.

Now, other than entering Zhi Sheng, I still have another purpose, have proper meal and progressing!

During the dinner time at home, I forced myself to eat more, I just didn’t want to make Kang Yu worried, but to unknown me, my heart suddenly ache, my body felt heavy, when midnight I have fever.

My mom took the temperature, suddenly shouting, she even forgot to wear her slipper and called my daddy.

I took a glance in the thermometer, very well, it was 39,8 degree.

My dad didn’t care about his clothes, immediately he took me down stairs, Yan Yan was awakened, worried looking at me, she wanted to follow mom and dad to hospital but she didn’t success, mom and dad reasoned tomorrow she still need go to school, so let her to stay and sleep at home.

When I arrived at hospital, my body temperature was higher, it up to 40 degree, my whole body was burning hot, while myself more and more lost control, when my eyes saw black, I had unconscious.

How could I know that my myocardium relapsed, it even relapsed worsen than before, other than high body temperature, my arrhythmia has already in third stage.

When the heart beat of normal person is Thump, Thump, while the third stage of arrhythmia is like thumpthumpthump, beating too fast, and the heart beat could stop at anytime, and then continued thumpthumpthump! And next it would stop for moment, and beat thumpthumpthump, again and again, that why I could feel so suffocating and most of time my heart beat is getting faster and faster.

The second day my fever has not reduced, it even reached until 41 degree, later my mom took care of me whole time, I was having fever for three days three nights, my hair almost burn to the grey color already, if not because my mom put the ice bag in my head, perhaps I might burn to be idiot already.

I was unconscious, unconscious, I felt unconscious and never woke up again, but during my unconscious state, I still able to sense people or something happen in my surrounded.

I heard Yan Yan crying voice and also her rumbling, her words almost made me pissed off to death, “Big sis, you don’t die ah, even if you die, you should remember to tell me where you save your money, I know you save lot of money.” She cried as if she lost her breath, and then she cried, “Let me tell you, if you die, I won’t miss you, those manga of yours will be mine, I also will slaughter Cai Xi, make dog steamboat, you listen!”

She really wanted me to die, or she just wanted to piss me off and made me awake, but I clearly know, since Yan Yan was small she dislike to cry, so if now she cried such extreme, this was the first time I remembered in my life she cried this way.

She directly said to me while crying, “If you really death, how about Kang Yu? Don’t you feel let off so easily those girls, let me tell you, when Kang Yu knew your condition, he panic to the point he cried, it was my first time seeing boy crying, but, even he cried he still looked so handsome, big sister, if you are really want to die, it better you wake up first at least to make death will, let him to marry me, don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others field (idiom).”

Aigooo, desperately serious, she even able to say about “don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others field”, really not easy for her.

I really wanted to wake up, but I just could not, I have tried my best to open my eyes, but I felt as if my eyes were pressed with heavy metal so that I could not open my eyes.

Soon, my mind becoming blurred, faintly I heard, my mom and dad were deciding to bring me to Beijing, they said there was a famous doctor who could cure my sickness.

During that time, I still thought to join the simulation examination, I still wanted to go but still not awake, everything turned white.

When wait until I awake that time, it has been passed one month, I had passed the right to join the examination, still I found out one most frightening thing.

I became fatty.

It was not an ordinary fat, but I became super fat, an extreme fat, the fat that made me look alike balloon, my face is super chubby and even squeezed and made my rounded eyes turned be slit eyes.

It better for me to go die, and go for reincarnation, but my mom and dad who are in front of me are looked so happy, it even erased my thought, “Miao Miao, you wake up it great!” my mom hugged me while crying.

Perhaps I have slept too long, so that I spoke quite detrimental, I trembling asked, “Mom…fat…”

What I meant was how I could get fat to this point.

My dad wiped dry his tear, said “Don’t be afraid Miao Miao, it’s okay, you just got some hormone shots, this kind of things would make you get little bit fatter, only little bit, really just little bit.”

How could this just little bit, when I able to get down for walking, I was overweight, it was 168 pounds, it double my previous size, when I reflected myself in mirror, I didn’t even recognized myself anymore.

Am I still human?

Am I really still human?

This is balloon.

To be honest I still care with my appearance, when I was slim, I still okay, but now when I fat like this… somewhat my appearance, seven □ materials, now I got nothing.

I cried to death, anger me to anorexia.

Thus, finally I met the person who made into this fat as balloon, he was not alike my dad and mom who were comforting me gently, he knew that I got fatter and refused to eat, he angry yelled at me, “still think to be beautiful even it cost to lost your life!”

Only by his single words, it directly hit me down to ground.

Well, if between life and beautiful there only one thing that I should choose, fine, I still choose for my life.

I afraid death…

But every time I thought about Kang Yu, I felt, it better go die.

The fatty balloon would never have love…

My resentment…my grievance!!!

Evil wicked hormone!!!


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