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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 76 – 78


Chapter 76 – 78

“If I don’t make her as bait, how could you take the bait?” At that time when Yu Ao Tian cut off Young Master Cong’s hand, he had predicted this thing, so that, he asked someone to follow Yao Yao for this entire time.

Finally through this situation, Cong Qing Rui understood the rumor spreading in Jiang Hu (refer to underworld) about Yu Ao Tian’s characters. Now, he must be believed after experienced by himself.

He made Yao Yao as bait so that Cong Qing Rui would take the bait and then he asked Long Qi to pretend as Yao Yao’s boyfriend and take her leaving this place. He had known earlier who had attacked his company but he could not make a move since there was no solid evidence to take revenge.

But today his appearance is more than enough to make people understood his temperament!

Chi Long Bang banished, it just time matter since Cong Qing Rui knew that as long as Yu Ao Tian determined then he would able to do it but he just not believed on himself who fail because Yao Yao.

When he asked that little girl, she showed her innocent expression as if she told him the truth. She told him that she didn’t have any relation with Yu Ao Tian. So that he let her go. Unknown, after she left with Long Qi, Yu Ao Tian came to collect the debt with him.

In the blinked of eyes, Long Ye gun has shot Cong Qing Rui and that old man died instantly leaving his coward son who begged for mercy from Yu Ao Tian.

“Yu… Yu…Big Boss Yu, please let me go, I beg you. I promised to leave and won’t ever come to seek revenge.” Young Master Cong begged on Yu Ao Tian’s feet.

“Are you sure?” asked Yu Ao Tian.

“I swear. I won’t ever come back. I won’t…” before the finished, the gun has shot his head.

“I never believe living people, only the dead worth to trust!” Yu Ao Tian left Chi Long Bang.

That night Chi Long Bang vanish without trace, all the men swept by Yu Ao Tian’s men.


“Drink the tea.”

“Thank You.” Long Qi poured the tea to Yao Yao and she took a sip. Suddenly Long Qi’s phone rang, it was short message notification.

He took out his phone, read the message… “Damn!” he pissed off.

“Long Qi, what happen?”

“It pissed me off, my brother just messaged me they are on the way home from Chi Long Bang!”

“So what?”

“So what! Tonight Yu Ao Tian suddenly called me that he planned to banish Chi Long Bang, so that he asked me to take you out from there, the result after I took you out, all of them had already wiped them out, did he thought me as fool, cannot forgive!” after said, Long Qi tossed his phone aside because angry.

Seeing Long Qi, Yao Yao helplessly said: “I think, Yu Ao Tian because he trust you so much that’s why he asked you to take me out.”

“Humph, if he trusts me, he should bring me along to wipe out Chi Long Bang!”

“No, not like that Long Qi. I don’t really understand how you guys work but at least I know, wipe out Chi Long Bang must be easy for anyone but not everyone can take me out from that place except you, Long Qi.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Long Qi curiously asked.

“I asked you, did Yu Ao Tian ask you to say that you are my boyfriend?”


“You think, when that scoundrel told I was your girlfriend they were believe rather than when saying that I was Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend. Telling them, me as your girlfriend is safer, As long as you able to bring me out from that place and then, Yu Ao Tian can be freely to attack that place. So that, although you are not joining them, your contribution is the biggest one.”

After he heard Yao Yao explanation suddenly his heart lighter even he not fully understand what she meant.

“Ha, you flat chest, you are really good in “catch” other heart, after I heard what you said, my mood better. Come, let me kiss you.”


When he wanted to kiss her suddenly Yu Ao Tian has already back and looked at him: “Ao Tian, you back?”

“This is my room, can’t I come?”

“Oh yeah.” But Long Qi felt something wrong with Yu Ao Tian.

“Long Qi, you go home.”


“Go home, understand?” Yu Ao Tian raised his voice.

“Good, Good bye.” Yao Yao said looking at Long Ye and then glanced at Yu Ao Tian.

After Long Qi left, Yu Ao Tian rushed and sat beside Yao Yao, while she lower her head as if a student who caught do something wrong, silent.

“Do you understand your status now?”

He spoke coldly to Yao Yao and she just bit her lips.

“Do you like Long Qi?”

Before Yao Yao answered him, Yu Ao Tian has grabbed her hand and his action hurt her so she scream, “Aw, hurt!”

“Did he kiss you?”

“No, he not kissed me. Long Qi, he just…”

She felt so sad, her pair of eyes moistens. Her expression is similar to little white rabbit which provoke Yu Ao Tian even more.

He dragged her to second floor and tossed her to his bed. “Hurt, let me go!” she screaming and then she crying. Seeing her crying such miserable, Yu Ao Tian soften.

“Later you cannot bring other man to home other than me, understand?”

“Hu Hu… that because Long…” suddenly Yu Ao Tian yelled at her: “Not allowed to call his name.”

“I won’t call.”

At this moment suddenly Yu Ao Tian laughing, “Alright, stop crying.” He wiped her tears with his fingers, and then his eyes looked at her left should that has scar.

“I only want her data before she went to Japan!”

“Actually, this is the second thing that I wanted to tell you. This Xiao Meng Li data before 12 years old is… kept secretly by the government, no matter how it cannot be tracked”

“No matter whom, it hard to track down…”

His mind recalled his conversation with Long Ye, while his finger pointed at the scar… “This…”

Yu Ao Tian hasn’t finished but Yao Yao reacted: “This, This so ugly, right?”

“Why are you saying so?”

“Because… every time I had sport lesson, everyone would looked at me weirdly or they were laughing at me.”

“How this scar…”

Being asked, Yao Yao hesitated for while, “Actually, I also, I don’t have memory about it.”


“Hm, when I was 6 years old, I got car accident, so I forgot everything.”


Yu Ao Tian believed that Yao Yao did not lie to him, because he able to see her longing in her eyes for her memory. But he wanted the memory before she was six years!

“Is there anything?”

“Nothing.” He pressed his anger in heart, Yu Ao Tian eyes is looking at somewhere…

Yao Yao sensed Yu Ao Tian eyes flames, she used the quilt to cover her body: “You, can you leave now?”

“Ha, Bao Bei, I have just arrived, why you drive me out?”

“No, I don’t mean. Just…just…” if keep in this situation, she afraid something might “Happen”

“Do you afraid I will touch you?” Yu Ao Tian looked at her as if seeing through her heart.

Yao Yao silent as if that is her answered.

“Hah, Bao Bei, why I feel as if you are longing… me?” after he said, Yu Ao Tian smiled deviously.

After couple time got teased by Yu Ao Tian, Yao Yao seems to have little bit immune and also proving how good she controlled herself. At this time, Yu Ao Tian feels so satisfied with Yao Yao performance that not ease to surrender in this way, he will not boring playing with her.

Inside the dark room, Yao Yao who not moving, resting beside Yu Ao Tian, close her eyes: “Yu Ao Tian.”

“………….” Here it comes again! This little thing has a habit to have conversation with him before she goes to sleep? “What?”

“Thank You.”


“That time when in night club. If not because today matter, I will never knew what that brat did to me.”

Bringing this topic, suddenly he remembered: “It seems that you secretly at my back searching for job?”

“You, how did you know?” under the darkness, she could not see Yu Ao Tian expression. “You asked people to follow me?” her voice carried anger tone.

“Now you are Yu Ao Tian, my lover. Just behave staying at home, you don’t need to work. Sleep!” Yu Ao Tian didn’t explain reason or anything about asking people to follow her while his voice carried little bit coldness and command.

Yao Yao not reconciled, made fist, still wanted to say something but due to Yu Ao Tian temperament, she just asked her own pain if she did.

Still not understood, does this is his meaning being a lover, obey all what he wanted? But, she is not toy, why should she obey all he said? He just too unreasonable!


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 76 – 78

  1. Thank you for updating 3 chapters at once.

    YY didn’t understand that her life is in danger if she still work outside.. words will spread that she is YAT girl, and the other gang will try to capture and use her to get to YAT.. She cannot be out until she can take care of herself…

  2. could it be because she is YAT’s savior? knowing YY’s personality, she wouldn’t obediently stay at home without any explanation

  3. Whats so unique about her past? I just hope that its not going to bring back sad memories. Kudos to YAT & LQ for saving Bao bei

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