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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 79


Chapter 79

The task as Lover

Early in the morning, Yu Ao Tian has wake up from bed.

He stood in front of the mirror changing his shirt, seeing through the mirror he swept his gazed to the lazy Yao Yao, coldly said: “If you have wake up you must get up!”

After she heard it, Yao Yao closed her eyes, keep on pretending still sleeping, at another second suddenly something heavy hit on her face, opened her eyes…”You, why are you throwing your necktie toward me?”

“Didn’t you keep pretending to sleep? If not come here, tie the necktie on me!” Yu Ao Tian commanded her.

Yao Yao frowned: “I cannot tie it up.”

“I really cannot…”Seeing his scary expression, better for her to swallow all her rejection, obediently walking in front of him.

150cm height facing 190cm height, this difference just…

Yao Yao tie up the necktie as if flinging on Yu Ao Tian’s neck: “It’s done.”

“Bao Bei, do you really think this is okay?”

“I have told you that I cannot tie it up! Why you make thing difficult for me.”

“Fine! You go down stairs with me.” Yu Ao Tian re-ties his necktie and then walking out. “Wearing shoes? You help me to wear the shoes.”

What! This is too much!

Seeing Yao Yao not moving, Yu Ao Tian pinched her chin, said: “Bao Bei, you better don’t say to me that you cannot wear the shoes! Or else, this week there will be no off day for you because I will find someone to teach you how to serve man!”

“No need…I, I understand what with my task.” She afraid the only free day she has might gone, so she busy herself to help Yu Ao Tian wears his shoes.

“Heh, Bao Bei, I advise you don’t think to go for work, if you have time learn how to tie the necktie, ironing the shirt, etc. I go to work!” after said, Yu Ao Tian took big stride and left.

She dumbfounded in front of the door, her white little face helplessly cast dark cloud.

This dictatorial man clearly wanted her to learn how to be lover, but how could he act too much like this? Who does he think he is, wanting to change other people and then the people must be changed?

Expressionless walking toward bathroom, what happened just now really makes her unhappy but cannot resist that strong attitude of Yu Ao Tian, not allowed to reject what he said really terrible, if this keep on continuing, will she really become lover and losing her true self?

“Ah! How can be?” shocked looking herself in the mirror, there is hickey in her neck that too obvious. Pulled down her pajamas: “In my body also have, this is….” Trying to remember, no wonder last night he… she felt little bit hurt, did this make by him? Actually what he want?

“Ding Dong”

This is early in the afternoon, the door bell suddenly ringing. She opened the door to have look, outside there are ten or more who standing and lineup, bringing clothes. “Who are you guys?”

“Miss Luo, hello, all of these are sent by CEO Yu for you, the latest clothes of Chanel, the total are twenty five pieces, please you signed it, if it does not fit you, you can come to our store to exchange. “

What does Yu Ao Tian want? “I am sorry, all these clothes, I don’t want.”

“Hahaha, I am so sorry Miss Luo, this is CEO Yu’s order, if you want to return, please contact CEO Yu.” After said, those employees put all the clothes in living room, after put all the stuffs, they left directly.

The next three days also same, there are many branded stuff sent by those employees, shoes and others thing. Initially the living room was empty but suddenly filled with many types of branded stuffs, turned to be Small Mountain.

Yao Yao stood in front of the stuffs that piercing her eyes, laughing. Does not spend single money of him then she turned to be gift receiver? It reminded her the olden days with Feng Chen Yi. Perhaps all of bossy men really like to use this tactics for wooing girls. Must she change to be girl that love and enjoy all branded stuffs and then they will be satisfied?

Not understand, she only knows that all this bossy men behaviors are only to satisfy themselves to conquer her, simply to say they able to do anything!

The ancient Emperor also loved to do such things like giving stuff for their concubines? “Argh!” Helplessly she sighed, she turned on the Television. Silently she is waiting for her instant noodle cup to ready-eat.

“Ding Dong”

The door bell ringing, seeing the time must…

Six o’clock? Will be who? Yu Ao Tian? As if he has been three days not coming, wouldn’t be him right? Pretending not to hear anything! Just pretending!

Yao Yao anxiously turned the volume higher so that she does not need to hear the doorbell. Long time, the door bell stopped. She relieved…

“Bao Bei, can I assume that you are purposely not come to open the door?” behind her, there man’s cold voice.

She got the chills, nervously turned her head: “You, how can you get in?”

“This is my house, of course I have my spare keys!” ‘pa’ the sound of keys that tossed in table.

Yao Yao fright not dare to make move of her trembling body, can’t do! She must not be intimidated by him.

“The television volume too high, so that I didn’t hear the door bell rang.”

“Oh, so that. Well, why you didn’t pick up my phone call for few days?”

“I, my phone not charged for days!”

“Hah, you really have so many reasons to say to me.” His devilish smile showed means he pissed off already, he untied his necktie, his eyes looked at the instant noodle cup in the table: “You, why you eat it?”

“I… my money had spent…left not much, you do not allow me to go for working, so that….” After said, she looked so depressing touching her small head, her flashing eyes inadvertently looked at the television screen…

He crazily sent her designer and branded stuffs, give her unlimited financial access, he thought that Yao Yao who being forced in this way would slowly adapting to the lover life, and then enjoying effortless life and all the beauties, giving up her independent self. But, seeing this little thing, she is more stubborn than his thought. “I have given you money.”


Her head lower and focus looking on the television screen.

Yu Ao Tian is obviously impatient; he sat on the sofa, stretched out his hand and pinched her chin, coldly said: “I still talking with you! You…”

“Hahaha.” When her head lifted up that moment, her eyesight really focus on the television screen, her face showed happy laughter.

Yu Ao Tian frowned, followed her eyesight, looking at….


The television is having the cartoon comedic show. He could feel that he has been talking for half day and she is focusing her attention to the television?


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 79

  1. hahaha….YAT being ignored…
    He should know by now that YY cannot be easily bought with expensive things…The presents are not going to make her adapt her life now…
    Think YAT, think..

    Thank you for the update sis…can’t wait to see YAT’s next reaction…

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