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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 81


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Chapter 81

Going out for Dinner

“Welcome, Mr. Yu, the usual seat?” one of the waiters of five star restaurant welcoming Yu Ao Tian.

In front of Yu Ao Tian all of them are bowing to his direction.

“Woah, Woah, husband, husband, is he, Berson Group CEO, Yu Ao Tian?”

“Stsst, you better eat your meal.”

“Didn’t you ever have business partnership with him before? Why don’t you greet him?”

“Shut up. He does not recognize me, the person who dealing with me always their General Manager.”

“Oh, regretful, but real Yu Ao Tian and the rumor spread really similar, well describe. Oh yeah, who is the little girl that next to him?”

After the man heard, his eyes glanced at Yao Yao who walking beside Yu Ao Tian: “Never seen before, I don’t know. Faster finish your meal!”


“Mr. Yu, please.” One of the waiters lead the way, both of they are entering VIP area and private room of that restaurant.

Finally Yao Yao can avoid all those people who secretly or boldly looked at her, while the waiter who is serving them also gazed to her.

This is kind of terrible feeling. all because the man who beside her, the outstanding man, either his aura or his good looking appearance, everyone curious to look at him even for seconds.

If her relationship just upright, perhaps she can feel so honorable standing side by side with this man. But…both of their relationship is something that cannot be known by other people.

“All of you leave.”

“Ah? Mr. Yu, what do you mean?”

Pair of eyes gleamed coldly, at least he able to see Yao Yao discomfort, coldly said: “All leave. I don’t need all of you in here.”

“Yes, yes.” The waiter who served inside the private room is leaving.

Yao Yao who head look-down since she got inside to the restaurant until the private room, finally able to lift her head up, looking at Yu Ao Tian’s eyes that has excitement trace…

Not long after that, the food have served all, Yao Yao does not think too much about eating manner, at moment she swept all the food, Yu Ao Tian dumbstruck to look at her.

“Bao Bei, you…eat too much, won’t you feel sick later?”

“I won’t.” after she said, shyly she smiled: “I, can I order another portion of the beef steak?”


A big man like him only ate half of beef steak, but this little thing—after all she even wanted to eat another more after done with two beef steak, actually how big her stomach size?

“ waiter, get me another portion of beef steak.”

“Yes. Mr. Yu.” Another portion of beef steak served.

Again Yao Yao finished her food, but suddenly… “Yu, Yu Ao Tian, I, my stomach ache. I want to…go to toilet.”

“Bao Bei, do you mean…asking me to bring you there?”

“No need, I can…go by myself.”

“Then you go faster.”

“Oh.” After said, Yao Yao leave the private room as fast as wind.

“Huff.” Yu Ao Tian took long breathe: he shook his head with cried-laugh. This little thing really good in eating and sleeping, after eat and then excreted, simply to say….

“Haha” it seems that he really put live treasure beside him.

“CEO Yu.”

Hearing there is someone called his name, Yu Ao Tian hurried back to his usual self, looking at door direction: “General Manager Feng.”

Seeing Feng Chen Yi who is slowly walking inside the private room: “I heard from the waiter that, you are having your meal in here so I just drop by to say hello. If there nothing then I take my leave.”

“There is no rush, have you eaten?”

“I have eaten, just in time to leave.”

“Oh. It hard we get to meet each other, if there’s a time, we should have good chat.”

Feng Chen Yi stretched out one of his hand from his pocket, pointed at the seat facing Yu Ao Tian: “Have I disturb you?”

“HaHa, she is going to toilet, perhaps she will take sometimes.”

“En, well.”

Waiting until Feng Chen Yi to take the empty seat, Yu Ao Tian clapped his hand asked the waiter to close the private room door.

“Regarding to our business contract, what is your father opinion?” after said, Yu Ao Tian black eyes flashed.

“HaHa, CEO Yu, you must know that my father have already gave Feng Group to my older brother and me, so what do you want to know?”

It is the brain of Feng Chen Yi that Yu Ao Tian value most, he is only to make superficial contact1], Feng Chen Yi even easier to get the main topic. This is better, also save much time. Smiled, he agreed by shrug his shoulder.

“My older brother is trying to stop our partnership.”

“If I was your older brother, I would also do the same thing to stop you. But…” thread of discussion, his eyes flashed: “The decision still in your hand, am I right? You know better than me about the advantage.”

“HaHa, CEO Yu, I always believe that the enemy of the enemy actually is best friend. So that, today I really “willing” to come and say hello to you!” Feng Chen Yi purposely emphasized “willing” this word in order to express himself.

After all, their business collaboration is having and involving very sensitive legal spots. In order to avoid future troublesome, both of them only can rely on hint, sign and code to talk about the collaboration agreement.

“Hah, the enemy of the enemy is best friend, I like this statement.” Said Yu Ao Tian with cold smiled: “Well, I hope we become best friend and faster to breakdown the enemy.” After said, he stood up elegantly and stretched out his hand.

Feng Chen Yi also showed his smile, politely shaking hand with Yu Ao Tian’s hand. “CEO Yu, still one word, I really expecting to have “collaboration” with you.”

“Same here with me.”

After they exchange politeness, suddenly the door opened…

“Ao Tian.”

Seeing Li Mei Yun coming inside, Feng Chen Yi elegantly nodding his head to Yu Ao Tian: “Not to disturb both of you, CEO Yu, I take my leave.”

Li Mei Yun sees that Feng Chen Yi also there, awkwardly asked: “General Manager Feng you are also here? Am I… disturbing both of you?”

“No, I have done talking with CEO Yu. Miss Li, you continuing.” After said, Feng Chen Yi faster his steps and left the private room.

“Ao Tian, did I disturb both of you?” Li Mei Yun swept her gaze to the empty seat and then she directly sit down.

“Mei Yun, that seat belong to someone.”

“Ugh, didn’t this seat belong…to General Manager Feng?” Li Mei Yun even thought that Yu Ao Tian was having dinner with Feng Chen Yi, at this moment she hurried stood up, go to another empty seat.

“Mei Yun, are you and Feng Chen Yi know each other?”

“HaHa, I can’t say I know him. Two years ago I met him in party, he said, his Ex-girl really like me so we had little bit chat, just that one time.”

“Oh? Seeing how Feng Chen Yi in person, I don’t think he is someone that able to take an initiative to chat with other.” This was based on what Long Ye said when he met Feng Chen Yi to talk about their collaboration. He more belong to spectators types than active person, other than about business, he might speak less to the stranger.

“He really is someone quiet and not really like to speak with stranger, but once talk about his Ex-girl friend, he can speak about her unstoppable. This based on the six sense of woman, he must love her, he must really love his Ex-girlfriend.”


1] 蜻 Qing 蜓 ting 点 dian 水 shui : the dragonfly touches the water lightly (idiom)


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 81

  1. YAT likes to keep his lover by his side while FCY will do anything to make his lover to always remember him. even though YAT can be cruel, but he is much more sincere

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

  2. I totally agree with u yadane.

    YAT can be very cruel to others who offended him but no matter how much YY offended him. Some way some how YAT foegives her n he is very patient with YY. YAT may not like YY swearing but he let it past but when it come to other women, he break off with them no questions ask. He generally don’t give others second chances but with YY, how many have YAT gave to YY?

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