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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 82


Chapter 82

Feng Chen Yi forcing to kiss

“Huh, never thought that Feng Chen Yi is someone value love most, really hard to believe.” All of them are mingle in same social circle, Yu Ao Tian ever heard about Feng Chen Yi who are not less than Casanova compare to himself, but never thought he has kind of very focus “heart” man!

“Aiya, I really want to see his Ex-girlfriend, what kind of girl she is? Since she is able to hold Feng Chen Yi’s heart.”

Li Mei Yun who sat beside him showed her expectation expression, while he enjoying his food, he rolled his eyes: “How can be? Are you curious with others Ex?”

“Haha, speak less nonsense. Mei Yun, didn’t you know my standard for woman?”After he said, Yu Ao Tian curled up his lips.

“Hard to say, perhaps Feng Chen Yi never touched his Ex-girlfriend?”

“How the hell it could be? Feng Chen Yi is normal man.”

“Humph, there is time, because so in love, have deep love, even not dare to touch!” Said Li Mei Yun, she moved her seat closer to him, pair of her hand enveloped his neck, slowly closer to his nose: “This kind of feeling you will not understand, okay?”

Indeed, Yu Ao Tian indeed never understood this kind of feeling because he never loved someone deeply!

“Ah, even I understood, you little bitch **like it?”

“You hatred, Ao Tian.” Li Mei Yun said, she kissed his lips…


“Argh, very comfortable.” After she done with her “problem”, Yao Yao face showed relax, prepared walking out from toilet.

“Hey, Hey, you guys made guessing, guessing, who was the little girl that brought by Mr. Yu just now?”

Since she heard some of the waiters chatting about herself, Yao Yao paused for moment and suddenly her eyes stung when the topic brought up.

“At one glanced she is absolutely his younger sister.”


“How, did all of you see Mr. Yu and that little girl look different? My opinion, that little girl might his lover?”

“Lover? Impossible, how can Mr. Yu interested with little girl?”

“That’s why I said their relationship must be lover, he just toying with her after that he will dump her, no need responsible and also able to “taste” something new and refresh, why can’t he?”

“Ugh, it seems the possibility both of they are lover is….”

Finally the relationship is still guessable by other, right? It is also strange, she and Yu Ao Tian aren’t living at same roof but she only out with him this first time in front of many people. Yao Yao lower her head because the lover matter, when she sensed few of the waiters are screening her appearance she purposely faster her steps. Unknown… “Aiya.” She bumped into someone who is walking closer to her front. “I am sorry, sorry, so…”

“Yao Yao.”

This voice is? Hurried she lift up her head… the first thing that she spotted is the man’s left ear diamond earring. Impossible, how can be such coincidence!

“Coming to have dinner?” pairs of eyes from left and right are looking at that cold eyes who straightly looked at her, Feng Chen Yi smiled: “Just in right time, I haven’t had my dinner, how about we dine together.”

“I, I came with my friend!” lower her head, she stammered answered him.

“Oh? Well, are you coming with your fiancé?” when he said, Feng Chen Yi eyes gleaming: “Ah, perfect time, I always want to know who is my “replacement”, I want to say hello. Bring me to meet him.”

Did Feng Chen Yi purposely saying this? Why every time I meet him, he must be talking in this way with me? “He does not know you! I am in hurry, I take my leave!” she took two steps but blocked by Feng Chen Yi who did not have any intention to let her go, she spoke with lower voice: “Scram away!”

Feng Chen Yi clenched, stiffen for while, he just compromise her, move to side, let her way to walk.

But when he is still in screening Yao Yao’s body, that moment…

He spotted the hickey in her neck, it make him feel as if there is knife that stabbed into his eyes.

Before it was pregnancy test kit, later he spotted her to use VIP Gold Card and now he even sees hickey!

When he saw it, his expression changed gloomy, suddenly he stretched out his hand and pulled her to get into the restaurant inner corridor.

Yao Yao dumbfounded when seeing him pulled herself: “You, what do you want to do, Feng Chen Yi?”

“Feng Chen Yi, you hurt me!”

She looked at him who extremely pissed off, pair of his eyes gleamed coldly: “Are you hurt? I even hurt than you!” after he said, he pinched both of her hands, with domineering attitude he crazily kissed her as if storm, pressed into her lips!

“Ah.” Their face is so close, her heart beating so fast. She only can feel his rough kiss, Yao Yao feels herself difficult to breathe, his kissing as if piercing to her wounds.

She really not understood what happen to Feng Chen Yi, in the past when they were still boy and girlfriend, Feng Chen Yi never used to force her. But now…what his reason!

The hickey that left by Yu Ao Tian? Did Feng Chen Yi objection with that? Why must he? How can he? But, both of them… already broke up!

“Ah! Ah!” The lips feel numb, she kept on rejecting him. But she is not match for Feng Chen Yi strength!

“Hu… Hu…” finally… this harsh and rough kissed ended. Yao Yao angrily glared at him: “You…” when she spoke one word, he put strength to press into her lips again. And then…

This kissed changed little bit gentler, and gentler…

At the same time, he slowly loosen up the pressure that pressed into Yao Yao’s wrist, tightly hug her to his embrace, his lips suck the sweetness of hers, he looks as if drunk, helplessly.

This is the first time for Yao Yao to have such close distance with this good looking face, no matter how long time passed, she lost control of herself, looking at him because this is the first time for her be so intimate with him, so close, but…

This happen right after both of them broke up.

Now she does not have right to have feeling for this man!

No one knew time passed, Yao Yao used all her strength to push him away and free herself from his embrace: “You are overly, Feng Chen Yi, let me go…let me go!”

“What do you think…and want?” her vision blurred looked at him, she really not understand this man who standing in front of her, she not allowed this man to touch her.

“Yao Yao.” After some time, Feng Chen Yi finally spoke, his voice is low and coarse: “Is this the present that you said would be given when you turned 18?”


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 82

  1. Am I the only one ? I can’t hate FCY ! I hope the author make me fall for YAT in the future ! Otherwise the ending will be difficult for me to accept … >,< Thank you for the speedy translation !

    1. You’re not the only one. Hohoho~ Tho I didnt like FCY at the start of the novel.

      I think the author is trying to charm readers towards poor 2nd male lead so that there will be an intense dilemma in the later chapter on who should be with LYY.

  2. I don’t like FCY at all. YAT is not any better but I have soft spot for him. Y, I have no idea but when it come to FCY like a snake just crawl right in front of you kind of feeling…Ewwww

  3. Somehow the author seems to focus on gathering sympathy from readers for FCY, while YAT is still portrayed as a sadist jerk with minimal gentleness. LOL. Then when many readers sympathize with FCY, that’s the time the author will slap us with YAT’s rare gentleness. Damn! That’s too cunning. LOL.

    Thankies for the update, Azurro!

  4. Yu Ao Tian and Feng Chen Yi…
    Actually I find myself hard to choose one of them. It like comparing Maltese and Shih Tzu LOL XD

    I like and hate both of them. They did overly for Yao Yao, the good and the bad.

    Yu Ao Tian never doubt to be someone heavy-handed even toward Yao Yao. But still I can understand him since he has underworld background. Merciless, vicious, poisonous, dangerous, all of these are Yu Ao Tian but at same time he also has soft spot such as more patience, compromised, negotiable, caring.
    Yu Ao Tian also someone who never let his emotion to drive him, he act so rational sometimes in the way less human.
    Feng Chen Yi so sensitive, too much emotion but cannot be honest toward himself also Yao Yao. He loves her but because his “face” he never wanted to admit to her directly. He thought he knows Yao Yao very well but he wrong one thing, Yao Yao is girl that has low IQ in emotions. you need to tell her directly you love her, you care her. implicit way not work well for her.
    Feng Chen Yi decided to hurt her and when she gets hurt, he feel regret but again he does it over and over.

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