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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 96

Chapter 96

Madam Ye speechless

“Fei Yan? You said that Fei Yan did come?” after she said, Ye Che who shocked slowly gained himself.

“Was Fei Yan?” Suddenly Madam Ye opened her mouth, her face showed no expression, straightly looking at Ye Che. “Now you and Gu Na Yan go out, find Wan Er and Ruo Xuan back, if something happen to them, I don’t want to live anymore. Both of you hurry go to find them.”

“Mother, you must not to think like that. Both of them will be alright, let Ye Che and Gu Na Yan go to find them, you rest assured.” Mu Rong Ji Zi immediately comforting Madam Ye.

“Aunty, we will find them back, you don’t need to be worry, I promise you that I will find both Long Wan Er and Ruo Xuan, bring them safe and sound in front of you. Big sister in law, you and aunty go back to Ye’s mansion first, Lu Qun stays here to help us, let aunty to have rest first.” After Gu Na Yan heard the way of Madam Ye speaking hurried said. Moreover Ye Che who stood beside him showed no movement. “Che, let Aunty and big sister in law back to Ye’s mansion first.”

“Mother, Gu Na Yan said was right, you better go back home with big sister in law. I will find Wan Er back and also bring back Ruo Xuan. Both of you cannot help even you stay here, still better go home first. Father and brother are still waiting for the news.” Ye Che said.

Madam Ye looked at the soulless Ye Che, does not know what to say. This son of her is such outstanding, his outstanding lead to misfortune, it not easy to see him accept this marriage fate, she thought that she could come here to pray to Buddha to show her grateful, but who knows that an incident came out.

All is Ye Che retribution from his bad karma!

When first time she met Wan Er she has liked her so much, fresh and clean also outstanding, clear eyes, she just so similar to the image of good scholar daughter, she really likes her. This kind of daughter in law must be exchanged to many lives time to get!

This kind of loveable girl, because of Ye Che and Fei Yan that girl from Bai Hua lane associated, now she is missing and also Ruo Xuan. Does it because Ye’s family bad karma in past lives time? Or is it all her fault? Long time ago she had wronged one time and now did she made same mistake? Does the Ye’s family fated like this?

One by one is leaving her, does all of this her mistake?

Oh heaven, does this your punishment for her?

Wan Er…Ruo Xuan…

Both of you must back! Mother fault, extremely wrong!

She does not have any energy, if she stays here what can she do? The missing people cannot be found out.

Now her expectation only to see Wan Er and Ruo Xuan can come back safety. She only wants them come back, she will never to interfere with their marriage anymore, also won’t pressure them anymore.

Exhausted looking at Mu Rong Ji Zi, nodded the head, not seeing both Ye Che and Gu Na Yan anymore, she left with Mu Rong Ji Zi, Madam Ye walking.

“Mother, you rest assured, I will take back Wan Er and Ruo Xuan.” Ye Che said after he gained himself. Seeing Madam Ye’s back who left, that promise made.

Madam Ye’s stopped her step and later she still leaving.


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