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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 85

Chapter 85

Get Hit

The expressionless Yu Ao Tian gazing outside scenery from the high floor through the glass window, he forced himself to smile, helplessly took long breathe: “I have spent two years but yet I just settled only one person.”

“Ao Tian, there is no such rush, do it slowly.” Mo Xue Tong patting his shoulder.

At other side is Long Ye who joined patting his shoulder: “That’s right, don’t rush, do it slowly. All of us still so young, although it takes time and energy we will be able to bring down that Zeng Kai Rui and takes his dog life.”

“Ha, let’s go.” After said, all of them are leaving Ao Mei group…

When night comes, Yao Yao who sat in front of television, not even realizing the presence of Yu Ao Tian.

“Bao Bei, in this way you can be in dangerous, if the person who entering is not me but bad person, what would you do?” Yu Ao Tian giggles, sitting beside her and pulled her into his embrace.

Yao Yao wanted to avoid him, make a move and coldly stood up in front of him: “Today afternoon, when I watched the news I saw Berson Group and Ao Mei Group signing the business contract.”

“Oh, and then?” Yu Ao Tian crossed his leg, calmly asking her.

“I also watched other afternoon news, it was about…” she lowered her head: “The Chairman of Ao Mei group was suicide by jumping from building.”

“En, and then?”

Her head slowly lift up, she clenched and clear her throat: “Zhang Zhi Yuan… did you kill him, didn’t you?”

“I killed him.”

Thump! Her heart pounding hard, she never thought that Yu Ao Tian could be this calm when answered her question. “Why? Why did you do it? At the beginning I was curious, you have already known the contained of the work contract is feigned but still you signed it. But after I watched the news about Zhang Zhi Yuan suicide, finally I understood why you still signed that contract even it is feigned!”

“Ha, so what do you think my reason is?”

“When you signed that business contract, you will have 40% of Ao Mei’s stock, while 60% belong to Zhang Zhi Yuan. And then, if you showed the fraud of the business contract, not only you are free from the accusation about Zhang Zhi Yuan’s suicide but the stock of Ao Mei would drop. During the time you can freely to buy all the stock of Ao Mei with the cheapest price, beside that, the Berson Group won’t get any bad effect moreover it able to raise the stock of Berson Group. Only one person death, you may earn at least hundred thousand millions. Am I right?!”

After listened to every each sentences of Yao Yao. Yu Ao Tian really did not know whether to say Zhang Zhi Yuan was too stupid or Yao Yao who is so smart!

“So it’s between you and Deputy Prime Minister! Yu Ao Tian, since it is your personal grudges, you also don’t need to go against the money, right? You are so immature.”

That’s right! He indeed have deep grudge with Deputy Prime Minister, he even dares to gamble and ruin his own business. Perhaps because of the death of Zhang Zhi Yuan everyone might think that Yu Ao Tian could be sacrificed anything because of his grudge, but no one even knows that his motive had seen through by little girl!

Hah, only this time he really hopes that this little thing can give him stupid smile, maybe…it would be better if she able to have same thought as Zhang Zhi Yuan.

“Bao Bei, you even thought that by one person death, I could earn thousand of million, it so worth, isn’t it?”

“You are too over! Yu Ao Tian, how can you have this kind of thought? Life is priceless don’t you understand? You are cold blood beast how can….”

“Pa” suddenly her face got slapped very hard. She hasn’t reacted while her long hair is merciless grabbed by the man.

Yu Ao Tian slowly closer his face to her small face, sternly said: “Little Thing, although these few days I have spoiled you so much, thinking that you are so smart. But, it better for you to use your smart brain in right place, don’t forget about your status!” after said, he swayed her away…

Yao Yao fell to floor, her corner of mouth bleeding with fresh blood.

Her small hand touched her face, dumbstruck looking at the man who sat in sofa, her body is trembling! At this moment, she finally remembered…

This man who surrounded with domineering aura has another status; he is the underworld emperor, isn’t he?

“Yu…Yu Ao Tian, I asked you, if… I never told you…about fraud of the business contract, would you…kill him?”

His eyes flashed looked at her, smiled: “Aiya, that’s right, I almost forget you are also one of the person who has gave big contribution, if not because you who said that business contract had problem, perhaps…I didn’t have reason to kill him!”

Her crystal bright eyes cannot hold her tears anymore; she never thought her good intention could kill other person! She used her effort to climb up, she “Woah…” she crying so miserably, the entire villa echoing her voice….

After she left, the cold expression in Yu Ao Tian face changed to be helpless, he inhale deep breath and raised his head to look the surrounding.

He really does not know his lies could give such big hit for Yao Yao.

Perhaps, for little girl who only nineteen year old, facing with this sudden strike indeed quite hard to deal with. But, God has given her premature reality but also wisdom, if she stills keep her innocent and naively seeing this world, living in this world, soon or later one day…she might get killed by this society!

“Little Thing, slowly you will understand about this world’s cruelest things…”

Half hour later, he slowly took up his phone: “Mei Yun, where are you?”

“Why? Ao Tian, your tone…little bit different, do you have bad mood?”

“I asked where you are.”

“At home.”

“Wait for me.’ After said he hung the phone and he left…


Boom bum. Da da

At other quiet corner of street, one of the luxurious cars turned on a deafening sound of music. The good looking man is drinking glass by glass wine while beside him there are two sexy women sitting beside him and tightly embraced by him.

“Young Master Feng, you are drinking wine by yourself, why you drink such exasperating.” One of the women took his wine from his hand, while her finger caress his chest.

“That’s right. As I said Chen Yi, inside car there are women and also me, your best buddy who accompany you, it is so meaningless to play by myself alone.” One of the good looking man who sat at other side said, he has black eyes and also good looking trait in his face. He is trying to joke while holding a glass of red wine.

Feng Chen Yi said nothing, he took the wine and gulped it.

“Young Master Feng…”before one of the women opened her mouth, Feng Chen Yi eyes flashed warned her, she immediately shut her mouth up.

“Chen Yi, you looked little bit weird since last night, what was happened?” one of the red hair man patted him, he waved her hand to the women who sat beside Feng Chen Yi to leave them from car.

“Nothing.” He said coldly.

“I don’t…have any meaning.” The red hair man helplessly looked outside through the window. At this moment, not far from their car there is little girl who crying at the other side road.

“Uh, looked quite beautiful but seems little bit idiot.”

“Zi Xuan, you said whom?”

“You see by yourself.” Ou Yang Zi Xuan pointed to outside the window.

When Feng Chen Yi raised his head: “Yao Yao!”

“Uh, do you know that girl?”

His eyes flashed, his cold eyes and expression suddenly showed faint smile: “Zi Xuan, I want you to help me!”


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