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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 86

Chapter 86

“Let me go, who are you, let me go.” Yao Yao is dragged by Ou Yang Zi Xuan to the car. Once she got into the car, she saw inside the car was Feng Chen Yi: “Is you who asked this red hair to drag me here?”

“Chen Yi, I guard the door.”

“En, thank you, Zi Xuan.”

Just pretend she is not asking anything, after she heard the short conversation between Feng Chen Yi and the red hair, she understood this man is asked by Feng Chen Yi. Just now she thought she met scoundrel.

After Ou Yang Zi Xuan left, Feng Chen Yi looked at Yao Yao, smiled: “My beloved Yao Yao, why are you walking alone in the street in this late of night time, don’t you know it so dangerous? Are you crying while walking? Impossible… yesterday when I said about your “fiancé” perhaps he is more bastard than me, did you find the evidence about him?”

Why must he act like this? Why Feng Chen Yi must hurt her in such way? “Have you done? If done I will take my leave.”

“Come here.”

Again and again she is commanding by this kind of attitude, either Yu Ao Tian or Feng Chen Yi. She has felt enough for them! Turned her back, when she wanted to open the car’s door…

“Didn’t you hear I asked you to come here!” His voice tone higher, Feng Chen Yi pulled her back.

“Aw.” Cold sweat dripping, she felt pain in her leg so that she groaned.

Feng Chen Yi realized something wrong with her: “You sprained your leg?”

“None of your business!”

“When were you sprained your leg?” He looked so anxious in front of Yao Yao, his hand gently stroke her injured leg.

“I have said, it none of your business!”

“Luo Yao…” he tried to control his trembling body, Feng Chen Yi helplessly furrowed his brow, carefully to examine her injured leg.

“You, what are you doing?”

“How could you sprain your leg?” He gently touched her leg.

“Aww, it hurt, hurt.”

“Since it hurt why don’t you have rest at home?” Feng Chen Yi took first aid box from the car dashboard: “Fortunately inside the car there is first aid.” He lifts her leg, put into his lap and gently applied the medicine.

The scenery, it took back the past years memory, that time when she injured her leg, he would nag her about her ignorance and carefully applied the medicine. She never thought after years, he still like the olden him, haha.

“Thank..thank you.” Her eyes showed pitiful and hurt, she took closer look to that good looking face that showed faint smile.

“Well. Next time…” at the moment he raise his head, Feng Chen Yi spotted Yao Yao’s left face there is five finger imprinted on her cheek. “Brush” at the moment his expression changed coldly: “Your face injured…did he do it?”

Her heart feel tighten, Yao Yao touched her own face: “No! Thank…thank you. You have applied medicine, I…I take my leave.”

“Luo Yao Yao!” He embedded his finger nails to her wrist: “Tell me! Did he hit you or not?”

“No, No, really no.”

“Perhaps, you can lie to anybody but not me. From the first time we together, we have spent about three years together, do you think I will believe on your lies?” He pulled her…

At the moment she has entered the familiar warm and gentleness, just realizing, within these two years actually she really, she really depended too much toward him, too much.

Her tears falling down, at this moment she really cannot refuse his embrace. Perhaps she got too much pressure from Yu Ao Tian, she cannot denial. At the time she signed that lover contract, she should prepare herself to face Yu Ao Tian. After all, a person who can sit on Mafia’s emperor throne must be someone not good, facing either men or women, but now he also have businessman status, seeing how merciless Yu Ao Tian towards other. She hurt.

And then…

That man is really hard to read for her, actually she really helpless. Moreover she does not have any reason to understand him, he used mafia method to settle this kind of matter. Of course! This kind of method is not acceptable for her, because of her one moment of her intelligent, she made others…get killed!

“Yao Yao.” Looking at her wet face, he gently said: “He, who is he?”

Cannot say.. cannot say… this path was her choice, she should alone walking in this path! “Don’t ask, please?”

How could he not ask! His cold-iced hand gently caress her red burn face, his eyes flashed unspoken bitter, he knew, she must be bullied, but his heart is even hurt!

When that good looking face come closer and wanted to kissed her suddenly she remember…

“Little Thing, although these few days I have spoiled you so much, thinking that you are so smart. But, it better for you to use your smart brain in right place, don’t forget about your status!”

“Don’t forget your status!”

Yu Ao Tian’s words as if cursed that burned her ears, when both of their lips touched, suddenly Yao Yao opened her eyes, pushed him away.

At the moment the warm atmosphere inside the car turned be cold, Feng Chen Yi said: “Yao Yao, at this time you even thought about him!”

In front of Feng Chen Yi, she as if the transparent glass, only at one glanced, only at one movement, he could know what she thinking of. She really does not know how to answer his question.

Even her relationship with Yu Ao Tian only as contract lover, which not involve love but she really cannot betray him. If not because of him, her grandpa perhaps won’t live until today. If not because of him, perhaps she had sold and dirty by stranger. If not because of him…when working in night club, perhaps her condition…unimaginable.

“I…will never betray him.” She looked down, she not dares to look at Feng Chen Yi because she afraid to see herself-pity in his eyes, why? Why she felt as if she really sorry to Feng Chen Yi, what happen actually?

“Yao Yao, tell me, do you really like this kind of man treatment, don’t you?”

She raised her head, in front of her there is familiar face but yet it so stranger for her, there is such fear feeling toward him.

“If you say nothing it means you are admitting? Since this is the case…” he curled his lips up, he laughing so scary while pressed on her wrist.

“No…No… don’t!”

One of his hand is trying to strip her, while her eyes glared him as if throwing a dagger. That white skin of body unstopped moving, she panic, put all her strength to fight with him but her strength isn’t match to him.

“Feng Chen Yi, you let me go! Let me go!”


14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 86

    1. No, actually she got slapped by the bitch when it was like days after that(or weeks..) so its quite impossible for the handprint to still remain there. So FCY knows something’s wrong.

  1. Yao Yao is so loyal to the contract, goes by the book. Looks like YY (currently) only gets a glimpse of gentleness from these two men

  2. Thank you for update.

    I still say I don’t like FCY. He is an assh***. He want something or someone he can’t have especially YY. He is using force to get what he want. He never take NO for an answer. Since he said numerous timea that he love YY, really?!! NO WAY.

    YAT maybe a lot of things but he never force himself on YY. Yes, he command YY’s attention n being there for him but as soon as YY says No, YAT stop.

    Even YY acknowledged that without YAT she would had been raped at the nightclub or being sold at the auction n her granddad would have died without the money pay for operation. FCY only will helped YY unless she give herself to him, he is not an assh*** then what is he?

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