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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 13.2

Chapter 13

Part 2 (Two)

I still able to carry

within this one month he thought about that old Ou Yang Miao Miao, not this meatball.

If he meet the current me…I was not dare to think of it.

Perhaps ignore, nausea, or any others. I afraid when he sees there will be burdensome expression seeing me.

I really afraid, this kind of fear compare to death is more terrified.

Yan Yan saw me said nothing, she angrily unwrapped that quilt, “Sis, are you played autism? If you feel pity, it hasn’t turned your round, okay? Because there are still many people in this world that does not have hand or leg, you are only fat, and also you still have healthy body, you don’t need to behave this way.”

“You know nothing!” I roared at her.

“What I didn’t know, I could feel that you are not trust Kang Yu enough, you are not believed on his integrity.” Yan Yan took the quilt, she looked so cold toward me.

The current me, I don’t have any thought, I just feel that she is bullied me, seeing how beautiful and youth she is, and looking at myself, I feel resentment.

“I don’t care, now I will going to call Kang Yu, I will tell him, you have come back already, and I also inform him that you want to dump him.’

I panic, not only quilt but also pulled Yan Yan’s shirt, “Who said, I don’t want to dump him.”

Yan Yan answered, “it is so clear in your face, written I am not match up for him, I think to break with you, those words.”

“I am not, I just…” speechless, there is time that Yan Yan able to see through me, so that I can’t say anything.

“What not? I told you, if you really want to break, I am so happy about it, just like what I told you during your unconscious, if you really don’t want, just remembered to priority on me, because I just different with you, although I changed become fat pig, I will still stick on Kang Yu, this kind of man is resemble to the novel male lead, when you missed him, there won’t second chance, you should treasure, die-hard, stick like glue! You don’t want him there are many third year female students that queue for him.

Yan Yan dislikes manga, but she likes to read novel, she said that reading “words” better compare to read manga, she frees to imagine the female and male lead, it much better on that way!

Yan Yan continued, “you are not being grateful, sometime I thought you alike death cat run into blind mouse.”

“That is blind cat that run into death mouse.” I could not endure and correct her.

Yan Yan said, “I don’t care whether blind cat or death cat, whatever it still cat, anyway, Kang Yu is that mouse, who is sending himself, there is no reason for you to refuse!”

My head ache, “I never said I don’t want!”

“You said, both of my eyes are seeing you that you don’t want.”

Little bit hard to explain rationally, but when Yan Yan said it, I feel it match, my mood not that depressed and frustrated anymore, she still there nagging, said many random things but all what she said are right.

Because I kept silent for the whole time, she thought I might brain-dead, grabbed my collar and said, “If you really don’t want, tonight I will “blacken” Kang Yu, let… him reborn X as “mature” mouse, let see what can you do later?”

Reborn to be mature mouse?

She must refer to the raw rice is cooked1].

X, this is really provoke the heart, I doubt whether she understand X or not?

During this generation the novel is still pure, there is no bed scene, even though there is, it will describe alike blowing the candle and other such things, very vague description, while the Japanese manga is different, the drawing is vivid as evidence.

“Alright, I understand what you mean!” I stopped Yan Yan from her random opinions, if I not stopped her, perhaps she might nag until tomorrow sunrise.

Yan Yan not willing to stop, “Are sure understand?”

I nodded, to sum up added little bit, “understood, understood, I should not dump Kang Yu but if I really want to dump him, I must be prioritized you.”

Yan Yan nodding her head, “Not Bad!”

Being disturbed by her, me, who still have the sorrow of the autumn and wound in the spring, all were gone, moreover I able to have wide laughed.

I looked at Yan Yan, suddenly I felt it good to have little sister.

I hugged her, “Yan Yan, I miss you.”

Finally I realized more than a month I did not see her, I missed her, since we was kid we never separated for this long before.

Suddenly Yan Yan crying, she hugged me back, “I do miss you too, My elder sister, you just don’t know, I really afraid that you might die, after…” she sniffed her nose, “Later in the future where can I freely spend pocket money, and still I haven’t took Kang Yu’s money…”

Immediately I felt three black lines in my head….

She talked that much, after all, she just wanted Kang Yu and my money.

Such frightening, this little brat love money that much, really did not know what she would be in the future?

But, thanks to Yan Yan’s opinions, when the night came I didn’t thought so much, after all the result just same, why should I hide?

Just in this moment, I have thought one thing.

If in my entire life for the path of my feeling (love) must be get hurt, then I wish…the first person who hurt me must Kang Yu.

Early morning in the second day, I didn’t go to school with Yan Yan, I starting to lose my courage, but I still should face it, although not for Kang Yu, I must meet Xiao Fan, Da Shuang, Xiao Shuang, Xu Ying, Liu Li Jun, all of them. During the time I sick, all of them were crying so “splendid”. Also I must be handing out the sick leave, I must should discuss with the teachers about my study courses, I did not want to start all over again the third year, re-take the examination.

I was conflicted for long time, it has been ten o’clock, I have got call from the vice class leader, asking me when I arrived at school, the classmate have been waiting in front of the school, welcomed me back to school. No way to escape, this time I piggy back my school bag, went out from my home’s door, Yan Yan, her mouth, she absolutely talking many thing and also made lots of reports to school.


1] 生 Sheng 米 Mi 煮 Zhu 成 Cheng  熟 shu 饭 fan : the rice is cooked (idiom) what done is done.


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