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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 89

Another mystery about Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao relationship regarding years ago will reveal slowly but the reality is not as expected by Yu Ao Tian…

Chapter 89

Smart reaction

How could she know whether the book sold in England or not, she never go to England before!

“There were, of course there were. I even bought it with my classmate.”

“Hahahahaaha, aiya, I never thought to meet my hard core fans. Hahahaha.” Xia Yu happily smiling while looked at Yu Ao Tian’s direction.

He nodded, his black eyes gazed at Yao Yao who standing in front of them: “CEO Xia, Let we have our lunch, later—my secretary will take new suit for you.”

“Ok. It’s Alright.”

After seeing Xia Yu left, Yu Ao Tian expression changed : “Long Ye!”

“Ok, I know how to settle the matter.”

Although both of those two persons are not saying much about the detail, Yao Yao has sort of premonition, when no one paid attention toward her, she hurried blocked Yu Ao Tian.


She showed her pity eyes, begging at him, she quickly shakes her head, hoping Yu Ao Tian will change his mind.


He narrowed his eyes, expressionless swayed her hands, hurried he walked to the private room.

Doom! She only able to beg Long Ye: “Long… General Manager Long.”

“Xiao Meng Li, don’t beg me. Whatever Yu Ao Tian has decided he never changed it. I go to work.” Unknown to hers, Long Ye didn’t even mention about chance, he is simply leaving with Long Qi.

What should I do…seeing Yu Ao Tian he must…. Would he lay off Bai Ling?

“Yao Yao, was the elevator handsome man is our Berson group’s CEO?” after leaving the cafeteria, the trouble maker Bai Ling just sensed. “Did you have known him before?”

“Actually…I did know him recently.”

“Oh heaven, as rumor said that our CEO is someone good looking, really handsome, but I never thought he is extremely handsome. I always thought that good looking man was PR’s staff. I even wanted to cry.”

The person who wanted to cry must be she who worrying because Bai Ling is going to be fired soon but still she thought about good looking men. “Bai Ling, if you are fi…”

“Oh yeah, Yao Yao, do you know that man who named Xia Yu? Moreover, it seems you ever told me that you were studying at Japan, how could it be changed to England?”

How to explain! She furrowed her brow: “Actually, I was read his information in the document. It was written about all interviewed and also articles regarding him. He likes England that place so much, so I thought to get closer the distance with him by saying that I have ever study in England.”

“Oh, how could his expression changed from anger to happy after listened to you?” Bai Ling is curious asking her. She feels Yao Yao is so amazing.

“Ah, it just my luck. From his data, I tried to analyzing him, I think he must be someone who likes to hear other people compliment about himself. Moreover every time he got interviewed he liked to bring up his book, he seems to acknowledgement his writing so much. But at same time I did analyzed that his book not really welcomed by others. Thus…”

“Thus, you are only the crazy who said like his book, you even said to flatter him, aren’t you?”


“Woah! Yao Yao you are super herb, you able to see and predict someone in very short time, you are so awesome.” Bai Ling looked at her with worship expression.


If she really that awesome how could she never able read or see through Yu Ao Tian!

“Bai Ling, I asked you, what will you do if you are stop working?”

“Resigned? Why must I resign, I came from country side, it not easy for me to come and work in Berson Group, of course I should work for the rest of my life time, even this work is such tiring I never thought to change to other job. Well, Yao Yao, I go to work. Bye bye.”

“Bye…bye…” she helplessly waving her hand to Bai Ling, she really does not know how to help Bai Ling: “Huh…”

“CEO Yu, hope both of us have a great collaboration.”

“Great collaboration.” After lunch time, Berson Group and Lan Du Group are signing work contract. Xia Yu is happily leaving Berson Group.

“Ha, Xiao Meng Li is awesome, only by her few words, Xia Yu flattered overly. Ao Tian, you must send Xiao Meng Li into PR Department.”

After Long Ye done, Yu Ao Tian coldly said: “To spin a cocoon around oneself1]!”

“Ugh, there must be no big deal, mustn’t it? Rumor still rumor, Xia Yu only met Xiao Meng Li one time, won’t he thought much about her, right? Huh… but, he had brought up about Xiao Meng Li for the entire time when had lunch. Ah, it seems that Xiao Meng Li in danger.” Long Ye is talking while walking with Yu Ao Tian, both of them are heading to CEO’s room.

When he arrived at his office room, his footstep stopped, ominously said: “Xue Tong, if this afternoon Luo Yao Yao is coming to search for me, you told her today I am so busy, I don’t have time for the whole afternoon.”

“Yes.” Mo Xue Tong nodded, mysteriously she pointed at CEO’s office room: “Z is inside waiting for you.”

“Z? Ao Tian, why are you asking Z to come here?”

Z is a member of international detective which is mysterious organization, each member of this organization is worked exclusively only for one employment, while Z exclusive employer is Yu Ao Tian.

At the normal situation, they would not ask Z to check on things, so that Long Ye is so curious what matter Yu Ao Tian wanted Z to check?

Yu Ao Tian said nothing; he just pushed open his office room.

“Hi, Mr. Yu, Mr. Long, long time no see.” Sitting on sofa, Z dressed in black cloak, wearing sun glasses and mask, his voice even used voice changes, it make people cannot guess about his/her gender even the appearance, until today Yu Ao Tian also does not know Z real identity.

“The information?” cut off all the nonsenses, Yu Ao Tian dragged his chair, directly spoke to the point.

Z slowly handed over the document to Yu Ao Tian: “Her mother named Deng Hui Hong an unemployment, she doing odds job to support the living. Her grandfather is called Luo Chang, when he was young he worked in military, got injury so retire from his job, he depended on retirement fund. His father named Luo Tian Ming was… Deputy Prime Minister, Zeng Kai Rui’s secretary. He also was one of his confidants.”

“Ao Tian, are you checking on Xiao Meng Li?” finally Long Ye understood the important of Yao Yao for Yu Ao Tian, since he especially asked Z to check on her, the most important is…

“So Xiao Meng Li’s father was Zeng Kai Rui secretary.” He is murmured and Long Ye looked at Yu Ao Tian’s side.

At the moment his face is showed darken expression, but suddenly it changed brighter. “Z, one year ago when I asked you to check on all the confidants of Zeng Kai Rui, why I didn’t heard you reported Luo Tian Ming, this name?”

“Oh, Mr. Yu, don’t be angry, you know how I am Z doing thing. A year ago when you asked me to check on all the confidants data I didn’t included Luo Tian Ming because… Luo Tian Ming had already passed away 13 years ago caused by car accident, so that I didn’t put his name. If not because you asked me to check on this little girl data, perhaps I never know for my whole life if 13 years ago there was other Zeng Kai Rui’s confidant who named Luo Tian Ming.”


1] 作 zuo 茧  jian 自  Zi 缚  Fu : to spin a cocoon around oneself (idiom), enmeshed in a trap of one’s own devising.

16 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 89

  1. Thank you for the update.. I’ve been looking forward to this…

    YY’s father passed away when she was 6. I guess the scar was when she had an accident with her father..
    What fate will YY get by YAT knowing this information…? :feeling suspense:

  2. Ooohhhh. So apparently LYY is the daughter of YAT’s worst enemy’s confidant… But there’s more to it, right?

    Could it be, it was YAT who caused the accident? *tan dun dun dun* LOL.

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