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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 90

Chapter 90

The Shocking news

After listened to Z explanation, Long Ye expression changed: “Ao Tian, you always persistent to check on Xiao Meng Li because you have sensed perhaps she might Luo Tian Ming’s daughter?”

“Not because that.” Yu Ao Tian expressionless shook his head, actually if not because the scar on Yao Yao’s left shoulder, he would never wanted to ask Z to check Yao Yao, the result is far from what he expected because her father also one of Zeng Kai Rui’s confidants, is this what called as justice (when the truth is revealed)?

“This is too coincide, is this called not alone but in pairs (it’s not only the case)?” Long Ye helplessly smiled.

Even Yu Ao Tian thought this is really too coincide, too coincide!

“When I was six I got car accident, there are too many things that forgotten.”

He remembered what Yao Yao ever told him before, she is 19 year old, when she was six it just right was 13 years ago, did Luo Tian Ming killed in that car accident?

He back to his sensed, Yu Ao Tian deep black eyes looked at Z who in front of him: “Regarding about Luo Yao Yao information which is kept secretly by the government, is there any way to check on it?”

“HaHa, Mr. Yu, I afraid this matter I could not help, but… perhaps there is someone who able to “open”.”

“En?” Yu Ao Tian coldly said.

Z stretched his/her body, slowly said: “Before talking about this person, I would like to say other thing. Currently in this world there are only five people who have IQ above 200. Luo Yao Yao who you asked me to check is included one of them. And then… I have evidence that actually they must be six!”

“Ah!” Yu Ao Tian curled up his lips: “I think, you better go on to the main point.”

“Well, alright. Actually, I am quite curious with all these people who have high IQ, about 14 years ago there were six people. But 2 years ago, when I check on the data, I realized his data was deleted. Really curious, when I realized the data was deleted from Japan’s IP, same year, the Japan recorded… Mr. Yu it was your data!” after said, Z used his hand to prop his chin: “I am gossiping, just wanted to know whether that “secret person” actually is same person or not.”

“Well, the result?” Yu Ao Tian grinned, while Long Ye who standing beside him looked so gloomy.

Z shrugged: “The result, I was so disappointed, the Japanese recorded you are actually was born in Japan, even your IQ is an average, it seems that the person who deleted the data also hide the others six people data.”

“Haha, Z, we have worked for such long time, you must know my character more or less?”

“Ok, I am sorry. Last sentences…” Z slowly stood up, gently patting Yu Ao Tian’s shoulder: “perhaps I audacious make a guessing about you, your record in Japan… it must be fake? Since there was someone able to check it from Japan that very secret and confidential data from China Government server, moreover this person able to delete all the data. Actually, if this person really wanted to know about Luo Yao Yao it is not hard thing, regarding who is the person, Mr. Yu, you must have known better than me?”

“Z!” His eyes flashed, Yu Ao Tian grabbed his collar shirt, smiled: “I never know that you are so boring, you even dare to check on me?”

“Ha, Mr. Yu, in this world, two years ago you was the underworld Emperor in Japan, two years later you are Berson Group CEO, but actually within our detective group you are always…been mystery for us.”

“Since it is mystery, it must be mystery forever. But once it known, it is not good either for me or for you, what do you…think?”

Z clearly knows the feeling being grabbed by Yu Ao Tian: “I understood, Mr. Yu. If there is nothing, I will take your leave.”

Waiting until Z gone, Long Ye pissed off: “Hah, Z really quite good, since he could check on you. But, Ao Tian, why didn’t you ask him to check Luo Tian Ming and that matters whether it had relation or not!”

Yu Ao Tian narrowed his eyes: “The matter about Luo Tian Ming I will go to ask his wife. About his daughter….” Stood up, slowly opened his computer, faster get online and preparing to hack into the country data

Long Ye is trying to stop Yu Ao Tian to hack China government server: “Ao Tian, are you deciding to check on Xiao Meng Li’s data by yourself?” He shook his head: “This is not the time yet!”

Seeing how Long Ye begging on him, Yu Ao Tian immediately stopped his action and close his computer.

“Ao Tian, I really curious about Xiao Meng Li’s identity and her secret but if you….” Long Ye stopped because it not usual to see composed and calm Yu Ao Tian acted this impulsive!

“Nothing.” Yu Ao Tian avoided Long Ye question, took deep breath, he looked outside the window but his mind is floating nowhere.


“Miss Mo, is CEO Yu in his office?”

“I am sorry, CEO Yu will have meeting this afternoon.”

“Miss Mo, have CEO Yu done with his meeting?”

“I am sorry, CEO Yu is meeting with client.”

“Miss Mo…”

For the entire afternoon, Yao Yao had visited CEO office room but she could not meet Yu Ao Tian, she really did not whether he really that busy or just avoided her. Frustrated!

“Hello Little Miss.” During the got work off time, when she just stepped out from the Berson’s lobby she was stopped by beautiful woman.

“You are?”

“HaHa, I am Chairman Xia’s secretary. Our Chairman Xia is asking you to meet him.” After said, the beautiful woman pointed at the Cadillac that parked at street side.

She followed the beautiful secretary to the car’s side, Xia Yu is opened the car window: “Get into car and let’s we have talk.”

Ah? Get into car to have talk? Didn’t this Xia Yu really thought she must his real hard core Fan? “Xia…Chairman Xia, I am in hurry to go home, if you have an important thing to say, just say it in here.”

“HaHa, if I really have an important thing to say, I wanted to talk with you while having coffee with me.” Xia Yu smiled.

Yao Yao helplessly got into the car. “Chairman Xia, why are you looking for me?”

“What is your name?”

“Luo Yao Yao.”

“Oh, what a cute name, your name just as cute as your person. I called you Yao Yao, is it okay?” Xia Yu is middle age man who aged almost fifty but his appearance only looked alike someone in his thirties, as additional he has good features and has elegant aura. He has aura which make people easy to get close to him.


“Where are you living? I will send you off.”

Ah, she lives in… high class estate: “No need, Chairman Xia, thank you for your kindness, I can go home by myself.”


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  1. It seem like LYY constantly being surrounded by sleazy old fart at all time. I hope YAT will be able to save LYY on time.

    Thanks for the update. Have a wonderful weekend. 😀

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