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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 13. 3

Chapter 13

Part 3 (Three)

I still able to carry

I walked slowly, it was not because I fat but I was so reluctant. Could move one step so move one step, while walking I took looked my surrounding… after all Kang Yu got into Sheng Zhi, he did not need to go to school, just waiting until winter break, everything must be alright. I afraid he would also come so that I took longer pathway.

But still no matter how long the road I took, I still arrived in front of school’s gate.

Quickly, I could see there were groups of people standing, immediately I hide myself to the weeds and flower buds near the gate, secretly looking at them.

Xiao Fan, Xiao Shuang, Da Shuang, Xu Ying, Liu Li Jun, even the Zhong Li Jun who had taken sick leave also coming, when did she back? There were also some friends who used to play with Kang Yu, but I didn’t see Kang Yu…

When I drown with my thought, I caught another figure who coming closer.

“Wang Ye, have you seen your Fu Jin already!” one of the male student asked.

Kang Yu looked as if running for thousand meters, his breathing not steady, waiting his breath steady he said, “I haven’t seen! I have run all the way to here but still didn’t saw her, I still thought perhaps she took bus so that I hurried running, didn’t she arrived?”

Some of the male students shook their head, “even the shadow not seen.”

“Would be she sick and turn be idiot, even she not recognized the way!” another male student said.

I, who still hiding in the weed, pest, “You are the sick and become idiot.”

Seeing toward Kang Yu, I even not dare to come out, I only dare to see him secretly.

Why it was only month didn’t meet him, but he seem to grow taller, my prediction he must more than 180cm, he growing taller while I growing wider, he also looked so handsome, before I quite beautiful but now I looked so ugly.

He got thinner little bit, he frown so much more alike old man.

Kang Yu took little rest, drinking water and said, “I go to have looked for her again.”

Xiao Fan stopped him, “Don’t go anymore, perhaps she is on the way, just wait little bit, I know you are rushed wanting to see her again but it useless to rush, don’t you think of Miao Miao what would she feel to see all sweat covers yourself, hurry wash your face, our Miao Miao hates smelly and dirty boy.”

Kang Yu perhaps understood her meant, he turned and said, “I go to wash my face, if she coming, remember to call me.”

“Okay, okay.” Xiao Fan answered.

Kang Yu running to wash his face, while me was doubting whether to show up or not, I walked directly to teacher’s room perhaps with this I still had little bit time, but if I met him in corridor, what should I do?

I lower my head little bit so my sight only at my cap limit.

Xiao Fan all of them waiting with expecting expression, I afraid to go out so that continued to hide.

Waiting for while, Xiao Fan all of them trying to look something to do or sitting in big stone, when I see nothing suspicious, I encourage myself to get out from my hiding place.

I took deep breath, made fist and told myself that, don’t be afraid, I must face everything.

Damn it!

I takes big stride, walking in front the school gate.

At this moment, Xiao Fan looked at me, I have prepared myself to get warm hug but the result she only glanced me couple seconds, and then passing me, the others also do the same thing, take a glance as if I am stranger.

Qi Ye Ye (Grandpa Qi) who spotted me and asked, “Student, which class are you, do you late? Overslept?”

Suddenly I remember, didn’t Yan Yan tell them that I got fatter so that no one recognized me?

At this moment, Kang Yu came.

He took a glance at me, my heart thumping so fast and will stop at another moment.

I saw him asking Xiao Fan, “Where my girl?”

Xiao Fan shook her shoulder: “hasn’t come.”

Kang Yu has washed his face clean, it shine, looking him at this close, I really must say one more time that he really super handsome, he really that good looking, his good looking is intoxicated.

What should I do? Should I call them or should I waiting them to recognize me?

Grandpa Qi perhaps realized my gloomy expression, he thought because I was late so he cheer me: “It’s okay, you only coming late, little bit oversleep, quickly go to your class.”

I really have difficulties that could not say.

I took a good look at Kang Yu and others, and then I walking step by step, slowly, hoping they able to recognize me but all of them looked at me as if I was air.

I walking closer toward them, but again they are not realized my coming, well, I walked until passed in front of the school gate.

Finally they realized my awkward motion.

I smiled to them, my face little bit swollen, my smile is completely forced, “Morning!”

They are looking at me, dumbfounded say nothing, it seems they are still not recognized me.

Group of idiots!

One of the male students who stood beside me asked, “Who is this fatty girl, anyone know?”

My face is darken, because all of them shook their head.

But Kang Yu kept on looking at me, and then he recognized my key chain in my school bag.

That is the long hair big ear breed-dog key chain which he gave me.

I felt my heart as if squeezed by invincible hand, it even harder to breathe, I really wanted to flee away.

As expected, he recognized it.

“Miao Miao?”

When I heard my name suddenly I wanted to step back and running away from school.

But I didn’t do it, Kang Yu blocked my path, “Miao Miao…”

At this moment, I don’t know what to do, I only crying loudly in front of him.

After that, everyone seem to realize.

“Is this Miao Miao, how can be this fat?”

“Impossible, something must be wrong with my eyes.”

Xiao Shuang and Da Shuang even looked at me intensively.

Liu Li Jun—humorous, she pretending to be beauty lady, touching her forehead as if she gonna be fainted.

Xu Ying who has small eyes, suddenly at this moment her eyes size looked double.

Zong Li Jun dumbstruck couple minutes before he blinking his eyes.

The male students all look at me in confusion.

It gives feeling as if “Beijing has great food.”

I almost crying, Kang Ju stood nearest to me, his face looked quite shocked.

He must think that I am look so ugly.

Just like I said, better not go to school, I must hide at home and not going out to anywhere.

I lowered my head, not dared to see anyone, I wanted to close my ears, I don’t want to hear anything.

But, I heard long breathe, very heavy, as if something heavy is being released.

I lift my head up, I caught Kang Yu—heavy expression.

I just don’t understand what it means?

I can feel Kang Yu get closer to me, both of his hand touching my waist and then he tried to lift me up.

I was so surprised by him.

Suddenly he smiling, but why he must lift me up, I just lift little bit from ground, still took little bit energy, face turned red, but he did not care, said: “Miao Miao, still fine, I still able to lift you up!”

My tears is streaming down as if heavy rain, “Kang Yu!”

I cried woah woah like babies, I did not care with Grand pa Qi who looked me weirdly, I hugged his neck tightly, crying and calling his name.

Well, it was only me who thought too much.

He still the old him.

These days, I understood, actually being fat not really such big matter.

13 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 13. 3

  1. Thank you for this anticipated chapter. Kang Yu is a gentleman who love Miao Miao for her not for her outer look. Kang Yu is so sweet especially he asked,”where’s my girl?”

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