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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 91-93

I feel so sad for Yao Yao whenever the lover topic bring up. She is cheerful girl with huge potential on her. She must be someone who do something BIG but not as lover.

She can lost anything but not her family and also her pride as person. Lover status always be stabbed knife in her heart. If not because she cares more her family, she perhaps die rather than be lover.

Again, this Chapter quite tearing for me when reading the part of, Yao Yao begging Yu Ao Tian to let her study and work as if she has nothing to wish for…

Chapter 91-93

“Yao Yao, you don’t need be that nervous, I am not bad person. To say, you are at same age with my daughter, so that I feel so familiar when I saw you from first time. If you willing, can you have dinner with me?”

“Ah?” Didn’t you say that have something to talk about? How could it change to be dinner? “No, No, No…Chairman Xia, this is really cannot, cannot.”

No matter how Yao Yao trying to refuse, this Xia Yu really not easy to deal with, finally he still brought her to five stars restaurant to have dinner. Moreover Xia Yu asked all the people to leave only left both of him and her, two persons.

“Yao Yao, are you single?” Xia Yu asked, one of his hands is holding wine and another hand touch Yao Yao’s shoulder.

She is not comfortable with him so she stammered: “I, I have boyfriend.”

“En? What is your boyfriend job?”

His job? How can she know it! It is only a lie. “Same like me, we are white collar workers.”

“White collar worker, does it quite difficult? In today’s society the life pressure quite pressing, does he able to support you? I starting to think, a little girl like you… must looking for man who able to protect you.” Xia Yu elegantly moving his wine glass, while his other hand has moved to her waist: “Yao Yao, I really like you, do you understand?”

Not understand, also does not want to understand.

Although she has met him about two hours, even this man not give negative vibe but because of the way he spoke and gestures, how could he say something like this? Does he really expect Yao Yao to be his lover?

What is going on, why every man in this world cannot satisfy only with one woman?

“Chairman Xia, thank you for your deep affection, but currently I am so satisfied with my boyfriend, I also hope you to understand!”

“Yao Yao? Did I misunderstand something?” Xia Yu felt unhappy.

Yao Yao dumbstruck, what was called as misunderstand something?


“Yao Yao!” another man called her.

Yao Yao and Xia Yu looked at the voice direction: “Long Qi.”

“Are you? Berson’s manager?”

“Aiya, Chairman Xia, today this afternoon we had lunch together, he he. Oh yeah, how can you together with my girlfriend?”

After Xia Yu heard, his hand that touches Yao Yao is removed: “Is Yao Yao your girlfriend?”


“En, En.” Yao Yao hurried nodding her head.

“Well, I won’t bother both of you. I take my leave.” Basically during the time he knows Yu Ao Tian he also understand that Long Qi is one of Yu Ao Tian’s confidants, although he is stupid, he would not dare to touch Yu Ao Tian’s men, otherwise he wants to die. After he said, he walked away with his cold face.

Yao Yao relieved: “Long Qi, how can you be here?”

“Yu Ao Tian asked me to follow you.”

“Ah?” Did Yu Ao Tian have guessed this thing would be happened?”

“Well, it seems the rumor about Xiao Yu as women killer is true.” Long Qi murmured.

It feels that Xia Yu is recidivist, his appearance and his person really contradictive. “Long Qi, Thank you for today, let’s we go.”

“En, oh yeah, if Yu Ao Tian asked you, you must say that because Xia Yu had paw you so that I show up to help you. You must say like that.”

Looking at Long Qi nervous expression, she furrowed her brow: “Why? Why must say too much difference with reality?”

“Of course, Ao Tian said, you must in your lame state so that I could come to help. But… looking that old man touched you, I just feel unhappy!” Long Qi also did not know how to tell her, he just felt uncomfortable when saw it.

“En, I understood. In this way, I must thank you lot.” Of course, she must thank Yu Ao Tian too, although he asked Long Qi to show up if she looked deprived, but Yao Yao understood the reason of Yu Ao Tian. He wanted her to taste the flavor from her act, makes her grow and wiser, he really strict!

“Long Qi…” suddenly her footstep stopped.

“What? Flat Chest.”

“That… You… do you think that I am… really suitable to be others lover?” toward this matter she always doubt herself, why after she graduated from high school, meeting every man, one by one of them were asking her to be their lover? To hers this is kind of humiliation.

Looking at Yao Yao who looked so pity, Long Qi did not has heart to tease her as normal day he do, slowly said: “It’s not about you suit or not as lover but this society is kind of like this. no matter rich men or not, every man tends to think to have lover, as additional you are… having that little bit good looks as woman, so that most of them paid more attention to you.”

“So that? Based on your explanation, this is not my mistake, is it?”

“Of course not, this only because they are blind, after all how they are looking flat chest to be their lover!” He showed his devilish smiled.

Although every time she talked to Long Qi he likes to tease her but it does not matter for her, after she heard what Long Qi said, she feels much better.

“Get in car.” Both of them walked to the car that parked at street side, when Long Qi opened the back seat’s door…

“Yu Ao Tian?” Yao Yao shocked gazing at Long Qi, she also looked at the expressionless Yu Ao Tian who sat on car, ha, this is really called as travel far away looking for something. “Just in time I am looking for you, Yu Ao Tian, can you…”

“Get in car first.” Yu Ao Tian cut off her words, his face dim.

Uh, his expression…seems not good, this kind of feeling, kind of feeling. She crept sitting beside Yu Ao Tian.

The car slowly moving, inside the car the atmosphere deathly stillness, Long Qi left after he sent them to the villa…

She followed Yu Ao Tian to the villa, she wanted to open her mouth but swallow it later. Not, not, this is my opportunity, if not now there won’t be any.

“Yu Ao Tian! Regarding…”

“If you wanted to talk about that little girl, I have nothing to say!” He coldly sitting on sofa, he not even glanced at her.

“But!” powerless, Yao Yao stood in front of him, “But Bai Ling not really made big mistake!”

“And, if not because of me to solve the matter today… oh yeah, to say, you haven’t reward me.” Hearing what Yao Yao said, Yu Ao Tian lips curled upward, slowly his face closer to hers: “What reward do you want?”

“Reward? Uh… no need, you give me an opportunity to work, I really thank you so much.”

Looking at her innocent face and sweet smile, at the moment his eyes dim: “Little Thing! Are you really pretending to be fool or you are really stupid!”

What…what? Regarding to Yu Ao Tian, his cold-hot character Yao Yao never able to read him or react toward him.

“I have warned you, don’t used you smart little brain in wrong place, still not remember?” He pulled her to his embrace, “Oh yeah, you were helping that little girl to clean the mess. But, wrong still wrong, if we are not know each other, perhaps I may commend you, still she can be fired. Do you think… how this thing to be solved?”


She trembling when she looked Yu Ao Tian eyes flashed. So she just sat still in Yu Ao Tian’s lap. She sat obediently while thinking Yu Ao Tian words…

Yu Ao Tian was right although the matter seems be solved, but the person who solved it was her not Bai Ling. So that no matter how she tried to help still it was still Bai Ling mistake.

“Let’s talking about you.” Yu Ao Tian said.

“Me?” what a hell did she do? Did having dinner with Xia Yu was her fault?

“Long, Long Qi said that was not my fault. It was…”

“It seems Long Qi treated you not bad, he even comforting you but what he did…actually harm you.” Yu Ao Tian suddenly touched her small face.

“Yao Yao, didn’t you understand my intention?”

“The meat that close to mouth, but no one can eat it, alike two years ago, he able to see through her!”

“I think you are not suitable to go for working, it better you stay at home and focus yourself to be lover, at least you are only become my lover who serve me alone!” Yu Ao Tian said to Yao Yao.

“I don’t want…” Yao Yao protested.

Her face hurt because pinched by Yu Ao Tian but her heart even more hurt when heard what Yu Ao Tian said. She really hates her status as lover!

“Yu Ao Tian! You think… what was happened today with Xia Yu not because me who is working at Berson, if I don’t work in Berson how could he invited me for dinner?” pa! She got slapped from Yu Ao Tian.

“Little Thing, I really don’t know how to say you.” He cold eyes looked disappointed: “You better understand about your status! If you are only my employee, because of the company sacrifice yourself, I will reward you, if you climb into Xia Yu’s bed, I would even promote you. But, you are…” he narrowed his eyes: “You are my lover, Yu Ao Tian’s lover! Not mentioned if you offended him even you hit him, I not bother. It only a small business, losing that one, I don’t care.”

“But I do care! You can look me as your lover, everyone in this world can see me as lover but I don’t want make myself to be lover, because… lover for me….” Yao Yao cannot hold her tears anymore.

“Little Thing, better you wipe your tear!” after said, he pulled her long hair.

“Ah!” she screamed because he is hurting her.

“Let me ask you, did you the one who signed the lover’s contract? Answer me!”

“Yes…” she stopped crying and trembling nodded her head.

“So why are you crying? This is only the first step, you must know how the end. Your main work is focusing how to be the good lover for me, Yu Ao Tian! I see… tomorrow you do not need to go to work, and about university? You also no need to go to university.” He loosened his grabbed and hugged her.

Yao Yao hurried hugged his neck: “No, I beg you, I want to study, I want to work. I begging you…” she could compromise with her status but she must stubborn and persistent for her last hope…

Having good education and working!

“Regarding about the love contract…” Yu Ao Tian glanced, “proved it to me!”


Here another series how Yao Yao got violate again by Yu Ao Tian. She is forced to do “warming”

Every time she did it, Yu Ao Tian would comment on how she did it. This time, Yu Ao Tian is quite happy for Yao Yao improvement in doing “Warming” service.

After teasing her for long time, finally he released her and preparing to leave.

“I take my leave.” He said to Yao Yao who stare blankly. He only walked two steps suddenly he turned his back: “You not sending me?”

Yao Yao obediently stood up and followed his back until the front door: “Take…take care, bye bye.”

“Hah? Only like this?” he asked but his expression has changed much better.

Only like this?

So what must she do as lover? Did she progress? Did he mean she can go to work and also go to university?

She did not know, she just stupidly looking at Yu Ao Tian who leaving….


“Supervisor Sun, all these document, I have read it.” Less than two days, Yao Yao has read all of the documents which given by Sun Li.

“Hah? So fast? Well… you can randomly to do something, now I am so busy, later still need to attend monthly meeting, this time I can’t do much for you.”

“Oh, you go busy, if you have something to do just call me.” Sun Li is busy with her work so ignore her, so she only can sit silently in her seat.

Now, everyone in Finance Department is looking so busy, only Yao Yao who seems have nothing to do. So that no matter who asked for her help she will be so willingly to help, at least she can do something to busy herself.

“Xiao Luo, Xiao Luo, do you have thing to do?”

She turned to look the person called her name: “Nothing, what do you want me to help?” Yao Yao happily asked.

“I need your help, come, help me to photocopy all these documents.”

“Alright.” She followed that person to photocopy, she seriously and carefully to do her job: “I have seen that for these two days our department seems to be busy, why?”

“”Oh, it because this afternoon we will have meeting, as I heard, the General Manager will also join the meeting. This is the time for everyone to show off, of course everyone work hard. The most important is, out finance department got few hundred million fund two days ago, this opportunity must be have good result, so everyone is so busy.”

“Oh..” she can understand it. The basic job of Berson Finance Department is responsible to the client money, after that using the money to do investment and earn the percentage as bonus. The trust fund is large amount of investment; it could more than few billion. No wonder everyone is working so hard.

“Now are we photocopying all the fund analysis that made by the finance department regarding to the investment project?”

“Yes. This time all of us decide to do investment in stocks.”

“Oh.” Yao Yao understood nodding her head, while her eyes reading the main contain about the report. Stocks A is Bao Li Hua. Huh, this stock seems so familiar for her, it seems she has read somewhere?

“Ok, Thank you, Xiao Luo.”

“It’s okay.” She back to her own seat in her office room, she still curious so Yao Yao opened her computer and browsing everything about Bao Li Hua Stock A.

While doing her browsing and analyzing, she thought it safer to invest in Bao Li Hua Stock B.

23 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 91-93

  1. So sad…So sad… this is the second time YY got slap by YAT… She just beg to continue working and further her study, just want to be like everyone else…

    Hope she will succeed in fulfilling her dream…

    Thank you for the triple chapter! looking forward to know how the meeting goes…

    1. She cannot accept her fate to be someone lover.

      She only wanted to have normal life like another girl, married to man that loves her, faithful and loyal, good career and kids. It just as simple as it.

      Her fate changed when broke with FCY and met YAT.

  2. Ughh, where is this story headed? He slaps her and makes her his sex slave. And yet he is supposed to be better than the other male leads in this story.

    Appreciate your hardwork in translations and truly enjoy the other stories, but I have been waiting for this to redeem itself.

  3. Yu Ao Tian is kind of sadist and merciless. If he not that cruel and heartless, how he could survive in Japan and also titled as Underworld Emperor.
    No matter what the reason, man hit girl is wronged and I agree with Faythe, why must love someone like him?
    Again, the world that Yu Ao Tian wanted to show for Yao Yao is the world between white and black, Grey. There is no really good person and also the bad ones.

    Xia Yu is the simple example, he looked so gentleman from outside but inside he is not better than rotten man who desired Yao Yao. YAT rather to break or lose the business contract than sold YY to Xia Yu as lover or even as dinner companion. But YY mistaken his intention while YAT also wrong for not explaining.

    In this chapter, Yu slapped Yao Yao for the second time because she is too native, her views about world is too simple but again he forgot, she only 19 years old girl. no matter how high her IQ, she is not more than growing up teenager.

    YAT cares YY so much, he tries to protect her, teach her in his way which too cruel, heartless, the darkest sides that she hard to accept.

    1. I totally agree with you there Azzuro regarding how much YAT cares for YY. YY is the type of girl who only sees black and white…In some way, we also sees black and white but there are plenty of shades in between sometimes we choose not see it or try to pretend they are not there.

      Reality sucks yet. YAT trying to teach YY to toughen up and in a way, YAT is trying to teach YY to survive in a cruel world with him in the near future. Even that actress had mentioned that YAT never take any of his women out in the public but he took YY out for dinner. YAT always shadowed YY without her knowing it by sending Long Qi.

      I don’t condone to YAT slapping YY or any women for that matter but there are other ways of teaching YY without involving physical or sexual abuses.

      What would FCY do if YY do go back to him? She will be suffering if not more. At this moment, YY does not have any feeling for YAT so in a way her suffering is not as much as if she go back with FCY because they used to be in relationships. Will YY be any happier if she go back to FCY???

      Faythe, I agree with you too that Long Qi seem to like YY a lot too. In a way, he can see from YY’s point of view and it seem like Long Qi comforted YY a lot and YAT does not like one bit. For some reason YAT will not treat Long Qi badly in the end YAT took it out on YY which is not fair on YY.

      1. Long Qi might like her but as friend. At least in this moment.
        Both of they are in same age, that’s why are more comfortable to interact each other.
        I don’t think YY will be happier if she go back to FCY because he is man that cannot cherish and treasure what he has.

  4. YYT is no better than those disgusting men who lust after YY. Yes, he may saved her on few occasionseconds but it was never without a price. The amount he degraded her in private are just as disgusting. Yes the world is not always bright & shiny but it’s not always dreary like YYT painted. That’s only his world.

    Will YY ever be able to get away from him? And I really like Long Yi. I think he’s starting to like YY.

      1. I meant Long Qi. His personality is so cute. I agree that YY going back to FCY is not any better. But those are not her only two options. There are plenty of other fishes in the world. She’s so young. It’seems ok to be single for a few years. Both of those guys are gross.

  5. Thank you….YY is under YAT’s protection, his world is full of violent and dangers so that is the only way he knows how to teach YY..

  6. YAT is becoming meaner and meaner by the day. I know some of you consider this as some kind of “tough love”, however it’s just too much violence.

    Knowing YAT’s character and history, it is justifiable that he’s sadist so I’ll accept it. However, seeing as how YAT is “training” LYY to face reality, the price could be LYY becoming embittered towards the concept of true love. Thus at the time when YAT does fall for LYY, it might be then difficult for YAT to reclaim LYY’s heart (especially when LYY is supposed to be stubborn).

    I can’t wait for that time to happen. LOL. YAT should suffer the consequences of his actions. Author, make it angsty please. *evil laugh*

    Thankies for the triple chaps update!

  7. YAT is a hard man to love yet he is still lovable i think that they are each growing and learning from one another. YAT perceives it as him teaching and grooming /cultivating a lover. She sees it as meeting the terms of the contract. However there are times when she decides to stay with YAT out of loyalty.Where they are going I’m not sure. But I think that there will be more relationships to be considered as her skills are used more at the office.
    Thank you for this chapter.😁

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