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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 95 – 96


Chapter 95-96

Will he be angry? But, she is part of this Finance Department, won’t he be angry, right?

But, everything still unpredictable, perhaps he will favor Bao Li Hua Stock A more, if this the case, did I do something wrong again? Aiya, what should I do?

Heart is beating faster, all her focus goes to Yu Ao Tian, she does not care with anyone eyesight.

“So, according to your argue; which stocks investment is more suitable to be invested by this funds?” Yu Ao Tian asked coldly.

Everyone who in there, all of them dumbfounded, they wonder why their CEO really consider this newbie opinion?

“It suitable to invest…suitable to invest on…” she so anxious, raise her head, looking eyes to eyes with Yu Ao Tian, she faster said: “Chang Hong stock A!”

“Are you a blunder? That is junk stock!” Everyone is coldly humph her.

Lin Ya Cheng even pissed off, said: “Xiao Luo, according to your analysis I don’t want to retort. Because I think perhaps you might have better idea, but Chang Hong stock A is junk stocks that list in market trend, how dare you put that amount of fund invest into that kind of stock?”

“It not like that, I really not speak nonsense.”

“Still dare to say not nonsense? This is company, not your theme park. It cannot do based on your unconstraint bold imagination; this company really cannot undertake your risk!”

“It right, Xiao Luo, you are too childish.”

“No, it’s not….” Meeting with this few mouths, Yao Yao felt as if arguing with thousand mouths. But she is really not saying because her impulsiveness.

When everyone is speaking in meeting room, suddenly Yu Ao Tian stood up.

At this moment, his bossy aura shut all the mouth up, all their eyes is unable to offset from his spot.

“well, just invest on Chang Hong stocks A, dismiss…” no one even react but after Yu Ao Tian spoke everyone kept silent, while Yu Ao Tian, General Manager Long and Mo Xue Tong are already walking out from the meeting room.

For such long time, everyone comes to their senses: “Buy…Buy… Chang Hong Stocks A? Yu, did CEO Yu say?”

“It seems, yes.”

“This is not the newbie like you that can take the responsible…. Aiya, just do your work.” At this moment the General Director only can smile to Yao Yao.

He is man in his thirties, have good facial feature, his body well build and when he wearing his black suit he looks so mature and elegant. he?”

After Yao Yao gained herself, the man has left.

“Good bye, General Director Wang.”

“Good bye, General Director Wang.”

So that he is the regional General Director.

Wait! Did Yu Ao Tian say that buying Chang Hong Stock A?

“Yu Ao Tian, it’s you have good eyesight, Xiao Meng Li only in Finance Department for few days but her senses is become so sharp. It quite feared.” After leaving the meeting room, Long Ye praised.

“Ah.” Yu Ao Tian humph coldly, but he smiled: “It’s not because I purposely sent her to Finance Department, she just wanted to work, and the Finance Department just lacking of human resources so when I saw there are emptied position, just put her to there.”

“Uh…I thought it was because of you… That Xiao Meng Li really has talent in doing investment.”

“It not because she is talented in investment.” Suddenly Yu Ao Tian stopped.


His good looking face smiles, his eyes flashed: “The people who have IQ above 200, no matter what they do, they have high sensitivity compare to the average people, at least ten times.”

“Ah, because of this you must be understood her more but, since Xiao Meng Li really have many positive traits, why don’t you make her stay beside us and used her?”

The footstep stopped, Yu Ao Tian silent for moment, smiled devilish: “Now she is really innocent and naïve, keep her at my side only asking for trouble.”

About this… Long Ye have little bit understanding toward Yu Ao Tian who always cherish the talented people so that he will keep the talented Yao Yao at his side.

“Ao Tian, this report…do you still want?” at his back, Mo Xue Tong hand over the document that was opened by Yu Ao Tian but haven’t read.

He took the document, slowly opened it…

The contains of the report is exactly similar with what Yao Yao explained before, it was about Chang Hong stocks A! “Help me to destroy it!”

For the entire afternoon the Finance Department atmosphere is terrible bad, everyone looked at Yao Yao with “demon personifying pestilence” sight.

Everyone is talking about her, either in her in front or at her back. During this time, Yao Yao decided to close her ears, pretending hear nothing.

“Xiao Luo, I am at your side, don’t listen to their gibberish.” Said one of her colleague, Xia Ren Liang.

Since the first day Yao Yao working other than Supervisor Sun, the first person that Yao Yao knows is Xia Ren Liang. He only at his twenties, he has bright smile that able to bring warm feeling to other. During this time he takes care Yao Yao as if big brother, “Thank You.”

Finally the working time is ended; Yao Yao is prepared to go home. When she just walked out from the lobby, suddenly the car slowly stopped at her in front. Xia Ren Liang handsome face showed up from the car’s window, “Xiao Luo, where are you living? Let me give you a ride.”

“No need, Xia Ren Ling, thank you.”

“Well, see you tomorrow.” Xia Ren Liang leaving after say good bye.

“Let’s the yesterday, now you are in my…” (phone ring tone)


“I am in the other side of street, quickly come.” It was Yu Ao Tian phone called, without waiting for her to speak, he has hung the call already.

She looked her surrounded and spotted a Bugatti parked not far. Hurried she get in to the car, “Hurry! Start the engine hurry!” Yao Yao looked panic when she has already sat down in the car.

“What happen?” Yu Ao Tian asked.

Yao Yao just scared to be spotted by her colleague if she gets into same car with Yu Ao Tian, while this man really bad. He even has time to tease her, “So this is your first words after seeing me for first time after long time?”

Aiya, what you expected? Or else you want to hear me to say, I really want to straggle you to death? Or you want me to give you welcoming kiss? Aiya… I never can do it! (this how Yao Yao think when Yu Ao Tian asked her)

Said nothing, Yao Yao just silent inside the car.

Because Yao Yao said nothing, not even showed any interesting expression. Yu Ao Tian won’t stop to tease her. He wide opened the car window so that everyone who passing by can see through to his Bugatti.

He knows that Yao Yao afraid to be seen by people during with him, so that he gave her another mental shock by caressing her when people passing during the red light.

Yu Ao Tian really good in tormenting people either physically or mentally. This time he not abuse her in physically like he used to do but more to give Yao Yao mental shocking. After while, finally he stopped, “Well, let’s have dinner.” He said.

“Are we eating in here?” she doubted.


She really dislikes because last time when she came here to eat with Yu Ao Tian, everyone treated him as if the Emperor coming to visit. Moreover she hates the eyesight of everyone who looked at her when she walking with Yu Ao Tian.

“Can we…eat in more ordinary place?” She asked.


“If.. you are not get used, forget it.” Afraid made Yu Ao Tian pissed off, she hurried said something.

To the unknown, Yu Ao Tian not angry he even riding the car to crowded night market.

What happen to him tonight, he seems little bit strange? Perhaps this afternoon matter not really pissed him off? Must be alarmed! This Yu Ao Tian looks not too normal, perhaps in others second he might….

“What do you want?” when Yu Ao Tian took off his suit and also untie his necktie, Yao Yao spontaneously asked, “This is still in street.”

“Little Thing, sometimes I really wonder how your brain works?” Yu Ao Tian said.

“So, this…” Yao Yao pointed at the suit that has been took off and also the untie necktie. It so normal for her to think perhaps Yu Ao Tian is thinking to violate her because Yu Ao Tian is not human, he is beast, he even dares to violate her anywhere he likes.

“Don’t you think it weird to wear suit in crowded night market?” Yu Ao Tian asked.

Finally Yao Yao who is still sitting inside car can little bit rest assured. At least, Yu Ao Tian won’t do something. An instant, Yao Yao could see the elegant Yu Ao Tian as CEO turned be little street rascal after he took off his “business attire”.

She followed Yu Ao Tian heading to the crowded night market, this time it seems he is trying to change the way of his walking style, every steps looked as if he walked like the hooligan, “Aren’t you tired yourself by walking like this?”

“Tired? Long time ago I did walk in this way.”

“Long time ago? Long time ago when you were still the underworld Emperor?” At least the first time she met Yu Ao Tian he had already become the underworld Emperor but this feeling is different because she could feel that, the today Yu Ao Tian is not different compare to the street hooligan or any normal ordinary men, his aura.

“The longer time before.”

The longer time before? That’s right, it impossible for him to be the underworld Emperor since he born, perhaps after he experienced many things, or perhaps, the olden Yu Ao Tian was different with Feng Chen Yi—-he might born in an ordinary family or even worse?

If the case…

Yu Ao Tian must be someone who more complicated to what she able to think of, because he has experienced many things and even have attained such great strength to be the today him!

Looking at Yu Ao Tian who walking far from the eyesight, she really curious what kind of commoner Yu Ao Tian could be? She has seen him as underworld Emperor and also him as Businessman!

“You sit here, waiting for me. I will go to buy something to eat.” Picking on of the little food stall, Yu Ao Tian rushed in front to buy food.

“Hey, Little Sister, Little Sister.” At this time suddenly some high schooler who sat next to her called. “Just now, the man who come with you, is he your big brother or your uncle?”

“Ah?” She quite surprised being called Little Sister by the high schoolers, she really does not know to laugh happily or smile bitterly. “He… he is my uncle.”

“Woah, see just like my guessed. That mature man must be in thirty.”

“But he looked so young, I even thought he perhaps this Little Sister’s brother. But… Big Uncle! So adorable, I am kind of Uncles-complex, cannot resist, cannot resist!”

Oh my? What is inside today high schooler’s brain, Yu Ao Tian is someone who older by few years compare to them but they are? “My uncle has already have wife.”

“What? Has already had wife?”

Perhaps in this way, these Little Sisters would give up?

“Oh My God, no wonder that big uncle looked so adorable, so he has already have wife. Just like people said that, a man who has already had wife always obtained charm. Oh yeah, Little Sister, how is your uncle relationship with your aunty?”

If they are in bad term, do you guys want to get involve? Oh my actually what situation is happening here.

“Your friend?” at this moment suddenly Yu Ao Tian appeared with two set of food in his hands, seeing one of the little girl sat on his seat so he just took the seat beside Yao Yao.

“Uh, they are…”

Without waiting Yao Yao to explain, one of the little girls suddenly spoke: “Big uncle, we don’t know your niece but your niece is so lovely, so all of us wanted to be friend with her.”

“En?” Big uncle? Niece? Yu Ao Tian wanted to know what Little Thing said to the group of little girls! He looked at Yao Yao and then naturally he smiled: “I do think my niece is so lovely, so that, every night I will be so exhausted because of her. She is…Bao Bei.” The domineering Yu Ao Tian’s lips pressed on her cheek.

“Uh.” And then he looked at that little girls group.

“How can you do this?” Yao Yao pushed away Yu Ao Tian.

“Ah, so why you told them that I am your big uncle?”

“That because…” she lower her head, silently took one portion of food with soft voice: “All of them are still so young, if one of them are seduced by you, their future might be so miserable.”


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  1. Thank you thank you for another 2 chapters in a day. Surprised but truly appreciate it. Thank you so much 😘 YAT going to a night market… Really giving YY face. Can’t wait for the next chapter

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