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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 97 – 100


Chapter 97 -100

After both of them done eating, they are strolling in the night market. When they are passing the cotton candy stall, suddenly Yao Yao stopped her steps.

“Want to eat?”

“En, En.” She excited nodding her head.

“Boss, give me one.” The pink colored cotton candy is given to Yao Yao and she looked like a little excited little girl, smiling.

Actually at home she got so many branded bags, outfits but she not even glanced at those stuffs, instead of those, only this simple cotton candy able to make her smile that happily. Perhaps this is called as the simple happiness that kid has.

“Want to eat?” Both of them walking to the side of little river not far from the night market, Yao Yao found one big rock as sitting place, she stood in front of Yu Ao Tian with alacrity, swaying her cotton candy asking him.

“Huh, you eat by yourself.” If he still were little boy perhaps he would take one bite, but he has reached to this age already, it feel like silly big man if he takes one bite.

Yao Yao rolled her eyes, suddenly she took little bit of her cotton candy and put into Yu Ao Tian’s mouth: “HiHi… it is sweet right?”

“En, it’s sweet.” Yu Ao Tian said, looking at Yao Yao.

“Hehe..” Yao Yao showed him “stupid smile”, she enjoyed her cotton candy while walking.

“Really looked like dirty little kitty.” Yu Ao Tian helplessly smiling at the way Yao Yao eating her cotton candy. Not long after, he suddenly pulled her and kissed her lips.

Yao Yao acted strangely when Yu Ao Tian kissed her, so he turned his back and not far from them, he could see few men come closer toward them. Slowly he released Yao Yao.

“Yu… Yu Ao Tian, quick, faster we run!”

When Yu Ao Tian looked at them, few men have surrounded both of them. Yao Yao did not know what these men wanted to do with Yu Ao Tian.

“You leave first.” Yu Ao Tian looked so composed.

“Cannot! Want to leave then we must leave together!” She not even bothers to throw her favorite cotton candy to the ground, hurried she held Yu Ao Tian’s hand: “Run!”

Her expression is so nervous while her small hand is shaking as cold as ice, Yao Yao tried to suppress her fear. On this circumstance, she is not left Yu Ao Tian alone but even held his hand and asked to run together. Uh…after experienced many things, This little thing really not learn anything about facing and life-survival in this mundane world, but this still it gives him a warm feeling.

When all the men are too close with them, Yu Ao Tian held her as if embrace little kid.

“Yu Ao Tian, you?”

“Little Thing, close your eyes and then hugged me tightly.”

She closed her eyes and hugged him tightly as what he said, not dare to refuse. The fight is started and Yu Ao Tian still in his composed self, he even said: “Aiya, Zhao Zhi Chen’s son really too stingy too sent these men to kill me?” Yu Ao Tian even laughing while fighting.

“Yu Big Boss, we all know that you are “eat” both of White and Black, but since you know that we are sent and paid by other people, only to help. Sorry to offend!” after said, that group of people keep on attacking.

“Oh?” Yu Ao Tian even showed his devilish smiled, some of the men fight with bare hand, and some are used knives! But Yu Ao Tian expression still same, he enjoyed playing with them.

“Big Boss, what to do? Yu Ao Tian seems too awesome compare to rumor.” Said one of the man that got hit by Yu Ao Tian.

“We keep attacking him and focus on that little girl, you guys must use every opportunity!” Someone gave the command and hinting someone to use knife to Yao Yao.

When Yu Ao Tian saw that man, he really unhappy so he kicked him and took the knife and then cut his hand off. There are lot of men came to fight with Yu Ao Tian but other side perhaps the lose party because one by one the Xiao Di asked their Big Boss, “Big Boss what should we do?”

The ground is covered by fresh blood, Yu Ao Tian knew that Yao Yao must be scared, so when Yao Yao raised her head to see, at sudden Yu Ao Tian said, “Bao Bei, keep on closing your eyes, not allowed to open!”

The fight still continued until…

“Yu, Big Boss Yu, be able to see you… really..really…honor for me.” Finally that man died whiles the others men that left all run after they saw the scenes.


When Yu Ao Tian wanted to finish the man that left, suddenly he heard Yao Yao sobbing sound. He turned around and looked at that small face. At that moment… he saw an expression like-death on Yao Yao, gently touched: “Didn’t I tell you to close your eyes?”

“You, your neck is bleeding. I am sorry. It all my faults to be burden for you.” Yao Yao tried to wipe her tears and see him with guilty eyesight to his wound.

The snow white color shirt is contaminated with fresh blood while there is some wound in his body which shocking her.

“Ah, Bao Bei, this time is called as unexpected incident, I thought you are cursing me this time by pointing at my nose.” Looking at that anxious face, Yu Ao Tian even has mood to joke.

“That time was different with this time.” She raised her head, trying to control herself and stop crying, slowly said: “The underworld is solved by the underworld rules, while the business world must be solved with the business rules. That time when you used that underworld rules to solve the business, so that I….”

He is so happy this little thing able to accept that happened today, but…

“Little thing, remember!” his big hand caressed her small face: “There is still another color, it is called grey!”

No! In her world there is no such color called grey, for her white is white and black is black. She has accepted Yu Ao Tian as the underworld Emperor and also the Yu Ao Tian who is CEO in business world but when this two are mixed, she really cannot accept it.

Death silent…

Yu Ao Tian knew that Little Thing cannot accept this kind of reality, but he is a man with grey color so that he must teach Little Thing to learn and accept it slowly, all of him.

Not long after that suddenly Yao Yao heard cars engine sound. It is Yu Ao Tian’s men who come. Everyone looked nervous and anxious when get down from the car.

“Ao Tian!” Han Li Shang even rushed toward Yu Ao Tian with anxious expression.

“We are always watch Zhao Zhi Chen’s son attentively, but still they able to make way to loopholes. I am sorry.” Han Li Shang felt guilty.

“It is okay, Li Shang.” Yu Ao Tian laughed.

“You have injured?”

“What? Yu Ao Tian got injured?” Long Ye showed unbelievable expression.

“I still thought all the blood in Yu Ao Tian’s body was those men’s, Ao Tian, based on your strength, how could you be injured?” Long Qi did not understand asked.

“It must be you!” Han Li Shang angrily pointed at Yao Yao.

She has met Han Li Shang few times but this is first time for her to see the anger Han Li Shang. If she looked him closely, Han Li Shang seems to have same age with Yu Ao Tian or even older but his aura is filled with coldness. His good looking face seems not to have other expression other than coldness. He is so scary. “You, what are you saying?”

Han Li Shang continued, “Yu Ao Tian injured because of you, right?”

She just silent, not dares to see that cold face. She knew the injured in Yu Ao Tian’s body was because of her so she cannot do anything.

“Li Shang, you are scared Yao Yao.” Long Qi said.

“Li Shang, stopped it.” Yu Ao Tian said.

Han Li Shang is angry but because Yu Ao Tian has gave his commend he better to obey and left.

“Flat Chest, are you okay?” Long Qi asked her.

“I am okay.” She swaying her head and tried to smile. She spotted Mo Xue Tong who also showed same eyesight toward her.

“Flat chest, you don’t need to think too much about Han Li Shang and Mo Xue Tong, both of them not have bad intention, they just care about Yu Ao Tian, so that they acted that way.”

Mo Xue Tong and Long Ye accompanied Yu Ao Tian in one car while Long Qi with Yao Yao in another car.

After sometime the frustrated Yao Yao who intimidated by Han Li Shang eyesight, she finally gained herself back asked: “Secretary Mo and that…”

“He is Han Li Shang, the vice CEO of Berson Group.”

Ah? So he is the Vice CEO of Berson Group? For these few days Yao Yao had heard about Vice CEO Han, everyone said he is the demon Vice CEO. The rumor said even Yu Ao Tian has give him face. Today met him, the Vice CEO Han is more dangerous and scarier compare to the rumor. “Oh, so that Vice CEO Han and Secretary Mo, both of them are the good friend of Yu Ao Tian?”

“En, not only them but also me and my older brother. Han Li Shang is the first person who knew Yu Ao Tian, my older brother and I were the second who knew Yu Ao Tian. All of us went to Japan and at there we met Mo Xue Tong. Since then all of us are family.”

A family? No wonder Secretary Mo and Vice CEO Han could look her with that eyesight, if the one who injured was Mom, perhaps she could act more than that. But…

“Did Yu Ao Tian come to Japan from China?”

“Yes. 12 years ago, Yu Ao Tian came to Japan with us.”

“It not right… as what I heard, Yu Ao Tian is an orphan in Japan?” whatever, everyone said it, Yu Ao Tian’s mom wandered to Japan and she was single parent. She died after gave birth.

“Cih, all of that was Yu Ao Tian… ugh.”Long Qi suddenly stopped and hurried said: “You, you better ask Yu Ao Tian by yourself if you want to know. But, I still need to remind you that Yu Ao Tian hates to be asked about his past.”

This things she perfectly understood, because not everyone willing to talk about their past but the nervous expression of Long Qi, did all of it has relation to Yu Ao Tian’s secrets? Anyway who would purposely to compile his own background and also fabric himself as an orphan?

Actually what secret and also reason for Yu Ao Tian to purposely doing it?

“Flat Chest, to be honest since Yu Ao Tian have controlled the Japanese Underworld, he never got injured anymore, today he got injured because of protecting you actually quite surprising.”

She shocked: “Ah, no wonder Vice CEO Han could act like that. What to do? All was my faults. It was me who burden Yu Ao Tian.”

“It’s okay, by seeing Yu Ao Tian expression just now, as long as he is not angry, everything is okay. But, I still curious, what both of you doing before got attacked? Moreover he is protecting you.”

“En? What was so strange of it?”

“Ha Ha, perhaps you are not know Yu Ao Tian, he is someone who see his brothers more than anything while women are lighter than anything. It could be said that brothers are as important as his hand while women is similar to shirt for him. I never seen Yu Ao Tian protected girl until got injured before.”

Long Qi words made Yao Yao confused, she really did not know with kind of mood she must understood his words. Whatever, the today Yu Ao Tian indeed different with the olden Yu Ao Tian, but…

The wound that Yu Ao Tian got today because of her so he could not fight them to the utmost, perhaps because of this matter Yu Ao Tian might furious. When that time comes, she maybe does not know the reason why she cries. It still better to act carefully when facing him!

The car moving to the top hills in remote area, on the top hill there is four storey villa which comparable to the palace. From far away it looked alike castle, when get closer few steps there are so many men who guarded with gun.

“Long Qi. Where is it?” Yao Yao nervously asking.

“The other place of Yu Ao Tian’s.”

“Ah? This, does all of these belong to him?”

“That’s right, it so normal. Yu Ao Tian gave… Ao Tian still has so many others villa like this.” Long Qi almost told her that Yu Ao Tian also gave villa to Li Mei Yun.

The car moving to the in front of the villa main gate, there are countless Yu Long’s men who standing. Especially when Long Qi got out from the car, “Xiao Long Xian Sheng (younger Mr. Long).” All of them are line up and bowing to him.

Don’t underestimate Long Qi who is youngest in Yu Ao Tian side, his position in Yu Long is one of the highest.

Faster walking into the villa, inside also has many men. It not hard to realize their shocking expression when knew Yu Ao Tian got injured from the Yu Long’s men.

When Yao Yao arrived, she spotted Mo Xue Tong is applying medicine to Yu Ao Tian.

“What are you crying for?” Yu Ao Tian asked Yao Yao after he asked all the men leaving the room.

“It must… it must be so hurt, right? I am sorry. I must listen to you since the beginning, so that…”

“humph? If that time you are run, indeed I won’t get injured.” But… she might same as all the women in his eyes, no difference. “come.” He called her.

He stopped Mo Xue Tong who is still applying medicine and replaced her with Yao Yao, asking this little thing to continue what Mo Xue Tong did.

Not long after that, suddenly Li Mei Yun is coming in rush. When one of Yu Ao Tian’s men is informed Yu Ao Tian and he is really unhappy because Li Mei Yun came without notice. She came because she was worrying him after knew he got injured.

The reason why he unhappy because there was Yao Yao with him now, moreover he didn’t have mood to meet Li Mei Yun. Others than that, Yao Yao focus easily got distract when seeing Li Mei Yun and he hates it so much.

When Li Mei Yun arrived, she spotted Yao Yao who is applying medicine to Yu Ao Tian and asked who she is. Yao Yao excitement suddenly dim because she remembered she is Yu Ao Tian’s lover furthermore she is hard core fan for Li Mei Yun and at same time she also third party in Li Mei Yun – Yu Ao Tian relationship. This reality makes her so sad.

Yu Ao Tian realized the changes of Yao Yao. Moreover when she being asked by Li Mei Yun about herself, she stammered, “I am Long Qi’s girl friend.” This answered is more than enough for Yu Ao Tian to piss off with Yao Yao but he is even angrier to Li Mei Yun so that he asked Li Mei Yun to leave. He asked Yao Yao to go home first and then he deal with Li Mei Yun.

Yu Ao Tian anger to Li Mei Yun besides her unnoticed coming, make Yao Yao sad but the strongest reason is she asking people to stalk on him. After get warned, Li Mei Yun finally left the place.

Mean while…

Yao Yao is still crying when she arrived at home. But when her villa bell ringing, she suddenly stopped crying and hurried to open the door. The person who rang the bell is Yu Ao Tian, Yao Yao quite surprised when she saw him standing in front the door.

“Why are you here?” She asked.

“Of course I come to see you and also to give Li Mei Yun’s concert ticket.” He smiled deviously.

“Little thing are crying again?”

Yao Yao not answered him immediately.

“You little thing, since the day I looked for Lover, you must understand very well that I perhaps have girlfriend.”

That’s right Yao Yao must be prepared this kind of situation but she never know that she is the third wheel on Li Mei Yun’s relationship. Yao Yao protested to Yu Ao Tian: “I never thought that you are also this kind of man!”

“Also?” Yu Ao Tian eyes looked at her, “Is the any others? Your Ex?”

Every time she got reminded about Feng Chen Yi she would feel something weird. She little bit scared, trembling and also feel guilty to Yu Ao Tian moreover when she remembered about the restaurant incident.

Of course he knew, this is unforgettable thing in his life. Two years ago she called him Big Brother, she also told him about his Ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. “Little thing you must adapt faster to your status, don’t you think so? Every man is like this.”

Rotten bastard! In this world there must be a man that loyal!

“Yu Ao Tian, if one day… I able to pay back your money, can you rescind and free me as your lover?”

“Cannot!” His eyes gleaming coldly, “Little Thing, other than I get bored with you, or else you don’t ever think to leave me forever!”

She knew that Yu Ao Tian won’t easy compromise her so she… “Can, can you promise me… you accompany Li Me Yin often? You shall not say anything about our relationship in front of her, please? I beg you.”

Irritated! Irritated!

Yu Ao Tian really wanted to strangle this little thing to death because this is the first time he meets someone like her who consider other than herself. There is no woman who trying to put themselves to others woman shoes (especially Yu Ao Tian harem). She even pushed him to Li Mei Yun.

“Fine, I promise you. But, you keep in mind! This is your begging, don’t be regret later on!” he left the villa.

“I won’t be regret!” she murmured. Actually three years… how long it would be?


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  1. It’s funny that YYT is trying to teach YY about grey when he is anything but grey. When he is nice to her, he is really nice, but when he is mad at her, he has no problem in trying to destroy her.

  2. thay are not talking the same language…
    Those few words YAT say to YY, he actually saying that he want to treasure her…
    But YY just responded spontaneously, thinking more for LMY rather that herself and YAT…hmm…

    Thank you Azurro for 4 chapters today!

  3. YAT might be regretting more than Yao Yao in the future. can see YAT trying to be patience with Yao Yao but then got really pissed off at her unselfishness, sincere and kind hearted nature. basically YAT is jealous Yao Yao doesn’t place him first in her heart

  4. Actually, by YY saying she’s Long Qi’s girlfriend, have made YAT work easier, and is safer for her from being attacked by LMY (or the people she hired in the future)..
    This just crossed my mind..

  5. IT make me think….YY has an IQ of 205 whereas YAT 210…yet they don’t talk the same language n level…

    Slowly by slowly YY begin to care for YAT too without realising it and that goes for YAT as well…

    I just hope that YAT will leave all his women especially Li Mei Yun for YY.

    Thanking you Azzuro for so many chapters today..:D

      1. Mei Yun is vicious. She hasn’t discovered Yao Yao ‘s true relationship with YAT. But, when she does. Yao Yao better hide.

  6. Thank you for the many chapters…so happy to read them. YAT need to accept that YY is naturally a kind hearted and naive girl.

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