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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 101 – 103

Chapter 101-103

The next day early in the morning.

Everyone in Finance Department is gossiping: “Doom, this afternoon it’s time to suspend the trading on stock market, since the sum of fund that invest into Chang Hong stock A does not have any improvement after all, what to do?”

“Everyone does not to be anxious, after all we had decided to invest on Bao Li Hua stock A, if something happened, I believe CEO won’t blame us.” Sun Li encouraged her team.

But she has two meaning words which pointed on Yao Yao.

“Since I entered Berson, working in Finance Department there’s no time we fail in investment, if now we really failed, this is simply shame for our Finance Department!”

“That’s right! Every time in Berson, during the annual meeting, our Financial Department performance always is the best. But because someone acted smart perhaps this may stop and become or burden.”

Everyone is gossiping about the investment stock that they made and at the same time they are harass Yao Yao verbally. But only one person who stood at Yao Yao side in Finance Department, the person is Xia Ren Liang.

Since Xia Ren Liang is the only one who support and comfort Yao Yao when others colleague talk bad about her, Xia Ren Liang automatically becomes the foe for others.

During lunch break…

“Yao Yao, Yao Yao.”

Someone is calling Yao Yao and that person is Bai Ling. Yao Yao quite surprised to meet Bai Ling because she thought Bai Ling may get fired after last time incident. When Yao Yao asked Bai Ling what she did for past days since she didn’t spot her in elevator (her post). Bai Ling replied Yao Yao that she was having holiday because Long Qi gave her few days off.

It good to know that Yu Ao Tian not fire Bai Ling but even curious about Yu Ao Tian reason, whatever, Yao Yao does not want to think too much about that person since he is someone so moody and cannot be read.

Yao Yao introduced Xia Ren Liang to Bai Ling and then three of them having lunch together in cafeteria.

After lunch break, Bai Ling back to her post while Yao Yao and Xia Ren Liang back to Finance Department.

“It’s doom! Doom! There is another hour before the stock market close. Chang Hong stock A has not improving at all.” All of colleague in Finance Department looked so frustrated.

Yao Yao who also sitting in her room has cold sweat, she talking by herself: “Three minutes more! Only three minutes more and then it would change! Surely!”

“Yao Yao, what are you saying?” Xia Ren Liang asked curiously.

“Sstt.” And then Yao Yao continue to count, 3 2 1!

“Oh my!”

“What is happened?”

“Hey everyone looked at the market trend! Chang Hong stock A… Chang Hong stock A… it raised to 100 point!” at the moment everyone who is in the room quickly go to check on their computer, while Yao Yao is crying happily.

“Ah, it seems this time I really no need to resign.” Xia Ren Liang is joking.

“Thank you for believing me.” Yao Yao smiled looked at him.

At the moment he sees her smiling face, Xia Ren Ling heart is beating faster and quickly he avert his eyes sight from Yao Yao to others place, “It… of course, hehehe.”

“Awesome! It’s really miraculous. It was poor stock before but at the moment it turned be the awesome stock. When the stock market trend stopped, Chang Hong stock A has raised to 1000 point, it is one of the miraculous things that happen in stock market.”

“Xiao Luo, Xiao Luo, do you think that next week the Chang Hong A stock will drop?” two or three colleagues came and asked Yao Yao.

She smiled and shook her head: “Chang Hong A Stock is raising too fast, there will many people who won’t think it as poor stock anymore so most of the traders would keep or buy it. It there is no mishap, next week in the market, it will also raise to 1000 point.”

“Still can be raised? How much it would be?”

“3000 points! It could reach to 3000 point.”

“3000 points?” all the colleagues showed surprising expression: “Little Queen, Little Queen (awesome), you even able to count the numbers. If Chang Hong A stock really can reach 3000 points, how much Berson could earn?”

“Uh, at least will earn 2000 million.”

“Aiya! 2000 million, it has reached more than our annual performance. It seems our department will surely get annual bonuses. Thank you Yao Yao. You are really God of Stock.”

From the pestilence God to the God of Stock, everyone is thanking Yao Yao in Finance Department, but at the same time others sub group also watched her attentively. After all, she is newbie and the most important she is an outstanding newbie.

When everyone is enjoying the happy atmosphere, suddenly there is phone called from General Manager Long that informed everyone to join the celebration party held by Yu Ao Tian because of the gained in stock market.

The happy moment continued to discussing what kind of dresses they will wear when coming to the celebration party. They are not talking about the stock anymore because they are busy to discussing the dresses since there will be many important people coming to the celebration party such as Vice CEO Han Li Shang, General Manager Long Ye, Manager Long Qi, sub Regional General Director Wang, and of course the CEO Yu Ao Tian who are big catch for the ladies. Besides that, they also curious about their CEO girlfriend and guessing who will be the person?

“Yao Yao what will you wear when attending the celebration party?” Xia Ren Liang asked.

“I am not coming.”

“Why? You are the one who takes biggest part.”

If she can choose to be rewarded she would rather to wish Yu Ao Tian never come to her place for one year. This is the best reward for her.

Actually the main reason because tomorrow is weekend, the only day she can be free from Yu Ao Tian, free to be his lover.

“Saturday I have thing to do.”

“Luo Yao Yao.” Suddenly Manger Lin looked at Yao Yao.

“Manager Lin, what can I do for you?”

“This… the General Manager is especially said… you must come. He even asked me to tell you…” Manager Lin doubted and frowned, whispered to her: “If you are not coming you know the consequences later on!”

“Little Thing, if you are not coming, you know the consequences!” Although Manager Lin said it was said by the General Manager Long, actually she knew this was the message from Yu Ao Tian to her.

It not easy for her to have the only off day during Saturday! Whatever, at least the celebration party will be on evening so she may come to visit her grandpa during the afternoon.

“I understood Manager Lin. I will come.” She helplessly said, very frustrated sitting on her seat.

“Yao Yao, do you want me to pick you up on Saturday?”

“Ah? Thank you Xia Ren Liang… I can go by myself.”



“Mom! Grandpa! “On Saturday Yao Yao is coming to the hospital. This is the first day off given by Yu Ao Tian for her as Lover, no matter what she feels, still this is one of her free day today.

“My Treasure Beloved, Yao Yao. It is true that you looked so different after dating.”

“Mom, why are suddenly you bring up this topic?”

“Ha Ha, see my beloved granddaughter her face already turned red.”

“Grandpa, Mom, what happen to both of you?”

“We are so satisfied with your boyfriend.”

Did Yu Ao Tian come?

“Yao Yao, initially mom, thought you are… ah you scared me for such long time. This time when met your boyfriend, mom really rest assured. But still mom will pay back this amount of money to your boyfriend.” After said both her mom and grandpa showed guilty expression.

“Oh yeah, Yao Yao, although you are quite busy with your work in office but still you need to spend time with your boyfriend.”

“That right. He is really one of good man. You cannot always focus on your works, right?”

Listened to what her mom and grandpa said she almost faint.

But something is incorrect, she is surely said to her mom that she stayed on company dorm but actually she is staying with Yu Ao Tian, how could she not spending enough time with him? Something is strange here…

“Mom, Grandpa, could you tell me… what were my boyfriend said to both of you?”

“HeHe, Chen Yi said…”

Chen…Yi! Feng … Chen Yi came here?

Teng! As if one big stone is pressed on her heart. How could her family meet Feng Chen Yi and why he came to meet her family?

From her mom and Grandpa, she knew that Feng Chen Yi has coming few times and fakes to be her boyfriend. Actually since her mom accepted the money given by Yao Yao, she always afraid Yao Yao perhaps became other people mistress or lover so when Feng Chen Yi came to visit, admitted as Yao Yao boyfriend, her mom and grandpa finally rest assured. Every time Feng Chen Yi came he would sit for 1-2 hours, chatting with her mom or her grandpa. That’s why both of her mom and Grandpa has very positive impression of Feng Chen Yi. So that’s how thing happen, perhaps….in her life only Feng Chen Yi the man that set in her family mind. But, mom is wrong about one things, Feng Chen Yi is not as good as she thought.

This is so bad since thing turned be so complicated, he told her that he wanted to be her nemesis but why must he came to visit her grandpa and her mom? Now her mom and grandpa thought that Feng Chen Yi would be their future son in law/ future grandson in law. What should she do to clear all this mess?

“Yao Yao! Yao Yao! Yao Yao!

She heard someone called her name when walking out, she gained herself back, searching: “Xia, Xia Ren Liang? Why are you in hospital?”

“My mother is sick, so I come here to visit her, and you?”

“He He, I come to see my grandpa.”

“What a coincidence?” Xia Ren Liang smiled: “Just good, now are five past few minutes, I am going to CEO Yu celebration party, how about we go together?”

“Well, then I trouble you.” Yao Yao go with Xia Ren Liang.

She tied the seat belt, she looked at Xia Ren Liang who wear leisure navy blue suit that fit his body perfectly…

If she did not mistaken, he is wearing the newest design of Armani for this season, at least it priced thousand dollar. She also spotted his shoes which is Bottega Veneta.

She counted from head to toe at least priced about 25 thousand dollar, he is clearly only Finance Department employees but how could he effort so many branded stuffs? “You…”

“Yes, Yao Yao?”


Whatever, that is his business, I should not ask. “Nothing, let’s go.”


“Ao Tian?” In front of the hospital, Mo Xue Tong puzzled when Yu Ao Tian suddenly stopped his footsteps. She followed his eyesight, seeing Yao Yao get into other man’s car.

“Xue Tong, that man is…”

“Xia Ren Liang!” Mo Xue Tong coldly answered.

Yu Ao Tian feels familiar with this name: “Hm, it seems I ever heard somewhere.”

“He is…” Mo Xue Tong whispered to Yu Ao Tian’s ear.

After he heard, his lips curled upward: “So he is! Interesting.” Turned his back, Yu Ao Tian and Mo Xue Tong heading into Yao Yao’s grandpa patient room.

“Aunty Luo, Grandpa Luo, Hello.” Mo Xue Tong entered the room.

Mother Luo and Grandpa Luo quite surprising when seeing her: “You are?”

“HeHe, Aunty Luo, I am Yao Yao’s friend. This is my boyfriend, Yu Ao Tian.’

“Aunty Luo, Grandpa Luo, hello.” Yu Ao Tian elegantly greets the elders.

When mother Luo meet Yu Ao Tian, her heart shaking, this man… really scary!

He looked at least twenty seven or eight, he having deep pitch black eyes that hard to read. Lucky he is not Yao Yao’s boyfriend, or else… she as mother must be lived in worries and fears! “Hello, how are you?”

After, all of them are exchanging the courtesy (Yu Ao Tian + Mo Xue Tong with Mother Luo + Grandpa Luo). Mo Xue Tong immediately goes to the depth conversation to Mother Luo about fourteen years ago car accident that involved Luo Tian Ming, Luo Yao Yao’s father who also died in that car accident.

Both Mother and Grandpa Luo facial expression changed when they were asking about that car accident. Although Mo Xue Tong and Yu Ao Tian were not clearly stated their purposed instead they are made up the story by saying Luo Tian Ming was Mo Xue Tong savior in fourteen years ago car accident.

Mother Luo excused herself and stopped the conversation by excused that she is sick so not really comfortable to continue the conversation. Finally Yu Ao Tian and Mo Xue Tong left the hospital. Even mother Luo did not want to tell detailed about fourteen years car accident but Yu Ao Tian has able to make guess. The answer that he searched for fourteen years will be known soon or later. It does not matter what the way he will used, the soft or hard, only time matter.


18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 101 – 103

  1. What is FCY intend to do by lying being YY’s boyfriend?
    Who is XRL actually that YAT not angry when YY went off with him?
    So many question…so many mysteries…

    Thanks for this triple chapter!

    p/s u shud change this part:
    Actually the main reason because tomorrow is weekend, the only day she can be free from Yu Ao Tian, [free to be his lover.]

    the sentence really contradict to YY’s foundation on not accepting herself as a lover to YAT.
    I understand it actually meant – free from being his lover.

    1. Feng Chen Yi has his own reason to fake become Yao Yao boyfriend and also show up so often in front of her family.
      Xia Ren Liang is Xia Yu’s son.
      You can check character detail in index section because I put all the character information there.

      Yao Yao indeed still cannot receive herself to be Yu’s lover because her pride. But she has sold her freedom to YAT, she binds with the contract, whether she likes or not.
      For Yao Yao lover is kind of job.

  2. I still don’t like FCY. He such a creep n low person.

    What happen fourteen years ago?

    Thank you Azzuro for 3 chapters of new update. 😀

    1. something related to car incident which involved Luo Tian Ming.
      Something that also related to Zheng Kai Rui, the current deputy prime minister.
      Also Yao Yao’s childhood memory before the car incident.

  3. Thanks Azzuro for the 3 chapters. I have more questions now.
    What is FCY’s intentions by posing as YY’s bf? What about the accident that YAT is so anxious to find out. Looking forward to more exciting chapters.

  4. wow, look at Yao Yao’s colleagues…singled and mocked YY’s analysis but unite together as one happy department for “their” fat bonuses.
    great to see who is truly a friend who can stand by you through good and bad times

  5. Thank you for the 3 chapters update. Truly appreciate it. The mystery gets deeper now… What exactly is the secret about the accident years ago? Can’t wait for the next chapter to read about what would happen during the party

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