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Dogfood Review : SmartHeart Dog Food Roasted Beef Flavor


Sometimes I still feel little bit weird when decided to make Dog Food review. To say, how much thing that I can say about my little fur’s food actually? I don’t even taste it (~.~)”

I might don’t know how this food taste, but I can write down and share some information by observing my little fur when eating their food.

Smartheart dried dog food, to be honest I never heard this brand before but again, I myself not really know many thing about dog food brands since in my place, ones pet shop only sells very few brand and sometimes one brand only sell at one place.

Well, let’s start…

I bought it days ago when strolling in one of supermarkets. I was in pet’s section and spotted this dog food as new product. to be honest, the packaging little bit reason for me when purchased it. At least the packaging more convinced me compare to Alpo brand which put at the next shelves.

I don’t know whether I too naive or stupid, I didn’t really check on the ingredient but “fool” with the salesgirl whom by coincided standing there, feeding me with many information (Aiya~ fool with marketing ah~). Not blaming, I might not in my right mind when decided to purchase. Again, my fault!

The ingredient:
Corn, Poultry meal, Rice, Soybean meal, Chicken Oil, Full Fat Soybean, Brewer’s Dried Yeast, Lecithin, Fish Oil, Iodized Salt, Vitamins and Minerals, Antioxidants, Roast Beef Flavoring, Food Coloring

After I read carefully + Internet browsing, I almost hit my head to wall or just wanted to smash myself since I felt so stupid to spend my money for this dog food especially for my little fur.

this dog food has too many ingredient that DOG should not eat for example, Corn, soybean, rice, yeast, etc…
More I read scarier I become. the most important is the FOOD COLORING, OMG!

So that the reason why my Shih Tzu not even wanted to touch it. my mongrel also not really fun of this dog food even my mongrel dog almost like to eat everything, as long as the food fresh or eatable. no matter I gave to my mongrel dog, Aillen eats everything not alike Crystal, my shih Tzu. She is so picky with her food. she even knows how to differ cheap food with premium ones (make headache)!

Claims / Essential Benefits.
Enhanced Brain Development: fish oil. Source of DHA and lecithin source of choline. Strengthen and develop the brain. The five senses
Healthy Heart: Omega-3 from fish oil. Help strengthen the heart.
Strong Immune System: Vitamin E and Selenium. Enhance the functioning of the immune system.
Healthy Digestive System: Highly digestible ingredients improves digestion and excretion.
Healthy Skin and Coat: Omega 3 and 6 helps maintain healthy skin and shiny coat.
Strong Bones & Teeth: Calcium and phosphorus. Help promote the growth and strength of bones and teeth.

So, when I come to claims/ essential benefit, I really speechless.

It sad to dump it after gave one time to my dog. I felt like throwing my money, regret but it’s okay. Because my little fur healthy is the most important so even I felt little bit “wasting”, there is no point for me to keep it. To say, my mom’s stray Dogs even eat better even they are only eating rice+fish/meat (pork, beef, chicken).

Personally I do not recommend this dogfood. Even it price so cheap, please don’t feed dog with this kind of dog food that contains too much “artificial” stuffs and “fillers”

If you think dog food is expensive, better feed your dog with home-cooked food such as Carrot soup or something safer.


9 thoughts on “Dogfood Review : SmartHeart Dog Food Roasted Beef Flavor

      1. yea, cats or/and dogs food sound more healthier than human’s. and sometimes I heard hey got hi-class stuff inside it(my friends told me).

  1. Actually, the one who taste testing for the dog food is human, I heard it from my sister I think. It is better to use known brand dog food as it is safer.. -_- (I used alfo for my dog too). But, sometimes I give my dog banana, papaya, bread, leftover food for snack.

    Before, I had three dogs, one mix breed dog and two pom pom. My mother gave the mix breed dog the leftover food and the other two dog food.. But.. instead eating their food, the mix breed eat the dog food while the other two prefer leftover food. –“

  2. I totally agree 👍 I used to feed my dogs wt that brand and they don’t get healthy, gained weight fast…not good for my toy pomeranians and poodles. I switched back to Royal Canin and home cooked meat wt vegetables. I thought it’s a good Asian brand ( from Thailand.) Not a healthy dogfood.

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