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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 107 – 110


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Chapter 107 – 110

Ah~ CEO Yu, you lost again. Another truth?


“Well… what the thing you wanted to do*] now?”

He curled up his lips, elegantly stroking his hair, his black deep eyes looked toward Yao Yao who is not far from him: “Currently what I wanted to “do*]” is…. Yao Yao…”

“Uh.” Everyone who heard it, their face turned be green.

But Yao Yao has already get used with this rotten bastard, Yu Ao Tian. The way of his vague speaking, she really wanted to tell everyone, please don’t be trick by this elegant Yu Ao Tian, he is actually bad person, very dangerous man. She even knew, the word that he said not as simple as joking!

She expertly tied back Yu Ao Tian’s necktie.

“En? Luo Yao Yao, you looked so young but very expertly tying the necktie.” Yu Ao Tian not bothered to say few words, so that everyone gets back to their senses.

Indeed, based on Luo Yao Yao age, she must not that expert to tie the necktie like man.

“Ha Ha, CEO Yu, it is because of my uncle. I have uncle who said girl must be learnt something like this, although I really and… extremely that my uncle… way of speaking, yet I don’t have any option, whatever he is elder.” Yao Yao used this way of speaking to provoke Yu Ao Tian.

Again he showed up his devilish smiled: “What? But why I feel you love him so much? Or else, why you learn what he told you?”

Rotten bastard! How could Yu Ao Tian have good response? Why every time Yao Yao argue with him, she always turned be the loser?”

Pissed off!

But again it is true that, since the day Yu Ao Tian asked her to learn how tying necktie, she really seriously learn it.

“Luo Yao Yao, you sit beside me.”

“Ah?” She hasn’t agreed but he has pulled her to sit with him.

Yao Yao must be more alarmed when Yu Ao Tian is asking her to sit beside him because…

He even dares to violate and teasing her body during the party. Yao Yao feel uncomfortable so she whispered: “Today is my day off.”

Yu Ao Tian really a man with thousand ways to make her cannot say anything, “Well, just thought that your boss is harassed you.” He spoke such easy


When Yao Yao is focusing with Yu Ao Tian, suddenly…

“Xiao Luo, this time you lose!”

“Hah?” Hurried she gain herself.

“What Ah, you are losing Xiao Luo, what do you want choose, dare or truth?”

She hesitated, smiled: “Truth.”

“Ok, you tell us who the man that you ever loved most, it could be the current one or the past. The important, it must be “love between man and woman” that kind of relationship, just don’t tell us like father or uncle, these things.”

What happen to these people? Why they are asking the question that she does not want to answer? The name that she can’t mention, it’s only Feng Chen Yi, no matter in the past, or… currently.

“Ah, still… dare.” She really admitted defeat!

“Bao Bei, you can say your Ex-boyfriend, if not because of him, I really cannot meet you. I really want to know him, really want to thank him, thank him for leaving you.” Yu Ao Tian whispered to her.

She furrowed her brow, if Feng Chen Yi really someone who is not has anything (status, position) but he is someone. Although she tells these people, no one will believe her, right?

“I have forgotten his name.”

“En? You still someone fickle.” Yu Ao Tian eyes flashed – gleamed coldly, at one glance he knew that Yao Yao lied.

“Well, if you are really choosing dare, now you must pick one person to kiss.”

What bloodly hell they are playing? If she picked Yu Ao Tian, it must be much convenient but everyone must know her relationship with him; if she chooses another person, Yu Ao Tian might killed her later moreover she embarrassed.

Oh Heaven! This is only game but why these people play such big?

“Faster Xiao Luo, you can choose Xiao Xia, he is someone who always protect you.” Everyone encouraged Yao Yao to choose Xia Ren Liang. She really wanted to go die immediately!

At this moment, she looked at Yu Ao Tian who sitting beside her with plead eyesight, and then glanced at Long Ye.

Long Ye smiled: “Everyone, today CEO Yu has prepared fireworks for you guys, perhaps it would be start, so let we stop here.”

“Really? Let’s we wait for the fireworks.” Everyone attention had sent away, finally Yao Yao can relieve….

The fireworks are lighted, peng peng peng.

It is really one beautiful firework. When everyone looked at the fireworks suddenly Long Ye stood up in the stage and said: “Thank you for everyone hard work, so that Berson Group has succeeded working with Feng Group.”

“Feng Group?” Yao Yao confused when she heard about Long Ye speech.

At her besides, Xia Ren Liang is laughing: “Yao Yao, don’t tell me that you did not know if this investment actually funded by Feng Group’s General Mananger, Feng Chen Yi to our Berson Group.”

“Hah?” She really did not know, if the investment fund was actually Feng Chen Yi’s. Actually, what’s other coincidence that could be happen in this world?

At this moment there are many females colleagues who looked at Yao Yao when Long Ye mentioned about the one who has huge distribution.

“The person who had huge distribute must be Yao Yao, right?”

“Yes, Yes.”

“So what should we do to thank her?”

Everyone looked each other and suddenly lift her up…

“You guys?” Yao Yao who is standing beside Xia Ren Liang suddenly being lift up by some female colleagues to the edge of swimming pool.

Spontaneously, at the other second, they have already thrown her to swimming pool. Everyone still laughing but when some saw something odd with Yao Yao, her expression is panic…

“Does she cannot swim?”

“My God, this time they play such big (get trouble)!”

“Ao Tian, Xiao Meng Li, she seems cannot swimming.” Long Ye said to Yu Ao Tian who is not far from him.

He said nothing, rushing go to the swimming pool.

But when he prepared to jump, Xia Ren Liang has gone faster one step before him.

“Hah, that little brat looked panic too.” Long Ye laughed patting at Yu Ao Tian’s shoulder.

He coldly looking at the edge of the swimming pool, his eyesight locked on the man and woman who has already go up.

“Yao Yao? Yao Yao, are you alright?” Xia Ren Liang panic, he patted on her back.

At this moment some of the female colleagues surrounded her: “quickly, quickly, Xiao Xia you do CPR. This is the rare opportunity.”

“That’s right. That’s right!”

Everyone is trying to persuade him, he clenched and angrily: “You guys shut up!”

“Qie, what are you angry for, we are trying to help you!”

“Do I need you guys to help me? If not because of you guys, Yao Yao would not drown in swimming pool. I can understand how you these people are actually jealous on her!” The gentle Xia Ren Liang obviously pissed off.

These females glared on him.

“Huk, huk, Xia Ren Liang, I, I am okay.” Yao Yao said weakly.

At this moment, hurried he put on his suit to Yao Yao: “Yao Yao, I send you off.”

“It is okay, I can go home by myself.”

“I send you off!” Xia Ren Liang stubbornly said.

But… she really does not want to let Xia Ren Liang to know where she stays, whatever, just go to Mom’s place. “En, sorry to trouble you!”

Xia Ren Liang smiled warmly and then he helped Yao Yao to stand up….

“Hem, Hem, Hem, did you guys see that suit which Xia Ren Liang used?” one of the colleagues pointed at Xia Ren Liang when he has heading to exit way.

“What brand?”

“I spotted the Armani’s sew.”

“Impossible…” said the other colleagues, “I do also spotted that his car actually one of the luxurious ones.”

“Hm, it seems so.”

“Huh, whatsoever, I could say that car must be rented while the suit must be the fake one.” Said one of the female colleagues who unhappy.

“Ah, no matter real or fake, don’t you guys actually think that he is actually Gao Shuai (高帅)2]?

“What is so good to be Gao shuai? There are lots Gao Shuai. But in today’s world only another Fu words that attract.”

“Xiao Qiao, you are so materialistic.”

“Of course, only being realistic then life can go on.” This girl who called Xiao Qiao smiled…

“Heh, Ao Tian, it seems that little brat loves Xiao Meng Li.” Seeing how Xia Ren Liang anger toward those females, Long Ye had seen it. The important part is, Xia Ren Liang is showed it too obvious, as a man he clearly understood it.

Yu Ao Tian narrowed his eyes, he left the place….

“ring” ring” suddenly his phone ringing: “Hello?” he accepted the phone call when he is standing at exit way, where Yao Yao and Xia Ren Liang had passed before.

“CEO Yu, do you have time? Let’s we chat.” It is phone called by Feng Chen Yi.

Yu Ao Tian eyes flashed, devilish answered: “Half hour later meet.”

“Ao Tian? Who is calling?” Long Ye who is standing beside him, curiously asked.

“Feng Chen Yi, he seems to have urgency to meet me, you go with me.”

“How is about Xiao Meng Li?”

His eyes gleaming coldly: “She has her own way of thinking.” After said he and Long Ye left…


The thick tea fragrances spreading inside the private room of Tea House, Feng Chen Yi wears suit in navy-colored.

Besides him there is Ou Yang Zi Xuan who keeps on looking his watch: “Chen Yi, it almost the time.” At the moment he said, Yu Ao Tian and Long Ye are already walking inside.

“Yu Big Boss!”

“En? Zi Xuan, do you also here?” Yu Ao Tian smiled to Ou Yang Zi Xuan.

“Today I am especially coming here to meet you. Hehe.” Ou Yang Zi Xuan is the hard core fan of Yu Ao Tian, even his family is one of the richest family, list in top ten, but since he was kid he has been admiring the underworld life, so that he is so idolized Yu Ao Tian.

“CEO Yu, please have seat.” Feng Chen Yi coldly said.

Yu Ao Tian and Long Ye are sitting face to face with Feng Chen Yi. “General Manager Feng, why are you looking for me?”

“First, I represent Feng Group to thank you for earning sum amount of money. After this, I believed my elder brother will not have any way to stop our work collaboration.” After said, Feng Chen Yi poured hot tea for Yu Ao Tian and Long Ye.

“The most important is, your elder brother must be felt the “danger”?”

Feng Chen Yi eyes flashed, slowly he lift his head up, looking Yu Ao Tian, eye to eye: “Didn’t this the result CEO Yu want?”

He smiled say nothing, lift up the tea cup, sipped it: “General Manager Feng, today you looking for me is not to thank me, this simple right?”

“Hah.” Feng Chen Yi cold smiled, he put down his cup, coldly said: “Recently I heard that CEO Yu has signed work collaboration with Lan Du Group. If it can…” pair of his eyes gleaming cold: “I hope you can let me to have that contract. As the exchange…I will give you the Feng’s piece of land which won in Ao Ma, how’s about it?”

“Ha ha.” Yu Ao Tian smiled: “My work collaboration with Lan Du only price about 8 Billion, while your piece of land at least worth 15 billion, I really wanted to know, what makes General Manager Feng… wanted to do this deficit business?” after said he looked directly into Feng Chen Yi’s eyes.

Before Feng Chen Yi says something, Ou Yang Zi Xuan who sat beside him said: “Big Boss Yu, Feng Chen Yi doing this all because that Xia Yu touched his Ex-Chick3], so that…

“Zi Xuan!” Feng Chen Yi roared, Ou Yang Zi Xuan immediately shut his mouth up.

But, Ou Yang Zi Xuan really said the truth.

It was because yesterday…

“General Manager Feng, you have asked me to check about those five people, the private detective has done with it. One of them was the chairman of Lan Du Group who also have contacted with Miss Yao Yao.” Lisa handed over the report.

Feng Chen Yi saw the photo that attached on the report document where Xia Yu and Yao Yao had dinner and also the photo Yao Yao hugged by him. Moreover the rumor that spread on their circle. Paused, suddenly he pissed off: “Lisa, hurried to check on what business/work contract that Xia Yu have recently.”

“Uh…” Lisa has followed Feng Chen Yi for almost two years, at least she knows more or less about her boss temperament: “Actually, General Manager Feng, I don’t think this photo explain anything. Moreover, it only once, you just…”

Cut Lisa words, or perhaps the photo really didn’t mean anything but the current Feng Chen Yi had already lost his control and showed as if wanted to kill immediately rather than make another check!

“Lisa, I asked you to check then go to do what I asked you!”

“Understood, General Manager Feng, I immediately checked it.”

So here the result….

“CEO Yu, since you can make good calculating about this business, I think, you must be not refused my offer, right?” Feng Chen Yi stubbornly, it obviously that Feng Chen Yi really wanted this work collaboration between Yu Ao Tian with Xia Yu.

:Ha.” Yu Ao Tian humph, sneered: “Indeed, I cannot to refuse this offer, what such good offer. And about yours piece of land… I think you don’t need to give me anymore.” After said, Yu Ao Tian and Long Ye left the Tea House.

“Ha, really never thought that Feng Chen Yi really has lovesickness. Just because of her Ex-girlfriend he even dared to bleed (take high risk).

Not long before, Yu Ao Tian ever heard from Li Mei Yun about Feng Chen Yi’s lovesickness, that time he still doubted about the information but now, after he witness by himself, indeed Feng Chen Yi has lovesickness.

“Oh yeah, Ao Tian, as I could recall, that piece of land mentioned by Feng Chen Yi is the land that you always wanted? Why didn’t you do the exchange, why are you doing this disadvantageous business?”

Long Ye curiously asked but Yu Ao Tian suddenly stopped his footstep: “I don’t think it disadvantageous.”

“Hah?” Long Ye still not understood.

“This time just take it as favor to have good turn. Although Feng Chen Yi not showed up, I still would do it. Just borrow his strength to cut that Xia Yu into pieces, it has saved my time up. Furthermore, I still “earn”!’

Finally this time Long Ye understood how much Yu Ao Tian “use his heart” but…

“Ao Tian, I really not understand, after all are you really cares about Xiao Meng Li become Xia Yu’s Lover?”

“I have care about it so much!” He coldly said but his eyes flared…

While another hand….

After Yu Ao Tian left, Ou Yang Zi Xuan sat face to face with Feng Chen Yi: “Big Boss Yu really interesting. But, I think it not worth for you to fight with the Xia’s because of a girl, moreover she is your Ex. If you really like the innocent and naïve ones, I could introduce many for you.”

Once Feng Chen Yi lifted up his head, Ou Yang Zi Xuan saw how dissatisfaction his face, he even coldly said: “There is thing that cannot be removed, the inside won’t be identical.”

“Ugh…” whatever Ou Yang Zi Xuan really cannot understand how Feng Chen Yi viewed this world.

Ring Ring Ring

The phone suddenly ringing, Ou Yang Zi Xuan picked the phone call. After he heard the report from that side, suddenly he smiled happily: “Not bad, have done well, so just let it.”

Hung the phone call, he rushed saying to Feng Chen Yi: “Chen Yi, I have important present for you.”


“You hurry back to yours apartment, I have put your present in your home. When you home you will know it.”

Although he did not know what Ou Yang Zi Xuan done, Feng Chen Yi still goes to his own apartment. The apartment that is only has single bed room and bathroom.

Opened his apartment room, he walks inside the room helplessly. Suddenly his pair of eyes gleaming when he spotted something in his bed, he is walking toward it. He saw something moves, he even spotted that is girl.

Furrowed his brows, he loosen the quilt that wrapped the girl. At instant, his face shocked: “Yao Yao!”

When he saw Yao Yao tied and also her mouth stuffed with white cloth. Feng Chen Yi hurried to help her loosen the rope and also unstuffed her mouth.

“Woah…” at that moment Yao Yao is looked alike little rabbit that got shock, she tightly hugged Feng Chen Yi’s neck.

Frown he felt there something strange, when she hugged him, he smelled faint drug fragrance from her body, touching her wet dress: “Yao Yao, why your clothe wet…”

He suddenly saw Yao Yao has kneeled and forced her lips to Feng Chen Yi’s lips, she even pressed hard and tried to intertwined her tongue with his, while her hands are busying to hug and caress Feng Chen Yi and even trying to put off his clothes.

Feng Chen Yi pushed her.

He looked at her closely, her white eyes little bit red, her tears streaming down as if expecting something, not need to guess, she has been drugged! “Damn, Zi Xuan that rotten bastard!”

“Chen Yi, I feel so bad.” She begged him, suddenly she pulled him to the bed, his body fall on hers, fasted she stripped herself.

“Yao Yao!”

The current Yao Yao cannot see the disgusted Feng Chen Yi that she hates so much, she even not realized her brazen attitude.

After she stripped her outer clothes, she pulled Feng Chen Yi’s hand to touch her, “Ah.” She moaned from her beautiful lips.

“Damn.” Because of Yao Yao provocation, his body is reacting. Because she takes the initiative, his hands also caress her body.

“En…” she enjoying it, she closed her eyes and her body also moves, still caressing…

Feng Chen Yi breath become not stable, he almost lost his control because he has already on her top, pressing her body, excited to help her to “antidote” her…

“Chen Yi, it is bad… Chen Yi…” She still moves, she longing him to dim and put out the flame in hers body.

This scene has pierce deep onto Feng Chen Yi, he made fist and finally he let off beast in himself.

“Chen Yi, I want… I feel unbearable, faster give me.”

“Yao Yao, this is your request!” the man is…

Yao Yao excited hugging Feng Chen Yi who has already on hers top, gently said: “Chen Yi… I Love You…”


*] (The word 干 Gan, which used by the employees are real meaning of working while the Yu Ao Tian used the word for other mean, 干 for “fuck” or “sexual activity”)

2] 高 Gao 帅 Shuai : This word is come from three characters Gao Fu Shuai which actually describing the rich generation Gao = tall, Fu = wealth, and shuai = handsome / good looking.
in here they just mention about Gao Shuai which means the poor good looking man with high posture.

3] 马 ma 子 zi : Babe, Chick. slang word that commonly used in underworld, quite harsh and impolite to call girl.


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    I know it is hard to fight against the drug but fight against it.

    1. Thank you 🙂

      If Feng Chen Yi really decided to use sex in order to solve Yao Yao drug problem then he really inhumane.
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  2. Thanks Azurro for the presents…a Yeay for the chapters..

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    I really hope YAT will get a report from his Xiao Di and quickly come to the rescue!

      1. He has been provoked by YY. No man can resist that, especially when it comes from the woman he love.

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      2. Yunaem

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        Two years later they met, FCY tried to make YY jealous but FCY got angry because he got no responsed from YY. Yes YY told FCY she found someone new n got herself engaged. When FCY saw the pregnancy test kit he jumped into conclusion that YY gave herself to her so called current bf as we all recall that YY is still intact.

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      3. Thank you for your concern Julie.

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        “Damn.” Because of Yao Yao [provocation], his body is reacting. Because she takes the initiative, his hands also caress her body.

        This is what I mean by FCY being provoked by YY who in drugged state, that made FCY responded the way he did…

        I was discussing/asking about the final scene with Azzurro all along…I’m sorry that it become a misunderstanding.

      4. Yunaem

        Thanking you for the clarification. It is through the drug hence the provocation. YY would be like that all thanks to FCY’s best friend.

        Anyway I don’t like FCY to the core. I don’t y did YY fall for this kind of ass think he is better than anyone just because he is rich n handsome but no moral.

      5. Two year ago, when they were in Japan, YY didn’t know FCY real identity. She thought he comes from ordinary household like hers. Until one day ppl gossiping about FCY background then she asked him. But when the time she knew, they were already dating, he treated her very well during their time together. But, the relationship ended on the day FCY cheated on her.
        He might little bit bossy but he cares and loves her. She tried to compromise his childish. Again, FCY really disappointed her, cheating with many women included her enemy, Li Ruo Ting

  3. Omg this is indeed a great gift. Thank you for updating the next few chapters so quickly. Was beginning to be a little down just thinking that I had to wait for another 24 hours before I could read the updates as I am flying today. Really appreciate it and once again, Happy Blessed Birthday!

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    At this moment there are many females colleagues who looked at Yao Yao when Long Ye mentioned about the one who has huge [distribution].

    “The person who had huge [distribute] must be Yao Yao, right?”

    “Yes, Yes.”

    “So what should we do to thank her?”

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    But the ending part is disappointing towards LYY and RXL. Could RXL be a traitor? He is pretty suspicious with his branded stuff.

      1. Its quite sweet though when they were talking about YY “uncle” who told her that she should learn something but taking care of man (this time, tie a necktie). YY being tease here by YAT.

        I’m laughing while reading this part…

        As in the previous chapter, YY is YAT “niece” and her “uncle” “love” her so much and kiss her in front of few high schooler.

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