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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 14

Chapter 14

Part 1 (One)

Senior High School started

Actually being fat is not big matter, it is something alike after the sweetness and excitement, finally realizing it purely self-comforting to heart.

Everyday seeing myself alike ball-meat, everyday still seeing myself reflecting in mirror, really wanting to break the mirror…

There are many obstacles and troubles being fatty, no need to say further, just the closest one, starting from the food….

About clothing, it riddled with gaping wounds.

I fat, naturally I need to buy new clothes, hence it rushing in leisure moment, from reviewed welcoming the entrance examination for high school —my time not much, I still need to go to department store with my little sister and mom, as saying the 30% is appearance and 70% is about dress, somewhat my appearance, I have changed, it won’t be too over if I want to wear something beautiful, right.


No matter which dresses I like, the salesgirl always gives me the same answered—-we are sorry, Miss we afraid there is no your size!

How could you guys know that there is no my size, I haven’t tried it yet.

Shopping for one round, buy no clothes, I almost lost my confident.

Well, I don’t… buy girls clothes!

Buy men dresses!

It ….only available sport wear.


Not to mention food.

I have had became this fat, did I still dare to eat? Ice cream, tart, chocolate, fried chicken, red braised pork, all are high carbohydrate food.

All tasty food already bid good bye to me.

I only ate boil chicken without skin!

Cannot complaint!


Talking about house, my house not big but also not too small, moreover the piece of area where my house built big enough for my family and also me but the one I barely could not tolerate was the bathtub. I type of person who likes to bathe in warm water, no matter spring autumn summer and winter, I like to soak in bathtub. Now, I still able to sit inside the bathtub but as long as I wanted to lay down, it is little bit hard.

During that time the triangular Jacuzzi was still rare item, besides, only the crazy would buy triangular Jacuzzi, it wasting too much water, having one bathe in Jacuzzi equal to three times bathing for one house.


The last thing…

One word….running for few steps hard to breathe, going up to third floor too difficult, my 400meters running achievement, as if it was my former life’s thing.


“What life mean !!!” I sat on chair in front of the desk, reviewing my drill book, sighed, directly hit my head to desk, “Better go die!”

“You fucking damn have boyfriend! I don’t have any!”

The person who was sitting on my bed and also reviewing was Yan Yan. She has been nagging me like forever.

I looked at pile of the drill books….oh, I still have man!

Still very good looking man…

He is also faithful one.

Made a fist…I endured!

Every time I thought about Kang Yu, my face gloomy could not complaint to the heaven, it still betters for me that I able to live, and then I hugged my school bag and smile like idiot.

Yan Yan rolled her eyes, looking at me, “You act strange, crying for while and then smiling, when you going out never mentioned to people that you are my big sister, shameful!”

I left her to be, inside my heart I thought that tomorrow Saturday, I have made appointment with Kang Yu to review my lessons, looking at the clock in my desk, woah, almost eleven, I should go for sleep because sleeping is so important for girls, I could not have any dark circle.

Hurried I tidied up my desk, going out to wash my face and then go to my bedroom, jump to my bed, laying down, “Good night!”

I closed my eyes, I did not care what Yan Yan nagging in bed.

The most important—have good sleep now.

If have good sleep, would have good complexion and then have good skin.

It is only my skin that good so that it needs pay extra attention.

After being fat, I realized some part in my body similar to the pig, one I touch bed, I can get sleep immediately, every morning I oversleep, when I am running I little bit similar with the group of elephants, brushing teeth and washing my face, wearing my uniform, the most important is wearing my hat because now I am bold. Go out without less anything. I tell my mom before I go out for supplementary class, as if bird that free from cage, directly I am heading to Kang Yu’s house. But it is only for few steps then I barely hard to breathe.

Gravity for the fatty is such depressing and frustrating matters!

This is the first time I go to Kang Yu place after I become fat, when I arrived in front of the door, Uncle Shen is coincidentally preparing to go shopping earlier, he saw me but not recognized me. I greet him and asked him does Kang Yu at upstairs, but his footsteps stopped and asked me back: “Little girl, who are you?”

I really feel little bit shy to tell him who I am, I afraid he would shock, since I “reborn” everyone who knows me before were shocked after I told them, seeing he quite ages, I afraid to shock him and get heart attack, I am sinful.

I really don’t know how to answer him.


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