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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 111 – 114


Chapter 111 – 114

The Next day, Morning

The sun shines penetrate into the room through the window, radiating the white color of double bed. ** Girl is sleeping soundly in man’s embraces.

The eyes that still closed blinking few times, the girl slowly opens her eyes, close and trying to open, and close. The soft white little face stiffen when she opened wide her eyes looking at man that she hugged.

Yu Ao Tian?

No, no… this person skin is whiter than Yu Ao Tian. So… who? What’s happened? Actually what was happened?

Her memory about yesterday is blurred, Xia Ren Liang sent her off to in front of the door and then left, but at the time she wanted to open the door using key, suddenly there was something hit at her back and made her faint, after that… in her memory then left this current moment!

Did Xia Ren Liang hit her until unconscious yesterday? No, Xia Ren Liang isn’t someone like that, impossible! Her body stiffens when raised her head, a diamond earring shines brilliantly, piercing into her eyesight.

Feng…Chen Yi?” hurried she pushed away that man who embraces her, she even jumped on the bed. How could be… Feng Chen Yi?

At this moment, Feng Chen Yi wake up because her dreadful scream, slowly he opens his eyes, when he sees Yao Yao at the floor, he smiled coldly: “You wake quite early.”

At this world, other than her family members, it only left Feng Chen Yi that she trust, both of them are together for almost three years, he does not have any “responsible” to be always respected her, but now…

“Feng Chen Yi… you are too over, I never thought that you able to do such dirty thing. Now you are simply not more than rotten bastard!”

“Deep inside your heart, didn’t I have been that rotten bastard?” He smiled and then sat on the bed, waved his hand toward hers: “Yesterday feel not bad, I still wanted to feel it once more time.”

Rotten bastard! Rotten bastard! Rotten bastard! Yao Yao rushed to the other bed side, raised her hand and directly hit into Feng Chen Yi’s face.

But at that moment, Feng Chen Yi has already blocked her hand, using his strength to sway it away, she felt into the bed.

“Ha, my beloved Yao Yao, you are looking so devastating to climb up into men’s bed but why not mine?”

Seeing at his piercing smiling face, Yao Yao dumbfounded, listened to what Feng Chen Yi said, she really did not know… did something had happened between both of them last night?

“How much that man gives you? Well, I paid you double, you come here to be my bed-mate. How is about it?”

What is Feng Chen Yi talking about? Didn’t he think too much with his words? “Feng Chen Yi, you are so strange. When you were still with me, you did with Li Ruo Ting. When you are now with Li Ruo Ting, again you come to find me as your bed-mate, do you really enjoy your life as Casanova?”

“I slept with Li Ruo Ting because….”Angrily he roared, his deep eyes gleaming coldly: “Do you love that man?”

Not love! For her the relationship between her and Yu Ao Tian is not more than contract but…

“Yes.” She can’t say the truth in front of Feng Chen Yi, she prefers to make him believe that she really loves that man, but she would never want to tell him that she did everything because of money, so they together.

“Yao Yao, I asked you one more time, do you love him?” His cold hand grabbed her neck.

Yao Yao can feel this moment Feng Chen Yi has changed to be dangerous, his cold eyesight: “Yes, I love him, no matter how many times you asked me the answer still same!”

Did he misunderstand something?

“Chen Yi…I love you, Chen Yi, I really love you…”

She was influenced by the drug but yesterday he could feel the sincerity on her eyes when she said she loved him, that eyesight so real.

Because of that, when the arrow almost shot, he chose to rein the horse at the edge of precipice (immediately stop), it was because the feeling he had for her, two years ago with her still same, he really cannot ruin the beauty.

But at this moment…

“Since you are loves him that much…” One of Feng Chen Yi’s hand still in her neck, and the other hand takes the mobile phone in bedside, lying down on her side and take their photo using mobile phone camera.

“Feng Chen Yi, what are you doing?” Yao Yao refused and trying to grab the mobile phone from him.

Feng Chen Yi sat down, but his hand pressed on her, control her: “You guess, if I take this photo to media, which man will still want you?”

Cannot…cannot, Feng Chen Yi did not know that she is with one of the most dangerous man. Once the photo spread, she really does not know what can be done by Yu Ao Tian.

“Feng Chen Yi, you enough, what do you want?”

“Yao Yao, I have said before, I will be worst man in your life. I want to see you crying, I want to witness you get the bad treatment from others man.”

Really? Did Feng Chen Yi really turned be that wicked man? No.. she is not believe it.

“You won’t, you will not do it.”

“Hah, why won’t I? This is the best chance to torture you.”

“If you are really wanted to torture me, why did you come to visit my family for few times? If you really want to torture me, why you waste your time to accompany them? Chen Yi… please don’t be like this?” she will never forget her mom expression when talking about Feng Chen Yi that day, mom is experienced person, what she saw must be right, if Feng ChenYi not that good, how could be mom moved?

Seeing Yao Yao tears, Feng Chen Yi dumbfounded, but the other second, he curled his lips: “Do you want to know why? Because, I understand you very well, you are care your family the most, if I don’t act nice to your family how can I make you remember about me forever? Thus I want to torture you in day and night, make you can’t feel peace with your current man. The most important is… you know how your mom grateful to me because I paid your grandpa medical fee. Although the money was his, why don’t I become that good man?”

The grateful heart is torn into pieces, does Feng Chen Yi really such man? He changed, he really changed. Hah, but this not bad also, at least she does not need to hold that heavy and guilty feeling anymore. “If this is the real causes, thank you to tell me everything. You are indeed made me to hate you already!”

Just this moment!

Feng Chen Yi suddenly feels does he go crazy, since he tell her these things? But actually when he knew Yao Yao’s grandpa needed money for the medical fee, he remembered the day when Yao Yao came to find him to borrow money.

He is someone who never regrets with everything that he done, but now, this matter has turned be one of the most regretful things in his life, he unwillingly to face his regret. So that, he hopes Yao Yao can hate him, at least in this way he would not feel so painful!

“Click” the sound of door is opened using the key. Feng Chen Yi looked at Yao Yao’s eyes: “Don’t go out!” hurried he covered her head with quilt.

“Chen Yi.” At this time, a middle age man about fifty years something come in, while at his back there still someone followed him who also has same aura with him. This man looks about thirties something.

Both of them are sitting on sofa elegantly while both of them spread the aura alike the aristocrat, bright and brilliant.

The two visitors are Feng Chen Yi’s father and also his older brother. Their purposed to come and visit Feng Chen Yi are because they wanted to talk about Feng Chen Yi collaboration with Yu Ao Tian. Actually this collaboration got huge objection from his older brother while his father only wanted to see the result from these two big groups collaboration.

Of course, when come to visit Feng Chen Yi, his father, Feng Xiao reasoned that he missed his son who has been long time staying outside. He wishes Feng Chen Yi to come home often, if could he want Feng Chen Yi to live at their main mansion, together with them.

While his older brother, Feng Chen Rui has another intention to follow Feng Xiao come to visit Feng Chen Yi. He just wanted to know the hell his younger brother intending to do with him after he found out the collaboration between Berson Group with Feng Group.

After the Fengs done with their conversation, before leaving Feng Chen Rui spotted Yao Yao at Feng Chen Yi’s bed. Feng Chen Rui commented about Feng Chen Yi’s habit and also his taste of woman while Feng Xiao who also looked at Yao Yao because of Feng Chen Rui said nothing except to warn his youngest son to be careful when playing. Feng Xiao never cares about his sons women outside Feng’s mansion as long as those are not influence the business of Feng Group and also the harmony at Feng’s mansion.


Get insulted and caught red-handed by the Feng Xiao and Feng Chen Rui in very shameful situation, awkwardly Yao Yao leaving Feng Chen Yi’s apartment. She back to Yu Ao Tian’s place.

“Yu… Ao Tian…”

When she seeing Yu Ao Tian who is sitting on sofa with cold expression. Luo Yao Yao can’t stop to trembling and also she avoided Yu Ao Tian’s eyes.

He… when did he come? What should I tell him about yesterday and my absence at home? Her heart is pounding, dong dong dong. In order to suppress her fear, she forced herself to smile: “You, come?”

“En? Bao Bei, seeing I am in here why do you look so anxious?” Yu Ao Tian stood up, slowly he walking toward her, bending little bit when he has already in front of her, taking the key that fell down: “See, you even not pick up the key which falling in the floor, and still want me to pick it up for you?”

“Trou…trouble you.” Hurried she took the key from Yu Ao Tian’s hand, anxiously she biting her lips: “You, when do you come?”

“Yesterday night.” He smiled devilishly.

Yao Yao feared: “You have seat…… all night?”

“Yes, I have waited for you since last night. Oh yeah, you not back for the entire night… where were you?”

“I, I, last night I was at my mom’s house. I am sorry, make you waited me for the entire night.”

“Ha ha, you must accompany your mom often, Bao Bei, you really no need to apology to me.”

Raised head, he smiled, at this moment, she really feel sorry for him, she feels sorry for Yu Ao Tian. It was because she slept with Feng Chen Yi one night and now she lied to Yu Ao Tian. But she… really did not know how to explain herself about last night.

“Bao Bei, come.” Yu Ao Tian held her hand and brings her to the garden which also has swimming pool, still holding her and softly whispered to her ear: “I remember, you cannot swim, right?”


“Heh…” his dark black eyes gleaming coldly, narrowed his eyes, said: “I really hope in the next life you can swim!” after said, he did not wait for Yao Yao to react but Yu Ao Tian immediately lift her up and throw her into the swimming pool.

“Help… help me…Yu… uh… help me.” She relentless moved in the middle of swimming pool, she begging him, looking at the man who standing near the swimming pool until her eyed feel not seeing anything.

Yu Ao Tian untied his necktie from his neck, one of his hand put into his pocket, sneered: “Bao Bei, I forgot to tell you that, last night… I have ordered man to check you in your mom’s house, but your mom said… you did not come!”

The smile of Lucifer, his eyes has intention to kill, again she taste the danger of this man.

She thought that he believed on her, she thought she could lie to this man. Wrong… wrong… the one who lied is the stupid.

At that moment when she entered the house, that man has already had intention to kill her. But he just too good in hide it.

Actually how deep is this man? How danger he is? Why she still so patient to find little bit light on this man? Or just that light is hiding too deep…

“Bao Bei, you rest assured, at the moment your Grandpa and your Mom will come to accompany you.” After said, he turned his back and walking to leave.

Yao Yao still struggling in the middle of swimming pool, he… what did he say? Grand pa, Mom? No! No!

“Don’t, uh…” looking at the figure that walked further, her body is slowly become heavier and heavier, slowly she is drowning.

Her tears mixed with the swimming pool water, tears by tears dropping as if bubbles.

You cannot, cannot, Yu Ao Tian, don’t kill my grandpa and mother, I can’t let my problem to drag my grandpa and mom to hell with me!

She struggling very hard, trying to make her head stay up: “Yu, Yu Ao Tian! I am still… hu… I am still virgin. I didn’t… I didn’t do….hu. Anything that sorry toward you. I am not….”

“Yao Yao…Yao Yao…” in the darkness, she heard a familiar voice calling her name.

Opened her eyes, she sees her grandpa and mom. “Grandpa, Mom, where are we?”

“Hm, did all of us killed by Yu Ao Tian, and now… we are in heaven.”

“No! Grandpa, Mom!” she conscious, she raised and sat, Yao Yao feared when she saw unfamiliar place, the light that illuminate her body.

She saw middle age woman is doing something like body check at her body lower part: “what are you doing?”

“Miss, please don’t move, Mr. Yu is asking us to have proper check for your body.”

Mr. Yu… Yu Ao Tian? It means that she hasn’t died?

“What are you checking on?”

“Mr. Yu has made an order to check whether you are still virgin or not. Besides you were drowning before and got safe, so you shall have proper care.”

“Ba Dump” she did not have strength to move, she opened her eyes to see the ceiling, her tears are just smoothly drops down.

It feels s good to live, so that, the scare of passing that death gate, kind of terrifying feeling.

Yu Ao Tian is really someone who too dangerous, very dangerous. The daily him is so different, did he pretending?

No, ugh, thinking carefully about the death of Ao Mei Chairman, thinking about the murders, the person who easily takes other lives must someone who has demon heart.

The daily him is actually also the real him, the murder of him also the real of him. But, she has thought this man too simple, the real person of him must be deeper compare to the normal people that she meets in her daily life, he even more complicated. Even Feng Chen Yi is cannot be compare to him, not even 10% of Yu Ao Tian, the complicated.

“ He, Yu Ao Tian, impossible you do not know about his background , you are currently have work collaboration with him, it same as lead the wolf into the house!” Even Feng Chen Yi’s father who has experienced so many things fear Yu Ao Tian and give three back steps, it can clearly be seen that he is extremely scaring.


Didn’t Feng Chen Yi and Yu Ao Tian have work collaboration? Although he said that he not fear of Yu Ao Tian, but… did he really ever seen Yu Ao Tian real self?

“Well, Little Miss, the check up already done. I have prepared to give the result report to Mr. Yu.” Said that middle aged woman who is dressed Yao Yao new clothes. Turned and left.

“Wait, Auntie, Yu… does Yu Ao Tian at outside?”

“En, Mr. Yu is there.”

After the middle age woman said, Yao Yao quickly get down from the bed: “Auntie, can you bring me with you to see Yu Ao Tian?”

“Alright.” After said, she and the auntie are walking out together from the room.

Quietly she sitting down at the stairs in living room, her eyes looking at the familiar surrounding but her eyes even locked on Yu Ao Tian, that man. Even the outside is covered by forest, but the top of hill is where the villa built.

“Mr. Yu, the check up result has done.”

Yu Ao Tian who sat on the sofa, swept his eyesight to the middle aged woman, coldly said: “How’s?”

“That little girl is virgin, there is no signed for violating or abrasion.”

“Fiuh…” Yao Yao who is not far from there finally can feel relieved, it seem that her last words during her struggling in pool that changed the last decision of Yu Ao Tian.

If during that time she did not believe on herself and not said that words perhaps she has already in heaven, and also Grandpa and mom… uh!

“En, understood, you can leave.”

“Yes.” The middle aged woman has sent off by the maid.

Yu Ao Tian glanced: “Bao Bei, you don’t need to hide at my back, if there is something you want to tell me, come here.”

She still afraid, her body is trembling in front of Yu Ao Tian: “Yu, Mr. Yu, I…”

“En? Usually you call me Yu Ao Tian, am I right? Why today you change the way you addressing me?” he used very soft, gentle and slowly way of tone spoke with her.

Yao Yao even felt the way of his speaking is more terrifying, it brings any danger in each word. “Yu, Mr. Yu, I , I understood that I was lack of understanding, I beg you, a great people forget small offenses, and still you…” Ba Dump! Suddenly Yao Yao kneeling on the floor: “But, but please let go my family.”

“Oh, ya, I almost forget.” He waved his fingers.

The men who are standing outside the living room, hurried come to his side: “Big Boss Yu.”

“Tell those men who are in hospital that waited for command to dismiss and leave.”


After she heard the conversation between Yu Ao Tian and his Xiao Di, Yao Yao really cannot imagine what she would be if the result of her body checking isn’t virgin, what would be her grand pa and mother.

“Thank you, thank you, Mr. Yu to be generous.”

“Come, Bao Bei, faster come here, don’t kneel anymore.”

She bowed down her head to the lowest and she stood up with her trembling body.

“Come here.”

Chicken gut…

She lift up her head and sees Yu Ao Tian devilish smiles, hurry she bows down her head again while her body stiffen, walking toward him.

“Sit down.”

She sat down right beside Yu Ao Tian as commanded.

One of his hands pulled her into his embrace and makes her sit on his lap, smiled: “Where did you go spending the night with Xia Ren Liang?”

“No!” Yao Yao answered him firmly, she indistinct feeling say that if she told him that she was with Xia Ren Liang yesterday it would harm Xia Ren Liang.

“Well, you— where and with whom were you for the entire night?” his eyesight as if able to pierce.

At the moment Yao Yao not dares to look at his eyes, she cannot tell him that she was with Feng Chen Yi for the entire night, this could harm him, now no matter what she said with whom she was, it meant she is harming that person, Yu Ao Tian is demon, she is also demoness!

“I am sorry. This morning… I had lied to you. But…I really did not know what happened to me last night.” Deathly silent! Deatly silent! This man knew the loopholes, Yao Yao trying to act calmly and be composed because this is the only way for her to escape.

“Last night, I was afraid you misunderstood my relationship between Xia Ren Liang, I asked him to drive me to my mom’s place but when I was taking my keys to open the door, suddenly I hit by someone. When I was awake, I realized I have been already in small street side.”

No wonder, as Yao Yao who has 205 IQ. If she really telling lie to an ordinary person that person won’t find out any loopholes. But unfortunately… Yu Ao Tian IQ is higher by 5 point compare to hers, so that, he knew there was a loophole on her statement. Either the real or the fake!

“Bao Bei, since there was someone hit you, why didn’t you say the truth, otherwise, how this morning incident would be happened, you say… right?”

“I am sorry. I, I afraid you worried about me, so I lied to you. I am sorry.” After Yao Yao said, her head bowed down even lower again.

“Ckckckckck” Yu Ao Tian helplessly patting Yao Yao’s head, suddenly his big hand grabbed her head.


“Bao Bei, it seems that you are not learn to be obediently, you know that I hate people lied to me the most.”

Yao Yao once again saw the demon side of Yu Ao Tian, she also knew that he found out loopholes in her statement: “During the time when I arrived at home, knowing that you had waited for me for the entire night, I tried to explain to you but I afraid you not believe on me after I said I really did not know what was happened to me last night. So that, I lied to you. This time, I really am telling you the truth.”

He released her, Yu Ao Tian smiling while caressing that face which filled with fright: “Good, good girl should not telling lie, understand?”

“Under, understand.”


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    1. She indeed tired with both of men.
      But, how she can escape since both of them have status, money and power while she is nothing.
      If not because her mom and grandpa perhaps she might kill herself, at least she does not have to live like this.

  3. After over 100 chapters, I thought things will change between YAT and YY. Im starting to get over her being mistreated. Its getting repetitive. She needs someone who will treat her right or she needs to be stronger.

    1. The mistreat, torturing, etc won’t end so fast but, as the time goes with process, indeed she will go stronger to face the cruel world that YAT wanted to show her.
      With all bad things, she will progress and grow up to fight back and not let other to bully her easily

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