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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 115 – 118

Chapter 115 – 118

As punishment, Yu Ao Tian is asking Yao Yao to perform the “usual” things that lover should do after he asked his men left the living room.

After some times…

“Yao Yao?”

This voice belongs to…

She stopped; her eyes moisten, holding her tears to fall down. She does not dare to turn her back to see the person, she not dare to confirm if the person is…Xia Ren Liang.

“Bao Bei, why are you stopping? Don’t you want to show off to your suitor how good your lascivious skills?”

Why? Why Yu Ao Tian must act like this? The anger filled Yao Yao eyes, when she wanted to raise her head, Yu Ao Tian pressed hard down her head.

“Uh.” She not even have chance to say anything.

“You are Yao Yao’s colleagues, right?” Yu Ao Tian is smiling devilishly to the dumbstruck man. That man is Xia Ren Liang.

“CEO Yu, you and Yao Yao…”

“Oh? It seems that Yao Yao hasn’t told you that she is my lover, this matter?”

Paused, Xia Ren Liang felt his eyes numb; he never thought that naïve and innocent girl like Yao Yao could be Yu Ao Tian’s lover!

“CEO yu, did you asking people to kidnap me only to let me see this thing? Or do you want to tell me, the girl that I pursue is belong to whom, that girl? If this is what you mean, perhaps you are doing more than it required (superfluous). I am Xia Ren Liang once I fall in love with one person, it won’t be easy for me to change.”

Seeing the firm and stubborn Xia Ren Liang statement, Yao Yao could feel her body shaking, cannot! Cannot! Xia Ren Liang, you shall not speak that way to Yu Ao Tian, he can kill you!

“Ha Ha, this brat, your feeling toward my girl is quite deep ah. I really wonder how your father will react when he heard what you say.”

“What is the connection with my father?” Xia Ren Liang not understood so he asked.

Yu Ao Tian eyes flashed, but he not answered Xiao Ren Liang question immediately, slowly his eyes swept on Yao Yao: “Bao Bei, you see, how big your charm, both of father and son fell for you, what should we do?”

What did Yu Ao Tian meant? What father and son? Xia Ren Liang? Xia Ren Liang’s father? Is he…

“Yu Ao Tian, what did you mean?”

“En? It seems that Yao Yao hasn’t told you about your father, Xia Yu who also asked her to be his lover.”

After Yu Ao Tian said, at sudden Yao Yao expression is turned white pale.

Seeing Xia Ren Liang eyes which showed that he not believed: “I, my father looking… looking Yao Yao as lover?” perhaps everything just too sudden for Xia Ren Liang so that he looked blockhead.

“Aiya, both of father and son really have same taste. If said that both of you are not father and son, I am not dare not to believe. Is it? Bao Bei?”

She is patiently to endure all the humiliation that gave by Yu Ao Tian.

Then, Yao Yao hurried to bathroom, at the time she feels Xia Ren Liang has gained himself, her face has wet with her tears…

“I am so sorry, Xia Ren Liang, thank you that you are always believed on me and also taking care of me. I am sorry, I am sorry…”

And then, Yao Yao not paid attention when her tears falling down, Xia Ren Liang eyes also has already wet.

“Send off Young Master Xia.”


After Xia Ren Liang has left with the men in black suit from the villa, Yu Ao Tian slowly pick up his mobile phone: “General Manager Feng.”

“CEO Yu. What’s matter?”

“Ha Ha, last night the thing that I promised you… I want to change the plan!”

Feng Chen Yi who is in another phone call frowned, another seconds, he coldly laughed: “CEO Yu, if you think that I can’t do the thing perfectly, perhaps you can do it by yourself. But, killing someone with other people knife is more convenient, don’t you should be happy?”

Feng Chen Yi understood the way of Yu Ao Tian settle things, when Yu Ao Tian said that he did not want that piece of land as exchanged for Xia Yu work collaboration but directly given to him, that moment he had guessed that Yu Ao Tian is using him to cut Xia Yu into pieces.”

“Chen Yi, more I know you more I realized that I have huge expectation to be your best friend.” When Yu Ao Tian said this, he is extremely excited, he loves this kind strong opponent like Feng Chen Yi lots!

“Ha Ha, thank you for the compliment. It seems this time I must work harder in order to do your part too. In order to taking care that Xia Yu.”

“Well then, I trouble you…”

When Yu Ao Tian hung his phone called, Yao Yao has rushed back from the bathroom, her eyes is moisten with tears, angrily: “Yu Ao Tian! Why you must act like this? I always remember my status as your lover every time, but why must you using this kind of way?”

“Bao Bei, perhaps you have misunderstood something, this matter does not have any relationship with you.’

“So why did you…” Xia Ren Liang, he was warning Xia Ren Liang, wasn’t he?

“But, I don’t have anything with him!”

“Hah, don’t tell me that you heard nothing what did he said before? If I don’t lend my hand, Bao Bei, later the person who hurt must be you!”

“CEO Yu, did you asking people to kidnap me only to let me see this things? Or do you want to tell me, the girl that I pursue is belong to whom, that girl? If this you mean, perhaps you are doing more than it required (superfluous). I am Xia Ren Liang once I fall in love with one person, it won’t be easy for me to change.”

If this matter didn’t bring up to surface, Xia Ren Liang must say this to herself, afraid what could she do when that time comes?”

Will she politely to refuse him or directly telling him that she is actually Yu Ao Tian’s lover? If waiting to that day comes, perhaps the person who hurt most must be him?

“I understood what you mean. Sorry…” her emotions has not fully recovered, although she understood Yu Ao Tian intentions, but… he solves it too extreme, she unable to ward off.

“Bao Bei, I really am happy because slowly you have accepted your status as lover, if later someone alike Xia Ren Liang appeared, I might… not simply to let the person knows this thing, understood?” His pair of black eyes gleaming coldly, he spoke so softly no rush but possesses deterrence, whoever heard it must already have big picture about what terrifying things would happen for “the next”.

“Under… understood.”

“Very good. Since today you move and stay with me.”

Staying with him? “No, I stay there quite good, cannot…” when her eyes meet Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, her heart shaken, “I, I understand. But if, if Li Mei Yun comes what should I do?”

“Ha, Bao Bei, you are really like to think about other.” But who would think about her? “I have another place with Li Mei Yun, normally she would not staying here with me, if you have objection, when she comes here… you just act as my maid.”

Maid? It is also good. Yao Yao immediately nodding her head: “Okay.”

“Pa, Pa” Yu Ao Tian clasped his hand, all the people who is leaving the living is returned one by one: “Angel, ask someone to help her tour this house.”

“Yes, Master.” The girl who called Angel looked alike in her twenties, she has very beautiful face shape, she really has extremely hot sexy body shape inside her maid-uniform, especially her slender fingers: “Yang Liu, you go with Miss Luo.”

“Yes, Housekeeper Angel.”

Unconsciously Yao Yao took a glanced from her beside, she realized that all of the maid in this house are having beautiful face and also young, does here is…Yu Ao Tian’s harem?”

“Miss Luo, this is the Master room, in the future you are sleeping in here.”

She is looking surrounding, it is really splendid and glamour room, it looked so warm with the romantic European-style double bed, perhaps this is one of the most beautiful room she ever seen in her life, but…

“Yang, Miss Yang.”

“Ha Ha, Miss Luo you are too courteous, you can call me Yang Liu.” This girl has very warm and has soft voice, she also has pair of big puppy eyes.

“Yang Liu, you can call me Yao Yao. I want to ask you, is here has any other room? I want to sleep at another place.”

“Yao Yao, aren’t you Master’s lover? Sleeping with Master is something so normal.”

“Ugh…” how can she know? But no wonder, it perhaps because just now incident, even the idiot might find out. She awkwardly laughing, lower little bit her head.

Yang Liu seems to realized that she had hurt Yao Yao, hurried she said: “You don’t think too much, I don’t mean anything. Even I have been only working here for few months, I had met so many girls that coming here to find Master, most of them are trying to climb into Master’s bed, included some of the maid who are working inside this house also have this kind of thought. But you are the first person who is especially brought by Master to here, so this must be kind of honor.”

“What? Ha, perhaps. It cannot be denied there are many aspects and quality in Yu Ao Tian which able to attract women and fulfill every woman’s dream. But for her, this is not an honor.

“Yao Yao, if you really does not want to accompany Master, I can tell you that, Master only stays here for three or four days every week.”

“Ah?” it lit her expectation; she happily pulled Yang Liu’s hand: “Is it true?”

“En, Master will always goes to Miss Li’s place every week, so that…”

Ha, it right, there still Li Mei Yun, Yu Ao Tian still needs to accompany Li Mei Yun, this is too good, so this way she won’t have any trouble staying in here. “Thank you Yang Liu for let me know.”

“Ha Ha, you are really weird ones, everyone is obviously wanted to have little longer time with Master, but you… besides that you are not even care and bother when Master spend time with Li Mei Yun.”

Cih, Yang Liu does not know her special relationship with Yu Ao Tian. Actually if she knows, she might think that Yao Yao climbed Yu Ao Tian’s bed because of money, other than that there still many complicated relationship which not shows up in surface.

“This is Master’s study room, Yao Yao, you should remember, no matter what happen you are not allowed to enter the room.” Said Yang Liu by pointing at the room’s door, she seriously said.


“I also don’t know. Perhaps Master hates woman to participate in his business. Of course, Miss Mo is exception.”

Is Mo Xue Tong? Last time she heard Long Qi ever mentioned about few of their relationship, the relationship that cannot be replaced by anything. Believe that Mo Xue Tong has an important place in Yu Ao Tian’s eyes.

After Yang Liu brought her touring the house, Yao Yao has familiarized herself with the villa environment and the rooms. When she back to living room again, Yu Ao Tian has already left, moreover he won’t be coming during the night. This is merely big good news for her!

The brand new week is coming, early in the morning Yao Yao has arrived in the office and stupidly standing in front of the Finance Department but not get in.

“Xiao Luo, we are almost in work hour, why are you stupidly standing outside?” the colleagues who passing her said with strange eyesight.

“Ah? I just want to take fresh air, refresh myself for moment, only a moment and then…” actually she is trying to {avoid first day lunar year but cannot avoid 15th day of lunar year} (cannot escape or unavoidable things), but after the yesterday incident she really does not know how to face Xia Ren Liang.


“Xiao Luo, why Xiao Xia not coming?”

“Ah? I, I don’t know.”

“Speak honestly, last Saturday both of you were together, Monday he is not coming, what was happen, confess!” few of the gossipers colleagues curiously asking.

She frowned, does not know how to explain to them. During this time…

“Everyone! I have something to announce.” Sun Li walking to in front of people: “Today I got news that Xiao Xia resign, later Ai Mi Li will take Xiao Xia position.”

“What? Xiao Xia resigns? Why he resign when everything is okay? Is it…”

“Hey, Xiao Luo, didn’t it because he had confessed to you but got rejection so that… he resigned?” some of the colleagues surrounded are guessing.

Yao Yao acted as if she not heard whatever they said and immersed on her own world, not to mention about Xia Ren Liang whether he is second generation of rich people or not, but even if he really a simple man, experiencing that kind of situation he perhaps resign, did she the reason he lost his job? Actually the person who must resign is her.

For the entire afternoon the situation was so tense, until the lunch time.

“Yao Yao, what happen to you? You look sick, do you have trouble with your job, just tell me okay?” Bai Ling anxiously asked her.

Yao Yao helplessly shook her head: “If it is work matters, I must feel much better.”

“Does it…”

“Hey, you guys watch in the television, is that person Xiao Xia?” said someone not far from them. Yao Yao and Bai Ling followed to watch.

“Today the ranked four domestic enterprise, chairman of Lan Du group, Mr. Xia Yu officially makes press conference to announce the CEO position is handed over to his eldest son, Xia Ren Liang. As reported his eldest son had graduated from Harvard University, holding Master degree in Business Management, Financial Management, a multiple degrees whether it can lead Lan Du to higher level or not. Could he able to make Lan Du at same level with Feng Group or Berson Group? Next is the complete report….”

“Hey, Yao Yao, is he Xia Ren Liang who is always having lunch with us, a colleague that…in same department with you?” Bai Ling showed her surprised face asking her. Her mouth not even can close.

“En, it is him.” Yao Yao helplessly nodded.

“Wo Kao (sounded like fucking damn)! Hiding second generation! If I knew earlier I should win his favor.” Bai Ling is regretful.

Not only her, most of the females in Finance Department are regretful. If all of them know earlier that Xia Ren Liang is second generation, they will win his favor.

“Xiao Luo, Xiao Luo, I asked you, do you know that Xia Ren Liang is second generation, this matter?” her colleagues in Finance Department are excited asking her.

She awkwardly smiled: “I, I know it just now.”

“Ah? On Saturday both of you were together, on Monday Xia Ren Liang suddenly resigned and took CEO position in Lan Du group, maybe…” when spoke half, some of the female colleagues secretly laughing.

“Stop it, you guys stopped to upset Xiao Luo, perhaps Xiao Luo… has already regretted by now? Hahahaha”

Regret? What should she regret for? Did they think Xia Ren Liang is trying to woo her and then because she ignore Xia Ren Liang and reject him, so that Xia Ren Liang angry and then he get back to his original identity?

Ha, they really have good imagination.

“Bai Ling, I feel full, I take my leave.” At the moment when Yao Yao stood up, in front of her there is familiar figure that suddenly blocked her vision line: “Xia, Xia Ren Liang.”

Thump thump thump

Her heart beat so fast, she really does not know with what kind of expression she must face Xia Ren Liang, she is avoiding his eyesight and lower her head.

“Aiya, Xiao Xia?” few of the females colleagues in Finance Department were stunned when spotted him, they paused, their eyes flashed, showing wicked smiled: “You guys make a guess, what kind of revenge Xiao Xia will pay to Xiao Luo?”

“He he he, so that Gao Shuai has already changed to be Gao Fu Shuai, if it was me, perhaps I will cry until my tears dry. Perhaps, Xiao Luo might have this kind of mood? Or else why must she look that nervous?”

“Yao Yao, I am apologizing to you. Actually last Saturday I wanted to tell you but that time I felt that I not suitable for you, so that I have decided to use this status to say to you…” Xia Ren Liang ignored all the eyesight of the surrounding, one of his hand in his pants pocket, with deep emotion he walking closer toward Yao Yao in front, slowly said: “I, love you.”


34 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 115 – 118

      1. There still few.
        They will be showed up one by one through the chapters 🙂
        I have mentioned before, Both of YAT and YY have ability to attract many people to them.

      2. Wow … Reverse harem ? I was about to ship XRL ! But after reading your comment, I will wait for a while. Today chapter is really pleasing to heart ( finally a human appear ) 😊😊😊

  1. Here we go again~
    Someone’s going to attract troubles again. LOL. I don’t know anymore. I actually hate how Luo Yao Yao can be so submissive to this. When will she start to act more “stubborn” (as what the title implies) and use a bit more of her 205 IQ to fight off these bullies?

    Thankies for updating!

  2. Thanks for the update. I wonder how YY will last being forced to be submissive all the time. I really feel sad for her. At least XRL seems sincere.

  3. ㅠㅠ poor YY – YAT really is quite cruel to humiliate her that way – not to mention it’s really totally rapey and makes me hate him quite a bit the way that he forces her to do things. I hope that he pays for this later on and she learns to stand up for herself more.

  4. Nearly 120 chapters and she is still crying buckets, while
    Assh%^* number 1 is sexually abusing and assaulting her and assh%^* number 2 is mentally and physically torturing her

    Not sure where the author is trying to show romance or growth in the woman’s character

    But I am trying to learn patience

    Thanks for updating and I hope younger and more impressionable readers understand that there is not a single iota of respect or decency in any of the relationships the girl has with the assh%^*, so please do NOT consider that crap love

  5. I guess what the author is trying to say is that once you catch the attention of a powerful psychopath, there is no escaping. Unfortunately for YY, she happens to caught the attention of the two most powerful psychopaths ever written in a novel. Also unfortunately, no one can rescue her. The only way for her to escape them us death, but then, what would happen to her family?

    1. I have different idea about this novel.
      on surface, YY is powerless and also cannot escape from those who are powerful than her.
      She is not weakling but sometimes when people feel there is no way out, death perhaps the easiest solution but also the most selfish way.

      When I decided to translate this novel, I know some of the reader might thought what crap I am translating, this novel has too much sexual-abuse, violence, dirty words, etc which regarding as improper. Out of all the negativity, I can feel YY character is progressing and improving, she learn to be maturer, less impulsive, but at same time she not losing her innocence.

      She keeps her bright side even in the darkest world she live in, she tried being pure and not contaminated by the cruel world.

      1. I do too like YY character. I just don’t like how the author tried to paint physical & mental abuse as love. At the moment, YY’s life seemed so bleak & depressing.

        Can you give a hint as to whether both FYC & YAT will be punished in the end?

      2. YY life isn’t bleak but sure depressing and tiring. she not only fight with the men but also women (either YAT harem or FCY harem or others)
        Both of the men will reap their deed.
        Again, YY character isn’t simple as the novel started…

      3. Please dont misunderstand, I am not criticising your translation work or effort. I truly appreciate that.
        I just wish the author show some growth in their characters because right now, all of them make me “shake my head” in despair

      4. Actually it is general statement.

        To say, you are right so far the characters and the story plot really make one’s “Shake head” especially for the female lead (Yao Yao).

        Please don’t think too much. I appreciate for every comments that I got, except those who using dirty words or improper comments when trying to corner me because my project decision.

      5. Actually it is general statement.

        To say, you are right so far the characters and the story plot really make one’s “Shake head” especially for the female lead (Yao Yao).

        Please don’t think too much. I appreciate for every comments that I got, except those who using dirty words or improper comments when trying to corner me because my project decision.

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