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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 14.3

Chapter 14

Part 3 (Three)

Senior High School started

When night comes, he naturally sent me off.

Because I have missed the school for one month, while the entrance examination date is coming nearer, I have to work harder for reviewing my drill books. My first goal is entering Girl’s high school, because I thought it has good quality and nice, the second choice is Hong Qiao High School because it was my alma mater and this is the most important, my alma mater entrances score is not low. In order to be at same school with Kang Yu, I must work hard for it.

In the blink of eyes when the examination date came, the good and bad, finally I made my Dad and Mom to give up sending me off to the examination place, once I went out from home, I rushed to the bus station, Kang Yu has been there, waiting for me.

I rushing there breathless, Kang Yu stretched his hand to take my bag and put on his back, “Bring the pen?”


“Bring rubber eraser (pencil / pen eraser)”


“Have you brought the important copied notes?”

“Bring.” He really is talkative.

“The examination’s ID card?”

“Bring!” who will forget of this!

“Very good.” He nodded satisfaction.

I rolled my eyes, he treated me as if kid.

Got to the bus, he looked alike storm-troopers (charge and break through enemy lines), trying to give me an empty seat so I could sit down, and then he realized that he still had his heavy bag on his hand.

“What you bring?” curiously I asked him because he was not joining the exam.

“Water, towel, soothing ointment, and snacks!” he answered me.

“Are those for me?”

“Nonsense, it not for me, relax, the water is distilled water, the towel is the new ones, the soothing ointment because the weather quite hot it could be used to freshen up, the snack is jerky that you like the most, it’s guarantee from genuine beef, not the artificial favor. You can chew it when you have afternoon break during reviewing.”

Oh Heaven, he really thoughtful.

He is more like my father compare to my real father.

Hence, I even moved by him.

The examination not in my own school, it was in other school, we—the students of Hong Qiao Junior High is joining the examination in Tian Shan High School, it not so far from our school, about 30 minutes, the other school is Xian Xia High School, because of Yan Yan school – transferred, her examination and mine not so close, that why she is having her entrance examination in Xian Xia High School. This school is further than mine so Yan Yan must wake up earlier than me by ten minutes.

When arrived at the examination place, all the students who are joining the exam are coming one after another, I saw the Shuang Twins (Da Shuang and Xiao Shuang), Xu Ying, Cong Li Jun, who are greeting each others, Liu Li Jun and Fan Jun because of them had accepted to Sheng Zhi so they did not need to join the examination.

It becomes habit during this time for us to say, “How’s the review?”

And then all of us would say, “I don’t read any, messed, I don’t know how the exam because not read the questions anymore.”

Important, usually for the moderate even the poor performance student, most of them would say such thing, this was the reality.

While the smart students said such thing, it totally could not be believed because it is top ten lies in China. Whenever heard it just thought it heard nothing.

While waiting for the examination room to be opened, we were matching the numbers, just to check which room we are belonging to, so that when the room is opened and started we would not be in chaos. Checking on books, notes, reviewed drilled and all that regarding to the examination stuffs, all eyes looked so nervous.

Waiting for the examination to start, we have already prepared.

Kang Yu asked me, “Don’t be nervous!”

Actually I was not that nervous, but because he mentioned, it made me became nervous.

He took out the towel and helped me to wipe my sweat, but I didn’t sweat, after he wiped, he started to wipe his sweat. But actually he was the one who sweating.

“Miao Miao, cautious, but after you done, no need to re-check it because more you check it is easier to get wrong!”

This is the wise saying for those who joining examination.

I nodded.

“Good, you go!” he said, after he said the talking to himself and left me and went to the examination way.

I pulled him, “It’s me who go for examination.”

He hit his head, “Oh yeah, it’s your examination, then you go!”

I sighed, “I am okay, you rest assured!”

“I am not nervous!”

Oh yeah, not nervous, but why he held my hand not let go of me, he even shaking, if early I knew I would not let him to come, on contrary it was me who taking care of him.

He dawdling for few minutes and finally let me went in to have my examination.

I turned my back to see Kang Yu who stood in front of the door a like ant in hot pan.

Ah~ sighed, I did not know after I done with my exam, would he still alive?

When the teacher came, they rushed us to get into the examination room, I did not care, straight forwardly go into, sat down on my seat, took out pencil, Examination ID, Eraser, others than those, other was not allowed to put on the desk.

Days before examination, in my mind there always is Kang Yu and also the exam that I haven’t finished.

When the teacher who guarded the examination came, I have forgot all the things, only took the deep breathe.

The bell ringing, the teacher distributing the examination paper and the exam is started.

Third year examination, There were six subjects tested in Shanghai, the full score was 510, there were Chinese, Math, English, the total of each was 120 scores, Physics, Chemistry, politics, each of them 50 scores.

The first day examination: Morning – Chinese, afternoon – Politic.

The second day examination: Morning – math, afternoon – Physics.

The third day examination: Morning – English, afternoon – chemistry.

When all the subjects are tested, everyone would ask, “How’s the examination!”

To be honest, to be asked this kind of question, subconscious mind wanted to hear it well, but if the person who got asked was Xu Ying, she would say no good, it quite strike heart.

It meant that her examination well-passed.

The good students are always like this, it obviously they did well but always reply no good.

So this is called as the top ten lies for Chinese students.

After three days, the examination done, the first thing that done by the third year student were to tear the book, or they sold all the book to the second book store, except they were taking the supplementary or retake so the book would neither torn nor sold. While me, perhaps I would burn the book or gave it to my grandmother as substitute for firewood. I hate these books.

Mid July, I returned to school, the teacher would release the score transcript.

That was one of the most anxious and most torturing days. when I saw my test scores, I was dumbfounded.

Impossible, how could it be?

No, there still hopes!

28 July, I was eating watermelon at home, I got the admission letter from Shi San Nv girl’s high school.

I unexpected succeed to enter my first choice, hadn’t they said that Shi San Nv set up higher scores?


Dreams shattered….

September 1996, I was entering Shi San Nv Girl’s high school class 1-3.

My High School life is begin…


1] 劳 Lao 逸 Yi 结 Jie 合 He : have break / rest (to strike a balance between work and rest [idiom])


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