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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 119

Zhao Qing Kong

Chapter 119

In flashed, those people who are waiting for best part of show to come suddenly feel as if they are slapped. But Yao Yao knows this is the purposed of Xia Ren Liang.

He does not need to be… He does not need to be like this Xia Ren Liang, although all the colleagues are misunderstood their relationship, but if this words are heard by Yu Ao Tian, what would be the risk?

“Yao Yao, do you have time? I want to have chat with you.” Xia Ren Liang whispered to hers ear.

Her heart is trembling, anxiously made a fist: “I am sorry, I… I don’t…”

“CEO Xia.”

Suddenly Yu Ao Tian voice heard, Yao Yao raise her head but immediately bow down. How can he be here, did he hear what Xia Ren Liang say?”

“CEO Yu.” Everyone greet Yu Ao Tian on the moment they saw him.

“CEO Yu, Hello.” Xia Ren Liang stretched his hand as the polite gesture.

“Ha Ha, today I watched the news, congratulation CEO Xia, finally you took the CEO position from your father.” Yu Ao Tian politely shook Xia Ren Liang’s hand.

“I should thank Berson “educated” me. I have worked in Berson for two years and I have learned so many things. Thank you to CEO Yu who had given me this opportunity. Others… I want to have chat with your “employee” privately, don’t know will you… “Let her go”?”

Yu Ao Tian deep eyes swept into Yao Yao who is bow down, smiled: “I believe that my “employee” know the boundaries, so that, it is not something that I can decide. Not say anymore, I must go to my office room.”

“CEO Yu takes your leave.”

After Yu Ao Tian left, that intimidation atmosphere finally broke, his image had engraved so deep inside her heart. Something that called feared and shivering.

“Yao Yao, give me 5 minutes can you?”

“No…” at the moment Xia Ren Liang pleads to her, she helplessly nodded her head: “Fine.” They also left the cafeteria…

“Yao Yao, regarding yesterday matter…”

“Could you not bring it up? Whatever Yu Ao Tian said was true, I am his woman.”

“No! I believe on my own eyes, just now when we were in cafeteria….”

“Thank you, you helped me out from embarrassment.”

“Ha Ha, Yao Yao you are mistaken, I was not helping you out from embarrassment but I was telling the truth. Indeed that was the thing I wanted to tell you regarding, although you are Yu Ao Tian’s woman, even though you love him. But those things would not affect me or stopped me to love you. I will never give up, never!”

Xia Ren Liang stubbornness is something Yao Yao predicted, she thought this man might give up after he knew everything about her, he must hate her but thing isn’t that simple.

This is so regrettable… she cannot give him anything, no matter her feeling or even one comfort word.

“Xia Ren Liang, did you resign because that matter?”

“No, it not that, my father’s company suddenly have urgent problem, our company in crisis and also because of his sickness, so that I need to take CEO position in Lan Du group and help him to pass this crisis.”

“Well, you must work hard.”

“En, you too, I take my leave.”

“Good bye.”

“Good bye…Yao Yao…”

When parting, Xia Ren Liang wanted to give her hug, but she merciless refused, his eyes filled with confusion, he felt sentimental toward Yao Yao gesture. However…

Xia Ren Liang does not know this hug perhaps will give him ill-fated and also danger, her lover, Yu Ao Tian is someone dangerous and scary more than demon!

There is no guarantee whether both of them able to meet each other in the future, but knowing Xia Ren Liang for few days, he had given her unforgettable memory and support. This friendship, if there is a chance she will pay him back!

Without she realized the work time is ended, Yao Yao back to Yu Ao Tian’s villa.

“I want to meet Yu Ao Tian! Why all of you not let me in?” suddenly there is woman voice that screaming from outside.

Yao Yao is slowly walking…

“Miss Luo.” Angel who is standing in the front inner gate greets her politely.

The woman who is standing in front of the outer gate, emotionally looking at Yao Yao and grabbed on her, hysterical asked: “Who is she? Why can she enter Yu Ao Tian’s villa deliberately?”

“Miss Zhao, this is…”

“I am a maid that employed by Mr. Yu.” Angel word has cut, hurried Yao Yao made excuses for her own self. Her instinct tell her that, this woman is someone who has complicated relationship with Yu Ao Tian, she does not want to get dragged in their relationship.

“Are you Yu Ao Tian’s maid?” that woman narrowed her eyes, but after she took good look of Yao Yao, she is not hesitate and then released her: “Humph, Yu Ao Tian won’t change his taste so fast!”

Yao Yao hurried get into the villa.

“Yao Yao, are you okay?” Yang Liu concerned, asking her.

“It is okay.”

For almost one hour, the woman is still making noise outside. But right after one hour later, the villa back to quiet.

Unknown the matter but she felt that the woman at outside looked so pity, if not because she loves Yu Ao Tian that deeply, would she really able to degrade herself to that point?



During the dinner time, Yu Ao Tian has already at home, hurried Yao Yao put down her bowl and chopstick: “Yu, Mr. Yu…”

“Ha, Bao Bei, you addressed as if we are stranger.” His face does not have any expression, directly sitting: “Eat.” Take the chopstick.

Yao Yao hurried opened her mouth: “I had spoken only five minutes with Xia Ren Liang, it was simple conversation, nothing important.”

“Why are you telling me this?” he put one dish on Yao Yao’s bowl: “Come and eat.”

He…, doesn’t he have objection? Will he sink her again in the pool? She feels so anxious takes her chopstick…

“Ao Tian! I am Qing Kong, I know you are there, can you meet me?”

That woman again, didn’t she have left? Lift her head up, she glanced at Yu Ao Tian expression.

As seen, he clasped his hand: “Angel, what happen at outside?”

“Replied to Master, that is Miss Zhao, today she has come one time, but I didn’t let her in, but now she comes back again.”

“Ask her to come in.”


“Bao Bei…”

“I, I have done with my meal, I back to my room.” Without waiting for Yu Ao Tian speaks, Yao Yao hurried leaving the dining room.

Ha, he really rare to meet such understandable girl. He satisfied smiling, slowly leaving the dining room.

“Ao Tian!” Zhao Qing Kong meets him, her tears streaming down and hurried rush toward him.

To unknown, she is stopped by Angel.

“You are only a maid, this is none of your business!” Zhao Qing Kong unhappy roared, she turned to look at Yu Ao Tian: “Ao Tian.”

He sits down at sofa as if not seen anything, coldly said: “Zhao Qing Kong, why are you looking for me?”

“Ao Tian, I know that now we are not… but..” she gently touching her abdomen part, smiling: “I have pregnant your baby.”

After she spoke, Yao Yao who just went to second floor suddenly stopped her footstep, secretly peek on living room from second floor, wanting to know what is happening…


20 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 119

  1. Consider that Zhao Qing Kong dead, is what Li Mei Yun would say. Hahahah. Because apparently they all know Yu Ao Tian hates to be implicated with any woman’s pregnancy. To the point he gives them money right after bedding them.

    Again, I’m sure Luo Yao Yao will become distant with Yu Ao Tian after witnessing whatever would happen to that King Kong. LOL. Oh, cotton candy date, you are nothing but a distant dream now~

    1. Zhao Qing Kong will be good alliance for Yao Yao to fight Li Mei Yun but wait…
      Yu Ao Tian harem not only them…
      Yu Ao Tian has too many xiao san (Mistress) but not Xiao si (the fourth), Xiao Wu (the fifth).
      When talking about Yu Ao Tian harem, all the mistress actually “Regenerate” LOLS XD XD XD

      1. Yu Ao Tian really is an “emperor”.
        If he doesn’t need them, he can easily give them a cup of “poisoned wine” or an “imperial edict” to die brutally. Even his way of killing his enemies is very emperor-like: death by a thousand cuts.

  2. Yao Yao should distant herself from YAT as much as possible, why bother caring of his matter when he doesn’t value your opinion…sigh

    1. Actually most of time YY bullied by YAT because her curiousness and also her busy-doing (character) with everything.
      simple example, why must she think about Li Mei Yun feeling when no ones think about her feeling (just alike YAT said). when she stands for Li Mei Yun no one stand for her moreover her act just make YAT pissed off.

      1. Majority of the readers here are the same as other novels we read. Most of the readers tend to ship for Mr. Nice Guy but not the bad or fu hei one and each time the female leads falls for the black belly man. Yet, YAT has his moment…ok, ok, ok…he has more than a moment. In his own way he cares for YY at the same times he is also teaching YY life experiences. In reality, life is not all about bed of roses or black and white. There’s a lot of grey in between and cruelties in the world. YAT is trying his best to teach YY that kind of trying to break the goodness in YY to make her tougher so to speak. YAT only know one kind of lesson is to be cruel not only to those who opposes him even to YY.

        I have no idea how would YY falls in love with YAT in the later chapters. I like YAT yet I hates his ways. He reminded me of grumpy old fart, his way or the highway..

        Even both Long Ye and Long Qi had mentioned before that YAT don’t get hurt or injured before when he fights for his women but where YY is concerned he not only get injured but over-protective. Why?? No one knows and I believe that YAT himself also does not know….yet….

        What is the link between YAT and YY from the past??? Why is YAT wants to find out so much when YY was 4 or 6 years old?? What are the connection?

      2. so far as we knew…
        Yao Yao is Luo Tian Ming’s daughter who was one confide of Zheng Kai Rui (current deputy minister) who also Yu Ao Tian’s enemy.
        While 14 years ago, Luo Tian Ming was killed because of car incident.
        There is important information that YAT wanted to know and perhaps YY is the person who can give him the answer regarding 14 years ago “Case” at least to complete every mystery puzzle about years ago incident.

    1. There is reason why YAT does not want to have child.
      YY is exception. again, just as you mentioned, why would she want to? she hasn’t felt for him, there still no love between them but the affection has made red line for both of them since the first time they met.

      1. No I just meant, why would she want to have a child with a psychopath? She’ll never be able to escape him if she has his child.

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