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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 120

Zhao Qing Kong

Chapter 120

“Abort it.” Yu Ao Tian answered as if a knife that stabbed into Zhao Qing Kong’s heart and also pierce into Yao Yao’s.

How could he so calm when he said that? Inside that woman’s stomach there is his baby!

“Ao Tian, what are you talking? Our baby is already four months, you see, you see.” Zhao Qing Kong excitedly to take out the sonographic scans picture: “This is your baby, how can you be so heartless!”

Yu Ao Tian swept his glanced to that sonographic scans picture, his lip curled up, heartlessly he took that picture and stomped it to the floor: “Qing Kong, you must know very well our relationship, and also you know that I never wanted to have any baby from any woman, the most important is…” his deep eyes gleaming, one of his hand grabbed her jaw: “You are my enemy’s daughter!”

“My father? Ao Tian, did my father die because of…you?”

Zhao Qing Kong? Does she is the daughter of CEO Zhao Zhi Cheng? Yao Yao heart is tightened, so the reason Yu Ao Tian killed Zhao Zhi Cheng not because business matter, but because both of them…. has grudged, did Yu Ao Tian really killed Zhao Zhi Cheng because of grudge?

“Didn’t your elder brother tell you?” he loosens up his hand, he sneering.

When Zhao Qing Kong heard all of this, at sudden she is crying as river, kneeling in front of Yu Ao Tian: “Ao Tian, Ao Tian, I really don’t know what the grudges you have with my father, but did all the things we spent together, all was fake?

“Ha, do you think if you are not Zhao Zhi Cheng’s daughter, I would like you?”


This words as if bolt during clear sky that thundered to Zhao Qing Kong and made her dream turned into pieces: “You, did you together with me because… you wanted to revenge to my father? How could you like this… how could you, but inside my stomach is your baby… it is innocent!”

“No, this baby still has it value, at least it can accompany your father in hell.” He clasped his hand.

At the moment, Angel has been moving toward, she pulled Zhao Qing Kong up from her kneeling position, only with one punch.


The fresh blood is slowly dripping down. Zhao Qing Kong face has turned as white as paper touched her abdomen: “Why? Ao Tian, even though you hate my father, but this baby… it has your blood, Ao Tian…”

“Ha, if I really want baby I can have it from any other woman but why must I let my enemy’s daughter to bear it? Since you are like kids so much, I will let you… to have no right become mother!” after said, his coldly said: “Angel, search someone to take out her ovum! So that, she will be lost her ability to pregnant.”


“Ao Tian! No! Don’t! Ao Tian!” inside that glamour and splendid villa, there is woman who begging but not get any replied except the coldness in that place.

At the first time she had decided to be with Yu Ao Tian, she had understood, though she still trying her luck to bear Yu Ao Tian’s child, but this man is heartless, he even not let this child to born, moreover child from his enemy’s daughter!

Stood up, at the moment when he lift up his head, he spotted Yao Yao who dumbstruck standing in second floor.

When she felt the cold, suddenly her pair of leg weakens, trying to move to her room.

What did she see, what did she hear? Why must she felt curious with Yu Ao Tian reaction when that woman said she pregnant? Now when she knew the answered, did she satisfy?

It scary… terrifying…

Little life suddenly vanished only by single words of Yu Ao Tian, because of him a normal woman suddenly losing her right to pregnant and be mother.

How could he be this heartless? How could he be this cold blood? Although she is his enemy’s daughter, why must he be so heartless and merciless until this step?

She covered herself in quilt, Yao Yao is shivering all over her body, this kind of fear is coming from the bottom of her heart, human have blood, but she feels Yu Ao Tian is even scarier than before.

“Bao Bei.”

She felt suffocating, hurried she used the quilt to cover her head: “I am sorry, I am so sorry, I, I am so tired, I want… to sleep. Can I?”

He knew that Little Thing must be so scare after she witness it, so that he had expected her to go to her room immediately before but still she seen it.

“Are you really tired? Bao Bei, I hate girl who tell lie.”

Her body which is covered by quilt suddenly uncovered by Yu Ao Tian, she afraid to see at his eyes: “I… I..” her brain emptied, in her eyes she only sees a demon in front of her.

“Bao Bei, do you really scare of me?” Yu Ao Tian is kneeling in bed, slowly stretched his hand, when he touch Little Thing’s body who is shivering and having cold sweat, finally he realized that Little Thing really shocked so much.

“I… I… I don’t know you and Zhao Zhi Cheng… had grudged. But, but his daughter is innocent, moreover the baby that she bear also innocent. You, you had killed Zhao Zhi Cheng, why must you….” She still trembling but those tears that alike crystal bead streaming down, she even not understands what she said.

“Ha, do you really think that his daughter innocent? Why I think… all his family must be died!” when Yu Ao Tian said it, his eyes is flashing hatred, a kind of hate that had been penetrating into his bone.

She does not know what kind of hate that makes Yu Ao Tian able to kill someone moreover to kill the entire family?

“Besides that, I never asked his daughter to pregnant, it was her fault to secretly bear that baby, so that I gave her punishment to lose her right to be mother.”

“But, but, but being pregnant isn’t one person responsible. If you are not… if you are not, how could she pregnant?”

“Aiyo, Little Thing you are quite understood this kind of things. Do you ever thought to… give it try by yourself?” he said devilishly.

Yao Yao almost frighten to death, she gathered her courage: “No, I don’t want to try it.”

“Hm, I see you are curious about my**, you must have think about it before, right? Rest assured, I will be so patience toward you, trying to satisfy you during the process.” After said, Yu Ao Tian is lying in the bed besides Yao Yao while grabbed her body to his top.

“No, I don’t want.” She is panic.

At the moment, Yu Ao Tian frowned: “Bao Bei, you…”

“Ah?” she saw he showed awkward expression, Yao Yao dumbfounded: “What, What?”

Slowly he stands up, his eyes looked at Yao Yao, his hand touching…

“Ha Ha, Bao Bei, you… you don’t pee on me!”

My God…

How could she pee?

Her face blushed red, faster she moved from Yu Ao Tian’s body, she touched the body lower part, it really wet, and then she looking at the floor in her room, all is wet.

Did she really pee after she saw Yu Ao Tian treated that woman? Why she not even feel it before, so embarrassing!

Yao Yao hurried go to bathroom, when she standing in front of the wash basin, she glanced at Yu Ao Tian who also cleaning his pant: “You, you stop, I wash by myself.”

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14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 120

  1. Thanks for this surprise chapter. YY was so terrified that she peed on YAT? OMG. Have to admit it’s a first for him. Other women will be trying to climb and throw themselves to him. YY , just the opposite.

  2. Thank u for the update! ^^ Haha,YY is really great in changing the mood scene. The terrifying scene changes to comedic scene because YAT get peed by her. He deserve it! 😂

  3. LYY is sooo “pissed off” at YAT. LOL. Well, good luck to YAT on how he can turn her back to that naive Bao Bei girl she was. Oh, wait, didn’t he want her to be a person who can accept and face reality? A person with a different thinking. Right, right. Hahahahah. Don’t know how that will turn in his favor though, she’s just all terrified of him now. But maybe if she becomes like Li Mei Yun who can indiffirently look at his violence as a charm, maybe that’d be good for her.

    Anyway, thankies, Azurro for another update!!!

  4. There is a story that we do not know There is a reason for YAT’s madness. Why he became Yakusa in first place. Are these people, even the women in his harem are part of is past traumas?

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