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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 15

Chapter 15

Part 1 (One)

Love Rival Appeared

The High School has started after one month. It was also the last day of the National Day. It was my last time gathered with my best fellow sisters. Da Shuang entered to one of the capital city school – Jian Qing High School, Xiao Fan and Liu Li Jun entered Sheng Zhi school, but not at same class, by coincide Xiao Fan and Kang Yu were at same class, Xiao Shuang and Cong Li Jun were the “best companions” that took sick leave often for the last semester in our third Junior High, both of them were entered Shanghai Modern Technology School. They were choosing Secretariat majority in English and also same class. While Xu Ying effortless entered to Shi San Nv and coincide she was same class with me. The last was Yan Yan who re-takes her exam and finally entered the alma mater school in Junior high. World just too miraculous, not encountered then did not know.

Although we were separating, but some of us still together, all of us still missed the days we had before that’s why we had gathered once again just to enhance our feeling. Everyone was happy for me, I had sick for one month, but I did not fail my entrance examination even I passed. My body recovered, it was really double happiness, dare not to believe on my own luck.

I didn’t think so because I still had wished to study at same school with Kang Yu. My admission to Shi San Nv not really made me happy but things had done, so there was no used to remember anymore.

If wanted to blame, then blame Kang Yu, who asked him to guess the questions very well, it even made me gained high score for English which is my weakness.


Now there was useless to say, because the most important thing to focus was my love rival.

To be honest, since Kang Yu and I entered High School, we were rare met each other, it almost more than one month.

“Xiao Fan, is the school have many female students?” I didn’t mean to blame on Gods and accuse others, just as prevention, distance might create third party and the worst separation.

There was saying about—–at that time breathtaking, it’s only haven’t seen the world yet.

During the Junior high, I always wandering in front of his eyes, so seeing my presence kind of habit. But now, I didn’t wandering in front of his eyes anymore, I fat and also not beautiful and not adorable. I afraid when others who more beautiful, more adorable who wandering in front of him and then I would turn into his past.

I really worried.

“Many, we have more than half females, do you think it many or not?” Xiao Fan is looking at me.

Nonsense, Hong Qiao is female and male school (mixed-gender school), of course there would be half male and half female.

“What I mean is the beauty ones, the adorable ones, are they many or not?”

“Our Miao Miao is worried, Xiao Fan, for the sake of our fellow best sister, you must have good look of Kang Yu, it only Miao Miao and Kang Yu who left as pair from our class so the important point is you must protect the other party.”

I felt grateful almost tearing because of Da Shuang, she really my good fellow sister, understood my worries so well.

Xiao Fan said, “Only leaving the school for one month, talking about adultery, how could we know.”

It so right, now not really familiarized so there would not be any movement, but my heart still worried so I drank cola.

“Miao Miao, don’t worry, Kang Yu isn’t that type of man!” Xiao Shuang said after she refill her cola, “Although not together during High School, but your house is close to his, during the weekend both of you still can meet, don’t be afraid, groundless fear!”

It still better if she said nothing, once she said, it stabbed onto my wound spot.

“We haven’t seen each other for more than a month, even during the last National day, he always excused he is busy!” I complained.

“What?” all of them were curious and wide opened their eyes.

I gripped the glass, looking at the bubbles soda of cola, “I don’t know, he said recently Uncle Shen has new products, very sold able, he wanted to help so that he didn’t have time to meet me, yesterday I had phoned him, asked him to go out on Saturday to visit zoo and ice-skating but he said he did not have time so I just reminded him to take care of himself.”

“There must be something!” Liu Li Jun lifts her spectacles, her eyes flashing seeing me.

“Don’t scare me! I have poor health before, now I cannot face any shock.”

“I don’t intend to scare you, in drama they are always said that once the boy-girl friend has be passionately in love, but when ones said that busy, didn’t have time to meet, not long after that, they would be broke up!”

Liu Li Jun is crazy fan of drama, she loves romance drama the most, so when she said, my heart pondering.

“Don’t scare Miao Miao, you see her face is already white pale!” Xiao Shuang took one piece of chicken and stuffed into Liu Li Jun’s mouth.

“It’s not like that, I just feel something amiss here, he was not like this before! Before he liked to plaster me, if I didn’t meet him, his face would be darken than pot and also scary.”

Xiao Fan chewing her fried spinach, she used chopstick pointed at me, “I will go to see him, ask him clearly.”

“It’s not good!” I shrunk.

“If not ask clearly, your heart will not in peace, although get dump, it must be you who dump him, there is no way you let him to dump you!” Xiao Fan glared me, “If you are the one who get dump, then you are embarrassed us.”

Xiao Fan is always be valiant but never thought she could be such valiant.

“Miao Miao, I agreed with Xiao Fan, go and ask, don’t bottle up inside your heart! I see Kang Yu is also nothing, if her really faithless, dump him, when you dump him don’t forget to reward him two slaps.”

Cong Li Jun since her sick leave, Kang Yu had taken her place in student committee so she hates him so much until now. No wonder she could say Kang Yu like that, I could see she hates him until gritting her teeth and trying to seek opportunity to give him fierce bite.

“The ones who agree put hands up!” Xiao Fan suddenly put her hand up.

“I agree.” Xiao Shuang followed.

Not to mention Cong Li Jun, she even put two ups.

Xu Ying nodding her head and put up her hands.

Liu Li Jun wiped her mouth and said, “I agree too.”

This… they forced me.

I was glancing at Yan Yan, since she has not put up her hand, looking at her to help.

She not even looked at me, she even busy herself to fill her mouth with sweet sour pork ribs.

This little sister, have or haven’t there is no difference.

“Really must go?” I asked.

Ten eyes were looking at me, “go!”

My stomach grumbled while I swallowing my saliva, others have too many people, I could not win over them so at last I put my own hand up and lowered my head.

“Okay… I go… go then go!”


Saturday, I gathered my courage, pretended to be strong, went out from home with loftiness, watching attentively from in front of Kang Yu’s house, immediately I hide at one of corner, using the current courage, I felt myself wilt, if being asked, yesterday I still made the draft but now I have forgotten, could not remember anything.

My eyes flashed as if radar followed Kang Yu.

Where he go? Didn’t he say that he help in Uncle Shen’s store, why didn’t he at store but walking on contrary way.

Something fishy!

It really something fishy!

Immediately my pair of eyes changed alike Athena radar, unconsciously followed on him.

I followed him to food market, seeing him got on bus to the textile market, I also rushed to follow, fortunately the textile market was crowded so I tried to squeezed myself to crowded and not let him to find out.

When arrived at textile market, he got off from the bus, naturally I followed him.

Seeing at the front gate of the Textile Market, I got frustrated because why did he come here! Didn’t he say that he help Uncle Shen? Not right, Uncle Shen is selling food, he must go to Shi Liu Bu.

Whatever I have came, so I must manage to know clearly.

I followed him with ten meters distance, hiding left and right, from one place to others, now I was not as lithe and thin as sparrow as before, only few steps I almost run out breathe, how could I follow him, my two legs have already ached. Fortunately the weather was not hot, or else my sickness might relapse.

Finally, I saw him went into one store.


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