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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 121

This is another sweet and funny moment between Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao. Won’t say too much so, take your time to enjoy this chapter 🙂

Hi Girl


Chapter 121

“Although you don’t want to wash yours, but at least you must wash mine “who wet” by you.” Said Yu Ao Tian with helpless expression and looking at her.

“You, why don’t you ask Angel to help you?”

“Aiya, Bao Bei, you are already 19 years old but still pee on your pant, it is more than embarrassed that I knew it, do you still want Angel and others know it too?”

Looking at Yu Ao Tian’s devil face, Yao Yao face even blushing, she felt so sad but wipe dry her tears and turned: “Who should be blame? If not you who did that kind of thing, would I be scared to this point?” her eyes sharply looked into Yu Ao Tian who is laughing her, she made fist with her hand, shouted: “You mother fuck what are you laughing for?”

He stopped, his face dark looked at Yao Yao: “Little Thing, what did you say? I not hear you, can you say it once again?”

At the moment, Yao Yao felt that she has said something that she mustn’t say: “I, I did not say anything.”

“Uh.” Yu Ao Tian helplessly shaking his head, although he hates to hear Little Thing speaking dirty words, but now at least she has already back to her own self, not that scared him, this is more than enough.

“Yu Ao Tian.”


“Zhao Zhi Chen… actually what grudge… did both of you had?”

When he heard Yao Yao questioned, Yu Ao Tian face expression changed: “You will know latter!” yeah, later…

Yu Ao Tian backs to his teasing mode, he walked closer to Yao Yao: “Little Thing, do you want to take bath with me?”

Finally Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao are taking bath together and then both of them sleeping at one bed. Before go to bed, Yu Ao Tian stripped himself left with his boxer with him. Yao Yao panic, asking him why he must almost naked when both of them are going to sleep.

Yu Ao Tian said that is his habit.

Later in the middle at night…

“Yu…Yu Ao Tian! Yu Ao Tian! Yu Ao Tian!”

“What?” He really hates it because not easy for him to fall asleep. “Do you want to have night chat?”

“No, not that. I am sorry, I am sorry to wake you up. I just wanted to know whether Angel and others have sleep or not?”

This Little Thing perhaps has sickness.

“How a hell I know whether they sleep or not?”

“That.. That… do you know where they put tampon (Sanitary napkin)?”

He is not abnormal or weirdo why must he knows where those women put that thing?

“Little Thing, aren’t you?” suddenly he fully wakes up, Yu Ao Tian furrowed his brow, hurried he turned on the room light, at the moment sees the quilt…

“Damn!” when he saw that snow white quilt has red trace.

“I am sorry, it comes earlier, so that I ….” She looked alike helpless little lamb and speechless.

He cannot do anything except shaking his head: “What to do?”

“I, I am not dare to move… you go, can you go to Angel’s place to borrow few?”

Borrow? Uh, he is Yu Ao Tian, how can he borrow that thing from woman? How can be shameless he is, so that he should borrow that thing?

“You wait for me, I will go to buy it for you.” After he said, he is helplessly to wear his clothes, engine his car and go to the nearest minimart…

“Sir, total is 59 Yuan.” Inside the minimart, the storekeeper is passionately smiling at him.

He touched his pocket, but on half way, he finally realized that he does not bring his wallet. Because his wallet is in his others clothes. Damn, this is so troublesome.

“I’m sorry Miss, I forget to bring my money, later…”

“CEO Yu.”

Familiar voice, he turned to see: “Chen Yi.”

“Coincide.” Feng Chen Yi is walking to in front of him, and then his eyes are glancing at the thing in cashier: “You…hahaha.” He is awkwardly laughing at him.

“Just in time, Chen Yi, I forget to bring my money, perhaps I need to trouble you and borrow little bit.”

“It is okay, CEO Yu, I helped you to pay. You may go first.”

“Okay.” After said, Yu Ao Tian is hurried to leave the place.

When he arrived at the villa, he tossed the thing that he bought to Yao Yao.

She takes look…

“This, this… isn’t sanitary napkin! This is not the one I want to use!”

“Little Thing, you try to shout at me!” He really does not know how to choose the sanitary napkin. The problem is… inside the minimart there were lot of people, after he took one of the sanitary napkin and went to cashier to settle the payment it was so embarrassing already! The most important part was…. It was his first time in his life time to borrow money, if Feng Chen Yi saw he bought sanitary napkin later with what face he must talk business with him in the future, since his face has lost.

“You try to use it, later you just looking for Angel to help you.”

“But, but… ah~ fine. Thank…you.” Mumbling for some times, Yao Yao finally went to Yang Liu to borrow the sanitary napkin.

It had exhausted him, both of them have changed to another new room. This time Yu Ao Tian is smarter, he gave Yao Yao another different room so both of them sleep separately. He just afraid if this Little Thing would troublesome him again, he really afraid to lose control, have bad mood and suddenly straggle her to death…

Yao Yao who is having single room, she dumfounded looking at the room’s ceiling, she feels that… tonight Yu Ao Tian not really that scary.

Washing the clothes, buying the stuff, moreover the time when both of them still in apartment, he had made her meal. This man really knows to do many things while he is little bit different from Yu Ao Tian in her imagine.

No! It is indeed another side of him, he just…

Unknown he is heartless, cold blood which can be appeared every time, his demonic-self too dangerous. No one knows when the thoughtful and considerate self of him gone, anyway, be with this man should not use too much feeling because no one knows when the days someone… unconsciously die in his hands!




24 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 121

    1. Yu Ao Tian had promised her not to touch her if she not ask him.
      Even Yu Ao Tian is beast, he is someone who keeps his promise. there are many times he endured not to touch (having sex) Yao Yao but again, it strange and only happen with/to Yao Yao, even touching such as caress her back, touching collar bone, (foreplay) all of those have already satisfied him.

  1. Well, that was a total 360 degrees turnaround of Yu Ao Tian: from being a terrifying man who will abort his offspring and brutally take away the woman’s ability for childbearing, to a man who is willing to go out to buy sanitary pads for his lover. Hahah. It’s totally two extremes. And only one thing can make a person flip like that to one extreme to another, and I hope Yu Ao Tian realize it sooner.

    That one thing is… yes, you guess it right!
    Only Luo Yao Yao has made Yu Ao Tian commit many compromises from his many principles. And only Yu Ao Tian has made Luo Yao Yao compromised in enduring a relationship with a player.

    Thankies for this update, Azurro~

    1. For Yu Ao Tian, Yao Yao is his treasure. the nickname Bao Bei only belongs to Yao Yao. He never called others his women Bao Bei included Li Mei Yun. most of time, he addressed them directly with their names.

      He loves her, just not realized it. people surrounded him know that he perhaps loves Yao Yao but most of time he denied it, he trying to give excuses, she only tools for him to achieve his goals. she smart, genius and very talented…

      no one knows when LOVE come to approach XD XD XD

      1. Thank you Azzuro for another update.

        This part where YAT went to buy sanitary pads for YY is funny..running around feeling panicky has a feeling like a first time dad to his bao bei.

        I think if I am not wrong that YAT willing to start a family with YY but not other women. It’s not that he does not want any children with other women but with YY will be different story altogether.

        YAT is obsessed with YY the first moment they met in Japan but denied that he cares n loves YY. YY cares n loves YAT too but it in denial because she can’t see through her fear.

        I think I will join with u regarding to menopause stages flayfuldesign before YAT n YY admit their loves for another.

  2. LOL! Sanitary napkin… pffttt…
    Thanks for the funny chapter, azurro!
    I wonder what YAT buy?? Will be funny if he buy diaper for baby or old people instead tampon..XD
    Both are genius but why no one thought about calling the maid to go to YY and YAT just need to move to other room after that… and YAT is merciless to kill people but not to wake his people in the middle of night..

  3. I don’t think YAT loves YY. He is definitely attracted to her & that’s for sure. However his feelings are far from love. As proven many times, he has no problems inflicting emotional & physical torture to her if she makes him mad. She is definitely not in love with him. Any kindness,she showed him, she would do the same for others. She’s that type of person. The only person she loves at the moment is FCY.

    1. YAT loves YY but not in this current state (at least until this chap). Again, that love has sow, it will grow as process and time goes on….

      you are right about he is attracted to YY, not only she as the individual but also her past.
      YAT grew up in harsh world, survive from many hardship both mental and physical.

      YY loves FCY but that love is slowly disappeared to the point she won’t feel anything for him anymore, neither love nor hate. FCY is her first love, person she trust after her family, how can she stop to love him only by single word or change….

      1. You are right that her love for him will disappear because of the autho’s intention but definitely not at the moment. At the moment, he is telling only man in her heart.

        As for YAT’s love, it’seems so destructive towards YY that she’s better off without it. My problem is that his way of loving is only destructive towards YY while he receives no retribution at all.

      2. Please don’t go too fast.. 🙂
        YY isn’t simple white rabbit that only eats carrot.
        She can be as sweet as little rabbit but at same time she can be as poison as snake and as cunning as vixen.
        the story is starting to develop. you may witness how she fight with Li Mei Yun.

        As for YAT, the retribution is waiting in front but not now.

  4. YAT is a psychopath. Killing people, killing his an unborn child, hitting Yao Yao, trying to kill her, threatening to kill her mother and granddad, forcing her to “warming”, checking her virginity, etc. Fawning over him buying sanitary pads makes no sense. Not even donating all his organs to her, will make up for the toture he’s put her through. He belongs in A) Jail B) Psychiatric ward C) 7ft under….

    1. This is so normal for you to judge YAT and called him as psyco. Perhaps from the first chapter until now you are reading YAT as super bad person, demon in human shape or whatever.

      He is growing up in underworld environment, place filled with many types of criminal included killing. Perhaps when he still scoundrels or hooligans,every day people killed in front of his eyes. how can you expect someone grows in underworld environment to be nice and gentle as XRL? moreover he had throne / crowed as the “emperor”.

      YAT killing Qing Kong’s dad because there is reason for it, and the unborn child, YAT just afraid to have emotional attachment and it might become his burden to revenge. Qing kong isn’t woman that he loves, he has made clear line to her when they were dating. But, it is Qing Kong who loves him although she knows YAT.

      The physical abuse toward YY is something horrible but again, that is his way to teach her in faster way and adapt to cruel world. He wants YY to learn world that YY live in not more than fairytale world.

      Doing “warming” and “virgin check”
      He tries to keep YY at his side not matter what it cost. he wants to keep YY as his, exclusively only belong to him. He knows YY is different to many women he ever met before. Being touching by YAT, makes YY not dare to think having other relationship with another guy and automatically she will put distance to every guy who wants to wooing her. This is the way of him to “mark” the ownership of YY.

      Again, we can’t deny YAT seems to show pysco traits in himself, act cruelly, heartlessly, cold-blood, merciless, etc but we should remember, human always have two sides alike coin. the bad and good sides.

  5. YAT is alone spiritually. Although he has his entourage he is alone.He cannot trust that people will not betray him because they have. YY’s child like spirit captured his soul. He needs that spirit to survive to leave behind all of the past as he makes a new future.But he needs for her to understand his reasoning for living the way he does. She is the only woman he thinks will not harm him if she understands him. He is working to build his utopia with her as his queen. But, she has to be even more vigilant than he is in his world if she is to control and rid him of his harem.

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