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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 15.2

Chapter 15

Part 2 (Two)

Love Rival Appeared

From far away I read the store name—- Gao Sheng Qi Qiu

Buying balloon?

Why he came here?

Thus, I sneaky made my own way outside the shop’s glass window to see him, I squatted little bit to secretly look inside.

I spotted Kang Yu together with girl who looked alike Junior high schooler, he seemed to praise the girl, but I didn’t know what he said, both of them were happily laughing.

You are Good Kang Yu, so you are disloyalty, incessantly. You even touch the junior schoolers, you are overly, I never thought there would be a day you also cheated on me.

I was extremely angry. A pair of mother and son who is shopping suddenly came to approaching me.

“Mom, what does that big sister do? Does she hungry, why does she eat the decorative plant on the pot?”

I turned back and I glared with deathly sight to that little brother.

That little brother scared with me, hide at his mother back.

“Xiao Bao (Little Bao), be good, don’t be afraid, let’s go!” the mother took the son leaving, before leaving she even not forgot to murmured, “It so pity, so young but crazy, unknown who child she is!”

You are the one who crazy!

My heart hurt, I force to pull one of the decorative plants of one shop, biting hard with my mouth.

Kang Yu, you are heartless, not satisfied with what you has, you even made me being called crazy by others, you are rotten bastard!

“Little Sister, do you want balloon? We have Mickey Mouse balloon, new product, do you want one?”

When I was in very bad mood, in front of the store, there was auntie who came out, perhaps she spotted me from the glass window, thought that I wanted to buy balloon.

“Not buy! Who want to buy your balloon!”

“It fine if you are not buying any, but don’t damage my decorative plans!” that aunty pair of eyes looked so pity on her decorative plant which destructed by me, the green leaf almost wiped clean.

My nervous hand loosened up, “who damage your decorative plant, it has been like before!”

I stubborn did not want to admit, that I was the person who pull out all the leaves even ate it.

Could not blame because I haven’t had my breakfast, moreover I have walked so far that’s why I was hungry.

I didn’t know whether I would have diarrhea or not.

“Whom daughter are you, does not have upbringing!” that aunty pissed off and starting to shout at me.

“Whom… who is not has upbringing, you are the one who does not have upbringing, your whole family is not have upbringing!” I pissed off too, looking at that aunty, I knew that girl must be her daughter, they looked exactly so alike, both of them are vixen.

“How can you little girl speaking on this way, swearing!”

“Who swearing at you, you are the one who swore me first!”

Paused for moment, I was arguing with the auntie outside the store, we arguing so fiercely, no need to say, we arguing to this point, if Kang Yu didn’t know then he is blind or deaf.

Not long after, he appeared.

“Miao Miao!” he quite surprised to see me.

I gathered my courage, ignored him, but the truth I wanted to cry.

I am so faithfully, loving him but how could he cheat on me, stepping on two boats.

“Wang Ye, my dad has done with the calculating, those balloons with the toys, all the total is 315 Yuan, here your change 85 Yuan, take…” suddenly someone went out from the shop door, one familiar face, looking at me, dumbfounded for moment and said, “is this Fu Jin.”

“Cao Min!” I was surprised, she was my Junior High classmate and also Kang Yu’s. She also studied in Sheng Zhi and by coincide both of them study at same class.

“Wang Ye, you bring Fu Jin come here, why didn’t you tell me? You are really…” she passionately walking toward me, “Fu Jin, Wang Ye recently is earning much money, does he do it for you, hehe…”

“What?” I stressed out.

“Aiya, didn’t you know? The day before the National day, my place lacked of people, we also had new product supply, we were intending to put balloons stall in People’s Square, Shanghai selling the balloons and also plastic toys. We were so busy, fortunately Wang Ye wanted to buy auto-bike, has shortage of money, he looked for me to help, you know this is almost the end of year, the business is quite busy and earn much money! To unknown, Wang Ye really someone smart, he even came to my place to buy the stuffs, he sells it by himself, he really too much, at last his business is better than mine!”

Of course I know that when National day arrived, Nan Jing street, People’s square (Shanghai), all of those street are crowed by people, the balloons, the hammer balloons, angel’s ring, kind of plastic and foil balloons with cartoon were sold everywhere in the street. The price even sold double for the normal price. Because of the event, people tend to buy it.

“You mean that Kang Yu recently working at your place, and also buy yours product, during the National day he went to people’s square to sell the balloons!”

“That’s right, today he is coming to pay those products!”

My mouth open-wide, my pair of eyes stiffen, I didn’t dare to look at Kang Yu.

Suddenly I remembered about that little girl, I… I still doubted, both of them were looked so happy, I was not mistaken because I saw it by pair of my own eyes.

“Who is the girl inside the store?”

“My cousin sister, today our store have new product, the Mickey Mouse balloons, she is fan of Mickey Mouse, so that my dad let her to take one, why? Kang Yu also knows her, few days ago he also came to my place to take some products, teaching my cousin sister English so that she passed her examination with 90 scores, she is so happy.”

My sweat streaming down alike heavy rain, what should do, I was wronged, my mistake even too absurd!

I moved, did not want to stay, “I… sorry to disturb, I go home, bye!”

Cao Min looked at me strangely, “Fu Jin?”

“Where are you heading?”

When I wanted to turn, Kang Yu has already stood in front of me alike big wall block my way.

I lift my head up, looking at his face, he is so smart, he must be known that I had followed him, I still asked about the girl, based on his IQ, he must be guessed.

I sweat more severe, tugging my own fingers, “I just passed…”


I heard Kang Yu humph voice.

“Today the weather is nice!” suddenly I pointed at sky.

Good your fart, it is afternoon but no sun shines.

“Confessed got leniency, defy got strict.” He eyes as if dagger looked at me.

I was shocked, but confessed.

“I haven’t meet you for month, you always tell me that you are so busy, last time when I was reunion with Xiao Fan and others, they were talking about adultery thingy… no, I have thought you might cheat on me… so they suggested me to ask you clearly, today I was looking for you at home, but I have seen you walked out and came here, I… I was pissed off for moment… so that I followed you. And then when I spotted you with that girl and looked so intimate, I am extremely angry, without my realization I pulled all the leaves of the decorative plants and even ate it. I still don’t know whether I might get diarrhea or not, still… I thought you are step on two boats, I became angrier so that I argued with the auntie, this all. It was my fault; I must not doubt you, you…” I peek on him one glanced, it shocked me, his face is more frighten compare to Tibetan Mastiff.

“All is my fault, I won’t repeat it next time, if not you divorce1] me.”

I was panic, but not really sure from which drama I watched, whatever I just said whatever I knew.

“Divorce you! Humph!”

I shrink my neck, wondering did he at his rage or he even want to hit me.

“I have kept you to this fat and white, divorce, I make my own loss!”

I thought, my current state white and fat, all was because the hormone shots.

Fine, half, I have thought to diet, but every times he found out he would force me to eat more so that I still remain fat and white.


1] 休 xiu : literally mean to rest but the word often used as divorce during the imperial time for the nobleman when they repudiate their wife.


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