C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 15.3

Chapter 15

Part 3 (Three)

Love Rival Appeared

When Cao Min heard our conversation, she dumbstruck, shocked and said, “I always thought that Wang Ye is someone henpecked, so that not, too good, Wang Ye you are really our pride!”

I understood her meaning, when I was still class leader during our junior high, all the male students had forced by me and didn’t enjoy any benefit, now when they looked at me surrender and asking mercy from Kang Yu, naturally they are feel so pleased since they hate me so much.

That auntie was different, didn’t know whether she is Cao Min’s mom or not, she looked at me with pity sighted, her face wrinkle.

“Today kids, really strange what actually their head fill? What adultery? What divorce? How old are you guys!”

Oh my grandma (slang word), my adultery relationship with Kang Yu has been known.

I was too failed as person.

Kang Yu mood was worsen, standing in place, he hurried took me out.

Of course I not dare to rebel, my heart am chilled.

Messed, I saw him angry, would he find somewhere and then punched me!

I followed him went out from the textile market, get in the bus, it seems that we were not going to Uncle Shen’s house direction, instead we were heading to Xu Jia Hui, he pulled me down from bus, passing the Jia Bang street, and arrived at Jian Guo Xi (west district).

“Arrived!” His face is still dark.

I saw it, but not dare to take another glanced, my eyes looked at other way, looked at in front, I realized there was one auto-bike store at in front.

“Do you want to buy a bike?” suddenly I remembered what Cao Min told me before that he wanted to buy auto-bike so that he worked at her place.


I shrink, he still angry….

We walking into the store, Kang Yu talked to the storekeeper, “I want to buy third gear with SUV shift!”

I was stunned, when was he had that much money, he even wanted to buy shifting bike, during that time, auto-bike was simply similar with BMW car in bike category, very expensive, I only have silver ladies bike which cost 600 Yuan, because of my weight, the wheel narrowed, not suitable to long ride because the tires would wear off badly, so I not ride it anymore.

It was different with Shifting off-road auto-bike which had thick tires and also wide.

Kang Yu chooses one of the black off-road auto-bike, he asked the storekeeper to raise the seat and then he checked the bike and walked in circle, very satisfied and then he paid for the bike. He also choose the bike lock, make the installation for night lights and add back seat, all of it cost 1580 Yuan.

He really had money, he rich.

Early if I know selling balloons could be this profitable, I might sell too.

Recently I also have shortage of money, sold some of my manhwa, my purse also got skim.

After he paid, he was in good mood, installed the lock, while the shopkeeper was enthusiastically sent us off. I was secretly followed Kang Yu at his back, to know that one is in the wrong, so that I didn’t dare to rebel.

“Hop in!” suddenly he said.

I saw he ride the bike, he speaking without seeing me so I knew he still angry.

Hurried I sat on the bike.

“Have proper sit.”


He was starting to cycle the pedal and firmly the bike moving.

So this is called as auto-bike, very firm, the changes of speed also good, riding this bike won’t take much energy, I did not know where he would bring me, would he bring me to somewhere and then killed me.


But to my unknown in the blink of eyes, we have arrived at Shi San Nv girl’s high school…

What he thought, did he want to kill me in here because there won’t be anyone during weekend so that he chooses this place to kill me.

Before I able to ask, Kang Yu has already took me from the ride and keep on cycling.

More I thought more frustrated I was…

Along the way he kept quiet, while me, I didn’t dare to speak, so this how he carried from west district to here.

Not long after that, we were arrived at Hong Qiao high School.

I not understood.

“30 minutes!” suddenly he exclaimed.


“It takes 30 minutes from Shi San Nv to Hong Qiao high school! Uh… still okay!”

“What is still okay?”I gathered my courage to ask him, with soft voice.

“Miao Miao, starting from Monday, you must wait for me about 30 minutes, I will come to pick you up from school!” he said.

I dumbfounded.

“Why? Not willing, if you are not willing then…” he turned, his face is darker than before.

Finally I understood, recently he not seeing me, so that he tried to earn more money to buy auto-bike, just to pick me up from school.

I remembered that I ever told him, I felt inconvenient to take public transportation because inside the bus is cramped alike pack of sardines and I am uncomfortable.

He because of me…

“Willing, I willing, one hundred of willingness!” I nodded my head, my eyes tearing. His facial expression changed little bit better.

“You are not angry with me, aren’t you?” softly I asked him.


Fine, he is still angry.

“If don’t want me to angry, you can! Ride it!”

I get down obediently, waiting for him to explode and scolding me!

“You ride the bike and send me home then I forgive you!” he gave the bike to me.

“Only like this!” stupidly I said.

“What, not willing?” his expression changed.

“No! no!” hurried I took the bike, sat down at the front seat, “I ride, I ride, you get on!”


Why he still humphing, scared me.

This word, I not dare to say it out.

Waiting for him to get on, immediately I move and even said, “Wang Ye, go!”


This man, today have humph sickness, he humph non-stopped.

Whatever, whatever, I was the one wrong, cannot bother.

I really ride until his home, auto-bike really good, it save up my energy.

When we arrived at home, he face still showed “You still not trust me.” He still have that expression, so that I just followed him to upstairs, and still showed me that “I am still angry with you” this kind of expression.

I have thoughts from many aspects, perhaps I might make lose little bit, I kissed his cheek.

It passed! Da Ye (My lord), you are satisfied!

He felt satisfied and then patting my head, “This is the right thing. There won’t be next time, understood!”

“Understood, I won’t dare anymore next time.”

Aiya, finally the mystery of affair, the stormy day had come to end.

Kang Yu really comes everyday to pick me up no matter wind and storm, on this way, we can meet every days and naturally I felt so sweet in my heart.

But, I have little bit worried.

The next reunion, Xiao Fan stretched her hand to me, “Miao Miao, give me 50 Yuan, I guarantee to protect and hold tight your Kang Yu.”

I took out my money, inside I have 50 Yuan, “Can you give me discount.”

“It fixed!”

“I gritted, I gave my money to her, “deal!”

“I dealing with matter, you rest assured!” she happily counting my money.

I really make mistake to be friend with her ah!

Yan Yan face not good, “Actually I wanted to go to Hong Qiao, but who known that it required high scores, too over!”

So that she also aiming my money.

This group of people is too TMD.

After I gave her money, Xiao Fan really fulfilled her commitments, every night she makes report to me about Kang Yu, this money, I satisfied to pay it.

Suddenly one day Xiao Fan told me, “Miao Miao, there is adultery thingy!”

I almost smashed my phone.

“But this time it is man…”

It shocked me, Xiao Fan could you speak slowly without deep breathe.

“Man is more dangerous…”Again in another reunion, Liu Li Jun told me.

“En?” I really not understood.

She brought one BL novel, recently she is fan of BL novel, this girl really have heavy taste, we are not that odd things to see here, Taiwan items, during that time the plot was very subtle and easily to nose bleed, and also able to make the reader to blushing.

When I read the novel, my eyes as if poked out.

What? Could man and man really?

Doomed! Hurried I paid another 50 Yuan, gave it to Xiao Fan.

“Not even need to guard him tightly but also get rid the others “flowers”.”

Xiao Fan: “…………..”

The moral lesson, actually the love rival of girl not always other girl but man also can be love rival.

Warning for all the girls….. boyfriend’s crotch of trousers is important but the most important is the little Ju, TMD!


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    • azurro4cielo · December 17

      Little Ju is refer to male who likes Kang Yu (Third wheel in male version) while TMD is slang word mean mother fucker.

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        Okay, thank you. Haven’t heard/read the terms before.

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