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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 123 -124


Chapter 123 – 124

Yao Yao pushed Feng Chen Yi away, “Feng Chen Yi, you are so bossy, now we don’t have any relation. It is my freedom to whoever I am with now!”

“Well let me tell you. Whoever am I deal with, it also…my freedom!” Feng Chen Yi sat back to his seat.

She looked at that man who standing just now in front her carefully. She can’t help herself to recall all good memories during the time they were still together. That time, this man also this bossy and domineering, very arrogant, in order to eradicate his opponent he can fight with all cost, she never thought that after two years his bossy and domineering characters even worst!

“I hate you… Feng Chen Yi… I hate you. I realized that I hate you more and more! Don’t you realize that your bossy-self, unreasonable excuses can cost for other people’s life? If not because last time you made me stay at your home…”

Shut up! I can’t say it, cannot say it. Yao Yao suddenly closed her mouth tightly.

But Feng Chen Yi has already sensed something fishy, his eyes gleaming coldly: “So what if I made you to stay at my home?” standing up, he faster walking toward Yao Yao: “That man hit you again? Did he?”

If he really did hit her, perhaps it much… better.

Until now she really not dares to tell about that day— if she really had something with Feng Chen Yi, what would happen to her grandpa and mother. “No! He didn’t hit me! He just angry, I just don’t want to make him angry! At least I don’t want to make him angry because of you!”

“You!” Feng Chen Yi hand suddenly grabbed Yao Yao’s neck, but at next moment, he laughed coldly, slowly loosen up his hand from her neck: “Aiya, I feel little bit disappointed, I thought…after went through that night that man might come to find his meal!”

Feng Chen Yi… what are you talking about? Did you catch me because you were waiting for Yu Ao Tian?

“Feng Chen Yi, you are really rotten bastard!” her eyes showed how disappointed she is, she laughed ironically: “Fine, you want to see how I get hurt, right? Let me tell you that, whatever you did and will do to Lan Du Group, it won’t hurt me. Good! Bye!” after she said, she left.

After heard so much noise “Bump bamp”, Lisa who sat outside the General Manager room shook her head: “Doom, it seems that General Manager Feng mood will be terrible bad today, perhaps not long after this, he might come to vent his anger to me.”

Yao Yao who run out from the General Manager room, standing in front of the elevator with no expression.

It is so obvious both of them had already broke up, he was the person who ruin everything, but why since the beginning until now, as if all was her fault, as if she owed him so much?

Two years ago should she keep silent when he was cheating, and then waiting him to dump her so that things would not as complicated as now? Ah, Feng Chen Yi why are you so bossy?

“Back to my side… Yao Yao back to my side…” because Feng Chen Yi few words she has got headache for long time, but now after she rethink, he able to say something like that perhaps he just displeased and wanted to revenge on her because two years ago she dumped him?


The elevator stopped, when she entering the elevator…

One of the persons who standing inside the elevator, catch her eyesight, is he? Feng Chen Yi elder brother’s Feng Chen Rui.

It so obvious, Feng Chen Rui also recognized Yao Yao: “It’s you.”

“Ha. Hello.” Awkwardly she smiled and get into the elevator.

“Are you coming to find my little brother?”

“No, I didn’t come to meet him. I came to hand over document.”

“Oh, so that it. How can you know my little brother?”

How can I know him? Didn’t he say that she is the person who climbing into his younger brother’s bed, but why now he talking as if she is introducing “properly” (alike family meeting) herself to his family?

“Just like how General Manger Feng said before.”

“En?” Feng Chen Rui eyes flashed: “Ha ha, other woman might explain something, but you are quite straight forward. Aiya, my little brother is kind of that person, there are many rumors about him outside, if you are really like my little brother, I can help you.”

Feng Chen Yi elder brother… why he is so enthusiast? Yao Yao dumbfounded for moment and forcing herself to give stiff-smile: “Thank you for your good intention, but I don’t need it.”

“Don’t you want to be with Feng Chen Yi?”

Don’t want! There is no slightest in my mind to be with him!

“Now… I don’t want.”

Why? Yao Yao thought that Feng Chen Rui kind odds, although he is Feng Chen Yi elder brother, there is no necessary for him to get involved into his younger brother private life, right? Moreover, doesn’t he feel his attitude too offhand, speaking to slutty girl? Normally as elder brother he must advice his younger brother to stay away from slutty girl?

“I, I don’t deserved man like General Manager Feng.”


“The elevator is opened. I take my leave.”

Looking at Yao Yao who hurried leaving, Feng Chen Rui laughed: “Interesting, she protect that brat, Feng Chen Yi to this far.”

“CEO Feng, who is that girl?” at his side is his personal assistant who is asking.

“Ha, She is Feng Chen Yi’s woman. Help me to check on her, I feel that she can be used by us!”


“Nan Lu! Nan Lu!” Directly go back to the villa after work, Yao Yao did not even have her meal but already run inside her bedroom. On her way, she waved to Nan Lu.

“What happen, Yao Yao?”

“You help me do something, please guard the room for the moment, if Yu Ao Tian go home, you just knocking the door, can you?”

“Ah? Yao Yao, do you intend to betray Master…” Nan Lu showed shocking expression.

She hurried shook her head: “No, No, No, you are wrong. I just want to look for some books.” You good little girl (negative), after went through last time incident how dare she does something that sorry to Yu Ao Tian, moreover she even still at his home.

“Uh, looking for book does not mean betray Master.”

It true that reading the book is not betraying Yu Ao Tian, but the problem is… the book that she wanted to read cannot know by Yu Ao Tian. “Nan Lu, you help me, is it okay?”


“Thank You.” Excited she hugged Nan Lu, she hurried get into the room, she took few books and sat on the sofa.

About two hours…

“knock Knock Knock” there is knocking sound.

“Oh my, Yesterday Yu Ao Tian just came, why today he must come again, still thought that he perhaps would not come.

“Yao Yao immediately hide the book under the bed, she messed the quilt and hurried covered herself as if she just wake up.

Not long after that, the bedroom’s door opened, Yu Ao Tian slowly walking inside the room: “Bao Bei, why you sleep so early?”

“En?” she pretending as if she just wake up from her sleep, gently rubbing her eyes: “You, are you back? My stomach little bit hurt, so I want to lie down, just unknowing I fell asleep.”

“I heard Angel said that you haven’t had your dinner, does it really that hurt?” Yu Ao Tian walked to the bed side, he puts his hand under the quilt.

Yao Yao little bit surprised: “You, what you want to do?”

He helplessly shook his head, he sat on the bed. He pulled her into his embraces and put his hands inside her clothes to her abdomen area…

“Don’t, I still having that.” She nervously said.

Yu Ao Tian just smiling without saying anything, he inserted his warm hand, gently he caressed: “This way, do you feel better by lit bit?”

So that he wanted…

She becomes little bit relax, she can feel his warm big hand in her abdomen area, at that moment suddenly her heart fill with little bit warmness.

Just that moment, she really not afraid of Yu Ao Tian, this is first time for the man strangely gives her feeling to depend on. But she also knows that, this man also has mood swing…

“Thank You, Thank You. I, I feel much better.”

“Aiya, I just realized that I might God doctor, I have gently stroked your stomach and then you have felt better.” He smiled and lowered his head and kissed her lips.

“No!” She blocked him with her hand, Yao Yao refused and pushed away Yu Ao Tian.

The beautiful and lovely atmosphere suddenly turned to be cold and froze; she could sense the coldness from Yu Ao Tian and also the changes of his expression.

Damn! She shouldn’t refuse his kiss, but… if she really accepted his kiss because his little kindness, she feels…

Still she does not like being kissed by him!

“I, I hungry, want to go eat something.” After said, she jumped out from the bed and nervously heading to the door.

“Stay still.” The cold eyes swept on her leg, Yu Ao Tian said, “Bao Bei, why aren’t you taking your shoes off when went to bed?”

Oh My!

Just now she was sitting in sofa when suddenly she got the news that Yu Ao Tian coming so she forgot to take off her shoes and immediately went to bed. “I…”

“Bao Bei, the thing that I hate the most, you must know it very well, do I need to remind you again?”

Deadmeat! It seems this time she makes Yu Ao Tian angry again.

“I am so sorry, sorry lying to you. My stomach not hurt anymore.”


“So…” she gathered her courage, walking and taking out all the book that hidden under the bed: “I, I afraid you seen all these books, so that… I lied.”

Yu Ao Tian took few books from her, at one glanced: “[construction and quality of material], [The public relationship application during the crisis and how to handle], [what kind of material that fit the construction and building], Aiya, I see, should I send you to work at Lan Du Group?” he threw all the books to Yao Yao’s face.

She paused for moment, she can feel her face burning hot and hurt. This man really has strong analysis sense. At once glanced he has already knew that she telling lies, at one glanced he also found out that all these books used by her to help Xia Ren Liang.

The scary Yu Ao Tian is not only fame of his heartless and merciless but also his willful instinct and also his analysis to sense loophole and the sensitiveness.

“I am sorry, Yu Ao Tian, I am sorry, I… I really don’t want to lie to you. I really feel so grateful for all your kindness, but…” after she said half, her dresses collar was grabbed by Yu Ao Tian, she could feel the danger on his eyes and it makes her sweating.

“Little Thing, so that you know I have treat you good just now, so why you are so brazen… to lie to me?”

“Yu… Yu Ao Tian, I am sorry, so sorry. I know I did wrong, I beg you to forgive me, can you?”

“Bao Bei, you don’t need to be so fear on me, rest assure, I won’t kill you.”

“It not…I just want to admit my wrong, not really fear you will kill me.” When someone really treats you well, and the other person lied, who would not be angry, no matter what the reason she lied, this time Yu Ao Tian really sincere to treat her good, but she…

“I know that I did wrong, I am sorry, I am sorry.” She really felt remorseful so that she crying.

After Yu Ao Tian venting his anger, he asked her to stand up. And then asked her: “Why are you helping Xia Ren Liang?”

“That time, when I suggested choosing Chang Hong Stock A, everyone was pushed me aside. Only Xia Ren Liang who stayed at by side and supported on me, I could feel that he really thought me as his friend so that he support me, his act really so sincere. I have owed him too much, I just want to pay back all his kindness.” Of course, the main reason why Lan Du Group in crisis was because of her but she cannot tell Yu Ao Tian.

“Believe on me, I know what should I do and should not do. I also know my status, so that although I help Xia Ren Liang, I won’t meet him again, can I?”

Seeing her pledging and also her begging expression, Yu Ao Tian really feel himself fail to teach her, she has already be in such situation but why this Little Thing still keeps her innocent and naïve characters just alike the first time he met her, she not even contaminated, not even one bit…

“Bao Bei, you really know to be grateful, but… why I don’t see you to be grateful toward me?”

“That because….” At sudden, Yao Yao perplexed, if she recalled the person who save her grandpa life is Yu Ao Tian, he is her savior. But she innocently afraid that he would never yield for her sincere heart to pay him so she does not know how to repay him.

She cannot give him the answer, cannot answer what Yu Ao Tian asked, she only lower her head.

Another second, Yu Ao Tian has kissed her lips.

“Uh” actually she wanted to refuse but at the time she wanted to stop, suddenly she remembered so that she let him to kiss her.

There is no reaction from her toward Yu Ao Tian hot and passionately kissed. It makes him even angrier…

Suddenly the door knocked by one of the maid, informed that Li Mei Yun is coming to visit. Yao Yao shocked but Yu Ao Tian sneered: “It is good Li Mei Yun is coming, so that she will show you how to “serve” man.”

What is Yu Ao Tian thinking when he asked the maid to escort Li Mei Yun comes in to this room when she also here with Yu Ao Tian.

Yao Yao is nervous and also anxious. She wants to leave but Yu Ao Tian not let her to go. Things worst when Li Mei Yun spotted Yao Yao at Master room which also Yu Ao Tian room.

“Why she is here?” Li Mei Yun asked Yu Ao Tian.

“She is my new maid and apparently also your hard core fans.” Yu Ao Tian smiled alike sinister, looking at Yao Yao who not dare to look at Li Mei Yun.

“Yes, I am new maid, Miss Li.” Yao Yao said.

As usual Li Mei Yun acts so slutty when she meets Yu Ao Tian so this time there is no exception. Worst thing come when Yu Ao Tian let Yao Yao to see how Li Mei Yun “serve” him even Li Mei Yun not really agreed with Yao Yao presence moreover she is doing something “private” with Yu Ao Tian.

After while, Yao Yao cannot bear to see what Yu Ao Tian and Li Mei Yun do inside the bedroom. She left immediately without care what the consequence would be.

“Ao Tian, I see she might hurt.” Li Mei Yun said when looking at Yao Yao back, leaving two of them only.

“Do you think she really hurt to see us?”

“Isn’t she?”

“Ha…” Yu Ao Tian sneered, he raise, helplessly shook his head: “She pity on you so that she is leaving.”

“What do you mean?” Li Mei Yun is not understood, she hesitated: “Ao Tian, why are you stopped? Don’t you need me anymore?”

“Today I don’t have any interest, you help yourself out.” After said, he took his clothes and left.

Seeing Yu Ao Tian who lost his interest on her, Li Mei Yun feels get humiliation. Both of them almost together for two years, her position cannot be compared to his others one night stand women, he never lost his interest toward her before, and now…

Does it because that little girl?

She might able to understand Yu Ao Tian who looks something new and fresh, but she never thought that girl present actually interfere their feeling (Li Mei Yun and Yu Ao Tian), Li Mei Yun suddenly feels that her position is disturbed and unsecure. She rolled her eyes and then hugged Yu Ao Tian: “Ao Tian, I want to move and stay in here.”


“Of course, if you are afraid I might disturb you and that little girl, just forget it.”

“Not disturbing. Come and stay here.”

“Really? Ao Tian, I really love you.” At the moment, Li Mei Yun expression changed to be so happy, it seems that Little Girl is nothing, or else how can Yu Ao Tian let her stay in here?

Actually Li Mei Yun just not paying attention to… this moment Yu Ao Tian is smiling deviously.

“Huh u huh u…” Yao Yao who is running from the room crying in the stair.

Nan Lu who is passing by, slowly approaching her, come closer to her side, comforting and patting her back: “ There is no way, being lover must bear this pain and hurt. Who ask you to love that kind of man?”

“It not, Nan Lu.” She tried to control herself, and then smiled: “I just feel… Li Mei Yun is so pity.”

“Hah?” Nan Lu bulleyes, she sat beside her: “What are you talking Yao Yao? Now you are pitying other woman, it must you that being pitied?”

“me pity? How can I pity? It obvious that she loves him so much but it is me who shamelessly enter other people relationship, how can I be called as pity?”

“You, how can you have this kind of thought? Feeling is selfish, isn’t it? You are too kind ah!”

Seeing how perplex Nan Lu expression, she really does not know how to tell Nan Lu, she and Yu Ao Tian really don’t have any officially relationship. Feeling indeed selfish, but if there is no love feeling, and all of this thing only a game then Li Mei Yun is the only who need to be pitied.

“Nan Lu, thank you to comfort me, but you not understood my situation right now.”

“Perhaps.” Nan Lu gently smiled to her, she used her hand wipe her tears dry.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 123 -124

  1. Thanks. How is YY going to survive in that home with LMY there. YAT is cruel. Wanting YY to lose her innocence and naiveness.

  2. LOL I thought YY feel sad bcs YAT and LMY.. Instead she felt pitty toward LMY hahaha.. YY really something.

    YY don’t want to kissed bu YAT, was it bcs she afraid that she will enjoy and love the kiss? Hmmm I see somebody trying so hard to not get fall.

  3. How long must I wait until YAT treat YY good? Can you give us hint? Chapter 350? One step forward, 100 step back!!!! Why must author do this.

    1. YAT has treated YY good, in few situations and conditions. YAT “kindness” to YY is kind of compromised that he never gave to others.
      The sweet moment between YAT and YY is coming up around chapter 150. There is moment YAT won’t have and touch other women except YY.
      YAT stopped violence YY in chapter 200.

      I hope you okay with this little bit share, because i don’t want give too much spoiler 🙂

      I was thinking same with you before, why the author must made this kind of ups and downs plot with so many twisting.

  4. I kind of love to hate YAT lol – just when he shows a flash of sincerity or kindness he immediately ruins it by doing something totally unforgivable. Thanks for the translation!!

    1. Can’t help because YY wanted to help Lan Du Group and ruin his plan…

      Just remembered that YAT is someone very clear with Reward-punishment, these things.

      Actually he little bit jealous with XRL XD

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