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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 126

Yao Yao and Nan Lu

Chapter 126

“Yu Ao Tian, don’t you are too much? She is your girl friend, you must like her but why you wanted she left?”

Facing with Yao Yao doubtless, Yu Ao Tian really wants to laugh but he says nothing. He is so patience waiting her to give the answer.

At sudden Yao Yao realized on something.

Yu Ao Tian could say something like this perhaps this is no relation with his relationship with Li Mei Yun, but he simply wanted to test on her “genuinely” as lover, this side of her?

He really wanted to change someone inside and outside, he really wants to see someone to slowly sink into depravity, seeing someone slowly being corrupted during the process.

Too scary, Yu Ao Tian is simply to say as strong and hard to conquer.

Yao Yao realized that slowly by slowly she is able to read Yu Ao Tian little bit.

Silent for some time, she purposely murmured and showed her complicated expression: “Still, better I stay together with Li Mei Yun. I take my leave.”

Facing with man like Yu Ao Tian there is no need to confront him directly, if go head to head with him, it would only ask to get injure. On contrary… pretending to be vulnerable perhaps will able to avoid more harm. When think about this, Yao Yao turned to leave and an instantly she feels calmer….

“Hah.” Yu Ao Tian looked at the room’s door that already closed, he helplessly smiled: “Really cunning Little Thing!”

It should say that, Yao Yao performance is suppressed from his expectation today, if she simply pissed off and said “Li Mei Yun stay.” Perhaps it would anger Yu Ao Tian, but she prefers to take the role as “Pig eating tiger”, this is one of the safety roles. Although Yu Ao Tian wanted to anger but he just cannot.

But too bad… she meets Yu Ao Tian! Everything she thought and every decision she made cannot escape from Yu Ao Tian’s eyes. It only depends on Yu Ao Tian mood whether he wanted to disclose or not.

All the maids who had served Yu Ao Tian and Li Mei Yun dinner gone to have their own dinner, Yao Yao also followed them to the maid’s room.

“Hey, hey, hey, do you guys know in this world what kind of woman that deserve to death?” few of the maids are grouping in dining table, Xiao Zhen spoke up to the group.

“What kind of woman?” Everyone asked curiously.

“Of course the… professional Xiao San (third wheels) who like to seduce man, this kind of woman later or sooner, her entire family will die because get thunder!”

At this moment, Yao Yao kept silent, she really did not know whether Xiao Zhen said to let her hear or not, but if Li Mei Yun does not know her relationship with Yu Ao Tian then Xiao zhen won’t know it.

This kind of conversation hurt her so much, moreover the words regarding family! She anxiously put down her chopstick.

Nan Lu sensed something not good so she busying pulled Yao Yao, whispered: “Yao Yao, if this time you are leaving it means you are admitting what they said.”

That’s right. Nan Lu said not wrong, calm down, calm down.

“Ha, sit here and relax to watch the show.” Nan Lu smiled, she added some dish to Yao Yao’s bowl: “Eat more meat.”

En? What did Nan Lu mean? Feel ease … good show to see?

Still in doubt, suddenly there is maid who stood up angrily: “Hey, Xiao Zhen, what do you mean? As I know, your Miss is the professional third wheels? I have been working here for more than two years, during that time our real Madam is the real girl friend of Master.”

“That’s right, I also remember this thing, but we just not really know why our Master broke up with his girlfriend, I thought all was related to your Miss, everyone had made the guess. Now you are speaking this… simply haul over the coals of your own Miss, aren’t you?

“Ugh…” being attacked on two directions, Xiao Zhen can’t stay still: “I. I just say something randomly.”

“Nan Lu, what is going on?” Yao Yao confused seeing Nan Lu laughing happily.

She blinked her eyes: “Go out, I tell you.”

Yao Yao puts down her chopstick and followed Nan Lu to garden…

“He He, just now the maids that attacking Xiao Zhen, both of them were other people’s lover before, so that they must be so angry after heard what Xiao Zhen said.” Both of them are sitting in long bench in the garden while looking at star in the sky, seeing to the night sky while chatting.

“Oh, that is.” No wonder when she came into this villa with lover status no one said anything.

“So how is about Li Mei Yun?”

“This matter, I ever heard my sister told me…”

That time, Yu Ao Tian met Li Mei Yun on the ribbon-cutting ceremony and since then, they had encountered many times. But during that time, Master has been dating with other woman, the earlier they said who was his real girlfriend, while Li Mei Yun was in waiting-list lover, perhaps it was about / within a month, Yu Ao Tian has broke up with his girlfriend, so that Li Mei Yun replaced her.

“So that is the thing!” After heard Nan Lu explained, after Yao Yao listened to it, suddenly the shining super star that she adores turned to be dull and dim.

“So, because of it, I really not understand why you said Li Mei Yun is so pity, the most important thing is… that time Li Mei Yun had done something like scheming so that Master and his girlfriend broke up, but… our Master previous girlfriend was dummy, she was easily to get jealous, so that even Li Mei Yun not really used high scheme still she would be broke up with Master.”

He he, no matter during that time whether Li Mei Yun was third wheels or not, no matter whether she really did something under-handed alike scheming or not toward Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend, all of those had already passed, now, she is Yu Ao Tian real girlfriend, while Yao Yao indeed is Yu Ao Tian’s lover, no matter what, she cannot be the one who calls the kettle black. “If this how you said…”

“En.” Nan Lu titled her head to look at Yao Yao who gazing at sky.

She smiled, takes deep breathe, slowly said: “Yu Ao Tian… really perverse!”

At the moment, Nan Lu eyes are wide-open, she thought Yao Yao would talk bad about Li Mei Yun, or hate Li Mei Yun, but now…she hates Yu Ao Tian!

Without choice, Nan Lu looked at the shadow who standing inside the second floor room of villa, secretly murmured: “Big Boss Yu, this time you really bring the “Treasure”… indeed so unique ones.”

“Nan Lu, what are you talking?”

“Nothing.” Sweetly she smiled and suddenly she kissed Yao Yao cheek.


“I like you, Yao Yao, let’s we be friend!”

“Ah?” Yao Yao pouted her mouth: “So only by this time you thought me as your friend, I have thought you as my friend since the first day I saw you, humph, I am angry!”

“HaHa, Yao Yao, don’t be angry la. Actually from the first time I have thought you as my friend just…”

“Okay la, I just teasing you, Nan Lu. I am so happy that you wanted to be my friend. I also like you, Nan Lu.” She sweetly smiled at Nan Lu, finally both of them become fellow good sister.

Yao Yao suddenly feels her heart is filled with warmness, at least she has friend like Nan Lu in this cold Villa…


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 126

  1. Hahahaha….Na Lu is another smart girl too. Kissing YY’s forehead after NL detected a shadow on second floor n what did she try to let that shadow person know…heheheheh…

    Thank you…

    Between YAT n YY, they r like a yo-yo…get a little bit of tired. In one way YAT try to teach YY life lesson at the same time try to make her jealous. How will YY get jealous since she don’t love YAT.

  2. i love all your dedication and work but you should have someone edit it so it flows more smoothly
    and also thanks for your hardwork really enjoying it.

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