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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 127

Xiao Qiao

Chapter 128

“Hah.” Villa second floor, a pair eyes is looking at two petit figures, Yu Ao Tian smiled: “So Nan Lu also able to be controlled, still…Little Thing is awesome.”

“Ao Tian, what are you doing?”

“It is nothing! Mei Yun, I still have work to do, you have your rest earlier.” After said, he left Li Mei Yin inside the room.

“My beloved Lu Lu, today you accompany me sleep ah?” in the third floor room, in front the door, Yao Yao coquettishly pulling Nan Lu’s hand.

She cannot do anything: “Yao Yao, how can you act this coquettish? Alright, alright, I will accompany you.”

“HeHe, you are really good.”

Both of good sisters are sleeping together, when both of them sleep soundly…

Nan Lu opened her eyes when she felt someone entering the room and the person is Yu Ao Tian. He asked her to leave the room so that he can sleep together with Yao Yao. Before Nan Lu left the room, she request to Yu Ao Tian for not telling Yao Yao her true identity because she does not want to lose Yao Yao as her friend.

The next morning when Yao Yao still half awake, she called Nan Lu “Beloved”. Someone replied back on her but it is Yu Ao Tian. When she realized a person who lying beside her is Yu Ao Tian, suddenly Xiao Zhen is knocking her room, asked her to wake up and start to work. Yao Yao is in panic, afraid Xiao Zhen will come in to her room to wake her up since Yao Yao cannot leave her bed because hugged by Yu Ao Tian. While Xiao Zhen keep on knocking and shouting from in front of her room, Yu Ao Tian who feel irritating with Xiao Zhen, suddenly shouted at her from inside the room.

Xiao Zhen surprised when she heard Yu Ao Tian’s voice from Yao Yao’s room so that she left as fast as she can.

Yao Yao still confused and little bit hazy because she is not fully awake. She asked Yu Ao Tian where Nan Lu is. He answered her that he has kicked her out from the room so he can sleep with Yao Yao.

“How can you like this?” ah~ whatever, as long as Yu Ao Tian not hurt Nan Lu then everything is fine.

“Li Mei Yun, why didn’t you accompany her?”

“Bao Bei, at this time, I don’t want to hear you talking about her, go sleep.” Yu Ao Tian cuddles Yao Yao.

Yao Yao not satisfied but he is Yu Ao Tian so just let he be. Secretly she glanced at her clock…

It is five o’clock in the morning, why Xiao Zhen had called her wake up so early?

Ah! Xiao Zhen! She must already know that Yu Ao Tian is in her room, if she really not a fool, then she already can guess her relationship with Yu Ao Tian.

What should do….

She glared at Yu Ao Tian, all because this rotten bastard, why he enjoying himself so much by being Casanova? No! Must collect the news from Feng Chen Yi*! He is also someone professional in this field.

*Yao Yao means that she perhaps can learn from FCY or collect information what good as playboy.

“Miss, Miss.” The clock only show six in the morning, Xiao Zhen cannot stay still and rushing into Li Mei Yun’s room. “It is bad, it is bad.”

“What is going on, what is bad?” Li Mei Yun who is not patience open her eyes.

“Mr. Yu… Mr. Yu is in that Little Girl’s room.”

“What?” after hear the news, Li Mei Yun has fully wake up: “Do you know when Yu Ao Tian go there?”

“I was calling that slut girl at five o’clock. Mr. Yu has already at her room, perhaps… Mr. Yu is spending night at there.”

“Damn!” when she staying at Crystal Villa (Villa where LMY stayed before), Yu Ao Tian always comes to her place three times a week, but now when she moved to here, living under same villa with Yu Ao Tian, he even…go to accompany that Little Girl.

“This must be stopped, she cannot let this thing continue, afraid later or sooner, Yu Ao Tian will seduce by that Little Girl.”

“Miss, if compare the beauty, that cheap Little Girl can’t compete with you. I thought Mr. Yu just feel she is something new, refreshing so he playing with her. If you really hate her so much, I can help you to get rid of her, hah, she only 19 years old little girl, she can’t be good enough to fight with you. What do you think?”

“Heh, so, I never thought that kind of Little Girl as my opponent, but… she is eyesore in front of my eyes! I should think the way to kick her out from this villa!” Li Mei Yun sneered.


The news of Lan Du Group who had lost it credibility have been almost three days, but the PR of Lan Du Group still say nothing and choosing to avoid the media. To view from the public relation opinion, the creditability crisis of Lan Du Group is extremely give negative impact, if this keep on continuing, Lang Du Group will go bankrupt in matter on time.

The Finance Department of Berson Group.

“Ok, it done!” Yao Yao has been so busy for the entire morning to write reports, it almost afternoon and she is so happy. She is standing not far from her colleague, “Xiao Qiao, do you have time? I have something to ask for your help, can you go out for the moment?”

Xiao Qiao looked at Yao Yao: “Xiao Luo, why are you asking me to go out?”

“Uhm, this, I want… you to help me on something.” She smiled.


“I want you to hand over this to Xia Ren Liang.” She said by giving the document to Xiao Qiao.

Xiao Qiao eyes coldly swept Yao Yao: “Business plan? You go to hand over to Xia Ren Liang by yourself, why must me?”

If she really can do it by herself why must she ask Xiao Qiao to do it, moreover she can’t let other to do it. For her, only Xiao Qiao is the best candidate to do this.

When first time she joined the Finance Department she had heard the rumor about Xia Ren Liang who has good impression about Xiao Qiao, but unfortunately Xiao Qiao is a type of girl who weight money more compare to personality (Materialistic girl). So that, there is no progressed between their relationship.

Today, Xia Ren Liang is back to his own status, Xiao Qiao is girl who loves money, she might be used this opportunity to get close to him. “Xiao Qiao, you perhaps have heard regarding my relationship with Xia Ren Liang, to be honest, I have already have boyfriend, my boyfriend was extremely angry when he knew about this matter, he does not want me to have contact with Xia Ren Liang, but Xia Ren Liang ever helped me before, seeing his situation, I tried to make business plan for him so that he can go out from the crisis.” After she said, Yao Yao rolled her eyes: “If this business plan is sent by the most beautiful lady from Finance Department, according to Xia Ren Liang character, he must be moved, right?”

“En? I understood what you mean, Xiao Luo. You just want to give me credit for your hard work, am I right?”

Yao Yao nodding her head.

Unknown, Xiao Qiao coldly said: “Hah, Xia Ren Liang understands very well what kind of woman I am, he can come to Berson to work and he hate materialistic woman like me, do you think by asking to hand over this business plan, he will be moved? Childish!”

Seeing Xiao Qiao wanted to leave, Yao Yao hurried stop her: “Xiao Qiao, perhaps you misunderstanding my meaning. The things that I pointed not about love feeling.” She smiled: “You must understand Xia Ren Liang very well compare to me, based on his gentle character, if you help him, he won’t treat you unfairly. To say this is no cost trading, at most you just doing simple errands, but if it is me…I won’t refuse it.” Yao Yao gave the business plan to Xiao Qiao and left.

Looking at the petit figure who is disappeared, suddenly Xiao Qiao can feel that Yao Yao is pig who eats tiger (appear to be weak but actually strong), first impression that given by this little girl is, she looks so innocent, adorable, but at this time she looked so cunning. Especially her pair of big eyes that able to read others heart, inside her eyes there flashing sly luster, still cannot judge the book from the cover.

“Xiao Luo, I decided to help you!”

When heard the voice from her back, Yao Yao stopped her footstep, turned and gave her big smile.

At this moment she really is proving herself as winner and keeps progressing to be mature…

“This afternoon, Lan Du Group who has avoided media for three days, now is having their press conference.”

“CEO Xia, please clarify why Feng Group is using B grade material for Nan Sha project?” The reporter asked during Lan Du Group press conference in Television.

Xia Ren Liang gently smiles, he took the microphone while giving his answer: “If someone understands about architecture must know that the Feng group’s project in Nan Sha is five string lute irrigating storey house. So that, their building must use a softer material in order to ensure the highest quality. When our representative realized the architecture diagram for the Nan Sha project, at the first time we are prepared A grade material but changed to B grade material because it more suitable.

“May I ask CEO Xia, did Lan Du Group has negotiated with Feng Group before regarding the Nan Sha project?”

“There is thing not to be say like that. So far there is no urgency. Lan Du Group had promised to deliver the material within three days, but when realized the project of General Manager Feng not suitable to use Grade A material, it has been realized on the second day, and then we still wanted to keep our promise, and also we need to change the material that suitable to be used for Nan Sha project within three days, so that, we were too busy and forgot to inform General Manager Feng, this is really Lan Du Group mistake.”

“CEO Xia, did Lan Du Group ever change A grade material to B grade material before without noticing other party?”

“HaHa, our Lan Du Group always work based on creditability and trust, if there is need to use Grade B material then we will change it. When there really need to use Grade A material we will also used Grade A. just to let know, the different cost between Grade B and Grade A material only by one percentage point so for this little amount of money, we don’t want to gamble on our company creditability and also trust.”

When Xia Ren Liang is patiently answered all the questioned asked by the reporters, the host (person who take charge of the press conference) simply said: “Alright, all the media friends, our CEO Xia has answered all your questions. To summary, regarding about the replacement of the material indeed is misunderstanding, if there really who need to be responsible, we only can say it must be our Lan Du Group’s employees, actually if really wanted to use material Grade A it not something must, simply to say this might get bigger harm to Feng Group’s project, at the time perhaps Feng Group side might having trust and creditability problem too. Okay, today we are ended until here. Thank you for media friends.”

The television turn off, Long Ye who is inside recreation room of Berson Group is playing billiard ball: “Uhm, not in.” he shrugged his shoulder and smiled devilish to Yu Ao Tian: “The crisis in Lan Du Group only last for three days, I thought they are going to announce bankruptcy, but who knows that their PR department really good in handling the matters. You say, Xia Yu that old fox really because responsible for Feng Chen Yi project and then he changed the material?”


Yu Ao Tian hits one billiard ball. “Hehe, everyone is doing the business, Xia Yu, his way on doing business, don’t you know it? If he not pissed off Feng Chen Yi perhaps Feng Chen Yi would closed one of his eyes, but he…”

“But he made Feng Chen Yi that strong opponent anger. Ha Ha” Long Ye continued what Yu Ao Tian wanted to say, keep on continuing: “But, Feng Chen Yi that brat quite merciless, he even thought this kind of way to control his opponent. Unfortunately… unfortunately…” he shook his head.

“Unfortunately what?”

“HeHe, unfortunately Feng Chen Yi met stronger opponent. Just afraid after today, Lan Du Group reputation will boast as one most responsible companies, besides that, they won’t go bankrupt but their stocks will be raised. To be honest, Ao Tian, I really wanted to pay high and dig the person who solved Lan Du Group crisis, come to work at Berson.”

“Hah. No need. The person who solve Lan Du Group crisis currently is working in our company.”

“Uh?” Long Ye dumbfounded, faster he looked at Yu Ao Tian: “Did Lan Du Group crisis solution have relation with Xiao Meng Li?”

“It’s indeed her!”

“Impossible…” Long Ye frowned, excited he walked toward Yu Ao Tian: “Actually what Xiao Meng Li study? Why she knows everything, she even understands about PR job in solving problems?”


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  1. Thanks Azurro for the extra chapters. YY is awesome. Looks like YAT is slowly increasing his admiration of her capabilities. Cute of YAT to worm his way to sleep with YY. Hope YY will be able to handle LMY.

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