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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 128

Chapter 128

Facing with Long Ye questions, Yu Ao Tian isn’t immediately answered him, he silent for moment and then slowly said: “Law!”

At the moment, Long Ye smile disappeared from his face…

“Wo Kao, in internet there are lots evaluation regarding Lan Du Group, their stocks also rise, Lan Du Group stock has been raising to the normal.” Inside Finance Department everyone is discussing about this matters.

Yao Yao who sitting in her place smiling, while her eyes locked at Xiao Qiao who sat not far from her.

Xiao Qiao also smiled back to Yao Yao.

Actually, in this world the people who is easiest to be used are those who love money, and also the most cannot dependable are people who love money, when she decided to choose Xiao Qiao she sure 100% that Xiao Qiao would take happily this opportunity and gladly to accept this way out.

“Xiao Luo, good bye.”

“Sister Li, sister Zhang, good bye.” She has put her resignation letter to Berson group HRD, bid her good bye to all her colleagues when they standing in bus stop after working time ended.

“Let yesterday as nothing, now you are in front of my eyes…” suddenly her phone ringing.


“You come to my apartment!” the person who called her is Feng Chen Yi cold voice.

Yao Yao frowned: “Why, why are you looking for me?”

“If you are not coming, I will try another way to reverse the current situation!”

Rotten bastard! Yao Yao understood what Feng Chen Yi meant, she impatiently said: “I understood, understood!” she hurried hung the phone call, she stopped taxi and straightly go to Feng Chen Yi’ apartment.

“Oh it is you.” She just arrived in front of Feng Chen Yi’s apartment, a man with red hair stood in front of her and blocked her way.

She looked carefully to that red hair man who has playboy appearance, she tried to remember where she ever met this man before. Oh, that’s right! He is Feng Chen Yi’s friend, it seems his name is Ou Yang Zi Xuan.


“Hello your fart.” Ou Yang Zi Xuan coldly looked at Yao Yao: “All because of you, I almost break off (friendship) with Feng Chen Yi.”

“Ah?” what is that to do with her?

“Speak, you quickly reconciled with Feng Chen Yi, at least to save my energy and not wasting both my time (to scheme you) and my drug you (lust drug), kidnapping, but at last I finally ended up in terrible bad.”

What was Ou Yang Zi Xuan said? Drug? Kidnap? Kidnap? Yao Yao thought about something, panic asked: “That night was you who kidnapped me?”

“That’s right, I have used all my effort to send you off to Feng Chen Yi’s bed, but who knows that brat not grateful to me he even scolded me, all because of you!”

So that night she lost the memory because she was drugged, even Yao Yao is a fool she also knew what drug he meant, but she didn’t know that…

That night, she didn’t know what happen between her and Feng Chen Yi. Whatsoever, everything is not important now.

“You are deserved!”

“Eh? You are little girl but have sarcastic mouth!” Ou Yang Zi Xuan glared at Yao Yao.

She coldly rolled her eyes: “stay out, I want to enter the elevator.”

“I don’t want to stay out from your way, except, you reconciled with Feng Chen Yi.”

How can in this earth there are another person who more scoundrel compare to Long Qi?

“Stay away or not? If you are not stay away then I will leave.”

“Uh…” Ou Yang Zi Xuan thinks carefully, this little girl can show up in here must because she wanted to meet with Feng Chen Yi, if she really leaving, afraid that he won’t forgive me.

“Whatever, you follow me or not to look for him.”

She glared Ou Yang Zi Xuan, stepping inside the elevator, but at the moment the elevator door closed, her cold expression changed and showed little bit guilty.

“Feng Chen Yi, why didn’t you tell me if you didn’t do it!”

Feng Chen Yi you are too much, I never thought that you would to this to me. Now you are simply a rotten bastard!”

Think carefully, she never asked Feng Chen Yi whether he did it or not, but she straightly swearing on him.

That guy does not like to explain himself to others, moreover she had cursed him…

“Bad, I have mistaken Feng Chen Yi for long time…” she hit her head hardly, if that time she could little bit calm perhaps she won’t mistaken Feng Chen Yi, but… once she meets Feng Chen Yi she never could be calm down.

Should I ask for forgiveness?

Forget it, if I apologizing, based on his character he must say me many not nice thing, and finally both of us must arguing again.

Yao Yao initially can guess this tragic scene: “Oh, still better to do something to makeup with him later.”


The elevator stopped, she directly goes to Feng Chen Yi’s house

Knocking sound.

The apartment’s door open, Feng Chen Yi coldly opened the door with automatic button: “Come in.”

“Say in here whatever you want to say.”

“Come in!”

Pei! Can he use little bit gentle and soft voice to ask her coming in to his house? Such bossy, everyday he also uses that kind of facial nerve paralysis expression. She remembered first time she met him, his facial nerve paralysis expression even worst, Yao Yao would never forget that scene…

That time she was 13 years old while he only 16 years old.

Her first day came to School in Japan, that time she must went to report herself in school administration department, but that day she was late. The main gate had already closed, so she decided to climb the wall.

Six years ago her height less than 150cm, climbing to the wall was harder compare to scale the sky. “Hey cha…” finally she able to climb over the wall, she straddled over the wall, her eyes looked down.

As seen, there was man with tall figure lying on the grass ground. That time, the 13 years old Yao Yao was attracted by this man outer appearance.

“Hey, you little girl cannot straddle over the wall.” The school security was trying pulled her.

Damn! Just because seeing good looking guy, if she got caught then she would be deadmeat, Yao Yao who panic hurried jumped, but who knew that she fell down.


She fell onto that man’s top, she was so close with that man. She slumped and completely forgot that she still pressed on that man.

Suddenly the man opened his eyes, he has brilliant pair of eyes, but when he blinking his eyes, it emitting cold vibes, suddenly Yao Yao imagination gone, simply to say she afraid of the man’s cold eyesight.

“I am sorry.”

She hurried to stand up from that man’s body, but without she knew the man grabbed her waist, an instant… that man… used his strength to…


All her body was hit into the tree behind them.

“Pain…” she gently stroking her back head, angrily and glared at the man: “Hey, senior, I have apologized to you, why you pushed me so hard?”

That man said nothing, slowly stood up, he expressionless left her.

However, the most impressed Yao Yao was… this man never looked at her from the start to the end, he has cold aura and vibes.

That man who dressed in high school uniform was called Feng Chen Yi. That was the first time they met, that time he gave her feeling as handsome man, cold, have facial nerve paralysis and…hatred!

Until today, that good time had passed for six years, that hatred senior now is turned to be her Ex-boyfriend, that year he was mature but now he even be mature. While others, there is nothing changed.

She followed Feng Chen Yi get inside the room; she faster walked in front of him: “I only have one hour, if you have words to say, hurried!”

Feng Chen Yi lifts up his head and swept Yao Yao with cold gazed: “Did the Lan Du Group draft speech statement wrote by you?”

How.. can Feng Chen Yi knows? Yao Yao surprised and dumbfounded.

Still that words, Feng Chen Yi always believed and convinced she has miraculous ability. So that when Lan Du Group holding press conference, he already made a guess that draft speech statement was made by Yao Yao.

“Didn’t you say you are not care? Why did you help?”

She frowned, sighed, calmly said: “Feng Chen Yi, I really don’t have any relation with Xia Yu. But… his son ever helped me before. So that I…”

“Hah, Yao Yao, you are too awesome, you even climbed up both the old and the young?”

What? Feng Chen Yi what did he says? She saw his face that mocking her, Yao Yao pissed off: “Feng Chen Yi, you are rotten bastard!”

“That is right. I am rotten bastard. But…” suddenly he grabbed Yao Yao’s waist, force to embraces her: “At least I know who my real opponent is. How about you? You even joined other to fight me!”

It was not that, it was not that. That draft of speech won’t affect Feng Group business, when she decided to help Xia Ren Liang she had carefully thought about Feng Group’s side. She lift up her head, looked at the man who still hold her tightly, she moved: “Let me free, Feng Chen Yi.”

“You want me to free you?” Feng Chen Yi pinched her jaw, his lips curved upward: “HeHe, I want to keep this posture for the entire night, what do you think?”

What is he thinking? Does he not think to let me go home tonight? Then Yu Ao Tian…

No! No! She really does not want to experience that deathly situation anymore.

“Feng Chen Yi, are you crazy? Let me go!”

Feng Chen Yi silent, but Yao Yao who still in his embraces turned be panic, she even feels suffocating.

“Feng Chen Yi… let go!” she almost crazy, if earlier she knew he would act like this she must not coming!

“Are you so in hurry to leave?”

“Hah!” finally he gave her responsed and Yao Yao nodding.

“Well, kiss me, kiss me and then I will let you go!”

“You…” Feng Chen Yi you are real rotten bastard! Yao Yao furrowed her brow with complicatedness expression, she knows Feng Chen Yi character very well, if she does not do as he asks, perhaps she cannot go home tonight.

Her body stiffens, Yao Yao bites her lips, slowly lift up her head, stand on her tiptoe, her lips comes closer to his…


14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 128

  1. Thank you Azzuro.

    I don’t see or how will YY fall for YAT while she still very much hooked up with FCY. She think nothing but their past all the times. While trying her best to avoid YAT.

    How did YAT become a main lead whereas FCY as a second lead. She kisses FCY a whole lot more willing than with YAT. Sigh…not that I care…500 chapters seeing YY going back n forth with those two men…YAT has his own women harem whereas YY has her own men harem.

  2. I also don’t know how it’should even possible for YY feel anything for YAT. She’s deathly scared of him 70% of the time, with reasons of course. The thought of kissing him gives her team creep.

    However, I think both guys are too immature in love for her. They are not the right guys for her.

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