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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 129 – 130

Yao Yao is crying

Chapter 129 – 130

“Pounding” “pounding”

Yao Yao heart beats so fast, she even cannot gasps her breath, although she hates, but even she hates, but still could not cover deep inside her heart that she still loves him. It clearly she has told herself, decided to stop love him, but because Ou Yang Zi Xuan who ravel the misunderstanding, she felt little bit guilty and trying to find excuses for herself to start over with Feng Chen Yi.

Feeling, this kind of thing is really scary, once it tainted as if addicted to drug and difficult to quit and it will be very hard! Cannot help she closed her eyes, the atmosphere inside the house freeze.

That cold expression of Feng Chen Yi suddenly faded away, he hugs tightly her body into his embraces slowly turned to cuddle her, at the moment he almost touches her lips, he also slowly closes his eyes.

But just in moment, suddenly Yao Yao stopped…

No, cannot, she cannot do this, although she wanted to go home and then she needed to kiss Feng Chen Yi, but for Yu Ao Tian this is kind of betrayal attitude.

She had promised Yu Ao Tian she would not betray him, although there are no loves between them and again it does not mean she can betray him, and today…

What did she do?

Just now at the moment Feng Chen Yi wanted to kiss her, she clearly knew and felt that she wasn’t compromised him but… it was involving feeling and she wanted it…

Why? Yao Yao what did you think? You have love Feng Chen Yi to the stage you cannot control yourself anymore, forget your rational mind? She felt guilty looked down, her eyes showed desire but also puzzled.

“Kiss me, does it so hard?”

Suddenly raised her head, facing Feng Chen Yi cold pair of eyes, she took deep breathe: “Sorry, I am sorry.”

“Why are you saying sorry to me?”

That’s right why she must say sorry to Feng Chen Yi? What is she sorry for him?

In mess, now Yao Yao really cannot separate her status, actually she is Yu Ao Tian’s lover or still Feng Chen Yi’s girlfriend? Both of them had already broke up for more than 2 years, why every time, she felt as if she turned back to 2 years ago?

She must wake up!

She bites her lips, her facial expression stern, she pushes away Feng Chen Yi, without wait for his reaction, she hurried run away, she wants leaving that place run straightly to the front door.

“Stay still! Luo Yao Yao, you stop!”

She didn’t want to hear anything now. She only wanted to leave.

Feng Chen Yi made fist, hurried to chase after her…

At this time…

“ding dong ding dong”

“Chen Yi, are you at home?”

Li Ruo Ting voice comes from outside the front door, pierce into Yao Yao’s ears, she panic and her eyes looked at Feng Chen Yi.

Yao Yao looked alike little white rabbit that got shock, she rushed into wardrobe near bed, and then she hides inside.

At this time, Feng Chen Yi has already opened the front door.

“Chen Yi, so you are at home.”

“Ruo Ting, why you come?” he asked while his eyes are looking at the wardrobe.

Li Ruo Ting smiles sweetly and hugging onto Feng Chen Yi’s back: “Chen Yi, do you still angry with me? I have reflected myself, you don’t angry to me, okay?”

So Feng Chen Yi and Li Ruo Ting quarreled, ah, together with this kind of bossy and domineering man, who can stay long? Yao Yao who is hiding inside the wardrobe can see clearly both of the man and woman.

Seeing Feng Chen Yi cold eyes are looking at Li Ruo Ting: “Oh? Did you really reflect on yourself?”

“En En.”

“Well, prove it to me.”

“Prove?” Li Ruo Ting does not understand what Feng Chen Yi means, but she immediately turned to her coquettish self, smiled and passionately cuddling Feng Chen Yi and then plasters her lips to his…

This moment, Yao Yao who is hiding inside the wardrobe, he face turned dark, she feels the space becomes narrow and also no oxygen.

It feels uncomfortable, suffocating, painful …

She feels hurt and fists her hands, her nail embedded into her palm, one by one bead of tears falling down from her eyes.

Strange, didn’t they already break up? But why now she feels she got back to 2 years ago, the time when she caught Feng Chen Yi with Li Ruo Ting, the pain still feels same.

“Ruo Ting, you are so aggressive.” Feng Chen Yi ended the kiss.

“Is this bad?”

“HeHe” his cold eyes gazing at wardrobe, coldly said: “This is much better compare to someone!”

“Hah? Chen Yi, what… you mean?”

“Nothing, Ruo Ting, today I have important thing need to do, you back first, I will contact you in other day.”

“Hah? Whatever, okay, I wait for your call.”

Sending off Li Ruo Ting who showed disappointed expression, Feng Chen Yi rushed to wardrobe, hurried he opened the wardrobe’ door…

Yao Yao crying face is clearly penetrating into his eyes: “What are you crying for?”

He said that words coldly, she bites her lips, there still tears trace in her eyes, slowly said: “Doesn’t this what you want?” one step jumped out from the wardrobe, she emotionally hit his chest said: “You did it, you indeed did it, Feng Chen Yi, you clearly know that I ….” Suddenly she stopped.

Feng Chen Yi caught her wrist:”Understand about you what?”


Her heart pounding, her vision blurred looking at Feng Chen Yi’s face, did she…what she wanted to say? What to say…

“You clearly know that I still love you, why you still kissed Li Ruo Ting in front of me?”

“Yao Yao, tell me, you love me, I want you to say that you love me!” Feng Chen Yi who is calmed suddenly emotional, after he finished his sentences, his lips pressed her lips in domineering way.

“No! Don’t! Feng Chen Yi, don’t kiss me with your lips that kissed by other woman!”


Feng Chen Yi gets slapped on his face.

His mood changed cold at sudden.

Silent for moment, she swallowed her saliva, trying control herself: “Feng Chen Yi, I love you. But… it was 2 years ago. Now…I don’t love you anymore! Leave behind only hatred! This, do this what you want?” she turned back, but her tears still flowing.

Yao Yao understand very well how fake her words, if she really does not love Feng Chen Yi anymore why must she has objection when she saw Li Ruo Ting kissed Feng Chen Yi? If she really not loves him anymore how could she not able to control herself every time they meet and it is affecting her mood? If she really not loves him anymore why must she panic when she heard Li Ruo Ting’s voice and hide inside the wardrobe?

This things, didn’t because she diffident? More she is trying to pretend not loves him, more clearly she showed him that she actually loves him so much.

Ha. It was not the first time she spotted man and woman kissing, moreover the kissing scene was happening two years ago, but when she saw Yu Ao Tian passionately kissing with Li Mei Yun, she felt awkward and guilty towards Li Mei Yun.

But, when she saw Feng Chen Yi accepted Li Ruo Ting kissed, her heart is so hurt, it feels as if torn into pieces.

This thing, even she wanted to escape, she really can’t escape from, she only can bit by bit, using her hard work to conceal…


The sound of door being smashed by Yao Yao…

Inside the big apartment only left Feng Chen Yi alone, at this time his eyes showed regretful, “Actually what did I do?”

He has thought to protect her, but every time they meet it becomes kind of hurting each other, furthermore the ending always…

She hurt, he even hurt!

“Ring Ring Ring”

Slowly he control himself, pick up his phone: “Hello.”

“General Manager Feng, as you know, Lan Du Group is in process to turn back their position, should we takes the second plan, or directly make Lan Du Group go bankrupt?”

“No need…” there is not important anymore, although Lan Du Group bankrupt, Yao Yao will stubbornly comes to help them to solve, at the last, it will become he and her battlefield…

Yu Ao Tian’s Villa.

“It clearly decided to apologizing to him because blame him wrongly but at last it turned to be battlefield, perhaps this is what called as fate. Uh!” Yao Yao sighed. Before she opened the door, she used her strength to pat her face with both of her hands, do not let Yu Ao Tian found out, do not let Yu Ao Tian found out.

She forces herself to smile, she pushed open the villa door, and then…

Inside the living room there are strange atmosphere, it gives her chills.

As seen, all the maids who are inside the living room showing stern facial expression, while Li Mei Yun also looks so strict sitting on the sofa, while in front of her standing Nan Lu.

“What is going on?” Yao Yao secretly asked to one of the maid near her, with very low voice.

“Today Miss Li Mei Yun is losing her bracelet, and then that bracelet found inside Nan Lu’s room.”

What? Did she mean Nan Lu steal thing? Impossible! Nan Lu is impossible stealing.

“Nan Lu, according to you how we solve this matter, should we make report to police?” Xiao Zhen is angrily asking her.

Nan Lu head looking down, she says nothing.

“Do you think it solve with silent? Well, I will make report to police.”

“Wait!” Yao Yao faster walking beside Nan Lu.

Xiao Zhen glanced: “Ha, you, what do you want?”

“You say Nan Lu stealing something, where the evidence?” Yao Yao held Nan Lu’s hand, coldly asking Xiao Zhen who standing in front of her.

“The stolen item was found inside her room, still needs other evidence? Just to let you know that bracelet is the most treasure by my Miss.”

Her eyes glanced at Li Mei Yun who still keeps quiet, she frowned, she didn’t know whether Xiao Zhen had made report to Li Mei Yun or not about this morning incident, it’s feel so awkward.

“So that means, you are not witnessing by your own eyes, seeing Nan Lu stole the thing?”

“You… what do you mean? Xiao Luo!”

“Hah, very simple, I would like to ask who is so stupid to steal thing and hide it in her own room? Since the stolen item was found in Nan Lu’s room, but it does not mean must be Nan Lu who stole that item. It likely, if the stolen item is in your hand, then I can say you are stealing it, can’t I?” Yao Yao rolled her eyes and looked at everyone who dumfounded after hearing what she said.

Xiao Zhen eyes meets Li Mei Yun’s eyes, she understands that she cannot win over Yao Yao.

“Miss Zhen, I want to ask you, who was the first person found this item?”

“It was me.”

“Well, I would like to ask all of you, who saw Nan Lu stealing this bracelet?”

Everyone is looking each other, most of them are shaking their head means no one.

“This is so simple, this is called as not verified evidence, Miss Zhen even you make report to the police, the police won’t process your report, the most important…” She glancing at the bracelet in Xiao Zhen’s hands, helplessly laughed: “The bracelet is imprinted your finger print.”

“Hah? This.” Xiao Zhen panic looked at the bracelet in her hands.

Yao Yao keeps laughing: “Well, others finger print might have disappeared, furthermore this case won’t be process by police.”

Xiao Zhen feels as if she being fooled, she paused for moment and then roared: “Xiao Luo, you are this villa maid, this is none your business, right?”

“Yes, I am indeed this house maid. But, I can’t see Nan Lu being accused wrongly, right?”

“I am not accusing her wrongly, the bracelet was found out in her room. That means she is the thief!”

This Xiao Zhen, actually she understands law or not? The law does not recognize such importune debate methods! Yao Yao helplessly frowned: “Miss Zhen…”

“Let it be, Yao Yao.” This time, Nan Lu who keeps quiet for long time suddenly spoke, she pulled Yao Yao hands, whispered: “It is so obviously that she trying to set the trap for me, whatever you say is useless, later the problem will be solved.”

What Nan Lu means?

But why Xiao Zhen is setting up trap for Nan Lu?

“See, Xiao Luo, you see that Nan Lu understood herself very well.” Xiao Zhen confidently walking to her side, smile sweetly, with low voice: “Yesterday, did you sleep with Mr. Yu?”


Yao Yao heart tightens, she nervously glancing at Li Mei Yun who is not far from her, she whispered: “No!”

“Still want to deny? Rest assured, I won’t tell my Miss, anyway, Mr. Yu goes to many women’s place, my Miss has known it and closed one eyes. But, you are so young but so wild, Mr. Yu is older by 8 years from you, right? What is your purpose? Because he handsome? Because his capability? Or because his money?”

“No! No! I don’t…” Let it be, even there is nothing between us, it indeed that I sleep with him (Yao Yao means real sleeping together in one bed not sleep as having sex). Explain too much, there is useless. But why suddenly Xiao Zhen asked?


“Miss Zhen, although you hate me but why you are accused Nan Lu?”

“Ha, I just want to help my Miss venting anger, who asked her to be your best friend?”

As expected Nan Lu was entrapped, she never thought that she would be burden for Nan Lu. Slowly she looked at Nan Lu who expressionless, she whispered: “I, I am sorry.”

“Sst, don’t say sorry Yao Yao, now, you need to keep silent too. Now!”

“But, what will happen to you?”

Nan Lu faintly smiled: “reassured, I, nothing will happen to me.”

Why Nan Lu so confident? But if Xiao Zhen really have heart to entrap her, she must difficult to get away?

“Hah, Nan Lu, you are looked so calm. This, Luo Yao Yao, if you want to protect Nan Lu, you must leave this house immediately. If you leave, I can ask mercy from my Miss to forgive you, on this way, everything will be only misunderstanding, how about it?”

Leaving this house? There are many times she thinks to leave this house, okay? But will Yu Ao Tian let her to do so? “Zhen…”

“Sst.” When Yao Yao wanted to speak, Nan Lu smiled, she closed her mouth but gesturing something in her hand.

So she just keeps silent as she asked to by Nan Lu.

“Well, no matter what you say, Xiao Luo, the stolen item has found inside Nan Lu’s room, if Nan Lu doesn’t say anything then I will go to report to police!” Xiao Zhen has already back to her normal voice, she turned to look at Li Mei Yun: “Miss, report to police?”

“Do as you like.” Li Mei Yun expressionless said.

Xiao Zhen is glancing at Nan Lu and also Yao Yao, slowly walking to the telephone.

And then… at this moment…


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  1. Cliffhanger 😰 I wonder, who’ll get to be booted out?

    Poor FYC. He snooze… He lost!

    I prefer YY with the lang du son, minus the Wicked dad.

    Thanks dear 😘

      1. yeah! Me too…wondering what is Na Lu’s identity that YAT kind of protect her as well but not sexual relationship between them…

  2. Omg 😱 such a cliff-hanging chapter…. Who is going to be booted out? Poor YY being stuck between both sisters … Can’t wait for the next chapter… Thanks

  3. like the polices would be able to care about this dispute when Yao Yao is there, LMY will just invite the unnecessary media news for the whole world to read

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