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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 131 – 132


Chapter 131 – 132


Suddenly the villa’s door opened. Mo Xue Tong rushed to inside.

“Miss Mo.” All the maid saw Mo Xue Tong immediately gave deep bow (90degree bowing) while their eyes open-wide.

She gazed at Nan Lu, and coldly her eyes swept to Li Mei Yun: “What is going on?”

“Miss Mo, Hello, this maid has stolen my Miss…”


When all of people not yet reacting, Mo Xue Tong has presented Xiao Zhen with slap: “I don’t talk to you!”

So cool…

Yao Yao who standing aside dumbstruck, Mo Xue Tong really cool, simply to say she gives feeling woman with man spirit.

“Miss Mo, there is time that Xiao Zhen not really good in speaking, but at least she is maid that I brought to here with me, even you wanted to hit dog, you must see the master, right?” Li Mei Yun who is keeping silent for this time spoke.

Mo Xue Tong eyes flashed coldly, slowly she walked in front of her: “Miss Li, now I can speak clearly to you, if you cannot learn well how to teach your maid, well I can make suggestion to Yu Ao Tian to change his girlfriend!” after said, she sneered, her finger pointed to Nan Lu who standing not far: “She is my little sister, in the future, please take care of her. I take my leave!”

“Miss Mo, have a safe trip.” All the maids are bowing to Mo Xue Tong when she left.

Seeing Li Mei Yun expression that keep on changing, nervous to anxious, she has notice Mo Xue Tong as her toughest love rival, and today, Mo Xue Tong even dared to spoke that way to her, this time she has no choice but to suffer in silence.

“Xiao Zhen, go back to my room.”

“Miss, how about Nan Lu?”

Her pair of eyes flashed, she gritting her teeth: “Didn’t you hear what Miss Mo says? She is Miss Mo little sister. So that, this matter just let it.” After she said, Li Mei Yun went to second floor with Xiao Zhen.

“Ha, Nan Lu, Nan Lu, have you already know that Miss Mo will come to help you?” They are also followed to leave after that two person gone, finally the living room atmosphere back to the normal, Yao Yao excitedly asked Nan Lu.

She smiled, nodded: “Yes. When Xiao Zhen said that I stole the bracelet, I have already known that she trying to trap me, so that I gave phone call to Miss Mo.”

No wonder Nan Lu looked so calm. “Oh yeah, is Miss Mo really your elder sister, but why you address her as Miss Mo?”

“Did you know her in Japan?”

“Yao Yao, is there a problem?”

“HeHe, actually I ever studied in Japan, I just back not long ago.”

“Ah?” once Nan Lu heard, she little bit shocked: “So that you ever stayed in Japan, perhaps you ever heard about… Yu Long Group?”

“I ever heard it, I also know that Yu Ao Tian is Yu Long Group’s Big Boss.” Yao Yao said, sweetly smiled.

Nan Lu who standing beside her extremely shocked, Yu Ao Tian has hide his identity as Mafia since two years ago when he backed to China, even Li Mei Yun does not know his real identity, but never thought Yao Yao knows all about him. “Yao Yao, since you have knew Big Boss Yu real identity, aren’t you afraid of him?”

“How can I not afraid of him? But…” she smiled, she sighed: “Get used, so not that scared anymore.” The most important that, even she afraid there is no use because she has signed the lover contract agreement with Yu Ao Tian, no choice.

“Yao Yao… I want to tell you my secret.” Suddenly Nan Ma showed worries expression.

Yao Yao blinking her big eyes: “What secret? What kind of secret?”

“If, if I do also Yu Long’s people, will you… want to be friend with me?”

“Ah? Nan Lu, so you are also Yu Long’s people?”

Yao Yao surprised, Nan Lu hurried said: “I, I just say for example.”

“HiHi, I just teasing you, Nan Lu. For me, I have admitted you as my best friend, so that, no matter what is your status I really not care.” She calmly said, hugged Nan Lu.

This time, all the heavy stone and burden seems lift up from Nan Lu heart, she is afraid if Yao Yao knows about her Mafia background and be afraid of her, she might ignore her. It seems she has underestimated Yao Yao “power of acceptable”. At same time, she really curious of Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao relation.

“Thank You, Yao Yao.”

“What to thanks, if really need to say thank you it must me because I can meet friend like you in here. Oh yeah, Nan Lu, I can sense that Miss Li seems to be afraid of Miss Mo, why?”

“HeHe, not only Li Mei Yun but normally all Big Boss Yu’s women afraid of Miss Mo. After all, Big Boss Yu treats Miss Mo differently.” After said, Nan Lu suddenly felt as if she said something wrong: “Uh, Yao Yao please don’t feel get offense, I mean nothing, it does not mean that Big Boss Yu likes…”

“You rest assured. Nan Lu, I will never get jealous.” She rolled her eyes, she mysteriously blinking her eyes toward Nan Lu: “Let me tell my secret too, actually… I not even love Yu Ao Tian, not even one bit!”

“What?” Nan Lu dumbstruck, the person who dares to say this perhaps only Yao Yao. But another second, her pair of eyes flashed, she felt there is footstep from the front door.

“Really, so that Nan Lu I told you, everything regarding Yu Ao Tian, I really won’t get…uh” she only spoke half, Yao Yao mouth closed by Nan Lu’s hand.

Nan Lu… what wrong with her? She confused to see Nan Lu nervous expression, frowned, cold sweat falling down: “Nan Lu why you close my mouth? I haven’t done with my words. Humph, you say how could I not get jealous? If I not jealous it is strange! Seeing those women with Yu Ao Tian, I really pissed off. Think carefully, you say why I must love this kind of man? He really not loyal, really makes me pissed off!”

“Uh.” Nan Lu really cannot think how the hell Yao Yao brain works this fast, she even cannot differentiate which ones is sincere from her heart and not, or is she has already knew the person who standing in front of door… is Yu Ao Tian?

“Bao Bei!”

Yu, Big Boss Yu.” Nan Lu nervous looked at door direction.

Yao Yao who backed the door suddenly her face turned dark, hehehehe, so Yu Ao Tian is really standing in front of door…

She turned, gave him dry-smile: “Yu, Yu Ao Tian, You, when you back?”

“When I back, didn’t you already know it?” Yu Ao Tian smiled deviously, slowly walking toward her.

Her body is shaking, her small hand is made fist, when Yu Ao Tian stopped in front of her, her heart as if stop beating.

“Bao Bei, you… really smart!” after said, Yu Ao Tian caressed her face, turned his back and get into his room.

Yao Yao, whole person relief and limped on her bed: “Scared me… really scare me to death!”

While Nan Lu who always besides looking at Yao Yao who body is trembling, and she back and gain herself…


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 131 – 132

  1. I don’t think YAT is shocked. He already knew that she didn’t love him. YY is pretty obvious. She had never pretended to love him. The girl can’t even bear to kids him.

  2. I really like their friendships. Its nice that YY has person who just want her friendship and nothing more. Thanks and happy holidays. Santa is going to give you lots of presents for bding so good to all us.

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