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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 133

Chapter 133

Nan Lu seems vaguely figure out the relationship between two people; at the same time also know…

Yao Yao is types of person who takes role as pig eats tiger. This kind of person is safest to stay beside Big Boss Yu!


Inside Li Mei Yun’s room, Xiao Zhen gets slapped.


“Don’t call me Miss, I don’t have idiot maid like you! You dared to do this cheap trap, makes that Little Girl sensed that I have already knew her relationship with Yu Ao Tian, you ruin my entire plan!”

Li Mei Yun is extremely pissed off with Xiao Zhen. She venting all her anger toward Xiao Zhen, although Xiao Zhen tried to explain her attitude but Li Mei Yun does not care. She only wanted the result and this time she failed not only to Yao Yao but also Mo Xue Tong.

When Li Mei Yun is still “teaching” her maid and got informed that Yu Ao Tian have already at home but he went to Yao Yao’s room. Her anger exploded and not long after that, her room knocked by Yu Ao Tian. Seeing Yu Ao Tian coming to her room after visiting Yao Yao’s room, Li Mei Yun expression little bit dim. But still she must sweetly welcoming Yu Ao Tian.

Xiao Zhen takes her leave and let both of them alone inside the room. When Yu Ao Tian and Li Mei Yun inside the room, they did the usual night “exercise” but this time, Yu Ao Tian pained Li Mei Yun so much.

She begged Yu Ao Tian to stop because her body cannot endure anymore but Yu Ao Tian not care because he remembered Yao Yao conversation just now about…

“You rest assured. Nan Lu, I will never get jealous.”

So the bad impact of Yao Yao words are fell to Li Mei Yun. But at same time, it disturbing Yao Yao and makes her get insomnia. The main problem is Yu Ao Tian and Li Mei Yun doing their night exercise in quite long period and so noisy. Li Mei Yun kept on Moaning for the entire night and her voice is super loud. So, finally at 1 AM Yao Yao could have her sleep.


The next morning…

Yao Yao who just goes out from her room with dark circle around her under eyes meets Li Mei Yun who has already sat on sofa inside living room: “Good morning Miss Li.”

“Going for work?” Li Mei Yun asked with smiling face.

Yao Yao nodding her head, awkwardly she looked at Li Mei Yun’s eyes, sweating! She recalled last night moaned… only by listened and little bit YY (imagination), he face already blushed, really awkward!

“You really not easy, on morning you are going to office and after go home you also need to work in here at night. Does Long Qi okay with this?”

“It’s okay, he, he supported me so much.”

“Uh. You are so lucky. If Ao Tian let me to have more job to do it will be good. But, I do understand Ao Tian because he really loves and adores me.”

Seeing that “happy” face of Li Mei Yun, Yao Yao feels little bit odds, does Li Mei Yun is type of person who likes to show off her happiness?

“He He, Miss Li, it is good to know you happy, I go for work.”

“En, takecare.” Both of girls had done by exchanging their courtesy, Li Mei Yun eyes flashed, last night was “happiness” or “bitterness”, perhaps only herself that know it. Just now she just acting in front of Yao Yao, she wanted to show her that she lives so happily with Yu Ao Tian, that is her main purpose.

Yao Yao arrived at office. When she arrived and wanted to sit in her seat, suddenly one of her colleagues informed her that she was called by General Regional Director, Mr. Wang.

Since the Chang Hong stock incident there are many of her colleagues envied of Yao Yao so when she left her office room to meet Mr, Wang, someone her colleagues are gossiping about her.


“Little Girl.”

“Hah?” Yao Yao is startled by someone voice, she turned and saw, “Li, Miss Li.”

“What are you thinking of keep on standing in front of the door? Why not come in?” Li Mei Yun smiles sweetly, slowly pushed open the villa door.

“Oh, nothing. I’m thinking about my work in office.” Yao Yao followed Li Mei Yun walking inside the villa.

“Ahahaha, I don’t know if you Little Girl also workaholic. You still think about your work after go home. Oh yeah, tomorrow is Saturday, you do you have time? Accompany me to go for shopping.”

“Hah?” suddenly her footsteps stopped, Yao Yao frowned: “I am so sorry Miss Li Mei Yun. Tomorrow I have thing to do.” She really have thing to do, every Saturday it is time for her to visit her mother and also her grandpa and at same time it is her private time for herself.

“How is about Sunday? You won’t have thing to do on Sunday, right?”

“I am sorry Miss Li, Sunday I must be in here working.”

“Hey, Xiao Luo, my Miss because she likes you so that she especially looks for you to accompany her go shopping, you are only maid so don’t be someone who does not know how to appreciate someone kindness.” Xiao Zhen who is standing beside angrily said.

To be honest, if this is happen long ago, perhaps she still will be able to go out with her idol happily, but now… she does not want to have any relation with any others Yu Ao Tian’s women!

“Xiao Zhen, you shut up!”

Yes… Miss Li.”

“He He, Little Girl, if this Sunday you really must working in here, well just think me as Madam of this house, can I? You just take it as accompany the Madam, so this is also part of your job.”

“Miss Li…”

“Don’t reject me.” Li Mei Yun does not give any opportunity for Yao Yao to reject her, gently she blinking her eyes but it also signaling Xiao Zhen to leave.

Yao Yao is thinking the way how to have less contact with Li Mei Yun…

Saturday, in hospital.

Yao Yao visited her grandpa in hospital and also her mom. When she arrived at the hospital her mom told her that woman who named Mo Xue Tong and her boyfriend Yu Ao Tian were coming visited them not long ago. When Yao Yao heard it from her mom she was extremely angry.

Moreover when her mom said both of them were asking about 14 years old incident that related to Luo Tian Ming, her father. The anger Yao Yao was trying to phone Yu Ao Tian but he not pick up his phone so Yao Yao looking for Long Qi who immediately told her that all of them were in Tian Shang Ren Jian (kind of place alike night club / bar).

She rushed to look for Yu Ao Tian in Tian Shang Ren Jian but being stopped by the guards who wore suit in black. She tried to enter that place even she telling them that she is Yu Ao Tian’s lover no one believed on her, she shouting alike crazy but they were ignoring her as long as she stayed outside.

Fortunately Long Qi passed, so Long Qi helped her to meet Yu Ao Tian who is sitting on the third floor inside private room of Tian Shang Ren Jian. Seeing Yao Yao coming to find him, Yu Ao Tian face looked so fierce and dark. He never thought Yao Yao would come to find him in this kind of place.

“Why are you here?” Yu Ao Tian asked.

“You think I happily coming to see you in this kind of place. I come here because I have something important to say.” Yao Yao said with her anger tone.

“Hey you, little girl! How can you speak like that to Big Boss Yu?” One of hostess who is sitting beside Yu Ao Tian Said.

Her pair of cold eyes looked at them, shouted: “I am his lover, all of you go out! Go out! Go out!” Yao Yao voice is becoming louder and louder.

This is the first time for Yu Ao Tian to hear Yao Yao admitting herself as his lover in front of many people. He even feels something about her mood today.

Two beautiful women are looking each other and then they looked at expressionless Yu Ao Tian. They see there is no response from Yu Ao Tian so they are laughing: “Hahahahaha, you are Yu Ao Tian’s lover? Little Girl, if you said that you are Yu Ao Tian’s little sister perhaps we still can believe on you. Humph, but how can you fake to be his lover? We will let Yu Ao Tian comes to give you lesson!” after said, one of tall women waved her hand.

At the moment her hand was grabbed by Long Qi: “Hey, you woman, do you want me to cut off your hand?”

“Xiao, Mr. Xiao Long.” That woman is terrified with Long Qi’s murderous aura.

He coldly swayed that woman’s hand: “I count to three, get lost, 3, 2,…”

Before counted till 1, everyone has gone so the room only left Yu Ao Tian, Long Qi and Yao Yao, three of them inside.

“Thank You, Long Qi…”

“It’s okay.” Long Qi smiled and then he left.

The private room suddenly deathly silent, the atmosphere is suffocating but Yao Yao has tried to control herself, slowly said: “Yu Ao Tian, I want to ask you…”

Without waiting her, Yu Ao Tian has strangle her: “Little Thing, your gut is getting bigger day by day, without my permission you even dare to come here to find me!”

“Yu, Yu Ao Tian, I can come here… to find you, because I have my urgency. Or else… you think I really willing to come here… to find you, a man like you?”

“What kind of man I am?” Yu Ao Tian is filled with murderous aura still holding at her neck: “What kind of man I am?”

“Yu Ao Tian! have free your hand.” Yao Yao is difficult to breath, her small face has changed white pale.

Yu Ao Tian narrowed his eyes and loosens his hand.

“Why were you and Mo Xue Tong come to hospital?”

At this moment, Yu Ao Tian understood the reason Yao Yao came to find him. “Heh, how to say you are my lover, I want to see your family, can’t I?”

“Can. You can come and see my family, but why were you asked Mo Xue Tong to fake as your girlfriend, moreover you asked Mo Xue Tong to fake as my best friend in front of my mother, lied to her. Although this kind of thing is not giving harm to anyone, but…” she made fist on her hand: “why did you ask Mo Xue Tong to lie that my father was her savior?”

“That was Mo Xue Tong’s matter.”

The way of Yu Ao Tian replied her, means the coming of Mo Xue Tong wasn’t ask by him? Well! “Yu Ao Tian, 12 years ago you went to Japan, in Japan you just got acquainted with Mo Xue Tong, I would like to ask you during that time Mo Xue Tong who live in Japan how could she know about my father? Moreover how could she be saved by my father 14 years ago from the burning down of Hua Mei Villa?”

During the time when Long Ye told Yu Ao Tian about Yao Yao IQ that reach more than 200, he had already known that, Little Thing is someone very smart, at this moment she has exposed her intelligent, she talked straight to the point. “Heh, Little Thing, you have said this much, what actually you want to tell me?”

“Whatever I wanted to say to you, you know it very well inside your heart.” When she was in hospital, listened to her mom when talking about Mo Xue Tong, Yao Yao had lost her memory because car accident so she can’t recall all the memory of 14 years ago about the Hua Mei villa case. She never dared to ask her mom about it because it was related to her father death and that matter always becomes her mom wounds.

After she left the hospital, the first thing she done was browsing all the information regarding Hua Mei villa case, but it was so bad! There was no clue that founded in internet.

Her father was government officer, since she could not find anything about this case, she realized the important of the case itself, so that…

This case must be protected by the government.

And then…

Since Yu Ao Tian asked Mo Xue Tong to find her mother and asked about this case, this mean…

“Yu Ao Tian, I thought… the real victim in that case must be you, right?”

“Little Thing, you better to put use your brain in right place or else it would killed you!”

“Huh.” Yao Yao showed him faint smiled. This faint smiled pierce for Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, it makes him even angrier: “Little Thing, are you scheming me?”

“No. I am not. I didn’t do anything!” she said with weak voice.

Yu Ao Tian really wanted to kill Yao Yao but suddenly his eyes locked at that scar in Yao Yao’s left shoulder.

Taking the opportunity Yao Yao said, “Before I coming here, I have thought, perhaps, when Hua Mei villa in fire it was my dad who saved you? But… it seems… after looking at your reaction, perhaps I have made wrong analysis!”

She never wanted to check on Yu Ao Tian, she is trying to find something from this man about the case, even little bit because she does not want this case become alike snowball.

“Yu Ao Tian, since when you know that I am Luo Tian Ming’s daughter?”

Yu Ao Tian quiet, his mind has flowing to the others world.

“During the time I agreed to sign the lover contract agreement? You open your mouth and say that I scheming on you, didn’t you who…”

He slapped her.

Her small face is hurt and burn hot, but she not cares, continued: “you dare to say that you never have intention to scheme on me? I have been curious for long time, I was only mistaken you as Host 2 years ago, but why you are not willingly to let me go? Moreover, I am not type of woman that able to attract someone like you, Yu Ao Tian must be types alike Li Mei Yun? So that during the time you asked me to be your lover, you must already know that I am Luo Tian Ming’s daughter, right?”


31 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 133

      1. But unlike YAT, YY would only hit someone with good reasons. YAT just like to abuse women. And he’s wondering why she’s not in love with him? Only a mental would like someone like him.

        I’m proud of YY for standing up to YAT. I honestly hope that YY will not fall for him. If she has to because they are the lead, then I hope it’s not until the very last chapter.

      2. YAT have reason why he slaps YY. For example this slap, YAT slapped her because she coming to night club to find him. he not blaming her to find him but he angry because the place, night club. that kind of place is very dangerous for YY, moreover there are many mafias and also YAT enemies that spy in that place.
        He does not want they know about YY. this slap also refer to YY curiousness for the matter that he still investigated.
        That’s way, he often to remind her be careful for her intelligent.

      3. That’s not a valid reason for hitting her. He’s just doing it because that’s his solutions to everything. Anyone against him, he will try to destroy them. She has every right to question him because he was snooping around & lying to her family. YY can tolerate many things but her family is sacred & that’s is a line she draws.

        Is he delusional? He wants YY to fall for him & yet he treats let like this? He knows that she’s a genius right?

  1. Thank you Azzuro for another update.

    I have noticed you used this particular of word a lot but I would like to clarified it.

    Straggled mean stretching, walking in slow or fatigue motion.

    Strangled mean to squeeze one neck.

    I believe what you should be using was “YAT was strangling YY’s neck instead of straggled.

    1. Ah~
      Thank you Julie to point out my mistake. You are right I that my intention is used “Strangled”
      XD XD XD
      Later I will go, re-check and correct all.
      Just forgive for so many errors I made because I translate without double check =.=”

  2. LOL Poor YY couldnt sleep bcs the noisy of LMY and YAT for the whole night.

    I really wonder how YAT feels abt YY? will they become a real couple some day? will YY feels some love for YAT? and what the actuallu happened in the past??? CAN’T WAITTT

  3. Thankies for the updates, azurro!!!

    It’s good that the story is moving along with its main plot. I kinda have an idea now what happened 14 years ago, but I’ll wait for the conclusion. I might be horribly wrong.

    1. i think so too!
      and i do hope it is like that…


      thank you so much azurro4cielo for the daily updates!!!

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