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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 16.2


Chapter 16

Part 2 (Two)

Diet must stop before going too far

Fortunately, the hormones cause the puffiness. Slowly by slowly become little bit reduced, compare for the initial weight, 180 pounds, now, it has reduced 20 pounds, as additional I don’t eat white rice anymore, no junk food, after entering senior high, I loss 10 pounds again so that I not that fat anymore. I am categorized as medium fat, it is progressing but I never feel enough.

Yan Yan said it lucky for me because I have tall posture, I have height 168cm, fat but also well proportioned, limbs not fat, it only chest, stomach and butt, regarding chest… Yan Yan honestly told me that at least I have 10 pounds for it.

I also think this area progressed to be “hot”, I don’t know whether it is influenced by the hormones or not, I just age 16 years old but almost have D cup size.

My burden is heavier.

Every time when my mom is washing mine and Yan Yan bra, hang together to dry it, I have kind of feeling.

This size of cup, no matter I see it, it look alike cap.

Once I sighed, Yan Yan looked me with murderous sighted. She smashed everything that she saw.

“Sis, are you still human, your cup is too discriminate A’s cup!”

Yan Yan eats lot but not gained fat, she grows taller and has same height with me, but her weight less than 95 pounds, naturally her breast area also got influence.

But what’s to envy for.

When she joins the sport lesson, then she will know the feeling of these two ball moves.

Really TM tired!

Cannot, must diet, if this keep continuing, there will be a day I must wobble because of it.

Thus, diet is my daily homework, others than eat, I also do exercise, example after having meal, 30 minutes later I will have jumping rope, or not I will bring Cai Xi to run, running until it showed it’s tongue, and then go home.

When winter holiday in senior high, I have already lost 8 pounds.

My stomach smaller little bit, but still has meat, but at least it won’t show when I dressed.

But, once I stripped my clothes, the fact I still that fat.

168 cm height, with weight 140 pounds, I am still fat.


Changes for the success, I keep on working hard.

Initially, I want to gradually cut the fat, but the fact was far from the expectation, during the winter holiday, I went to my alma mater Hong Qiao high school, that day Kang Yu was back to school, so I had made appointment to meet him at the school garden, so that I waited him at school.

In his class, I knew Xiao Fan and Cao Min, so that I thought there would not have any problem, and decided to find and reunite with them.

I stood outside the class, took a peek, I could not find Kang Yu not even his shadow, I upset where he gone, even Xiao Fan also not in class, no teacher. I so confused as if porridge that stirred in pot. Cao Min spotted me and then she called me enthusiastically.

“Fu Jin!”

I bathe with cold sweat, this little brat still remember my nickname.

Once she shouted, everyone in class looked at my direction.

I was awkward, standing in front the class while my face blushed.

Suddenly I heard girl voice from inside the class: “So this is the Fu Jin that you guys like to mention?”

This word sounded so normal, but the way and tone of speaking really piercing into ears and made someone felt not comfortable.

I looked at that woman… aiya, she really beautiful girl, very beautiful, she also have fair white skin, her hair long and black, has big pair eyes, as big as Da Shuang and Xiao Shuang’s eyes. The most important was her body shape, she has curved body shape and also slender and thin figure. Especially her waist area, it was similar with the novel and manhwa that I liked to read, as if it gonna break with slight strength. I dared to say, after ten years this girl might attract many men.

That girl looked at me, she raised her head, as if looking down at me, as if I had offended her.

Perhaps it was because woman six senses, suddenly I had something alike premonition, I paused for moment and turned back, I felt if I stayed any longer at this place, something big might happen.

When I intending to leave, that girl running toward me, behind her there still two others girl followed at her back who I did not know.

“Hey, you fatty, you are not our school student, why coming here!”

Fat… fatty girl!

After I heard, I could feel my eyes as big as bull eye.

This person, how could she so impolite.

I really pissed off and stopped my step, turned back: “I come to find Kang Yu!”

“He isn’t here, he is helping the teacher to bring winter homework, he won’t back for moment!” she still raised her chin looked so arrogant, between her words there was another meaning (double meaning) as if she closed to Kang Yu.

“Oh yeah? Well, I will wait for him, I have appointment with him, we will go to garden, playing.” I also not showed my weakness, counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir (to adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation)

Suddenly she looked unhappy, her face closer to me, “You are shameless, he isn’t here, you still waiting him?”

Wo Kao (swearing words) said that I am shameless, could you ask yourself, who is shameless here.

I was so angry, I directly scolded her back, but this place is school, there were lots people, actually my relationship with Kang Yu shouldn’t reveal and known by school, so that I did not want to argue with her.

I left!

I was so angry and walking straightly forward, I did not even look back.

But that girl suddenly asked me to stop, “Wait!”

“What to wait? Didn’t you ask me to leave?” I turned and shouted at her.

I was suspicious, I could see that her eyes suddenly flashed devilish, I haven’t reacted, but her two fellow friends who came with her brought me into their class.

“What do you want?” Three people were holding at my hand, so I could not fight them.

That girl spoke to the entire class, “You guys say, I am beautiful or she is the beautiful one!”

I was stiffen as if thunder bolt during bright sky, I looked the class suddenly silent… all people were looking at her and me.

I felt chilling.

I have grown up until this big, this was the first time I had been looking, watching attentively, it gave me uncomfortable feeling as if I was animal in zoo, people judging me, no dignity.

I have care so much to myself being fat, actually deep inside me, I felt little bit pity to myself but Kang Yu treated me very well, so that the pity feeling could be suppressed to the minimum and never shown on surface.

For fellow readers who fan of  Substitute Bride (SB) I hope you guys can wait for little bit longer for the update because I have hard time to translate the chapters.
It quite difficult for me to find “suitable” or “equivalent” English for translating the Chinese. I will update this project as soon as possible after I solve some issues.


10 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 16.2

  1. The beautiful girl is SO BAD! I hope Kang Yu will give her a ‘reward’ for treating his gf so bad for no reason. After all, it is not as if KY is HERS to start with. Kang Yu likes whom he likes. Evil bitch! Thanks so much dear!

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