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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 16


Chapter 16

Diet must stop before going too far

Half of first year high school semester was passed peacefully, during this time the study load was not really heavy. We were as freshmen in high school, we still able to relax for moment moreover because it is girl’s high school. Others than teachers, the school is filled with ladies, about the advantage, naturally there were some, for example during the sport lesson we not needs to hastily go to changing room, we could directly change inside the class. The disadvantage, it difficult for us to move heavy things, looking everywhere there won’t be man come to help. Besides, as the saying goes, boys and girls pair up, the workload much lighter, eyes is filled with same gender, playing each other, not really fun and even feel boring.

There are people said since Girl’s high school is filled with girls, so that the girl is especially weird and also lesbian. I really need to clear up this things, this was really not exist at least during my three years studying there. I had never seen any lesbians.

But, when we were boring, we liked to role-play.

I don’t know those girls who are born in 80’s would like to play role-play but at least role-play was interesting game for students like to play during my time.

I also like to play it, it because my real person is more tomboy, very carefree so that my classmate called me husband. Well, I just accept and played along with them. Xu Ying was my first wife, Zeng Xiao Qiu was my second wife, Qi Bing Bing was my third wife and others fourth, fifth, sixth and I did have daughter. My class leader was someone so small and exquisite and played as my daughter so that these people grouped to be one big family. After three year in high school, Wang Yue still called me father everyday and Xu Ying as mother. While the others wives also called me either husband or beloved.

Whatever as long as we gathered as family, we were playing happily because it really interesting.

But, this thing, I not dared to tell Kang Yu.

I afraid he would be heart-shocked for him.

Although he could accept it, based on his black-belly character, he would think the way to separate us so that I hide it from him, out from school, I have to remind them not to call me husband or else break off the relations.

Xu Ying had already known that Kang Yu and I was dating, later after others knew, I thought they would be surprised, seeing me in different way, after all those students who were able to listed in Shi San Nv girl’s high school, 80% of them were outstanding students. No need to talk about their mind concepts, seeing them one by one likes to read books, I could feel that during the junior high all of them are book-worm, simply could not imagine, during my junior high school I even be someone so brazen by dating with someone along studying.

When they knew, one by one was gossiping.

It scared me, I almost not dared to meet Kang Yu in front of school gate, afraid if someone might find out Kang Yu, they might tear off Kang Yu clothes because there were not boy in school so that they thirst with boy. The most important was they were urgently wanted to know what kind of boy that deathly loves me.

After school ended, I was waiting Kang Yu in front of the food stall across the school, it was because avoiding others. When studying in senior high, if got caught dating the consequences more severe than junior high, have no choice but to protect my relationship from especially those who liked gossip, to avoid things leaked from their mouth.

Outside the store they were selling stinky tofu and radish pancake / pastry, every times I would stand there for while, even only the smells, this kind of deep-fried food, it was blacklist no 1 in my menu list. First because the heat too high, second because my fat, I suffered from excessive internal heat, besides that I have mouth ulcer, it almost tortured me for one month. Eating these kinds of food same as playing with my life. It would pain me every time I have my meal.

I sniffed, so good, it would taste perfect by drinking plum juice, my heart would feel content.


After half hour, Kang Yu arrived in time, not past even a minute.

I hurried sit on his back, “Coming!”

“Want to eat?” he pointed at the stinky tofu, perhaps he saw me glancing the foods.

I shook my head, “If I eat it, I won’t able to eat during dinner.”

“It good if you know, you like to eat this kind of unhealthy food!” he turned to his bike handle, tune, took my bag and put it onto the in front basket of the bike.

“Not healthy? Every times Yan Yan meets you, you bought it for her but never heard you said this to her.” I sat on back seat, criticized him.

“Her health is not something that I should consider of, the person who should consider must be brother in law, I don’t have time to think about it. Just waiting until the time when I married you, you see whether I would ignore her or not?”

Suddenly I felt my sweat dropping as big as beans.

Kang Yu ah, Kang Yu, what do you want me to say about you, there is time I feel you are too…black.

To make the best use of everything and after you done just throw it.

I don’t know what would Yan Yan feel when she knew, would she cry or not.

I think, she won’t because both of them have similarity in some ways.

But about marriage… I feel so sweet in my heart even my mouth said in reversed.

“Who want to marry with you… move! Cart driver!” I patted his back twice.

Kang Yu smiled, said “Cart driver, well there also have Fu in words, you are destined with me!”
(车 che 夫 Fu : cart driver, while writing husband in Chinese word there also Fu character.)

I don’t have time to play words game with him, besides that I cannot win over him, just followed what he loves to say.

“Let’s go!”

Kang Yu immediately pedaling forward, he looked so proud.

Aiya, if in the future we are married, I can feel my heart sweet but also shaking, I am really not match to him, later in the future he must be the one who bully me.

My grievance, too grievance.

Having puppy love, how can I gamble to my future?

To be honest, I believe in Kang Yu, seeing him everyday pedal the bike sending me home, although it is off road bike type, I have heavy weight, this still able to say I am burden too.

So I wanted to diet.

Diet has turned to be my life goal.


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