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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 16.3


Chapter 16

Part 3 (Three)

Diet must stop before going too far

But today…

It suddenly exploded, at the moment it grew as big as tree.

Who is beautiful?

I could feel my eyes moisten, I could feel being humiliating.

I glared deathly to that three girls, pushed them away, I didn’t care too much and left.

When I was walking half way in the corridor, I bumped into Kang Yu.

“Miao Miao, you are here, wait for me and I will immediately distributing the winter homework…Miao Miao? You…. What happen?”

At that moment, my face has wet with tears, I cried, I didn’t know whether because I was too angry, too suffer, anxious and vented it out, as if hit on gun.

“Pa” sounded.

I slapped him.

I really used my strength, full strength so that I could feel my hand hurt.

“I don’t want to see all of you, you all are bastard! Bastard!”

I was crazily shouting, I used my full strength to push him away, when I was in front at school gate, I crying along the way to home.

My mom was cooking, saw me and asked whether I wanted to eat red braised pork or sour sweet soup, shocked to see me cried alike heavy rain, she put down her vegetable knife.

“Miao Miao… what happen, who bullied you? Ah? Who bullied you?”

“Today everyone in the world is bullying me!” I cried and shouted out loud, I walked into my room.

When I was at my room, I locked it. I hide inside my quilt until night.

After some time, I heard my room door knocked, “Sis, open the door!”

I still hide inside my quilt, while Yan Yan still knocking outside my room, I covered my ears, I did not want to hear anything.

Outside the door, my dad and mom also panic, asking me to open the door.

I did also hear phone ringing at downstairs.

But, at this moment I didn’t want to care about anything, I just wanted to hide inside my own world, I didn’t want to meet anyone, I didn’t care anyone.

When night comes, Yan Yan stood in front my room and said, “Sis, Kang Yu had made few times of phone calls, now he still calling, do you want to receive it?”

“I don’t want!” I also didn’t want to answer.


“I don’t want, I don’t want to hear, tell him, I don’t want to meet him for this time, if he dares to come to home, I will break up with him! I am Ou Yang Miao Miao will do what I said!” I roared out my bed, didn’t care whether my mom and dad hear it or not, after I shouted, I got back to my bed.

Yan Yan said nothing, perhaps she understood with my current situation, whatever they said it not use.

My dad and mom were coming to annoy me, I just crying for the entire night, after I have thought for one night, I have made decision for one night.

I want to diet, I want to diet!

I was alike possessed, my mind only filled with these two words, cutoff fat!

I really carried out.

Every day I only eat one bowl of chicken soup and one tomato, other than that, I did not eat, I was crazily jumping rope, not only that, I still running inside the room, up and down stairs.

I have been through for ten days, I had lost 13 pounds.

I saw myself in mirror, I could see my collar bone, I also could see my face baby fat trim down. But there still fat, I didn’t satisfy with my diet result. I still complained not enough.

I sat on my bed, I still thinking should I keep on dieting or not.

Actually myself that time, was already at hyper mode to loss my weight, the next thing, I started to stop eating and drinking, no matter how people persuading me, I didn’t hear them.

Three days later during night time, I still not eat and drink, suddenly I wanted to watch television, I could not grasp the remote control, it fell down to floor, I was bending my body to take it, when I stood up, suddenly I felt all was black in my surrounded, I didn’t know that I was faint and unconscious.


Half hour later, it was Yan Yan who came to my room and found me, just afraid when I was in unconscious state no one found me.

All of my family member was panic and sent me to hospital.

I was diagnosis to have anemia that caused by malnutrition, I almost to have severe heart failure.

Fortunately, Yan Yan found me.

I was shocked and sweating cold when I knew it.

Because my heart was so weak, being tortured, having poor immunity, cold infection, myocarditis, all was attacking at one time.

In ordered to guarantee I would not get worse, really turned into heart failure, doctor gave me with hormones shot, of course, under unknown situation, I gained my fat again alike balloon, when I woke up.

Still good, not gained much, but it was enough to make my effort in vain for my diet.

This was called as sinister, I could live again.

I really got my lesson, after ten years later, I have remembered it deeply in my memory.

Diet must stop before going too far, otherwise it would harm the health.

Go die to self-pity, does self-pity is more important compare to life?

Finally I still able to climb out from death!

My problem…

Kang Yu!!

Even I have climbed out from death, furthermore I pretended to be ostrich.

How could I face him?


9 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 16.3

  1. Thank you for the translation

    What will Kang Yu deal with these 3 bullies ?
    How come former classmates never rescue Miao Miao?

  2. I feel so so so sorry for Miao Miao. What sucks bit was she got bullied from Kang Yu’s school not even her own school. Kang Yu’s schoolmates r bunch of jealous, spiteful n immatures girls.

    I hope Kang Yu’s teaches them lesson they never forget.

    Thank you Azzuro for this chapter.

  3. Wow…. I truly get shocked. Miao Miao’s situation is just like mine. Thank for your hard work… I just find your blog and read like a crazy one these couple of days…. Thanks, Azzuro…

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