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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 17.3

Chapter 17

Part 3 (Three)

He must be an Alien

At that moment, I felt I would get nosebleed.

Be sinister!

Later I became accustom to see him, but my little world not peaceful, as long there was girl who got closer to Kang Yu, a pair of my eyes coldly glared them.

The eight-month long rehearsal has became our best game time, every time we went to Jiang Wan practicing place, we always have lot of time for doing nothing, waiting and day dreaming, hence, when we were at school we were quickly to finish our homework, when rehearsal break, we were spending time to play cards.

The performances props——– that piece of red and green rounded board became the table to play cards, for the first and elite class students this meant their extra time to do their homework and used the board as their desk.

I, Xiao Fan, Da Shuang, Liu Li Jun, Kang Yu, Xu Ying, of course all of us were there, however she was using the board as her study desk but unfortunately for the others four just suitable to playing card. Not really bothered with her.

Didn’t know whether it was our bad luck or not, few teachers who responsible for us were abnormal, they were extremely strict, once they called us to make line we must arrived immediately, once we late, we would ask to get out from line, in the most eye-catching practice place, who was willingly, everyone did not want to take advantage of the crisis for personal gain, so that no one dared to come late, once being called to make line, everyone immediately running to line up.

It similar with playing cards, once we heard about rehearsal, we would immediately stopped, our hand put down all the cards, running and made line up, the card that lost must be responsible by me, the logistics staff.

Once the rehearsal ended, all of us back to play again.

Well, when rehearsal if get used then it okay, but the trouble was getting in toilet.

There were lot of people, especially the ladies toilet, once break time, it has fully filled by people, even there was no place to slip.

There was one time, Liu Li Jun wanted to have “Big Number”(poop), all the toilet were occupied, still made long queue, she was holding back her legs like twisting, standing and then I teased her: “You just back from toilet just now, why didn’t you solve the matter together!”

Still hold back herself, “just now I haven’t had feeling to do it!”

Xiao Fan helped her to queue in toilet, turned and said, “This is called as passing this village then no store anymore, so do you understand the meaning.”

“In this time speaking about this is no use anymore. This is something that out from my control!”

I brazen to give my idea, “Do you want to go to male’s toilet, let Kang Yu to help you!”

“Go to hell, if you want to go then you go!” Liu Li Jun glared at me.

I stick out my tongue, to think, well, you slowly waiting in here and if you cannot hold just don’t blame me.

Waiting for few minutes, the person who inside the toilet not yet came out, does she also have Big Number?

Really have bad luck.

Holding too long, even when there were desire to let it go, it could be turned to have no desire anymore.

At last, Liu Li Jun didn’t have mood to do Big Number or perhaps she could not.

When out from the toilet, Liu Li Jun angrily said, “You say what is the difference between Big Number and Small Number (Pee), doesn’t it also waste, why must take long time?”

Xiao Fan and I speechless, she cannot do her Big Number and now she tried to study it.

Da Shuang was waiting in front of the toilet, when she heard, suddenly she laughing.

“One is solid and other one is liquid.”

What kind of people ah! Both of them were really studied about it, the solid and the liquid?

I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cried, better to laugh.

Kang Yu was sitting in near the cards board, watching the place, when he spotted us came back, asked “done?”

I shook my head, “Too many people, she has lost her mood!”

Kang Yu frowned, not say anything, sat down, starting to shuffle the cards, prepare one round.

Liu Li Jun still nagging, “What is the difference? Both of it was came and started from stomach, why one takes longer time than others.’

Kang Yu asked me, “What happen?”

“Venting anger, hysteria, perhaps because hoards too many poisons, so she starting to study about the difference between Big Number and Small Number!”

There is time I really admire Liu Li Jun, she dares to speak anything she even not care Kang Yu is man.

Suddenly, she pissed off, slapped the board, looking at Kang Yu, said “You say, what is the different the big and the small ones.”

I could feel three lines in my head =.=”

Big sister, don’t think too much, many people here, cannot make toilet as your excuses.

I thought Kang Yu must be seen her as crazy.

When Kang Yu is spreading the cards, he spoke surely: “Both of them are siblings, but the little (pee) is loyal, the big (poop) cannot always accompany the small, but every times the big going out, the little ones will follow at back!”

After he said, everyone was silent.

Kang Yu frowned: “What? Did I say wrong?”

We were shaking our head.

Able to think to that point, Kang Yu isn’t human, but he perhaps an alien.

Even this kind of thing he could explain, and even to have further discussion about it.

What idea!

Xiao Fan, Da Shuang, Liu Li Jun looked at me, all of them pitying me, as if said, Miao Miao, your IQ and his are far, in the future you will be so pity!

Still need to say, I have known it before, I am not match for Kang Yu.

Very soon, again it was confirmed that he has high IQ.

We have played few rounds, suddenly I felt urgency, I rushed to toilet but there still many people, I anxious and twisting my leg.

I was standing in front of the toilet, waiting.

Suddenly, I heard Kang Yu shouted, “Get in line!”

After he said, I saw everyone were went out from lady’s toilet in rush, one by one the toilet door was opened, many of them were rushing out while tidied their pants.

At one blinked the toilet empty.

I was standing outside the door, open-wide my mouth looked at Kang Yu who standing outside.

He leisurely leaning his body on the wall, looking at me, “what are you waiting for, faster get inside!”


I was surprised so that I had difficulty to pee…

He must really an alien.

Must be!


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