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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 17

Chapter 17

Part 1 (One)

He must be an Alien

I have stayed few days in hospital, when I was hospitalized on the first day, Kang Yu came.

He must come, if he didn’t come, I would give up on him.

But if he comes, I not dared to meet him.

When he came, I was sitting in my patience bed eating apple while reading manhwa, suddenly Yan Yan took him inside the patience room.

“Sis, Kang Yu comes to see you!”

I was shocked almost falling down from my bed, my first reaction was throwing my half-eaten apple and also my manhwa, covered myself with quilt, lying deathly in my bed.

“Sleep, I sleep!” I closed my eyes.

Yan Yan not even took my hint, she not even has feeling to help me, “Kang Yu, both of you slowly chatting, my mother went back to home, taking new clothes for my sister, just went out, she won’t back for moment, but, in order to be safe, it better for me to guard outside,”

Although that day I was shouting to break up with Kang Yu if he meets me, but it was happened at my house, my mother and father not even heard it so he must be not knew it!

My luck!

I could hear my heart pounding said, don’t go, stay and accompany me, I don’t want to face him by myself.

I stayed in two bed patience room, the old grandma was doing her check up, didn’t know when she would come back, she went out and only left me alone, I… I … I afraid!

I still closed my eyes, kept on sleeping!

Yan Yan closed the door, I could feel that Kang Yu standing beside my bed, there was time ear could replace eyes, at moment my ear became super sensitive, he was taking out something and put to the table near the bed, I smelled banana fragrant, and then, he pulled the chair and sat beside the bed.

I could feel his breathing, it means his distant quite close to me, I still wrapped myself with quilt, I shrink myself and almost fell down until I covered my face.

When I felt nothing, I dared to gasp my breath.

Kang Yu didn’t say anything, so I really didn’t know what to do.

Speaking ah, why are you not speaking, speaking ah, how suppose I speak?

Five minutes later, I unwrapped myself, I felt difficult to breath.

Cannot bear anymore, I have reached my limit.

Unwrapped my quilt, sat down in my bed, I inhale and exhale the air.

I … back to live… back to live…

But when I was glancing at Kang Yu…

I was shocked!

He looked so fierce as if grin face of Tibetan Mastiff.

I was stunned by him, chocked, then I slowly to open my eyes, said “You… why are you here?”

Kang Yu glared at me, “I have been here for a while.”

I coughed, “Oh… why are… you not speak?”

“There is someone who wrapped herself in guilt, pretended to sleep, what I say must not be heard, right?” He gave me cold answered.

I was glared by him, a moment I have cold sweat.

“Why didn’t you unwrapped my guilt, you almost make me alike pig head inside!” I softly said to him.

I heard what he said to me, “When there is no air anymore, later or sooner you will climb out, why must I make a move?”

I was sweating lots.

He really black belly!

I was playing the quilt using my fingers, and then looked down, looked down until my head touched my chest.

“I give you time to confess!” he sat by cross his legs, as if he is Da Ye (Lord/Big Master) looking at me.

He clearly knew my fault.

Suddenly realized every time when I get angry, at the last it always me who ask for forgiveness, but everything that happened, I also felt so wronged.

“She called me… she called me fatty, and also said… she not let me to meet you…” after said, I really felt sad, my eyes blinking for few times and my tears just dropping down and made my eyes blurry, “She pulled me to inside the classroom, spoke to many people… was she beautiful…or me was beautiful…all of them were looking at me, I felt myself alike animal in the zoo, no dignity! Xiao Fan wasn’t there, you… you weren’t there too… no one helped me… I was so afraid…I… self-pity!”

After I done, I wipe my tears and nose, I really felt so sad.

All the problem must blamed on Xiao Fan, I have given her money to check, but she didn’t tell me about that girl, when I was still hospitalized, Xiao Fan was the first person who came to visit me.

That time I have asked her.

She answered me so easy, one sentence “Even her name Kang Yu does not know, what I should tell you?”

Well, perhaps that girl was thinking too much, she felt repulsive, took me to vent her anger.

Kang Yu sighed, stretched out his hand, he gently patting my back, helped to calm down myself.

His face expression has changed little bit. I tried to brazen myself, “I am also someone who have self-pride, I could not easily bullied by others! That time, I really wanted to give her slap, but…I not dared!”

The last was not necessary, so it directly hit on me.

“Humph, you not dare to slap her but you dare to slap me!” he touched his nose and looked pissed off.

My body stiffens, I secretly glanced at him, that day I was in mess, impulsively stretched out my hand, I didn’t know whether I slapped him on right or left cheek. It has passed days, I didn’t have impression about it anymore, remembered that day I slapped him quite hard, didn’t know whether it caused internal injury or not.

“No need to see anymore, it was left cheek!” he angrily continuing glaring at me.

I touched my nose, “I am so sorry.”

He grunted, but his hand was peeling banana.

“Is it still hurt?” I asked.

“You say?”

“Next time.. next time I will not dare again!”I really like to use this kind of old pledging.

“Next time? Will there a next time? It means there will be next time in the future, next time you are still thinking of it, or next time you want to use knife to chop me!” he started to go crazy, after he done peeling the banana, it stuffed inside my mouth, he angry and took back the banana, fiercely bite the banana.

I hurried shook my head, also my hand, “I won’t, I won’t use knife to chop you!”

It was too bloody, I really felt afraid.

“Okay, this time I would think as if nothing happen, continue!” he ate the banana, and peeling other one, but not giving me, he ate by himself.

Really too much, he obviously knows that I like banana so much.

I swallowed my saliva, “Continue? What to continue?”

“Say, how you could be hospitalized?” he interrogated.

I murmured, “It was… it was…”

I bet he knew the reason, it was impossible if Yan Yan didn’t say anything to him, so why must he asked me again, he wanted me to reflect on myself or because he objection with my way of dieting.

“Cut… Cut… cut fat!”

When the two words came out, he was extremely angry.

“I want to be beautiful, but who knows…” I really not happy, I wanted to find excuses, but seeing how his expression turned black, hurried I pledged for forgiveness, “I know that I was wrong, I won’t do it, won’t do it anymore! I go die, I must not go on diet, I must not torturing myself, also makes… makes… you worry!”

I really am afraid of him.


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