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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 18


Chapter 18

Part 1 (One)

First kiss gone

At the blink of eyes, 8 months had gone, the youth like us, groups of high school student were completed and succeeded the perfect opening ceremony of the eight National Games Gymnastics performances, thus, all of us not only lost our high moment during summer, after a week for N times weekend, we also makeup for all the lesson that we failed.

Grievance, this terrible grievance!

At the same time, I was promoted to second year senior high school, welcoming the headache for student credits (School grade).

Head… really was aching.

Hence, my math scores devastating declined.

But on contrary with Kang Yu height, within 8 months, he seems as if eating height powder, he has reached 185cm, he taller by one head from me, I must lift up my head to look at him, from 30 degrees to 45 degrees, and now changed to 60 degrees, and the increasing trend kept continuing.

I had enough, my neck also felt enough.

“Don’t you have problem with your head and height?” I could not resist asked.

“My mom said that my father very tall, I resemble him.”

Usually, Kang Yu pick and drop me to school, but this time I was sitting on thick bar in front of driver seat. The back seat was too high, and also scraped, so we cherish and take advantage of our Friday, went home little bit late, Kang Yu brought me to strolling exclusive store to change new seat.

Due to his height, the seat must set higher, so during the traffic he definitely stood out.

“Really envy, I don’t even grow taller!” I dissatisfied pouting my mouth.

Kang Yu lowered his head, his eyesight fell into my chest area, and then he said, “It grows!”

“Grow? With what eyes are you use to see that I am growing, said, just now where you gazed?”

“Miao Miao, I grow taller while your chest grow plumper, both of us are normal.” He answered me so normal.

At sudden my face blushed red alike monkey butt, “Kang Yu!” I stretched out both of my hand and pinched his cheek, “You are shameless!”

I forgot that both of us were still in the street, being touched by me, Kang Yu perhaps felt little bit pain and could not ride the bike properly, fortunately the street is flat, we were staggered few times and then the bike steady again.

I was not dare to touch him anymore, being traffic in street, fell down it really not a joke, I angry and turned away and ignored him.

8 months of the eight National Games opening ceremony, the rehearsal has ended, although I was in logistics sections, I did busy too, my waist got smaller by one number but my cup increased by one size….

How couldn’t changes?

The answer was…I need to change my pant smaller one number but my bra also need to change bigger by one number.


I felt that I have lost weight for pounds!

I not only suspected Kang Yu opinions but also began to doubt myself.

Kang Yu bend his body little bit, he used his voice that caused me to have itchy feeling, “Miao Miao?”

“I am angry, if there is words quickly speak out!” I felt itchy in my ears, why he likes to speak with this kind of voice to me. It makes my ears so itchy and also my heart.

He sighed, “I want to say, you should grow in moderate, or else, I can feel worse than nosebleed.”

“You… still dare to speak!” I got so emotionally, hurried raised my head, by coincide hit into his nose.

He braked the bike, the bike suddenly stopped, he really no need to hold back, he really nosebleed.

I hurried to take out my handkerchief to stop his bleed, his nose not lightly hit by me, depressed, ached, grieved, grieved until tears XX

“How can you just mention about nosebleed and now you really nosebleed!”

“Have too much stock, rather than head smashed by you better let it flows, this much better!” he inhale.

“You still have time to joke! Quickly face your head up!” I use my handkerchief to stop his nosebleed.

“It is alright, later will be okay!” his head up.

He looked so funny I could not help myself not to laugh at him.

Kang Yu face dark, perhaps he thought I might heartless. I was the person who hit him and also the person who laughing at him.

After while, his nosebleed stopped.

He continued to pedaling his bike to the Exclusive store, at this moment, I didn’t have heart to anger him, but more I thought more I wanted to laugh, my mood turned to be so good. But secretly took glance to his nose.

He knew that I looked happy. He did not disrupt my happiness. Intimacy he spoke in my ear about many interesting things that happened in the school today.

Both of us are wearing school uniform, riding and share the bicycle, this kind of intimacy, if this place not little bit quiet, I really don’t have gut and not dare to be this such bold. Because it is Saturday everyone busy to hurry go home no one really pay attention to us so I don’t feel awkward.

I see we are almost arrived at Jian Guo West District, suddenly both of us heard serine sounds at our back.

“The bike which is in front, both of you is sticking too close, separate!”

Kang Yu and I stunned, both of us take look to back.

It is police car which following at our back, the police uncle is shameless and even using mic, shouting at us.

“Study well and get progress every day!” the car roof speaker made his words louder.

Once he shouted, everyone in the street, no matter those who ride bike, driving car, or the passenger who walking in the street, all of them are looking at us. At sudden both Kang Yu and me became focus attention.

People are pointing and talking about us, some even shaking their head or sighed heavily and some are waiting for good show.

Shortly to say, this is really too much.

I was shocked so I hide and move closer to Kang Yu’s chest.

Suddenly, Kang Yu turned and talked to the police man, “すみません,警官のおじさん,何を言います?”
(I am sorry, Mr. Policeman, what are you saying?)

I was dumfounded, the police uncle dumbstruck, the people who in the street also dumbstruck.

Everyone is silent.

Kang Yu still looked so composed but at same time he showed doubt expression.

“Noise for half day so that Japanese!” someone said.

“Oh, what noise, so they are foreigner, let’s go, this policeman is eat too full does not have anything to do (busy-doing)”

“The Japanese teenager are dating, nothing to do with us!”

“The Japanese even married when they are only 16!”

“The Japanese is mature! This kind of teaching really is no good.”

“Little brats are not good thing, let’s go!”

Everyone is discussing about us, this Japanese and that Japanese and slowly they dismissed.

The police uncle is blinking his eyes, his hand still holding the mic, but does not know what to say, dumbfounded for sometimes, at last he let us go, he driving away his car from Kang Yu’s bike.

“Let’s go Miao Miao!” when everyone is dismissed, he turned back.

I still dumbfounded!


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