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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 19

Chapter 19

Part 1 (One)

Ice Cream and Roasted Pigeon

“Miao Miao, I want to kiss you!”

During this recent months, it is the most word that Kang Yu loves to tell me, as long as no one in little flower yard, no one in grove, in cinema, or even in Uncle Shen’s house, he would say, this simple thing.

To unknown whether he really born with kissing talent or men really have good progressing in this aspect, his kissing technique progressed too fast!

He is licking lips…


During this era, we only dare to kiss mouth. It has made heart feel content and actually he… hasn’t had that gut!

Being overwhelming just overwhelming, this is too often and no refreshing feeling to be honest.

Hence, Kang Yu scheme me again.

He said, “Miao Miao, we kissing with longer time, let see whether we can hold to few minutes!”

My little heart is thumping, peng peng… is it impossible that if this time succeed and then he would like to play and try French kiss.

Would this good?

This kind of kiss, it is easy to get into troubled!

I haven’t grown as adult, I really could not go one step further.

I really think seriously, Kang Yu “Experience so splendid” and monopolized me, he hold my back of head and kissed me again.

He asked but never needed my answered.


At first time, I really could not do it, not long after that, I felt my lung would be exploded.

Seeing him so enjoyed, there is no hint that he will stop.

“Uh… uh…” I panic and waving my hand.

Run out of oxygen!

Kang Yu felt and knew, but he reluctantly to part away from me, his eyes looked dim, it seems that he is not happy.

I hurried inhale the air, takes deep breathe… takes deep breathe…

He pissed off and complained, “Miao Miao, you are really not working hard! I have told you to exercise daily, so that your lung could be stronger, but you just not listening to me!”

I looked so pity, looking at him… why it only kissing, but he even can scold me not work hard.

So far, Kang Yu taught, “Everyday practices so that it can be progressed” he hinted his words, forcing me get special practice.

I pitied my lips, it has been working so hard!

The overwhelming feeling until crying…

To be honest, we have kissed for many times, every times Kang Yu kiss me it would leave taste, I really wanted to know his thought, I have been forced to kiss until my lips sore, at least he gives me a boil of sweet soup to drink.

Waiting until he done, I can’t endure anymore, “what my taste!”

I remembered the Manhwa that I read, the male lead always say you taste this sweet or that sweet to the female lead after they done kissing, I really want to know how Kang Yu thinks about it, I want to feel the romance.

Kang Yu frowned and thought for while, answered, “The taste of human flesh!”

Immediately I punched him, “You… can’t you say something nice, alike I taste alike ice cream, sweets, or although you said you tasted alike stinky tofu that you liked, I will admit it!”

Stinky tofu is smells unpleasant, but when eat it tastes good.

This man really not romantic!

“I won’t let you to kiss me again!” My face showed sulky alike grumpy frog.

“Ice cream!” Kang Yu has deep thought, his eyes gleaming brightly, “Miao Miao, you wait me for moment!”

I looked at him who has already running so fast from grove, strangely. This is one of Uncle Shen houses that have piece of green land, the trees are grow dense, normally others than pest the garden or weeding no one comes here. This is also our secret place.

After one minutes, he came back, he brought me Cornetto (Ice cream brand).

I dumbfounded looking at him, he knows I angry so that he bought me that to apologize, coaxing me to happy?

“Eat it!” he removed the wrapping paper and handed it to me.

“Consider you as sensitive!” I am happily taking the Cornetto.

Although it is winter and eating ice cream is little bit cold, but since it is bought by him for me, there is no reason for me not to eat it. I eat it little bit by little bit that Cornetto until left nothing.

“Done?” Kang Yu came closer to me.

I wiped my mouth, “Next time you buy me the strawberry flavor, the chocolate is too sweet!”

Kang Yu nodding, “Well… Miao Miao, I kiss you!”

“I won’t let you…” I haven’t said kiss but he has already kissed me, I was forced be kissed.

After kissing, he answered me so seriously, “I will re-answer the before question, Miao Miao… the kiss tasted ice cream!”



10 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 19

  1. hahahahah….what a shameless Kang Yu and poor Miao Miao has no match towards him.

    At this moment, how old are both KY mn MM? I know KY is a year older than MM.

    Thank you for the translation. How’s your Christmas Day been to you Azzuro?

  2. Thanks. KY is always full of excuses so that he can get to kiss MM. Even telling her she needs to work hard. So funny. Azurro, merry xmas and hope that you will have a great week.

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