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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 20 .2

Chapter 20

Part 2 (Two)

Present should not randomly send.

I walked to the display glass and taking looked carefully, it priced 880 Yuan, no matter what I really need to check it.

The Boss talking non-stop, “This one, it can fly to sky, it is the newest miniature fighter plane prototype in our country, it was made based on 1:18 ratio. The plane body is made from alloy that mixed with metal, it has detail surface, the light, the radar, even the pipeline are made in so detail, the cockpit is bubble type, the canopy can be opened, cabin seat, it really looks so resemble, absolutely…”

“It is enough! You tell me this much I really not understand!” I lifted my head up and showed him cross sign with my hands, “I only know it really expensive!”

“Little sister, it must be worth to be expensive! This thing…” it is obviously that the boss still wanted to continued.

“Alright! I understand the principle of the expensive thing, anyway it is gift for other, just let him to observe it slowly by himself! Helped me to wrap it. I have rushed time!”

“Okay, I will do it quickly! To say why I don’t have cousin sister like you, really… envy him deathly!” The Boss covered the box, label it with transparent plastic and then cut a piece of wrapping paper, he wrapped the box very well.

I settled the payment, I took that miniature airplane prototype and carry it carefully, I walked very carefully while carrying it.

Went out from the miniature prototype store, I straightly heading to the cake shop, the price of cake not expensive, I used coupon because it was last year coupon that mom got as VIP customer, but still I need to add 50 Yuan because Kang Yu likes to eat fruit cake tart.

Everything is ready, I feel at ease. One of my hand carefully carry the prototypes and my other hand carrying the cake, I walking in street, suddenly I feel hungry, I looked at my watch, it almost two o’clock in afternoon, no wonder I feel hungry, my eyes looking surrounding, seeing whether there is snack shop or not, suddenly I see McDonald’s logo.

I swallowed my saliva, my money left 3 Yuan, taking bus need 5 cents, it means my money left 2 Yuan 5 cents.


I take looked back and forth around and spotted Lan Zhou Ramen shop.

Lan Zhou Ramen is Lan Zhou Ramen’s Ramen.

I walked heading there, I take look at the price which hanging in the wall, I shouted, “Boss give me one bowl of Ramen, no need to add beef or others!”

It only noodles with soup—– it happen priced 2 Yuan 5 cents.



When I arrived at Uncle Shen house, it almost four o’clock afternoon, Kang Yu just happen cooking at kitchen, I put down all my things, go in to kitchen, “Where is Uncle Shen?”

Kang Yu knows that I will come, that’s why he is not surprise, turned off the stove fire, he plated the red braise pork, I can’t resist myself to eat one piece, and my hand hit by him, “Wash your hand!”

I pouted my mouth, “Oh…” I haven’t ate meat for one day.

The red braised pork has served in table, he just answered me, “Know that you will come, he is very considered to go out and playing mahyong with his friends!”

I wash my hand in washroom, Kang Yu continue to stir-fry green vegetable, after I done washing, I am looking for towel to wipe dry my hand, but he is faster one step than me, he has grabbed the towel and helped me.

“Have rubbed with the soap?”

“I have.” I am good girl.

He helped me to wipe dry, change to another new towel, it obviously he wanted to help me dry my face, “Go and sit, I almost done with the fry-stir green vegetable, we can start dinner!”

“I help you!” I volunteered myself, raised my hand.

He rolled his eyes, “No need. Your capability is not better than the ordinary!”


Well, I admitted!

There was one time I had helped him to fry stir the vegetable, at last the result, kitchen was in mess, this is called as to be meddlesome.

I go out from kitchen, I wait for dinner, oh yeah, I almost forget about the present and also the cake tart, quickly I took all the things and put it in the very eye-catching spot.

Kang Yu is carrying the fry stir green vegetable to table, the first thing that he sees must be the present and the cake.

“Prototype miniature airplane and fruit cake tart!” He put down the vegetable, he sat beside me, naturally.

“Qie… can’t you pretend to be surprised, every times you give me same expression!” I pouted my mouth, “Every time you give me present I really surprise!”

“That because every time I gave you present, you are not able to guess it.” He added red braised pork into my bowl.

That right, every time he gives me present, I never could guess it, but it is always the one I expected.

For example: 5 bags of dog food, dog clothing for spring summer autumn winter, one every seasons, there was one time he gave me book about the world famous dog treasures.

Woah, I really love it so much!

He really understands what I my liking.

“I might so predictable, so boring!” compare to him, I really do not have any ideas.

“It alright, I really like “Your faithful unto death” character!” he gave me another piece of meat.

Faithful to death? I glanced at him, this words seem to have hidden meaning.

I have been together with him for few years, no matter how to say, my IQ must be increased, so that I won’t be bullied by him.

“Who… faithful to death, you are too confident… in the future I will not marry you… who will marry to you??!”

Marry to you, these three words, I really gathered all my courage to say it.

I feel little bit shy… I find it quite embarrassing.

“You have asked good question, you not marry me, so whom will you marry…” he put down his chopstick, fiercely looked at me, “shall we discuss it for moment!”

Discuss? His expression is clearly wanted to pull me out.

“Let’s… eat!” I immediately added one pieces of red braised pork, quickly changed the topic, “You unwrapped the present!”

I try to flattering him before hand over the present.

Kang Yu calmly unwrapped his present, after he done, his expression stiffen.

I thought he must be like his present, “How? Does it awesome! Are you excited or not?”

He not even moved the miniature airplane prototype, he frowned and asked me, “How much?”

My heart beat so fast, I tried to fill my mouth with vegetable, “8…88 Yuan!”

Kang Yu narrowed his eyes, he says nothing, he took that airplane prototype, “It has 1:18 ratio, it can fly to the sky, fighter plane, the plane body is covered with alloy and metal, the detail is exactly similar with the real one, the canard and the tail can be adjusted the direction, the missile can be plug and adopt synthetic resin from many surface, furthermore it can disassembly, added gear, the cabin can be opened, the gear also can be freely retractable with the landing gear, the front and rear wheels can roll, it also have damping effect, retractable jet tail and expansion the port, the stainless steel stent. The height can be freely set, the aircraft can rotated 360 degrees, to reduced it speed it has parasol that made in very detail…Miao Miao, 88 Yuan, why don’t you buy another one for me, one for me to play with and another to be my collection!”

Ah! I almost get chocked, “Ugh… this one… this one… it is the last stock, no… no stock anymore!”


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