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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 21.2

Chapter 21

Part 2 (Two)

Kang Yu’s dream

Zheng Xiao Qiu—-my second wife gives me hug, “Hubby, you are too awesome, I really worried about your math result but now I can feel relieved, this examination test really difficult!”

“En en!” indeed the hard work is payoff.

“This face which is uglier than ghost face, although it is white not bad but now it seems that you are not turned become ghost but become Goddess. Your math result simply to say increase beyond the mortal!” Qi Bing Bing—-my third wife patting my face.

“En en!” I am also thought that I would be Goddess.

Every day I sleep only three hours, if I cannot be Goddess at least I become Buddha.

“My beloved father, your body weight and your result are inversely propositional, this can be double happiness. Oh yeah, after school you must treat us eating stinky tofu!” My daughter with Xu Ying—-Jin Yue, this daughter with Yan Yan quite similar, love to eat.

She said all is the fact, in order study for the entrance examination, I really become so thin, but still it quite far from my original weight.

At least now, I am in small fat category.

“En en!” I am treating. I will treat all of you until you don’t eat to have dinner anymore.

“How is about since tomorrow we don’t have class, then we relax ourselves one day, go to play, so that when we go home little bit late it is okay.” Finally Xu Ying as the first wife opened her mouth.

One week before the college entrance examination, school is off and let the student in third year to focus at home for the final.

I am quite shocked. Does the world have red rain? The diligent student wanted to be lazy for one day.

“Okay, I go, I go!’ Jin Yue happily raised her hand.

“I am also in!” Zeng Xiao Qiu tossed her bag.

“Miao Miao, and you?” Xu Ying asked.

“I…” little bit hesitated, “I… I want to see and meet the person that I have place in cold palace for long time!”

“Qie… seeing love forget friendship you little thing!” Qi Bing Bing touched my face with her two hands.

All of them are understood about my relationship with Kang Yu, so once I said about the person that I have put in cold palace they already know the person is?

“Since this is the case! Humph, my father, you go to see your man, but you are not only treat us eating stinky tofu but also McDonald’s, raised hand for those agree!” at the moment Jin Yue has raised both of her hand.

“I agreed!”

“Me too!”

Looking at their hand a like springtime bamboo shoots that soil after rain, I really cannot hinder from them.

Suddenly my happiness turned to be grievance….

Pity my purse.


I am happily coming to Uncle Shen’s house, I haven’t entered but have shouted: “Kang Yu, you make a guess how much score I had from my simulation test?” I entered and then go upstairs, I see Uncle Shen and Kang Yu are having serious conversation, their expression are so strict.

After seeing me, Uncle Shen stopped and then he stood up and patted kang Yu’s shoulder: “Brat, you must think it clearly by yourself!”

I feel strange and looked at both of them.

When Uncle Shen looked at me, his expression has already changed not so serious anymore, he has changed to his normal self, “Miao Miao coming, what thing that make you are so happy? Let Uncle Shen Know.”

I hehehehe smiled, “I have full mark for my examination!” I gave my examination result.

“Great! Great!” Uncle Shen patting my head, “ Miao Miao got full mark, Uncle Shen treats you eating ice cream.”

I nodding my head happily, “Thank you Uncle Shen.”

“You and Kang Yu have chat, I will go to take my most expensive ice cream for you!”

I stunned and drooling, I happily standing in front of Kang Yu, “what happen? Why you are saying nothing?”

“Miao Miao… I…” he lifts his head and looked at me and then bow down again.

His appearance as if losing his soul, it makes me worry, “What happen? Are you study too much and get exhausted, sick?”

I touched his head, I afraid I cannot feel it accurately; I lift his bang and touched his forehead, “You are not having fever! Or are you having stomached?”

“It is not!” he took my hand, he let me to sit beside him, “I am not sick, I just have something to tell you, but you mustn’t angry after hear it…”

Angry? He talked as if he never made me angry before.

He have annoyed me for four years already. I looked calm and collected.

“Said, I won’t angry!” I guess he will scheme me again, I have to be alert.


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