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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) 22

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Chapter 22

Part 1 (One)

Three Years later

7 – 9 July 1999, the weather was extremely hot, the temperature even can fry egg only by adding oil into the street surface.

Outside the examination room, the parents of the student who participating the entrance examination have filled and packed in front of the school and also street.

Inside the examination room, the fan has turned into the maximum but still so hot, I felt extremely hot and sweating, fortunately, I have chosen Literature major, the first two days of examination were not bad and this is my last examination test. English makes me so nervous, I have weakness in math and also English so that once I get inside school gate I have started shivering. Kang Yu wasn’t here because he went for the interview. I really worry about him, so anxious, in the morning I have ate fry egg, fermented bean curd, and plain porridge which now make my stomach not comfortable.

I could not endure it anymore so I rushed into toilet to throwing out.

I feel little bit dizzy, my eyes blur but still I endured it until the last examination test.

The result of my achievement really made happy, in mid-august I received Fu Dan University acceptance letter of the Journalism Department.

This is what called as the legendary examination luck!

At the same time it happened to Kang Yu too, he got accepted in German LTU airlines and also he became the best candidate.

The first time he told me, I felt so happy but also sad.

His dream came true, but it also means that both of us must be separated for three years.

He went to Hamburg, German on August 28, since I knew it, I had cried until August 28. Although when I received my university acceptance letter it still could not make me stop from crying. I almost blinded my eyes.

At last all my fellow sisters and also wives and daughter supported me, gave courage to send him to airport with smile.

Once the airplane flied, I was inside the airport terminal and crying to the level of deafening, I even laying on the floor and at last the security guard that in charge for the airport came and comforting me.

Three years later…

I could not wait even one day!

I really am serious to give up on him.

However, in this world the most viable and the strongest creature still is a woman.

Three years later, I still living-human.

If wanted to compare three years in high school was alike jail then my university life is similar to released from prison. I really thanked Grandpa Deng Xiao Ping, he had dismantled the China feudal gates without trace, makes China be better place especially Shanghai, the progress and development is flying alike rocket.

At the beginning of 1999, it was Computer era, at the same time, the mobile phone has rapid development, thanks to math and numbers, it lets Kang Yu and me who living separated and far no need to worry about communicating.

The most important is—–Detective Conan was broadcasting in Shanghai at the beginning on 1 July 1999. Within three years, it really perfect to comfort me who was feeling lonely inside my heart.

Conan-sama, Kid-sama, I love all of you!

“Ou Yang Miao Miao, this is my last time to warn you, if you are still watching Japanese animation inside the dormitory room, I will cut ties with you!” the thundering voice suddenly came out from my behind.

I turned my back, “My Dong Bei (Northest) fellow classmate, Gu Ling Li, calm down, the animation is boundless!”

“Calm down your P*, it still tolerate you have watched using the Chinese dubbing but why you still insist to hear with the original Japanese dubbing, don’t you seek for death!” after said, she used the pillow to hit me.

She hits me couple times, I have already known so I avoided her hitting, “Cannot help ah, Shanghai only translated it until episode 101, they have already stopped, so that I have download through BT, as you know BT only have Japanese dubbing and Chinese subtitles.”

It not because I worship Japanese but the Japanese dubbing really too great, I listened one time and then I completely subdue by it.

The real Japanese fan won’t look at the Chinese dubbing.

The Japanese dubbing is really awesome.

Both of us are too noisy, so our classmate, Sun Ling wakes up from her nap, awaken beauty really charming.


“TMD, yesterday I had played online game for entire night, I have slept on 6, awake because the noise, I chop both of you!” she spoke all the rude words and at same time two pillows are flying out.

I got hit, and also Ling Li is naturally not lucky to escape.

The reality confirms the beauty people are not always has beauty personality.

“Comrade, time to eat, today the canteen have red braised pork, Miao Miao, I have brought you lunch box!” Li Jia Ying who just came back to dormitory shouted at me.

Red braised pork!

I really excited and run to her, “Give me, quickly give me!”

“Wash your hands!” said Ye Li who stood at Li Jia Ying back. She is fame with her mysophobia (obsession with cleanness).

I swallowed my saliva, it better for me to wash my hand in wash basin quickly.

Smells the meat, Sun Ling awake and scratching her head, “Do I have share?”

“Come, we eat together!” Li Jia Ying put the lunch box on the table.

“Don’t touch my red braised pork!” I have washed my hand and rushing to the table, I took the red braised pork with chopstick from Sun Ling’s.

“I have stayed all the night, I need nutritious food!” She was also unhappy to see me when I took and ate the red braised pork.


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  1. Thank you. At least MM has her group of buddies to be with her while KY is away .Happy New Year to dear Azurro. Hope that you will accomplish greater things this year and be healthy.

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