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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 134

Ah~ this chapters are too depressing to start up the beginning of year.
In this chapter we clear about one red line between Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao. She is Daughter of Luo Tian Ming who was Zeng Kai Rui’s ex-secretary and also Yu Ao Tian’s enemy.

Chapter 134

After Yu Ao Tian listened to Yao Yao’s questions, his face turned to be so dark. He never thought that Little Thing would come with this kind of conclusion, but, her explanations are reasonable.

“Little Thing you are making good guessed, I made you as my slutty lover because you are Luo Tian Ming’s daughter. Are you satisfied to get this answer?”

Very satisfied! She could think her grandpa sickness unintentionally trapped and designed by Yu Ao Tian so she could jump in!

Actually even her grandpa isn’t sick, she still will be Yu Ao Tian’s meal!

“Yu Ao Tian, since today onwards I will work hard to be your slutty lover, fulfill whatever you ask! But, I don’t want you to touch my family!”

Another slap is given by Yu Ao Tian: “Little Thing, you should be so grateful that I don’t kill you, there is no qualification for you have to order me!”

Her nose bleeding but she just wiped it, her small hand is grabbing Yu Ao Tian’s shirt collar: “That is right! I don’t have any qualification. I am not more that little ant in front of your eyes, but Yu Ao Tian, I still want to warn you, if you dare to touch my family, you give your try or you must also kill me too or else… I will come to find and kill you!”

For the 19 years old Yao Yao, the way of living that she choose is following the flow and not hurt anyone, not to think all unhappy things as long as she enjoying her daily life. Because she knows, everyone has their youth period (blooming period), during her youth if she can act dummy so she can little bit be dummy, or when muddle headed. Later if she really entering the society, when she wants to be dummy or muddle head she can’t do it anymore. That’s why, although she knows there are people want to hurt her, if it still forgivable then she might forgive and forget about it, open and close one eyes. And then…

As long no one stepped into her limit!

While her limit is her family!

“You kill me? You little brat, I really want to know with what you able to kill me?” Yu Ao Tian took out his knife and pointed to her neck.

“Well, how about we give a try!” inside the private room the atmosphere is freezing cold.

“Hah, very expected eyesight!” Yu Ao Tian continued: “Damn, I have raised thankless wretch!”

Yao Yao left, leaving Yu Ao Tian inside the private room.

From the first time they met, Yu Ao Tian has already knew that a pair of Yao Yao’s eyes are not belong to this kind of world, he hopes to see vicious eyesight in that eyes even one bit, so that she able to survive in this cruel society. But he never thought that eyesight which he expected shining from her pair of her eyes on the moment she felt hostile by him.

Slowly Yu Ao Tian sat on sofa, he looked to his pair of hand: “Cannot do it, hahahaha, I am Yu Ao Tian also have minute cannot do it!” he laughing helplessly alone. For Yu Ao Tian there is no one in this world that he cannot kill, there only the way he chooses how to end people’s life, but just now… he really cannot kill Yao Yao!

“Ao, Ao Tian.” the door opened by Long Qi who looked guilty.

His expression cold: “You tell all the things regarding me to Yao Yao?”

“I did tell her about 12 years ago you went to Japan…. It was me who told her. I am sorry, Ao Tian. That time I really didn’t know that Yao Yao is Luo Tian Ming’s daughter.” Long Qi finally found out about Yao Yao from his older brother and Yu Ao Tian conversation, eavesdropped and then he rushed into the room.

Yu Ao Tian still in silence, Long Qi feels guilty, and then slowly walking in front of him: “Ao Tian… why didn’t you tell Yao Yao, you also knew it recently if she is Luo Tian Ming’s daughter.”

“There is meaningless now!” Yu Ao Tian continued: “If Luo Tian Ming really has relation with that fire, the results still same, this point… you must know it!”

Long Qi paused and his heart trembled: “Ao Tian, even though Yao Yao is Luo Tian Ming’s daughter, but don’t you still have other thing that tie with her?”

“It is not important anymore. Not important!” Yu Ao Tian sighed, sat down to the sofa.


Inside the dim study room, Yao Yao nervously looked her computer, she keeps on browsing the information regarding Hua Mei Villa case: “Nothing! Even the overseas websites don’t have the information!”

Logically, if the government wants to avoid the case it will be blocked all the domestic sites reports but how the overseas site can also do not have, the case even not recorded, it is such mysterious. Or…

“Yao Yao…”

Suddenly the study room door opened, Yao Yao nervously looked at the door: “Nan Lu.”

“Yao Yao, is it you? Are you crazy? How can you running into here? I have told you before, Master prohibited anyone to get into his study room.”

“I understand. I understand Nan Lu. But the internet cannot access into overseas sites, it’s only Yu Ao Tian’s computer that able to access the overseas sites. I have very important thing that I need to check.

“You are not allowed to do it.” Nan Lu anxious while her eyes keeps looking on corridor, hurried she closed the study room door, rushed in front of Yao Yao: “Hurry, we leave, if master back, both of us will be in trouble.”

“I know. Wait for me, I will shut it down.”

But during this time…



There is footstep from corridor that coming near to study room, Nan Lu face white pale while looking eye to eye with Yao Yao, the atmosphere inside the study room suddenly changed to be depressing….

Yu Ao Tian heading to his study room once he home, he has habit to turn on his computer and when his hand moving the mouse, suddenly his hand stopped in mid-air…


“Master, do you need something?”Angel walked inside and asked.

He narrowed his eyes, coldly said: “Today who is entered my study room?”

“In reply to the Master, in this house no one dares to enter Master’s study room, except those who seek death!”

Just to know, Yu Ao Tian has very sharp memory. He even knows where the last time he put his mouse, but today his mouse place had changed.

He looked around his room, and then he smiled deviously: “Oh ya, it seems there is someone seeking for death!” after said, his eyes locked on his book shelf.

Angel understood and then rushed into, when she opened: “Nan Lu? And also Miss… Luo?”

Yao Yao thought she won’t be found out by Yu Ao Tian but…

The sensitiveness and Yu Ao Tian observation ability are too strong, strong to the level of scary…

Angel has pulled Nan Lu long hair while Yao Yao gets out by herself.

“Miss Angel, don’t! Please let Nan Lu go!”

“Nan Lu, when you were coming to this place from the first time I have told you what thing you can do and cannot do!” Angel ignored Yao Yao pleading, coldly asking Nan Lu.

“Yes. Angel I remembered all you have told me.”

“Since you remember, why are you still daring to enter into Master’s room?” after said, Angel punched Nan Lu abdomen.

“No!” when Angel wanted to send the second punch, Yao Yao hurried catch her hand: “Miss Angel, it was me…”

“Yao Yao!” Nan Lu stopped her, shaking her head and looking at Yu Ao Tian who sat on his chair, she understands very well his Big Boss character even Yao Yao is trying to stop, Yu Ao Tian won’t stop the punishment.

“Miss Angel, it was me! It was me who enter Yu Ao Tian’s study room. And Nan Lu has tried to stop me, it simply nothing to do with her.”

It seems that Nan Lu not really knows Yao Yao very well, Yao Yao is trying to put all the blame on herself.

Angel does not care what Yao Yao said, she swayed her away and then slapped Nan Lu’s face.

“Please don’t hit her Miss Angel, I have told you that it was me, if you want to give punishment just punish me okay!”

No matter how Yao Yao plead, Angel does not have intention to stop.

She really not bearable to see anymore, she hurried looked at Yu Ao Tian: “Let her go, okay? She does not have thing to do with all of this.”

Yu Ao Tian ignored her.

“Yu Ao Tian! I beg you, I begging you! Go straight to me if you have problem, okay?” No matter how she begging, no one cares.

She feels helpless to see Nan Lu gets hit. Her tear suddenly is flowing down.

How can Yu Ao Tian act in this way? How can he be so heartless until this point? Does he mean to kill chicken and let the monkey to see it, he purposely to hit Nan Lu only to hurt her? But Nan Lu is his subordinate! How can he do this to his loyal subordinate?

Unreasonable! Unreasonable! World where Yu Ao Tian lives, she will never understand.

Yao Yao cannot bear to see anymore and then she left the study room…

About 10 minutes later.

“Miss Mo.”

“Miss Mo.” The maids are standing in second floor corridor bowing to Mo Xue Tong.

She walked faster heading to Yu Ao Tian’s study room, when she arrived in front of the study room, she coldly glanced at Yao Yao who sobbing and pushed the door open: “Ao Tian.”


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 134

  1. Happy New Year and thanks for the update! It seems like YAT is not aware that he likes her or something! He is so cruel to her. When will Yao Yao begin to get even with him?

  2. Thank you!!

    Its getting interesting, what will YAT do with his enemy’s daughter.. Can’t wait to see YAT feels guilty toward everything he done to YY, but his arrogant take the beat of him

  3. Thankies for the update, azurro and happy holidays! I’ve been waiting for this, cause I don’t wanna start with another ongoing project of yours. I’ll die of too much cliffhangers. LOL. Are you dropping “Substitute Bride” by the way?

    Ohmu~ Let the angst begin!
    Hope Yao Yao will be serious with her war declaration this time and not bend. It’s time she gets even, so she won’t be taken lightly anymore. Time to use your genius brain, girl!

  4. I’m extremely happy that the first time YY showed hatred in her eyes were directed towards YAT. YAT wanted to taint YY’s life like how his life has been tainted.

    To me, YAT is more like an antagonist character rather than a protagonist. I do not want him to get the girl.

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